Guy Leaves A Note To His Drunk Future Self, Finds An Unexpected Answer Next Day

1. Drunk Steve and sober Steve

Steve is a great guy; he seems like a person who will help his friends in times of need and someone you can reply on when you are in trouble. However, there is another side to Steve Davidson and that is his drunk side. Now there is a clash between drunk Steve and sober Steve, and drunk Steve especially hates someone if he or she tries to order him to do something.

2. Still confused?

Well, this note should clear your confusions. This was written by 30 year old Davidson who stays in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. He wrote this note before getting drunk to help himself in the future. One of his friends posted the note on Twitter, which reminded drunk Steve to drink water and also eat food before sleeping so that he doesn’t get a hangover the next morning.

3. But Drunk Steve had a response for Sober Steve, and it wasn’t pleasant

But what’s funny is the reply he found on the note next morning. Here is the drunk Steve’s hilarious reply to the sober Steve. That clearly suggests drunk Steve wont take advice from any others.

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This Woman Has The Biggest Kn0ckers In The World!

1. AduIt M0del

Beshine, also known as Mayra Hill, is an aduIt m0del from Germany who claims to have the largest b00bs in the world. You would be surprised to know each of her breasts weigh 20 pounds each! Her fake b00bs required 10,000 cc of saline implants, and due to their immense size, she was to wear a 32Z bra.

2. Real knockers

“My breasts move a bit slowly but if they start moving, nothing can stop them and they will throw away everything in their way. They even knocked off two wine bottle of mine” Ouch!

3. Clothes are custom-made

Her measurements are a staggering 59-28-26. As a result, none of the normal clothes found in stores fit her, so her bras along with most of her clothes are custom-made.

4. Freaky

“Several store owners demand money from me after I try a few tops even though I don’t purchase them because they say that the clothes get stretched and worn out after I wear them”, she wrote on her personal blog.
I must admit, I am a but freaked out by this.

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There’s A Hidden Tiger In This Painting! Can You Spot It? Answer Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Everyone loves optical illusions. If you are active on social media, you will find countless number of users sharing pictures which completely blow away our minds and require quite a bit of “brain exercise” to decipher what they actually are.


In this article, you will be shown the painting of a tiger, In case you are wondering, what is so special about this painting, read on below to know more.


This image contains a hidden tiger. Can you find it?


Give it a try!





Still didn’t find it?


Maybe look at it once more?


This is very hard, but maybe just try it one more time.


Still not able to solve?


Do you need a bit of help?


Head over to next page


Now be honest, did this blow your mind or not?


Don’t forget to tell this to your friends and family.


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German Scientists Prove There is Life After Death

1. Life After Death

A group of scientists in Berlin has conducted a study which they claim proves that life exists after death. Experiments were done on several people where they were technically killed for 20 minutes before they were brought back to life.

2. Volunteers

The study spanned for a total of 4 years, and in total, 944 volunteers participated. They agreed to have their bodies pumped with drugs which technically should kill them, yet leave their body unharmed and were brought back to life after administration of more drugs after 18 minutes.

3. AutoPulse

The name of the machine which was responsible for bringing the patients back to life is known as AutoPulse. You can think of it as basically performing an advanced CPR which you can learn at any basic life support course.

4. Responses

You are probably wondering what the volunteers encountered while they were technically dead. Most of them reported that felt warmth, leaving their body behind and moving towards total serenity and a bright light.

5. Religion

Next important question is does this depends on religion. The scientists said that even though the volunteers come from various religions including Christianity, Jewish, Hinduism and some were even atheists, they all reported more or less the same experiences.

6. This proves life after death

The scientists claim that their experiment successfully proved that life after death is real. What do you think about this?

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Her Son Was Poisoned by This Plant! It’s Extremely Important for You to Know!

Indoor plants are close friends to many of us. They enliven the atmosphere while cleaning up the toxins around in a silent effective manner. Indoor plants are a boon particularly to those people who do not have time to spend time in their garden or rather who do not have a garden at all. They not only remove the toxins in the environment around us but also help us inhale healthy air. While all these are the positive side of having an indoor plant, there are some precautions to be taken with certain types of indoor plants. The reason for this is explained through the incident that happened in a woman’s life when her son was poisoned by an indoor plant

This woman had so much love for indoor plants that she almost had a good collection of them inside their house. Dumb Cane is one of the indoor plants she had. Dumb cane which is also known as Dieffenbachia is sold just as an indoor plant without providing any type of precautions what so ever regarding the same. The botanical name of Dumb cane is Dieffenbachia Amoena and the most poisonous part of the plant is its stems. Go through the next few pages to understand why precautions need to be understood before going in for indoor plants.

When, Esteban, her 5 year old son who was playing inside the house complained of unbearable stomach pain, the parents thought it may be temporary and Esteban will get rid of the same soon. To their surprise, not only did the stomach pain worsen but Esteban was writhing in excruciating pain. When they rushed Esteban to the hospital, to their shock, the Doctors diagnosed that he was poisoned.


The Doctors went on to explain that the boy was basically affected due to serious allergic reaction caused by Raphides which are nothing but calcium oxalate crystals that are needle shaped. Raphides are seen in clusters inside the plant tissues which cause acute poisonous reactions. These toxins enter the body through the pores of the skin causing damage to the organs which is fatal. This is what had happened to the 5 year old Esteban.


If there are children and pets at home, ensure you do not get Dumb Cane. The main symptoms caused when people get affected by Dumb cane are swelling in various spots of the body, severe numbing sensation, uncontrolled drooling and verbal irritation. In some cases, symptoms tend to be more severe and it depends on the extent of poisoning in the body. Where the symptoms are mild, treatment using antihistamines, analgesics and medical charcoal are effective on patients.


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Little Street Pantry Where People Can Leave Products For Those In Need

The emergence of numerous free libraries in Fayetteville, Arkansas created a spark in the mind of Jessica Mcclard, a regular jogger in the area. She pondered over the success of such free libraries which gave birth to the wonderful social cause of The Little Free Pantry. Little Free Pantries was no doubt targeting towards a higher social cause to help people who were really in need.

Using $250 funded by Thrivent Financial, she initiated the first Free Pantry near Good Shepard Lutheran Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas. The idea was an immediate hit inspiring more than 10K Face Book followers and many others to erect such free pantries across Ardmore, Oklahoma and South Fayetteville.

Similar to the idea of free libraries, she erected a wooden cupboard and left whatever possible food items in the same. People who visited the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Fayetteville on the 10th of May witnessed the Little Free Pantry nearby the church.

The idea was so much of a hit that the response for such a small pantry amazed Jessica. The pantries were getting filled in no time making it more popular and helping the needy all the time.

Right from Jelly to Peanut butter and female hygiene products to baby diapers, people have been contributing to these free pantries periodically that many such little pantries are seen put up across many locations.

This brilliant idea not only addresses a serious social cause but also increases the sharing and caring in the neighborhood. A little pantry set up near one of the schools was filled with supplies that school children will require for their use in the school.

For all those who want to contribute to the society through the Little Pantry idea can do so either by filling up the same with necessary things or setting up another Little Free Pantry.


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Rescuers Doubted Abused Lion Would Survive The Night. Then HE Walks In…

Let us have a glance at the incident of rescuing two lions and how they survived by helping and loving each other.

1. Khan and Sheila:

Sheila and Khan are the two lions. They were rescued from their owners as the owner abused them a lot. But there was a big question as to whether they would survive at all. One of the rescuers claimed that for almost two weeks he had to forcibly hand-feed Sheila.

2. Dangerous and pathetic condition:

Khan had his tail almost chewed off and in a pathetic condition upon arrival.

3. Loss of appetite:

Sheila was just 15 months old and had no appetite. She could not even drink water properly.

4. Together they live:

It was not late before it was decided that they live together in an enclosure made especially for them. Finally, the two started mingling with each other.

5. In deep love:

Finally the two lions started loving each other very much. It is said that their love only helped each other to survive all odds.

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Girl, nine, uses birthday money to buy lunch for police officers after Dallas shooting

A nice story from Dallas. A girl whose age is 9 years used all the money that was meant for her birthday so that she could buy lunch for the police officers.


It sounds so heartwarming, is it not? She decided to celebrate her ninth birthday by bringing a smile on the face of the police officers after the Dallas shooting. The name of the girl is Samya McLaughlin. According to CBS Detroit, when she saw the fatal Dallas shootings on TV she made up her mind to surprise the officers in her own way.


The impressed officers who were very much touched by her actions presented Samya with gifts of her own as a token of thanks.


Her dad Sam Walker said that it makes us feel proud seeing that his daughter has a big heart and knows how to care for people in a crisis.


Samya even handed out almost 30 bagged lunches to numerous homeless people in Detroit’s Cass Corridor. It feels so nice to know about the humane and caring nature of a nine years old.

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Florida Man Attempts To Cash $368 Billion Check

Jeff Waters, who stays in Florida, visited the Bank of America this Monday and decided to try and cash a check worth $368,000,000,000 dollars ($368 billion). The check was from U.S. Bank of Idaho and the most surprising fact is that it was issued in the 90s! Needless to say, the employees of the Jacksonville bank grew suspicious about Jeff.


Jeff told the employees that he received this check from a homeless man named Tito Watts. He spent $100 for that check, and Tito assured that in return Waters could cash this check for any amount he wanted.


Waters wanted to open an Italian restaurant and that’s why he asked for $368 billion. He said, “I am 10% Italian, hence it’s in my blood to cook Italian dishes. That is why I have always dreamt of opening one of the best Italian restaurants in the world.”


“I wanted to construct a restaurant which would cover an area of around 80 million sq. feet, so that 30 million customers can eat at once. Also, I want to build this underwater, so that people can also enjoy the view of sharks while having their food. But the bank isn’t giving me the money I deserve.”


“Tito assured me that I can cash this check for any amount I want. I am completely innocent here; if you want to blame someone, blame Tito.”


Water was not only charged with forgery but also charged for possessing bath salts and Chinese throwing stars. He had to post a bail of $23,000 before he was released.

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Is This A Murder Or Suicide? One Simple Clue Gives It Away!

1. An Interesting Puzzle

You can find countless puzzles on the Internet, and if you are interested in them, you have probably seen a few puzzles where you are shown an image and you have to guess whether the person committed suicide or if it was a murder. Here is a similar image which shows a dead body on the floor. This has left countless people confused since nobody can understand how to solve this puzzle.

2. Suicide ?

By looking at the picture, it is clear that the person has a cigarette in one hand and the stool has been turned over. He is also carrying a gun in his other hand. The books and the lamp are all placed on the counter, and there is a large splash of blood on the wall. From the initial look, it seems as if the person committed suicide with the gun in his hand.

3. You’re wrong !

But then you would be wrong since evidence of murder is clear if you look at the picture closely.


If you check the picture properly, you will notice that the person has the gun in his right hand, although he is left handed, which indicates that he didn’t pull the trigger. Also, the gun is pointing to the opposite direction of the blood. In the case of a suicide, the person wouldn’t be able to hold onto the cigarette since his body would release all tension, dropping the cigarette on the floor. Keeping in mind all these pieces of evidence, it is clear that this person was murdered and this is not a suicide case.

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His Girl Friend Slapped Him When He Kissed Her On Kiss Cam, Now Watch The Girl To His Left.

Sports is excellent at bringing people together to enjoy games, however, the Kiss Cam can bring them even closer. If you are wondering what the Kiss Cam is. It is simply a moving camera which moves across the stadium looking for couples so that they will kiss one another. Most of the times, it works really well, and the entire crowd cheers. However, it can lead to problems at times, like the incident below.
One guy decided to kiss her partner when the Kiss Cam came towards them. however, she reacted in a completely unexpected manner. Things took a wrong turn, and people were starting to think whether it was a complete setup cause it was really humiliating for the man. At the end, a surprising event occurred, when the man kissed the woman sitting next to him. Check out the full incident below.

1. Things were going as usual.

The couple(two on the left side) were enjoying a basketball game. Suddenly, the kiss cam turned towards them.

2. The husband did what anyone else would have done.

He tried to kiss her, but something shocking happened next.

3. The woman slapped him across the face.

It was clear that she felt disrespected when he tried to kiss her and didn’t hesitate to show that in public.

4. He tried to make her understand

But nothing seemed to work.

5. She had no hesitation in showing how disrespected she felt.

She not only slapped him but also screamed.

6. That didn’t work too.

He was trying his best to show her that he feels remorse, but she didn’t accept any of them.

7. She threw away his teddy bear.

In fact, she even threw his popcorn away.

8. Ultimately, she poured her beverage over his head.

This was the final nail in the coffin, and we weren’t sure whether this was real or a setup.

9. How can someone get so angry for a simple kiss?

If this was real, then there must have been strict limits in their relationship.

10. No problem though

The kiss cam came back once again, and this time he was greeted with a much better kiss from the lady sitting on his left.

11. It is possible that this was a setup.

We are not sure if that is true, but we do know that the Kiss Cam isn’t lying.

12. Check out the video below to know the entire incident.

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This Guy Hits His Girlfriend, Watch What He Gets In Return!

#1 This Will Leave You Speechless.

In a rage, this man attempted to beat his girlfriend in a public place. Then, something very unexpected and strange happened, and it was all captured on video.

#2 Damsel In Distress.

The fight began when her boyfriend started screaming accusations that she had been cheating; in response, she tried to break up with him.

#3 He Almost Became Violent With Her.

But, just as he was about to swing his first punch, something white wrapped around his fist.

#4 Evil Doers Beware!

OMG, Spiderman just comes out of nowhere and begins to beat up the abusive boyfriend.

#5 But, It’s Not Really Anything To Joke About.

The real point of this video is that the crime of domestic violence must not go unpunished.

6. Watch Video



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This Is What Happens When You Ask the Wrong Guy for Photoshop Help

This generation is obsessed with pictures, especially selfies. With the advent of social networking sites like Snapchat, Instagram, everyone is looking to post more and more exciting pictures to gain more followers. But what can you do if you are an amateur photographer? Well, you turn to the photoshop gurus and ask for their help. But don’t just ask any random guy for help, because the results will be hilarious!

This guy did a wonderful Job anyway.


1. Ready for battle.

2. Great. Now he needs a bro bra.

3. America the beautiful.

4. Will there be a second date?

5. Just shave them off. Cut your losses.

6. One small step for man…

7. As smooth as a baby’s bottom.

8. Welcome to adulthood.

9. He’s very, very flexible.

10. That’ll do it.

11. Making America great again…or something like that.

12. She’s got legs…

13.What a bum deal.

14.Up, up and away!

15. Oh, they’ll know it’s you.

16. It’s logic.

17. Sticking his neck out a bit.

18. And then next pick up a dictionary.

19. Damn, that happiness!

20. Sad Affleck.

21. Busy, busy!

22. Oui, oui!

23. With all the comforts of home.

24. Here kitty, kitty…

25. I think I can…

26. Can you keep up?

27. Shake it off.

28. Spelling is very important, people.

29. I think this is his best work yet.

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This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar In Her Life. Here’s What She Looks Like Now…

Grace Cooper, a 13 month old baby, has never consumed any sugar ever in her life.


To be honest, by sugar, we are referring to added sugar which includes cereals, candy, cupcakes, ice cream, grains and other food items which have a tendency to increase blood pressure.
Since so many food items have been removed from her diet, she also consumes low amount of carbohydrates. Her mother, Shan Cooper, who is a fitness expert, also sticks to a similar diet of only meat and vegetables.


This might be considered as the paleo diet for babies, however Shan doesn’t want to put a name to it. She is more interested in saying what she doesn’t allow her daughter to eat than what she actually eats. Heavily processed foods are completely avoided, and they prefer a natural diet. Grace Cooper, despite growing up on an unconventional diet plan, is actually a happy and healthy baby.
Shan has said that once Grace is old enough, she will be allowed to make her own decisions, which also includes the option to stick to her current diet or switch to other traditional diets.


Shan reported to the Daily Mail that she won’t be angry if Grace consumes bread. She also has no problem in her going to other kids’ parties and eating whatever is offered there. She will never tell Grace to stop eating at others’ places and only eat what her mother makes.
Shan also said that Grace has only been sick once, while other kids around her have often been affected by cold, but Grace seems to be immune to it.


Several dieticians have warned parents not to provide such a diet to young kids. Dr. Rosemary Stanton, a professional nutritionist, told the Daily Mail that she was quite worried about the absence of any form of grains from Grace’s diet. If you are considering a paleo diet for you kid, it is recommended to first consult a doctor to ensure your kid will receive the proper amount of nutrients.

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This Shocking Study Says That Kissing Your Partner Can Cause Infertility. Mind Blown!

Sex is one of the most exciting yet mysterious aspects of this world. Scientists still don’t know everything about sex, and more and more studies are being done to solve this mystery. Recently, a study was done which shows that kissing might lead to infertility in women. Read on to know more and from now on, think before you kiss someone.

1. Scientists have found out a virus which spreads via kissing and is associated with infertility.

2. During the study, researchers from Italy probed the uteruses of women who cannot have children.

They found that approximately 43% of the women had HHV-6A, a human herpes virus.

3. But when the same study was done on fertile women, they couldn’t find that virus.

4. Another study showed that women who had this HHV-6A had increased levels of CYTOKINES.

5. Cytokines are proteins which have an important role in maintaining interactions among cells.

They also help in foetal development and in development of fertilised eggs.

6. The researchers have also said that they couldn’t find this virus in blood or saliva.

However, they are produced and replicated in the salivary glands, so kissing can spread this virus.

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It’s Human Pee & Not Chlorine That Makes Your Eyes Turn Red In The Swimming Pool!

Are you a frequent swimmer? And do you always have red eyes after coming out of the swimming pool? Most people think that it is due to chlorine which is added to kill germs and bacteria in the water. However, if you have ever swam in a small pond nearby, you have probably noticed that you still have that redness in your eyes when you come out.

So how can pond water contain chlorine? Obviously it doesn’t, but then what causes the redness in that case?


You would be shocked to know that it isn’t true that chlorine in water is the cause of redness. In fact, it is due to human urine, which leads to formation of chloramines when mixed with chlorine which poses a harmful effect on our bodies, and also makes our eyes red.


Chloramines can not only damage the eyes, but also lead to itchy skin. To prevent excessive contamination of chloramines, it is important to check the chlorine level along with the pH of the water daily. You should also consult a doctor in case you frequently have red eyes.


Many people think that human sweat mixed with chlorine also forms chloramines but that’s just speculation, you already know the real reason.
So, the conclusion is you should never ever urinate in pools and even advise others to do the same. This will save a lot of people from getting itchy skin and red eyes.
Images taken from : flickr

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#1 Victoria Ivana is an American blogger working abroad

She spent the last few summers in Ireland, where she met many men at the local pub scene, and she kept their numbers.

#2 For Valentine’s Day she decided she would hit them up to gauge their responses

Most of these men she hooked up with, going further with some than others. But in all cases, they had not spoken since said hook up.

#3 Some Guys Clearly Had a Bit Too Many

Victoria is clearly recognizable gauging by most of the texts, but it took this guy a few texts to remember her classic smile.

#4 Like we said, Ryan is a bit slow

Even when he THOUGHT he had the right mug in mind, it turns out he didn’t.

#5 But when he did remember her, he wanted to know ONE thing

You voting Trump, brah?

#6 Isaac Knows

Isaac does not forget a pretty face when he sees one. But that’s not all he did not forget about Victoria.

#7 He also recalled that Badonkadonk!

As Soulja Boy would say: “She got a DONK!”


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This Woman Predicted The Fall Of Twin Towers. Her Prediction For 2016 Is Scary

This doesn’t look good. In fact, this is scary. Take a look…

#5 Baba Venga

Before we tell you any of her predictions for this year or perhaps the years coming ahead, let’s talk about the woman herself. So her name is Baba Venga and she is popular for her accurate predictions about the world.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant died in 1996 but made some of the most accurate predictions in this world. If not all, most of her predictions have actually seen the day light.

#4 Her Previous True Predictions

This lady has already predicted events like the fall of the twin tower or Obama will be the 44th US president way before these events occurred. She didn’t stop here.

She also predicted the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in the Barents Sea that took place on August 12, 2000.

Her predictions for 2016 doesn’t look really good.

Keep reading ahead to know more about them.

#3 Her Prediction For 2016

She predicted that Obama would be the last acting President of the US, because by the time he will leave the office, the US economy would have collapsed and there would be a huge disagreement and divide between the northern and southern states on US, a repeat of the American Civil War.

By the looks of it, nothing of this sort is going to happen for now but you cannot rule out its possibilities in near future.

#2 Further Predictions

She further predicted that USA will slowly be over powered by China. This will happen in 2018 and will end the country of United States and its economy will be destroyed.

Well let’s just say that even USA is kinda scared now and it’s future looks uncertain.

#1 Predictions For Future

Now her predictions for future sounds really weird. She predicted that hunger would be eradicated from the world by 2028. Cloning of organs of the body will become the cheapest medical treatment by 2046.

Also, the aliens will help man to live underwater in 2130, or a possible war on Mars in 3005. In fact, Vanga assured that there will be no survivors on Earth, circa 3797. Amazing, right?

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This Is Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side

1. Left Side Is Better

Sleeping on the left side is much better – cleansing of the body from toxins thorught the thoracic duct and lymph nodes improves. In fact, sleeping on the right can have deadly side effects including stomach or oesophageal cancer, since the gastric juices aren’t able to move freely and remain in the oesophagus for a long time.

2. Health Benefits

Many digestive problems such as heartburn can be solved by simply sleeping on the left. This is because this position allows the gastric juices to move properly without any hindrance.

3. Pregnant Women

Sleeping on the left side improves heart flow to the baby, hence every pregnant woman should sleep on the left.

4. Choosing A Side

Tossing or turning while sleeping at night is an involuntary action, and you don’t have any control over that, but you can definitely reduce it. Sleep on the left side, and whenever you wake up at night and find that you have changed sides, just move back to the left. Gradually, this will become a habit.

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She Puts Vicks VapoRub On a Garlic Clove to Cure a Problem That Probably Bothers You Too!

Everything has a particular purpose, and we use it for that reason only. But what if those things had other benefits as well, which we had no idea about?

The truth is that there are several objects in our household which can be used for various purposes but since we don’t know that we only use it for a single purpose. Vicks Vaporub is one such object. It can be found in almost every household, and its main use is reducing pain.

But Vicks can be used for several other purposes as well. Check these 11 secret benefits of Vicks below.

1. Cures Terrible Ear Pain

If you experience a terrible pain in your ear, try this. Warm a garlic clove in a microwave or a pan for a few seconds, and apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub over one of the ends of the clove. Place this garlic clove in your ears with the Vicks portion inside. Keep it for some time and you’ll notice immediate relief.

If you do not have a garlic clove at home, you can also dab some Vicks on a cotton ball and put it in your ear.
unusual uses for vicks

2. Treat acne

Apply Vicks on top of the acne, keep it like that throughout the day and wash it off the next day. Repeat this procedure for at least a week to see results. unusual uses for vicks

3. Insect repellent

Although there are several insect repellents available commercially, those have various side effects on your skin. So using Vicks is the best solution.101 uses for vicks vaporub

4. Get rid of fungus

Vicks can also be used to treat fungus. It contains thymol oil, which is excellent at fighting fungus. Just apply Vicks on the affected area and see the results yourself.
uses for vicks vapor rub

5. Muscle pain

Muscle ache can be very annoying as well as painful. Fortunately, Vicks is very effective at relieving this pain. Just apply Vicks on the area, keep a towel on top for a few minutes. You should find your pain significantly reduced after a few minutes.vicks vapor rub home remedies

6. Heal cuts and bruises

Vicks can prove to be very effective at healing cuts and bruises.home remedies vicks vaporub

7. Cracked heal

You have a cracked heal which is embarrassing you in public functions? Just apply Vicks on the affected area, and wear a sock for the rest of the day. The next day, remove the socks and wash that area with water. Repeat for a few days and you will find your cracked heal is gone. vicks in nose is dangerous does vicks vapor rub help congestion

8. Soothing burns

Got burnt somewhere lately? No problem! Just apply Vicks on the affected area, and it will relieve you from the pain within a few minutes. benefits of vicks vapor rub on feet

9. Get rid of headaches

This is one of the most common and frequent uses of Vicks. Almost everyone in this world has headaches, and Vicks can be used to treat them within a few minutes. vicks vapor rub uses wrinkles is vicks vaporub harmful

10. Humidify sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, apply Vicks and see for yourself how effective it is. vicks vaporub side effects what happened to vicks 44

11. Train Dogs

Surprisingly, Vicks can also be used to train dogs. Dogs usually don’t prefer the smell of Vicks, hence they will never pee or poop in places where there is a strong smell of Vicks.
is vicks bad for you eating vicks vapor rub home remedySource

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