5 WWE divas who made Us fall in love with wrestling

The World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE was an extremely popular show (and still is)for those Indians who are now in their 20s. We used to copy those famous moves like choke slams and rock-bottom and try those out on siblings, friends and even had imaginary fights in school.

The “WWE Divas” was an important part of WWE – it showed that even women can fight even while looking sexy and having a cosmetic appearance.

This article lists the top 5 WWE divas, who brought about a revolution in WWE.

1. Trish Stratus

Trish can be considered as the number one diva of WWE, she was the ultimate alpha dog. She could dazzle everyone with her style and yet was ruthless in the arena. She was excellent in basically everything.
Her fight against Micky James in Wrestlemania 22 was probably one of the greatest matches in WWE Divas till now.
Trish will always remain a legend.

2. Torrie Wilson

Torrie was basically every teenager’s dream during the early 2000s.She not only was an excellent wrestler, but also was sexy and looked incredible.
Her side contests with Sable were quite entertaining, and the story where her dad married Dawn Marie was probably one of the funniest in the history of WWE.

3. Maria Kannelis

She is probably the most underrated diva, but she was an excellent wrestler. She was one of the best divas during the first WWE Diva Search.
She had a strange relationship with John Cena at his peak, and later became a presenter. She was definitely a revolution during the 2000s in the WWE.

4. Sable

By the 2000s, she was no longer at her peak, but was still amazing. She was one of the first WWE divas, and was an icon even when WWE hasn’t reached its zenith.
The storyline linking her with boss Vince McMahon were funny, while her fights with Torrie entertained us all.

5. Lita

During the early 2000s, Lita was definitely one of the best divas in the WWE, being the third Hardy in Team Xtreme and also Edge’s muse.
Her fights with Trish for the championship title were quite entertaining and the two of them played a vital role during the the golden era of WWE.

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Rare Pictures that the WWE Never Wanted Fans to See

#1 The Hardy Boyz Getting Rowdy

Matt and Jeff Hardy are brothers known professionally as The Hardy Boyz, but these type of antics earned them an off-the-mat reputation.

#2 Charlotte, Strowman, and Rawley get rowdy

Rawley, bearded, usually is the tough guy, wonder what wrestling fans would think if they knew he cuold let loose.

#3 Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly get cozy

Chris Jericho is known as a bit of a party animal, but getting too close to a WWE adversary can be a bad look for the brand.

#4 Ric Flair Tha God

Ric Flair is a wrestling OG, one of the icons of the sport. He looks like he is getting pretty loose with that red face.

#5 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

She cheated on Sheamus with Daniel, and this picture might lead to more whispers about the two.

#6 Meet Drew and Sheamus

Clearly heavy drinking is an integral part of WWE culture. Let’s hope that Mr. McMahon does not mind these pictures getting out.

#7 CM Punk Hits the Bars

The now MMA fighter has since left and trashed WWE, they would probably prefer to forget he was ever a part of the institution.Source

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12 Wrestler Deaths Ignored by WWE

WWE is one of the most famous TV shows of all times. Millions of fans all over the world watching wrestlers fighting with each other along with intense drama. However, after the company releases the wrestlers, they hardly get any more recognition from the company even after their deaths. Here are the top 12 WWE wrestlers whose deaths have been fully ignored by WWE.

1. Hercules Hernandez – 2004

He made his WWE debut in 1995. His first main fight was against Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in WrestleMania II.However, he lost that match. He also lost his title match to Hulk Hogan. His career was mostly restricted to fighting mid card wrestlers and being a jobber. He died at the age of 47 in 2004, due to heart disease.

2. Chris Kanyon – 2010

Kanyon joined WWE during the Invasion angle. He couldn’t become a success in the WWE. Most of the times, he was injured or was a jobber. He was released in 2004. He believes that him being gay was a major reason for WWE not considering him seriously. He suffered from a bipolar disorder and died in 2010.

3.Crash Holly – 2003

Crash was on screen cousin to the WWE legend, Hardcore Holly and was also WWE Hardcore Champion for 22 times. He was the one who started following the “24/7” rule. Most of his wins came from sneak pins, where he used to wait until someone beat the champion and then he utilized that opportunity to the maximum. He died in his friendStevie Richards’ home in 2003. His death was due to drug abuse, alcohol bottles and prescription pills were found near his dead body.

4. Dino Bravo – 1993

He joined WWE in 1985. He was Tag Team Champion once and also became Canadian Champion once. However, his death was quite controversial. He died in 1993 in his home. He was hit with 17 bullets. 7 hit his head while 10 hit his body. He was involved in illegal cigarette smuggling which was probably the reason for his murder though no evidence was found to verify this claim.

5. LudvigBorga – 2010

He was in the Finnish parliament from 2003 to 2007. Before becoming a politician, he was a WWE wrestler. He was part of WWE from 1993 to 1994. He defeated Marty Jannetty at SummerSlam along with Tatanka. He put an end to Tatanka’s unbeaten record for two years.
He was a backstage. According to Jim Ross, he had several issues. He died at the age of 44 in 2010, from a gunshot wound.

6. Doink the Clown – 2013

He was a part of WWE during the 1990s. Matt Osborne played the role of Doink. He was a jobber in WWE, but during events which weren’t televised, he would beat other jobbers. Several other people also played the role of Doink. In 2010, Matt tried to resemble Heath Ledger’s Joker from the famous movie “The Dark Knight”. He died in 2013. He was 55 years old, and WWE didn’t mention his name initially, thinking that his death happened due to drug abuse. But once that was cleared out, they referred him for a short period.

7. Chris Candido – 2005

Chris was more popular for being a part of ECW and Smokey Mountain Wrestling rather than WWE. He became Tag Team Champion once in WWE. Unlike others on this list, Chris didn’t die due to drug abuse. He had a broken tibia in his leg, for which he underwent surgery. He was diagnosed with pneumonia in 2005. He was immediately admitted to a hospital, where the doctors drained his lungs but he didn’t survive. It was later found out that a blood clot from his previous surgery was the main culprit.

8. Lance Cade – 2010

Lance became Tag team champion thrice after partnering with Trevor Murdoch. He was trained by famous WWE wrestler, Shawn Michaels. He decided to team up with Chris Jericho in 2008, and the duo defeated John Cena and Triple H. However, that same year, the WWE released him since he had drug problems. He had a seizure on a plane and died in 2010. The cause was heart failure.

9. Viscera – 2014

He initially used to fight with the name Marble, but later became Viscera when he became a part of The Undertakers Ministry of Darkness. His accomplishments include King of the Ring winner, Hardcore Champion as well as Tag Team Champion. His final contract with WWE ended in 2008. He died in 2014 at the age of 43 due to a heart attack. WWE TV didn’t even mention his name.

10. Umaga – 2009

He had a brilliant start in WWE. He mostly used to fight jobbers and completely wreck them. At Backlash, he had to fight Ric Flair which he lost. When his contract ended, the WWE didn’t sign him up again since he was addicted to drugs. He died in 2009.

11. Test – 2009

Test gained popularity due to his on-air relationship with Vince’s daughter, Stephanie. In 1999, he fought in a match titled “Love her or Leave her” in Summerslam. He defeated Shane and the two then got engaged. Triple H later came in, and drugged Stephanie and married her. Test was in a tag team and never won any competition. He died at the age of 33 in 2009, due to the overdose of oxycodone.

12. Jack Tunney – 2004

He was well known for his promoting and marketing skills. He also acted as WWE president from 1984 to 1995. After 1995, his contract ended, so he left WWE. This was never revealed to the public, and he just wasn’t shown on television programs anymore. He died at the age of 69 in 2004 due to a heart attack. WWE didn’t even mention his name. Moreover, no one from the company came to his funeral.

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10 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is one of the best and most popular WWE wrestlers of all times. His relationship with Vince McMahon, the CEO of the company has gone through several rough patches in the past.

At the moment, Lesnar’s relationship with the WWE has finally been sorted out. He has a part time contract with the WWE. However, he had to face some resentment from his peers due to the contract.
Brock Lesnar’s relationship with WWE was always rough, and WWE has tried its best to hide these memories from the visitors and fans. Take a look at the top 10 things done by Brock which Vince would like you to forget.

1. Files Lawsuit Against The WWE

WWE initially had a contract with no complete clause with Lesnar to prevent him from joining any other wrestling company. However, Lesnar wrestled in the Japan show thus Lesnar had to appear in the court. Lesnar counterclaimed against WWE and finally the two decided to try and negotiate. Finally, WWE allowed Brock to appear in any wrestling company.
He made his debut in New Japan Wrestlingon October 8, 2005. He even became the Heavyweight Champion there. While he was the champion in WWE, the company tried to force him to no longer go to New Japan but he rejected. Finally in 2007, he fought the last match in New Japan.

2. Lack of Knowledge For Today’s Product

During an interview with Stone Cold aired on WWE, Lesnar said that nowadays he just goes in, fights and then goes back home. He has no idea about most of the new wrestlers of WWE. In fact, he admitted he has no interest in knowing them. To him, WWE is a normal job. He also said that he doesn’t really remember any historical WWE matches, he just prefers to enjoy the current moment rather than living in the past.

3. His Arrest

Brock Lesnar was arrested in 2001 in Louisville for buying anabolic steroids. Later it was found that the drugs purchased were actually legal growth hormones and so he was freed. On top of that, his lawyers claimed that they were not even legal growth hormones but actually vitamins. The case went in his favour and all charges were dropped.

4. His Current Contract

Brock’s 3 year contract with the WWE displeased many members of the company. That was going to make him the highest paid wrestler. On top of that, Brock wasn’t even working full time there. He left WWE due to hectic travelling schedule, so he was given a less strict schedule. However, since he appeared lesser number of times that added to his mystique even more.

5. His Football Career

Brock surprised everyone after WrestleMania XX, when he declared that he wants to play in the NFL and so he will be leaving the WWE. Brock used to play football in high school but never played afterwards. Brock actually played pretty good in Minnesota Vikings, but an accident set him back. He was later removed from the team near the pre-season end. He was also offered a spot in NFL Europa, but he wanted to stay near his hometown so declined.

6. Never Watched Wrestling

Brock was actually an amateur wrestler before WWE. He was the winner of 2000 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1 Heavyweight Championship. He was also a two-time NJCAA All-American, two-time NCAA All-American and two-time Big Ten Conference Champion. His record in college was incredible – a whopping106-5. Since he was so successful as an amateur wrestler, WWE signed him up. The contract wasworth $250,000. However, Brock had no idea about professional wrestling; in fact he has never even seen it.

7. His Match Against Goldberg

The hyped up match between Brock and Goldberg was supposed to the best match of their careers instead it turned out to be one of the worst. Stone Cold was the special referee, and even he wasn’t able to stop it. Both wrestlers didn’t have any motivation in the match – Goldberg was going through some disputes in his contract while Brock would soon leave for NFL. Finally, Goldberg won the match after the jackhammer. Brock was cut off from the cameras; apparently he was pointing his finger towards Vince.

8. Botched Shooting Star

Brock admitted that he wasn’t in his right mind when he was fighting in WrestleMania. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Angle and Lesnar had to improvise at the end. In fact, Brock wasn’t in his right mind; he was completely dizzy after his victory.

9. His UFC Career

Brock Lesnar was one of those few WWE wrestlers who also got a shot at the UFC. He even became the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, after defeating Randy Couture.He was not only UFC’s highest paid wrestler, his name was also featured in ESPN’s top 30 paid athletes list. After the UFC, he joined WWE, and his popularity increased by a huge amount. In fact, he became so successful in WWE that he retired from UFC and joined WWE full time.

10. Forgetting 2 Years Of His Career

Brock admitted that he had forgotten almost 2 years of his WWE career. He was addicted to pain killers and alcohol during his first WWE contract. His entire body used to be in pain, so he used to consume over 100 painkillers every month. In fact, he said that he fought with a torn MCL to get a shot at the championship. He became addicted and was so exhausted from travelling places that he literally forgot about the 2 years. This can be considered as one of the worst negavtive effects of joining WWE and he is lucky to be alive.

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10 Pictures The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

WWE is one of the most popular TV shows of all times. Vince McMahon, the CEO of the company, has taken it to new heights. However, slip ups have occurred from time to time, and WWE is trying vehemently to cover them up. Check the article to know about the top 10 pictures that WWE is trying to hide from you.

1. The McMahons Exposed

Since the past decade, McMahon family’s privacy has always remained top notch outside the WWE. Although there has been no secrets in the ring, but outside of it, details about their lives are almost nil. This shows that they are very close to each other.
In fact, Stephanie and Hunter’s houses are located very close to that of Vince. On top of that, the houses are in close proximity to the WWE headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut. The family spends a lot of time together despite being on a hectic schedule. The picture below shows that they are very close to each other.

2. Vince Inside

During the 1990s, Vince followed a rule, before asking any wrestler to do any stunt, he would first try it out himself. This picture below shows Vince getting into a casket which was supposed to be used in one of the stunts. In fact, at WrestleMania XII, Vince tried the rafters even before Michaels. This shows that he is extremely dedicated to his job.

3. Chris Benoit’s Death

Chris Benoit’s death is a perfect example of some of the situations which WWE tried to hide from the public. After his death, WWE just stopped mentioning him in all of the shows. The week after the tribute to Benoit, he simply didn’t exist on RAW. However, one also needs to understand that those events could have hurt WWE in the long run, so it was in their best interests to ignore him.

4. Stephanie Gets Crucified

This happened on April 26th, 1999. WWE became too ambitious, they thought that crucifying McMahon’s daughter live would be great for the TRP. The story was that the Undertaker would be given the entire control of WWE, if Vince wanted her daughter back. While the story was fine, the crucifying part completely ruined it. Fortunately, Austin came to the rescue and stopped the scene. We hope WWE has learnt its lesson.

5. Undertaker Breaks Character

Undertaker was one of the most favourite characters of Vince since he always stayed in character, even out of the ring as well. However, this picture shows that Undertaker did break his character once. Still,this is the only evidence that he broke out of his character.

6. Leaked Engagement Picture of Lana and Rusev

TMZ leaked the engagement picture of Lana and Rusev, which naturally made Vince furious. The entire WWE team had to change several stories due to this incident. Also, the love triangle story among the Lana, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler couldn’t be continued any further after the incident.

7. Two Worlds Collide At The Peak Of The Battle

This picture shows almost all the major superstars of the WWE in the 1990s. Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Big Show, Billy Gunn, British Bulldog along with the main star of that time, Steve Austin are present in this picture. This picture is one of the best pictures of WWE superstars and is very close to WWE fans. This could have led to massive damage for the WWE if it was leaked at that time.

8. Sneak Peak At The Airport

Two icons, Undertaker and Sting were seen together at the airport during WrestleMania 31. Vince was quite angry when the photos of these two icons were taken talking with each other, since the mystique element is lost before a big fight.

9. Austin arrested

On June 15th, 2002, Austin lost his cool and had a fight with his ex-wife, Debra. Debra was later found injured by the police. Austin left the house at the moment but was arrested on 14th August. Needless to say, Vince was quite pissed with the whole incident.
Steve was given 80 hours of community service, along with probation. When Debra was asked about the incident, she said that “roid rage” was the main reason. Steve hit her thrice, however, she couldn’t reveal everything since WWE has threatened her. WWE didn’t have anything to say in return.

10. The Faces Of The Attitude Era Out Of Character

This picture is definitely one of the most controversial pictures of WWE which they are desperately trying to hide, since it shows all the important wrestlers of the Attitude Era, including Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Gerald Brisco and Paul Bearer. They are not in their character and are probably celebrating some event.

11. Chyna

WWE definitely doesn’t want to be related to Chyna, and they are trying their best to hide any pictures showing her relation to the company. They definitely don’t want the company’s COO, Triple H to be shown with her. Her career in WWE was brilliant, but her next career moves make it difficult for WWE to give her the popularity she deserves. They definitely don’t want children to search for her and get adult content instead. They probably won’t bring her back to the ring in the future.

12. CM Punk In UFC

CM Punk is being ignored by WWE as much as possible at the moment. Although Vince won’t say it, WWE did experience a heavy loss due to his absence. The main winner here is UFC, since they will gain a lot of profit from CM Punk’s popularity.

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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s Work Out Routine Is Actually Insane

1. Vince McMahon

You would never have guessed that this guy is 70 years old! At that age and still, has a body that buff and well maintained. Vince’s trainer has finally spoken about his training regime that the ex-pro wrestler manages to stick to remain as massive as he is at his ageSource

2. Beans Spilt

During an interview with Muscle & Fitness, Mike Monteforte who is Vince’s trainer spilled the beans on how Vince, the Big Bad Boss of WWE has ‘unbelievable strength.’Source

3. Workout

No average person can pull off this type of work out, so it is quite astounding that an old man can pull it off and should be an example to us all. He does three extremely bg sets of three different exercises in each set.Source

4. Magazine

If you read the magazine Muscle & Fitness in which the article appears, it states that McMahon’s exercise regime with regards to his first set I lat pull-downs, bent-over barbell rows and dumbbell shrugs, all this for 15 rep with no breaks at all in between the exercises!Source

5. It gets worse

This man of a certain age can do some insane things. When the second and third sets begin, there are also no breaks between the exercises, and there are a lot more than the first set, which seems to be a good warm-up for him. There is so much to cover, so get a hold of this issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine and you can get a complete breakdown of this 70-year-old man that can out exercise you!Source

6. Not Done Yet

All these exercises are done within a 90-minute workout, with pretty much no breaks in between. And if he has some time or energy to spare, he will finish his regime with some CrossFit-Style workout performance with all kinds of battle rope slams, sled drags, sledgehammer swings. I am quite impressed with the abilities of this 70-year-old Boss of WWE. Keep it up!Source

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