Materials That Are More Beautiful Than Diamonds

Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since very long. Since the material qualities it have, it is considered as one of the most precious material in the world. Diamond is beautiful, but there are other materials that are more beautiful than diamond. Here are some minerals or stones which are more beautiful than diamonds.

#40 Luz Opal With Galaxy Inside

#39 Sunset Fire Opal

#38 Ocean Inside An Opal

#37 Bismuth

#36 Lightning Ridge Black Opal

#35 Opal Fossil

#34 Rose Quartz Geode

#33 Azurite

#32 Burmese Tourmaline

#31 Fluorite

#30 Titanium Quartz

#29 Worlds Biggest Amethyst Geode – The ‘empress Of Uruguay’

#28 Bismuth

#27 Rhodochrosite

#26 Watermelon Tourmaline

#25 Uvarovite

#24 Scolecite

#23 Chrysocolla In Malachite

#22 Realgar On Calcite

#21 Fluorite/quartz/pyrite Combination

#20 Cobaltocalcite

#19 Tourmaline On Quartz With Lepidolite And Cleavelandite

#18 Crocoite

#17 Rhodochrosite

#16 Crocoite

#15 Peruvian Blue Opal

#14 Opalised Ammonite

#13 Purple Geode Druzy Stone

#12 Blue Agate Geode

#11 Esquel Pallasite

#10 Labradorite

#9 Obsidian

#8 Phantom In Amethyst

#7 Peacock Coal – Mcadoo, Pennsylvania, USA

#6 Alexandrite

#5 Beautiful Raw Emerald

#4 Wulfenite

#3 Gold (dragon) on Quartz

The greater value falls into the novelty of the piece. It is a large, visually striking stone if kept as is could fetch 150-300 dollars. However, if it was carved, while keeping the majority of the gold pièce completely intact, the value will increase substantially, easily into 500 plus.

#2 Cuprite, Congo

#1 Crystals (xenotime, Zircon) Arranged In A Radiating Polished Slice Of Rock – Chrysanthemumstone

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48 Powerful Photographs That Look Photoshopped But Aren’t

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”- Ansel Adams.
Photography is an art. Each photograph depicts a hidden story, which I think takes a lot to notice and understand. Photographs are the sources which communicate the events occurring in one world to another. Photography is a feeling; it should be done with emotions and passion. Even giving the best camera to any newbie at photography will not do the thing, it takes a particular eye to master in photography. If you have a camera, you have a different eye and an angle to view the world. You have all the chances to show the beauty of any place, to the entire world.
So, go ahead, pick your DSLRs and head-photographing. Here are some of the wondrous captures from shutterbugs around the world. These photographs are original and are not photoshopped.

#48 Netherlands – a country is known for its arrays of Windmills.


Netherlands also informally known as Holland is a densely populated country. But even being way populated it is a land of beauty with many beautiful cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. Netherlands is also the land of windmills with giant windmills plant located at beautiful places.

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9 Amazing Art Installations Around The World In Last Year!

Art is an excellent form of presenting your creativity. It can be innocent and bold; there are no restrictions on what art forms can be. Last year, we saw a plethora of excellent artworks that knew no boundaries. Some of them were terrifying while others were soothing, but what was common among them was that they were all excellent.

This article presents a list of amazing art installations in Last year that will leave you in awe, and will hopefully unleash the creativity hidden inside you.


1. Underwater art installation by Jason deCaires Taylor

This art installation depicts humans enjoying their stay in the Atlantic Ocean. Isn’t this awesome?

2. Bruce Munro ‘s TiliWiruTjuta

In case you are wondering what those bright lights, those are being emanated from more than 50,000 LED bulbs which were installed in the middle of the Austrailia’s Red Centre desert, creating this fabulous pattern.

3. Safe passage by Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is not just an artist but also an activist, and his latest art installation shows the terrible condition of the refugees who got shelter in an asylum in Europe.

4. Philippe Echaroux’s Blood forest.

This artwork depicts the Surui tribe, which is slowly becoming extinct. They live in the Amazon forests, and this artwork shows how the destruction of their habitat is gradually rendering them extinct from the face of the planet.


5. Huge raindrop on a man’s face
This artwork shows a large single raindrop resting on a lonely man’s face. Located in Kiev, Ukraine, it is supposed to depict humanity’s relationship with nature.


6. Olek’s Pink House
This house is covered by a huge pink colored canvas to show the beauty of traditional crochet art.

7. Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus 35

This artwork depicts a rainbow like structure and caught the attention of several renowned artists. Located in the Toledo Museum, it was one of the best artworks of 2016.

8. JR au Louvre by JR

You have probably seen the famous Musée du Louvre structure in Paris. The structure was covered all over with photographic prints by JR, which made it look even more awesome.

9. Inside Out by JR

JR not only worked on the Musée du Louvre structure but also drew other photographs which were released throughout the world. This portrait was actually released during the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments below what you think about these art installations. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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This Innovation Is Going To Save Millions Of Lives

Land mines are extremely dangerous explosives which detonate whenever they come in contact with a heavy object such as a vehicle or a human being. These devices are capable of destroying even military vehicles and even tanks. They are kept buried within 15 cm of the earth’s surface.

Statistics have shown that around 110 million mines are present under the ground as of the date and countries have another 100 million in their stock.

As you can understand, land mines are an immense danger to human life. You would be shocked to know that every 15 minutes, one person is executed due to land mines.

Massoud Hassani has stated that his invention, Mine kafon not only is an anti-landmine device, but it also helps in spreading awareness about land mines all over the world.

1. Mine detonating device powered by the wind

Mine Kafon is a mine detonating device that is driven by nothing other than the wind. It is shaped like a tumbleweed. Massoud claims that while Mine kafon is big enough to detonate any mine, it is also quite light so that even a slight breeze can make it move in its direction.

2. Constructed from nothing other than bamboo

The reason why it is so light is that it is built from bamboo wood and biodegradable plastic. It has a core part to which the bamboo legs are attached. This core is a metal ball which is responsible for helping move the entire device using wind energy.
Massoud also said that they are currently working on another model which can be controlled using a remote and another one which can be used to detect metal.

3. It can survive for four mine blasts

You would be wrong if you thought that this structure can survive for only one blast. It might be made from bamboo, but it can survive four mine explosions before breaking down. The core remains intact, but the bamboo legs degrade after each explosion.
The GPS system is present in the core which isn’t affected by most mines since it is located quite high above the ground. What makes Mine kafon unique is its low cost and fast setup time.

4. Price starts from only 40$

Mine kafon costs as little as 40$, making it a great tool for mine detection.
Besides, Massoud hasn’t stopped innovating – he is now working on a drone to help detonate mines. He is trying to keep the cost similar to that of Mine kafon, but the drone will be better at exploding mines.

5. Mine kafon drone

Massoud is currently working on the Mine kafon drone. This drone will be able to reach areas the tumbleweed can’t. Massoud worked on this for three years and has finally been able to release it. It is still in its early stages, and more progress is being made to make the drone more advanced.
The drone consists of six rotors, along with three attachments which serve different purposes. The first one maps the specified area; the second one can detect mines and then set up their location using GPS. It is also capable of detonating the mine if required.

6. Who gave birth to this idea?

According to Massoud, this design idea of the Mine kafon came from one of his childhood toys – a rolling object which used to move in the direction of the wind. He and his buddies used to race with them in the open fields.
His Mine Kafon was one of the finalists of the Design of the Year award at the Design Museum in London in 2012.

7. Who is Massoud Hassani?

Massoud Hassani came to Qasaba, Kabul when he was 5 with his parents, and spent his entire childhood there. Several wars were going on at that time. He and his brother, Mahmud, used to play in the nearby fields which were surrounded by mountains.
During this time, he and his brother gradually learned to build their own toys. Massoud’s favorite toy was a small rolling object which could move using wind energy. They used to take it to the fields where the wind would blow towards mountains and make those race with other kids’ toys. Unfortunately, their toys rolled so far that they couldn’t retrieve them due to fear of landmines in those areas.
After 20 years, Massoud came back to his homeland and began building those once again as a part of his graduation project for the Design Academy Eindhoven (2011). This time, his toy was 20 times bigger than the one he and his brother used to make. It was also much stronger. And it still works the same way their toys used to work 20 years ago.
That toy is now Mine kafon. It can roll over a mine detonating it and is completely safe for the environment since its constructed from bamboo and biodegradable plastic. Due to the embedded GPS chip, one can track it on their website, and check the safest path in an area, and also check how many mines were detected.
Afghanistan has around 10 million land mines according to the officials, but the truth is that number is much bigger. Hence, he believes that his device can save several lives and we hope the best for his future.


Don’t forget to check out this video to know more. What do you think of Massoud Hassani and his inventions? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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This Talented Makeup Artist Turns Her Mouth into Awesome Cartoon Characters

Laura Jenkinson is a make up artist from London who does amazing cartoon recreations on her face. Let’s have a look on some of her amazing works.

1. Patrick

25 Year-old Jenkinson has spent the last year creating and uploading these amazing photos to the internet.

2. Donkey

Laura Jenkinson’s amazing chin art photos receive upwards of 1500 likes each on her Instagram account.

3. Shrek

Using her own chin, she paints the character’s mouths on her own mouth, to make them come to life.

4. Chuckie

She uses professional tools but also said … ‘I use theatrical make-up normally, but I occasionally use lipstick if I need to get the exact shade of something’

5. Bugs Bunny

She uses a picture of the characters as a guide and draws from that.

6. Homer Simpson

Her day job in Londaon is as a professional makeup artist.

7. The Genie

This Genie is a tribute to the late Robin Williams, which she created shortly after his untimely death.

8. Woody Woodpecker!

9. Daisy Duck

10. Yosemite Sam



13. courage the cowardly dog

14. Ralph Wiggum

15. Gus Gus Cinderella

16. Ghostbusters

17. Marshmallow Man

18. slimer of Ghostbusters

19. Droopy

20. Brooke, Iceage

21. Kubo from kubo and the two strings

22. Beetle From kubo and the two strings

23. Harley Quinn from suicidesquad

24. Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

25. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones

26. Pikachu

27. Meeko from Pocahontas!

28. Pepé Le Pew!

29. TopCat

30. Dory

31. angrybirds

32. ren from ren and stimpy

33. cogsworth from beauty and the beast

34. Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory

35. The Madder Hatter


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30 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas That Have Done A Very Good Job In Covering Scars From The Past.

While many think tattoos are for rebels and those living on the wild side, it’s become more apparent just how much the art form can help people heal and feel much more confident about themselves.
For people who’ve suffered major health scares, they are often left with a scar that reminds them of that horrible time.
So why not turn that reminder into something positive, that you survived something horrible.
Even mothers who’ve given birth via c-section have replaced their scars with something beautiful.
Tattoos are a reminder of what you’ve been through, and how you got through it. They says the story of a great comeback.
Here are a list of 30 beautiful tattoo ideas that have done a very good job in covering scars from the past.





























































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Japanese Artist Uses Fallen Leaves To Create Stunning Pieces Of Art

You have probably heard the quote – “Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf.”

During the leaf falling season, we usually just dump all the fallen leaves into a dustbin, but some people in Japan can create wonders out of them. They see art in those beautiful red and yellow maple leaves. Check out these stunning pieces of art which have been created by a Japanese artist simply by using fallen leaves. His creativity has rendered me speechless. Read on to know more.

1. Nature’s creativity

In this romantic season, even Nature is showing its love.

2. Breath-taking!

This image has made me speechless; it shows how creative human beings can be.

3. But so are children

Did you notice the cute kitty they created in the centre?

4. Beautiful pattern

Doesn’t this pattern look awesome with so many golden leaves?

5. Butterfly

Excellent idea and implementation from the creator.

6. Winnie The Pooh

Must have taken a lot of time and effort to create this one.

7. Dragon

Excellent use of the colours to show the dragon breathing fire.

8. Her best friend

She looks so happy, lying beside her friend!

9. Rabbit

Rabbits are so cute; don’t you think?

10. Rose

Now this is what I call a masterpiece; I am speechless at the moment.

11. Mistletoe

Signifies that Christmas is just round the corner.

12. Beautiful Lady

13. Hello Kitty

Kitty has always been there for us when we were children remember?

14. Shrine

A beautiful created outside the shrine to complement its beauty.

15. Heart

A cute little heart to make your day bright!

16. Awesome patterns!

I can’t even start to comprehend how much time and effort have been invested in creating this art.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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20 Of The Most Creative Sculptures From Around The World

Sculptures and statues are one of the most fascinating things designed by human beings. At least one statue or sculpture is present in every major city in the world. These are used to signify important events or as a sign of respect to outstanding personalities. And when you look at them, they just make you smile, while you wonder at the beauty and what a genius the original designer was.Here, we present to you the top 20 most innovative sculptures from all over the world. Let’s get started.

Here, we present to you the top 20 most innovative sculptures from all over the world. Let’s get started.

1. Mustangs By Robert Glen, Las Colinas, Texas, USA


2. Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York, USA


3. The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby, Wroclaw, Poland


4. Salmon Sculpture, Portland, Oregon, USA


5. People Of The River By Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore

6. The Shoes On The Danube Bank by Can Togay & Gyula Pauer, Budapest, Hungary

7. The Knotted Gun, Turtle Bay, New York, USA

8. Break Through From Your Mold By Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

9. Black Ghost, Klaipėda, Lithuania


10. Les Voyageurs, Marseilles, France

11. De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium

12. Spider, Tate Modern, London, UK

13. Hippo Sculptures, Taipei, Taiwan

14. Sinking Building Outside State Library, Melbourne, Australia

15. Man At Work, Bratislava, Slovakia

16. Mihai Eminescu, Onesti, Romania

17. Man Hanging Out, Prague, Czech Republic

18. Kelpies, Grangemouth, UK

19. Rundle Mall Pigs, Adelaide, Australia

20. The Shark, Oxford, UK


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8 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World That Are Sure To Hypnotize You

The world is a magnificent place, thanks to the diversity all around us, and the human race too has its own diversities. Eyes are one of the most sought after features of a human.

Eyes are considered to be one of the main features of the fact, and often it’s the eyes that a person sees first that attracts him or her towards another person. However, finding the most beautiful eyes in the world is definitely a daunting task.

It is often said that one’s eyes are the window to the soul and taking a look at them below, you cannot help but admire the person who said this. A pair of attractive eyes will obviously catch your attention. The diversity of the eyes colors, from blue to hazel, will always leave you mesmerizes and there is seemingly no end to the beauty of these jaw dropping eyes.

Take a look at them below.

1. A perfect mix of bright colored eyes and a darker skin tone.

The eyes look so beautiful.

2. That eye color can easily catch you attention.

Its really difficult to ignore those enchanting blue colored eyes.

3. A pair of beautiful eyes from twins

The sisters are blessed to have such beautiful eyes.

4. Her eyes look so green.

They are so nice.

5. Those eyes can convey her emotions perfectly.

It’s really breath-taking to watch these eyes.

6. Those eyes are stunning.

They will leave you completely speechless.

7. The tint in her eyes is perfect.

Her eyes are of aqua blue color, my favorite color!

8. I have never seen such enchanting eyes before.

Her eyes are colored turquoise, and I must admit that color completely matches her.

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Street Photographer Recreates Photos Which He Captured 30 Years Ago

There are many kinds of people around us. Most of these people are interesting in their own ways. While some appear to be curious about many things happening around them, some make us curious to look at them through their activities. Chris Porsz is one such personality who has made the whole world turn towards him through an amazing thing he has done. What he has done is actually absolutely mind boggling. He has recreated the scenes of all his photographs taken between 1970 and 1990. Even to just think he has done it is stunning.

During his visit to Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, he has taken tremendous efforts to locate people in his earlier photographs. The heart touching manner in which he has tried to bring in everyone in the photo together amuses every on looker without an iota of doubt. He has done this after almost 40 plus years. He did not stop with the recreation. He has taken sincere efforts to compile the reunion into a book that captures all the 135 photos meticulously. Named as ‘Reunions’, Jo Riley has written the text part of the book explaining interesting facts about the people in the photos

First Photo – Tim Goodman and David Harvey


The first photo in this series captures David Harvey and Tim Goodman. The vast difference captured between the photo taken during 1980 and the recent one in 2010 shows not only two grown up men but also the other development in terms of the society. Tim Goodman, a father of six is now an established businessman. Having been Chief Superintendant for several years, David Harvey just retired from his services.

Second Photo – Five young boys running on a Road


Devinder, Andy, Aaron, Richard and Tony James are the five boys running on the road. This photo captures the old age timeline in a picturesque manner. Currently, while Aaron is associated with Ikea, Richard is one of best Electricians in his region. Andy is serving in the army and Tony James is a well known Stone Cutter. Devinder is employed with the Housing Association. These five friends are happy that they met in life after 40 years thanks to the efforts of Chris Porsz. They intend to keep in touch going forward.

Third Photo – Jewelry Showroom Assistant


The old and new photos of Vicki Gracey, the Jewelry showroom Assistant shows the speed in which time has run between 1990 and 2015. The once Jewelry Showroom Assistant has worked in many employments like Restaurant and has settled with her two children in the heart of the City as a Tenancy Sustainability. She looks so matured and fun loving enjoying every bit of the old photograph recreation activity

Fourth Photo – Pink Mohican


Looking at Badger Farcue in a 1985 photo and 2016 photo, not much change in physical aspects can be noted. Having won the Pizza Eating Competition earlier, Farcue right now resides in Somerset. He still remembers after almost 2 decades, how he participated in the Pizza eating competition and won due to the support of his friends when he was just 20 years old. He still reminisces how he enjoyed looking at his photo right in the front page of local newspapers at the time

Fifth Photo – Tina and Dog


This beautiful couple who was photographed in the year 1985 near the Peterborough Cathedral was in their teens then. During the years that passed by, the couple has been blessed with twin babies. However, time has separated them. Dog leads his life as a Gardening and Hedge laying expert in South Wales. Tina is leading her life as a weaver in Dorset. Tine is too happy to remember that stage of her life when she used to have different style of punks

Sixth Photo – Steve Osborn


Steve Osborn, who is more known by his nick name Metal Mickey, is shown as a lean and lanky your man holding his crouches in the photograph taken in the year 1980. To see him as a jolly fat man in the recent new photograph recently taken melts the heart. He is known to have broken both his legs multiple times due the many number of motorbike accidents he met with. Father of 4 children, Old Steve is leading his life as a guitarist in Lincolnshire. Metal Mickey, despite his disability, has donated approximately 20,000 pounds to National Association of Bikers

Seventh Photo – The Three Sisters


The three Sisters photo is an amazing one that shows the sisters as little ones and grownups. The photos have been taken in 1985 and 2013. Seated near a Window in their house located in Peterborough’s Cromwell Road in both the photographs, all the three sisters still spend their lives in Peterborough. From right to left, the sisters are Itrat, the eldest of the three sisters who has Rukhsana towards her right and Shehnaz Begum in the left corner. The three of them remember riding through the streets in their bikes on their bikes, with another set of twins in the same locality. They remember their mother saying that theirs was quite a big group.

Eighth Photo – A kiss in the platform


Sally and her boyfriend kissing each other in the Peterborough Railway Station have been captured in the old photo taken during the year 1980. They were astonished to see their photograph in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph which is a local newspaper. The recent photograph taken during the year 2009 kindled nostalgic memories in the couple. They have two grown up children who are in their twenties today and live as a family in Lichfield

Ninth Photo – Strong Friendship bond


Looking at these photos, we tend to feel that time has only brought in physical changes in these five friends. Time seems to have only strengthened the bond of these five friends whose names are Penny, Juliette and the three sisters Carole, Louise and Sarah have been experiencing life in different ways. Both the photos have been clicked in Cathedral Square Guildhall. The girl in the right corner of the new photo is Alison, who is Juliette’s sister, who passed away in between the 30 years period which is the sad part of the story

Tenth Photo – Great friends

The surreal experience for posing for the recent photograph to recreate the old photographs taken in 1980 was thoroughly enjoyed by these four friends. Medler, who is one of the four friends comically, said that he took a very long time to dress up in a particular manner to pose for the recent photo. His family whined that he took a
long time in the bathroom for such a preparation.

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10 of The Brilliant Underwater Structures

1. Jules Undersea Lodge:

The Jules Undersea Lodge is located in Key Largo, Florida. It started off in early 1970’s at the La Chalupa Research Laboratory. The lodge which can be entered only by scuba diving, has been a top undersea lodge for last 30 years. But you needn’t worry about not being a certified scuba diver. Even those who are not certified scuba divers can get access to this lodge built 21 feet underwater. A three hour long scuba course is offered to the visitors by the lodge management so as to help them get safely and securely to the location. It wouldn’t flood, thanks to the compressed air present in it. Also, when looking from outside, it has the structure similar to reef. This means that local marine life still have a decent place to settle.

2. Poseidon Undersea Resort:

Garnering media attention in 2008, Poseidon is a proposed chain of 5 underwater luxury resorts. It has been thought of and built by U.S. submarines, Inc. Though there has quite been a lot of buzz and hype over these underwater resorts, probably due to architectural and engineering difficulties, construction keeps on getting postponed. The design plans include a gigantic 22 room building along with a spa, library and not to forget a 1200 square foot suite. The completion is highly anticipated and the developers on their company website have opened an option for people to add themselves to a mailing list for advance bookings.

3. Water discus:

Though still in early planning stages, the Water Discus Hotel is inching towards becoming one of the best and most incredible underwater structure in the human history thanks to experts like Weston Interior Designer. It has been designed by deep ocean technology and will feature 21 luxurious rooms underwater along with a majestic spacious lobby and will be located in Dubai. It will also have scuba diving lessons for its guests. Also, for those who are not very comfortable underwater and don’t wish to go below the surface, there will be a water structure above too. Water Discus, whose initial development plans were released in 2012, is highly anticipated and set to become one of the best underwater resorts in the world.

4. H2OME:

The first of its kind, H2OME enables the rich millionaires to pay a hefty sum to the US submarine structures company and get their own underwater home built, as they always aspired. The underwater houses this built will be duplex having two floors with two spacious bedrooms, 600 square feet in space, a dining room and a luxurious lounge, all built 60 ft underwater, below the ocean level. Each underwater house would cost about $10 million. Those interested can get their names added to a long waiting list. There would obviously be windows and technology to help you feed to marine life and befriend them.

5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:

Located at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Ithaa is an underwater restaurant, built 16 feet below the sea level, deep in water. It’s lifespan has been estimated to be only about 20 years. The structure,, which has dimensions 16 feet by 30 feet, can only seat 14 people at a time and offers a splendid 270 degree panoramic view of the vast ocean to its guests. This is real luxury. Luckily for those of you who aren’t good at swimming, entrance to this extravagant restaurant is through a staircase located at the end of a jetty.

6. Utter Inn:

Though it isn’t very gorgeous, The Utter Inn is one of the earliest underwater structures built which are still functioning today. To make art available to the masses, Mikael Genberg, a Swedish man, constructed the Utter Inn at Vasteras in Sweden in the year 2000 with the best building materials.

Building and construction materials such as bricks, concrete, pavers, and tiles have been found to be quite durable. However, there are still a lot of things that you can do to make your construction materials last even up to the time of your retirement. For this, you need to read this durable materials analysis Superdurables, so that you would know the best way to make your construction materials last longer.

It is situated around 9 feet under Lake Malaren’s surface, guests get the option of sleeping in bunker and enjoy the panoramic view of the underwater. Genberg even doesn’t hesitate to deliver dinner to his guests at The Utter Inn. The inn is usually all packed, with most people booking in advance. The summer month are the best and most popular time to enjoy a stay at the popular inn.

7. Aquarius:

Situated off the Florida keys, Aquarius is one of the last underwater facilities left in the whole world. The structure, which is owned by Florida international university, is only used for research purposes by the students who spend a time 10 days there to study the marine life. The structure, which is 120 ft deep in water, can host a maximum of six people at a time. This also makes it one of the deepest underwater structures still in existence. Though it is a research centre, it is high on amenities, having air conditioning, plumbing, refrigerators and even access to the internet. However in line with plumbing issues, these can pose health hazards, such as a sewer line backup or backflow issue that contaminates your drinking water, or a gas leak coming from one of your plumbing appliances and in these situations, we recommend Sarkinen Plumbing services that can resolve any plumbing issues you may deal with. These services were also provided by United PLumbing Heating Air & Electric.

8. Tektite:

Tektite was founded for the purpose of training and preparing astronauts for long trips to space by four aquanauts in the year 1969. In the situated at the Great Lameshur Bay, St John, U.S. Virgin Islands. The original founder actually spent three months, from February to April 1969 in a metal structure. A second Tektite project started in 1970. It facilitated 11 varied missions, involving 53 astronauts who stayed in the structure for 2-3 weeks as an integral part of their training. Both the structures have bunkers along with a research base. The facility, which no longer functions, has been converted into a museum.

9. Hydrolab:

The idea of Hydrolab was thought off by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to function as a research base facilitating scientific study of the great Atlantic ocean. The structure, which was situated off the Virgin Islands, was 131 feet under the oven water. It was just 16 feet long and 8 feet tall with the facility of running tap water, bunks, and observatory to view the ocean. It was closed down in 1986 and converted to a museum of natural history.

10. Subsix:

Situated in Maldives and submerging into the Indian , Subsix is the very first nightclub in the world to be built underwater. Located at a distance of the quarter of a mile from beach, it resides 19 feet below the water surface. The nightclub which is rightfully owned by Niyama Resorts is very popular among localities and even tourists for that matter of fact.The ultra violet lighting, hip interior decoration and a wonderful panoramic view of the ocean enable people or all age groups to enjoy their time at this underwater night club. You can
learn at Merritt Supply website about marine supplies.

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Nursing home looks normal on outside – Inside is designed to be a familiar 1940s neighborhood

Situated in Ohio’s Chagrin Falls, The Lantern of Chagrin Valley is one of the three excellent facilities designed specifically and specially for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The living facility actually feels like a 1940s’ living community because of its design and it having small houses with separate porches leading to a pretty big golf course where you can practice with your

To represent grass, the facility’s floors have been painted green, also to perfectly recreate the atmosphere, bird chirps are played throughout the day to create a wonderful array of sound. CEO Jean Makesh told News- Herald that every single thing you come across in the facility, the paint, the wall color serves a very specific purpose and has therapeutic value and therapeutic benefit. Makesh, being a trained occupational therapist, has created an environment which is just perfect for these special patients with special needs.

After coming across the fact that controlled environments can lead to significant reductions in depression, anxiety and anger, Makesh decided to create a unique living facility which Incorporated all these ideas into a top class living experience. Icing on the cake, Lantern organises a plethora of daily classes for residents in order to help them retain and relearn basic functions and skills.

Makesh told reporters that his team has created a unique living facility that strives to take the residents back to their old memories by creating a time capsule. This helps them to embrace each and every thing around them. He hopes that his endeavours to rehabilitate patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia will produce a positive change and encourage others to do so.

Putting this controlled environment setting to use, Makesh believes that he well definitely be able to slow down the progression of similar kinds diseases on a long term basis

With this superb facility having incredible feel and experience of the bygone era these patients lived in ones, Makesh is inspiring people to challenge age- related disease. Please share this story with your family and friends and spread happiness and hope. And yes, don’t forget to post your comments in the comments section below.Source

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Most Dangerous Beaches of The World

1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida:

Though this beach is listed among the top ten Beaches in Florida by the Florida International University, this beach doesn’t really have a good reputation. 17 of the 112 shark attacks in the whole world in the year 2007 took place in the New Smyrna Beach. Spinner, bull sharks, and blacktip move freely in the water, thinking of the merry surfers as their food and feeding on them. Though 228 attacks have taken place over the years, luckily none has proven to be fatal. The ‘Guinness book of world records’ recognized this beach as the shark attack capital of the world. If the case is that you are looking for a fun vacation with the family where you can have fun, play sports and more, check out golf holidays direct.

2. Cape Tribulation, Australia:

As the name itself warns of the perils beneath this beach, this northern Queensland beach is home to a lot of dangerous creatures. While it is rare to spot crocodiles on this beach, they aren’t the only danger. Emus’ relatives Cassowaries and venomous snakes also present here. From October to early June, in the rainy season, water contains the biggest dangers. Thousands of translucent box jellyfish occupy the water near the beach. They are known to be the most venomous fish in the whole world and can kill a swimmer in just a few minutes if stung. Having caused at least 70 deaths since the year 1883, their venom successfully attacks the cardiovascular system of the person stung, causing him or her to drown and hence die.

3. Shenzhen Beach, China:

Right across the Hong Kong border, Shenzhen Beach is a popular tourist spot and is also frequented by the local. It’s dangerously overcrowded due to its immense popularity. Both the beach and the water are completely packed, filled right up to the brim. Unfortunately, because of some much people, accidents have taken place. A lot of drowning incidents have been reported, especially of the children under the age of fourteen. Perhaps the Beach’s popularity has made it dangerous.

4. Playa Zipolite, Mexico:

This beautiful beach located on Oaxaca’s southern coast, is also known as ‘The beach of the dead’. You may think that this dangerous nickname set the Beach’s image clear, but you are wrong. The picturesque beauty of the beach perfectly deceives people. While the sandy shores are perfectly safe, we cannot say the same for the water. Giant waves result in dangerous undercurrents. To ensure people’s safety from these currents, specially trained lifeguards are present on the beach. Thankfully, this measure has helped decrease the number of drowning cases.

5. Staithes Beach, Yorkshire:

Though UK’s Staithes beach may not be the warmest beach, it’s rather well known for its surfing. However, it has been declared one of the worst beaches in all the Europe by the group ‘surfers against sewage’. Marine conservation society believes that the water is way too polluted, so much so that it doesn’t even meet basic European standards for bathing sports. It appears that the cause for this is the runoff from farmers’ fields. While it has not been declassified yet, some people actually swim in the water there and indulge in activities like surfing and paddle sports.

6. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii:

In order to enjoy the majestic beauty of the beach, the swimmers first have to hike two long miles along the Kalalau trail, along with the Na Pali coast in Kauai. Though the Hanakapiai beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Hawaii, it is also rather remote, also there aren’t any lifeguards stationed here. While the water here appears tranquil and call, there have been incidents on this beach where powerful rip currents have pulled swimmers out of the mighty sea. If pulled out, the nearest safe shore area is almost six miles away. Over the years, about 83 people have drowned here due to underestimation of waves.

7. Praia De Boa Viagem, Brazil:

Before the year 1992, shark attacks went known to have occurred on this sandy beach in proximity to Recife, Brazil. Following that, a whopping fifty shark attacks have been reported on the beach, nineteen of which proved to be fatal. Environmentalists blame the prevalence of fishing boats for destroying the coastal ecosystem of the region and causing the attacks. These fishing boats come very close to the shore, disrupting and enraging the sharks. If you are to visit this area to go fishing, check this article about the

8. Heard Island, Antarctica:

Heard island’s beaches, unlike the typical beaches, have extremely cold water. If you are able to withstand the ice cold waves without getting hypothermia, you can get an extreme surfing experience, one of a lifetime. The island, 4.100 km south-west of Perth, is actually a giant volcano. The island, though owned by Australia, is closest to Antarctica.

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7 Hotels That You Should Visit This Year

Whenever you visit a place, how much you enjoy it depends on how good it is, but also the hotel you are staying at adds to the experience. It is thus critical to carefully select the hotel you’re going to stay in, as a bad hotel will completely ruin your trip. While some hotels are strictly suited to the business class, some are leisure hotels, adapted to the travelers seeking adventure. So, here we enlist seven of the best leisure hotels like HCML hotel which you must visit this year.

1. The Wigwam Motel:

Situated on America’s Route 66, The Wigwam Motel is a legendary pit-stop. Why? Because it inspired Disney Pixar to feature in the movie Cars, it’s own ‘Cozy Cone Motel.’ Located in the heart of Rialto, it is a comfortable and convenient hotel. It is a perfect retreat for weary travelers looking for a different, offbeat place to stay and rest in. Built in 1949, it’s 19 wigwams constitute their mini village. The best part, it’s still located within the city of San Bernardino. To cater to the dining needs of its guests, Wigwam Motel Route 66 has a good cafeteria. The motel also has a gift shop, newsstand, and an outdoor swimming pool that is regularly maintained by a pool cleaning team to cater to the leisure needs of its guests, which is impeccably clean thanks to their skimmer boxes and drains. The hotel offers high-speed wired and wireless access to the internet complimentary to its guests. Also, for the convenience of the guests, complimentary parking, as well as valet parking, is available.

2. The Mirrorcube:

It is the latest offering in luxury tourist attractions from the country having many of the weirdest hotels in the world. This hotel is located in Harads, Sweden, 60 km south of the arctic circle. Interestingly designed by Tham and Videgard Architects, this is a stunning hideout, this has been cleverly made out of lightweight aluminum, hung around the base of one single tree. Having dimensions 4x4x4 meters, The Mirrorcube is an intriguing hideout amount green trees, camouflaged beautifully by mirrored walls that also reflect their surroundings.A 360-degree view is offered by the windows, and also a unique technique of laminating an infrared film on the glass panels, which is only visible to the birds, is used to prevent the birds from flying in. You get a visually stunning panoramic view when you look out of the window. The Mirrorcube offers rooms each with a double bed, bathroom, lounge and rooftop terrace, an excellent accommodation for a couple. Bridge, 12 meters in length, connects to the Tree room. Also if you live The Mirrorcube but not Sweden, you can order your own Mirrorcube and get it constructed at any place you want.

3. Giraffe Manor:

Dating way back to 1930s, Giraffe Manor is one of the most iconic historical buildings in Nairobi. It also symbolizes the early days Europeans spent in East Africa. What’s unique about this place is that its residents include a herd of eight native giraffes who visit the manor in the mornings and evenings to greet the guests and stealthily eat some snacks before going to their 140 acres sanctuary. It also happens to be the only place in the entire world where you have a giraffe over your breakfast table or the front door or even your room’s window, and you can feed him and click photographs with him. The Giraffe Manor has now become the part of the East African Safari which travelers from all over the world visiting East Africa enjoy. While some stay here for a week, other guests keep coming again and again and befriend the giraffes. The Giraffe Manor is a small but elegant exclusive hotel offering a perfect welcoming accommodation, highly qualified and trained staff and one of the finest kitchens in Nairobi. Also, The Giraffe Manor offers Jock Keslie-Nature Education Centre, better known as the Giraffe Centre, which is a perfect retreat in the wilderness.Guided walk through its beautiful forests helps you learn about traditional uses of various flora, glance some of the beautiful 180 bird species and also a chance to meet a Bush back or warthog.

4. Riverside Capsule Hotel:

Located in Asakusa district of Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the best capsule hotels in Tokyo. Riverside Capsule Hotel offers 719 hotel style properties to select from which make it an attractive choice for the stay in Tokyo. This hotel, like other hotels in Japan, is very space efficient, not wasting any space. Though this human oven like capsule is space intensive, it is indeed very comfortable. Dormitory wise accommodation is offered, but female travelers need not worry! The hotel has a ladies only floor, free of males snoring. This hotel is a perfect choice for short trips to Japan, providing all the necessary facilities while not hurting the pocket.

5. Das Park Hotel:

Did you ever think what is inside a sewer pipe? Maybe not. But even if you did, this is unimaginable- people fast asleep! You will find this in the Ottensheim region of Austria in the Das Park Hotel where on banks of Danube three former sewer pipes are situated. The concrete utilitarian look of these pipes needed only a little alteration to be made habitable- a strong coat of Varnish. This it. This is the beauty of these pipes. The tubes also feature wonderful paintings by Thomas Lately Ochoa, an Austrian artist who make the pipes user-friendly. The hotel, like other cave hotels, is warm in winters and cool in summer, though currently, it functions only from May to October. All the comforts of your bedroom- full headroom, storage, double bed, power, light, blanket and light sleeping bags are offered by these pipes too. The other necessities like bathroom, showers, cafe and mini bar are just a few steps away! For those of you who are very adventurous by nature and always want to try something new, this is the place.

6. The Hobbit Motel:

If you want to try everything Middle Earth, then The Hobbit Motel is your kind of a place. Even if you’re not 3 foot tall with hairy feet, there is no need to worry as everyone is welcomed here. This weird little building is constructed into the side of a Waitomo hill, a region located on the North Island very famous for its majestic waterfalls and caves. If you look from the outside, the two underground, self-contained ‘Hibbits’ look as if they’ve come straight from the Middle Earth! They offer astonishingly comfortable and modern accommodation for the maximum of six people. The guest rooms, which are built on the side of a Gill, replicate rabbit holes. They have round windows and doors and exclusively designed furniture. This offbeat motel was built with polystyrene blocks, which keep it warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Along with the whole range of activities available at the nearby Woodlyn Park, this is a perfect holiday destination in New Zealand all year round. Woodlyn Park, along with offering awesome motels, also offers a bunch of adventure activities to its guests during their stay. Billy Black, a professional sheep shearer, puts up an amazing show for the guests if Woodlyn Park. If you still aren’t tired and want to visit more places, drop by the nearby Waitomo Caves, a marvelous cave system with stalagmites, stalactites and even glow worms! The icing on the cake, you get to enjoy rafting in New Zealand and enjoy it’s scintillating view. What else can you ask for?

7. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island:

As the name suggests, this award winning luxurious paradise resort is located in Maldives and spread oven two of the tropical islands of the Indian ocean. It’s fantastic experience of a lifetime states with a scintillating 30-minute seaplane flight taking off from Mali. It was the hotel the best hotel in the entire world twice, maybe that’s the reason those visiting it never want to leave. After you arrive at the sandy white beaches of the twin islands in a seaplane, you’ll head to your private villa. After that, you can choose to either have a friendly PADI diving course with the fish, enjoy a sumptuous meal at the first all-undersea glass restaurant in the world or pamper yourself by indulging in a luxury spa treatment. The villas, spread over 500 meters into the great Indian Ocean, offer all types of comfort you will ever want including flat screen TVs, DVD players, and complimentary wifi access, along with the wooden floor to ceiling windows offering a scintillating view of sea and beach. There are umpteen reasons to visit this hotel, most probably the best in the whole world. First, you can enjoy a meal in Ithaa, the first all-glass undersea restaurant and be stunned, second, you can indulge yourself and pamper yourself in luxurious spa therapies in the hotel’s two spas, lagoon spa retreat and ice cream spa, built on stilts over the ocean and have the experience of a lifetime, or third, hold your wedding at the first and only underwater chapel in the world. Also, you can make your stay even more rewarding by paying a visit to the on-site Italian boutique, or take a day trip to the nearby islands and learn new things about the local culture.

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Every Halloween This One-Legged Guy Makes an EPIC Halloween Costume

1. Meet Josh Sundquist

He is an author, motivational speaker, athlete, and he also happens to have one leg.

2. Lost His Leg At Age of 9

He lost his leg after battling bone cancer at the age of 9, and while he used to be shy about his amputation when he was younger, his views have changed.When he became more comfortable with himself, he decided to have a little bit of fun with things, especially on Halloween.

3. So in 2010, he showed up dressed as the Gingerbread Man from Shrek.

4. He decided to create a funny costume again in 2012, going as the lamp from A Christmas Story — a major award, of course.

This time, a friend of a friend shared the photo on Reddit, and it went viral.
“It was obvious that people got a kick out of this on the Internet,” Sundquist said, so he decided it should be a yearly tradition.

5. In 2013, it was a very impressive flamingo.

“I was just at the zoo one time and I noticed that flamingos look like me doing a crutch handstand,” he said.

6. In 2014, it was a foosball player.

“A YouTube subscriber suggested it to me at VidCon,” he said. “I thought it was appropriate since last year I was also named to the US Amputee World Cup Team.”

7. Then in 2015, he really outdid himself, showing up as IHOP.

“It’s a classic amputee joke,” he said. “This year I decided to anthropomorphize it.”
So what could be possibly do for 2016?

8. He will be going as Lumière from Beauty and the Beast.

“I’ve always dealt with the social discomfort of my disability by having a sense of humor,” Sundquist explains. “But now I’m more comfortable with who I am and what I look like, and I guess with these Halloween costumes you could even say that I celebrate what makes me different. Which may be either weird or refreshing, depending on your perspective.”
I would say given the state of things today, his perspective and creativity are nothing but refreshing.

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10 Wonderful And Breathtaking Places In The World

Our Earth is not only in blue and green color but has many other beautiful colors and their shades. We live in such a breathtaking environment that is majestic and full of wonders. Our world is full of beautiful sceneries of nature such as sunrise, sunset, mountains, snow and many others. On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.

Expert Camper is a great place for camping lovers, in there you will find gadgets and places to visit. Here are some wonderful and breathtaking places that hold the key to our satisfaction.

1. Antelope Canyon, USA

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in the American Southwest. Antelope Canyon includes two separate, photogenic slot canyon sections, referred as Upper Antelope Canyon or The Crack; and Antelope Canyon or the Corkscrew. It was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding and secondarily due to other sub-aerial processes. During monsoon season, rainwater run with high speed into the extensive basin above the slot canyon and formed the flowing shapes in the rock.
Antelope is a popular location for tourism. Photography within the canyons is difficult due to wide exposure range made by light reflecting off the canyon walls. The Upper Antelope Canyon is most frequently visited for two reasons. First, its entrance and entire length require no climbing. Second beams are much more. The Lower Antelope Canyon is narrower in spots and footing is not available in all areas. The canyon is in the shape of “V”.

2. Ice Cave, Iceland

An ice cave is any type of natural cave that contains significant amounts of perennial ice. The ice cave in Iceland is the result of rain and melts water on the glacier surface that is channeled into streams. The blue fraction can be seen in winter after long periods of rain when the surface layer of the glacier has washed away, if you plan to visit, check out these mens winter boots first. Due to the fast movement of the glacier of about 1m per day over uneven terrain, this ice cave cracked up at its end into a deep vertical crevice. This causes the indirect daylight to enter from both ends resulting in homogeneous lightning.
The ice caves can collapse any time; therefore it is safe to enter only in winters when the low temperature hardens the ice.

3. Glass Beach, California

Glass beach is near Fort Bragg, California that is abundant in sea glass created from years of dumping garbage like glass, appliances, and even vehicles. The pounding waves broke down the glass and pottery and tumbled those pieces into the small, smooth, colored pieces that often become jewelry quality and that Cover Glass Beach.
About 1,000 to 2,000 tourists visit Fort Bragg’s glass beach but the tourists are strictly not allowed to collect the glass stones out of the park. The glasses are also present out of the park in other places of a coast. The glass decomposes from 500 to 1000 years. So in about a thousand years the beautiful glass beach will turn into an ordinary sand beach. To avoid losing the sight and stop the damage from water, periodically beach is replenished with glass.

4. Zhangye Danxia landform geological park, China

The Zhangye Danxia landform geological park covers an area of 322 square kilometers. The site became a quasi-national geopark on April 23, 2012. The park is known for unusual colors of the rocks, which are smooth, sharp and several hundred meters tall. They are the result of the deposits of sandstones over 24 million years. Around 100 million years ago, there was a huge basin. Water was carrying here from the surrounding the silt. The basin went dry and due to global high temperatures, sediments started to oxidize and became the color of rust.
The red layer is 3,700 meters thick and was formed in the basin 70 million years ago. This layer gradually formed Danxia mountain peak. The mountain continues changing and will be 87 centimeters higher in 10,000 years. The mountains were included in UNESCO World Heritage List making them more popular in the world. Now wooden walkways and organized safe viewing platforms are made to feel the nature beauty.

5. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

The tunnel of love is located in the deep forests near the town Kleven in Ukraine. This long leafy green tunnel provides passage for a private train provides wood to the local factory. The tunnel is 1.8 miles long. The tunnel was made over many years as the passing of train molded the trees’ lines. The train traveled back and forth 3 times a day which made trees and bushes intertwined with each other tight and created this finely arched tunnel of love.
The tunnel of love is highly popular among lovers; it is believed that if two people are sincere in their love and cross the tunnel while holding each other’s hands, their wishes will come true. In the warm season, the green valley is good for making photos of newlyweds.

6. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. The tops of the columns form stepping stones that disappear under the sea. Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven or eight sides. The tallest are around 12 meters.
According to legend, the columns are the remains of a causeway built by a giant. Some of the structures in the area, having been subject to several million years of weathering, resemble objects, such as the organ, giant’s boot, Giants eyes and giant’s gate and all. The site is a popular tourist attraction.

7. Naica Mine, Mexico

The Naica Mine of the Mexican state of Chihuahua is a working mine that is best known for its extraordinary selenite crystals. Caverns discovered during mining operation contain crystals of selenite(gypsum) as large as 1.2 m in diameter and 15 m long. The Cave of Crystals is a cave approximately 300m below the surface in the limestone host rock of the mine.
The Cave of Swords is another chamber in the Naica mine containing gypsum crystals about the meter long because they are younger and had been growing for much less time.
The mine has a high temperature of 58oC with 99% humidity which interferes with the breathing and increases the risk of asphyxiation. Oxygen masks are worn by the workers.

8. Red beach, China

Red Beach located in Dawa County, Panjin, China, is famous for its landscape featuring the red plant of Suaeda salsa. The Suaeda is one of the few species of grass that can live in highly alkaline soil. Its growth cycle starts in April when it is colored light red and deep red when matured. It is based in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world. The landscape is composed of shallow seas and tide-lands.
The entire wetland is considered a protected area, as it’s also home to more than 260 varieties of birds and around 400 species of wildlife. A jetty is been built over the red marshland to allow tourists to walk to the red beach. Autumn is particularly popular for visitors.

9. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers. The Salvador was formed as a result of transformation between several prehistoric lakes. It is covered by a few meters of salt crust; which has an extraordinary flatness with the average altitude variations within one meter over the entire area of the Salar. The large area, clear skies, and the exceptional flatness makes the Salar an ideal object for calibrating the altimeters of Earth observation.
The area has a relatively stable average temperature with a peak at 21oC in November to January and a low of 13oC in June. There is limited wildlife or vegetation in the area. Salar de Uyuni attracts tourist from around the world.

10. “Gates of Hell”, Turkmenistan

The Gates of Hell is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan, that collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971, becoming a natural gas crater. Geologist set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas, and it has been burning continuously since then. The diameter of the crater is 69 meters and its depth is 30 meters, the size of an American football field. The surrounding area is also popular for wild desert camping.
The gas reserved found here is the largest in the world. The name “Gates of Hell” was given to the field by the locals referring to the fire, boiling mud, and orange flames in the large crater. The crater is a popular tourist attraction and around 50,000 tourists visited in past five years.

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10 Highest Skyscrapers In The World

Skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of over 10 floors, mostly designed for office, commercial and residential uses. The maximum height of structures has progressed historically with building methods, technologies, and fire barriers. Fire Barrier Experts provides a fire door services that best protect building, people, sensitive equipment, critical infrastructures and the like from fires, explosions, sabotage, gunfire, arc flash, and other types of incidents.

The skyscrapers walls are not load bearing and most skyscrapers are characterized by large surface areas of windows mode possible by the concept of steel frame and curtain wall thanks to the Remarkable qualities of structural steel. They often have tabular structure and are designed to act like hollow cylinder to resist lateral load. Nowadays, we have extremely tall skyscrapers thanks to the technological advancements in the construction industry including the Urban digital twins software.

Here are 10 highest skyscrapers in the world.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade structure in the world situated in Dubai, U.A.E, standing at 839.8m (2,722ft). The building was named in the honour of the rular of Abu Dhabi and president of the U.A.E. It is around 1,500 feet taller than Eiffel Tower and almost twice the height of the original World Trade Centre. It was designed by Adrian Smith. The design of Burj Khalifa is derived from patterning systems embodied in Islamic Architecture, such as in the Great Mosque of Samara.
Construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004, with the exterior completed 5 years later in 2009. The building was opened in 2010. The building is major draw of tourists and features 900 residences, a hotel with 160 bedrooms and 37 floors of offices. It contains a total of 57 elevators and 8 escalators. Apart from being the world’s tallest building it also holds a few other records, including world’s highest nightclub (144th floor), world’s longest travel distance elevators (504m),world’s highest restaurant (122 floor) and world’s highest New Year display of fireworks.
Burj Khalifa costs more than $1.5 billion to construct and make a huge statement about Dubai’s wealth ambitions.


2. Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world situated in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. The construction of this tower began in November 2008 and completed in 2015. It is designed by American architecture firm Gensier, with Chinese architect Jun Xia leading the design team and owned by the Shanghai city government. The building is 632 metres (2,073 ft) high and has 120 stories with a total floor area of 380,000 m2. The cost of building is US$2.4 billion. Its tiered construction, designed for high energy efficiency, provides multiple separate zones for office, retail and leisure use. The building is capable of generating electricity up to 350,000 kWh per year. Its owner received certification from the China Green building Committee and the U.S. Green Building Council for the building sustainable design. The tower is able to accommodate as many as 16,000 people on a daily basis.

3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower is the third tallest building in the world with height of 581.1 m (1,906 ft) and has the world’s largest clock face, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It was architect by Dar Al-Handasah. The clock faces are 43 x 43m and has a crescent moon at the top of its spire. The highest residential floor stands at 450m. Its construction was started in year 2004 and completed in 2011. The cost of the building is US$ 15 billion. The tower is part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project that strives to modernize the city in catering to its pilgrims. The building is meters away from the world’s largest mosque and Islam’s most sacred site, the Masjid Al-Haram.
It has a large prayer room capable for holding more than 10,000 people. It contains five star hotel, five-story shopping mall and food court. It also has a glass elevator that gives views over the mosque as well as the rest of the city.


4. One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center is also known as Freedom Tower is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is the sixth tallest building in the world with height of 541m (1,776 feet) and covering area of 3,501,274. It was designed by David Childs and Daniel Libeskind. The building construction started in April 27, 2006 and completed in July 2013, cost US$ 3.9 billion.
The new World Trade Center has 104 floors in total with five below ground. Most of the building is taken up as offices, but there is an observation deck that is open to the public and gives visitor’s unrivalled views across Manhattan. There is also restaurant specializing in the cuisine and wines as well as an art gallery.

5. CTF Finance Centre

CTF Finance Centre formerly The CTF Guangzhou, Chow Tai Fook Centre in Guangzhou, China. Its construction began in 2010 and completed in 2016 with height of 530 m (1,740 ft) and floor area of 398,000 m2. It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and Leigh & Orange. It has elevators which travel at 45 miles per hour and get from ground level to the top storey in just 43 seconds
The building is used as a conference centre, hotel, observatory, mall and office building. Rosewood Hotels & Resort runs the tower’s hotel component, which consist of 251 guest rooms and 355 residence occupying the top 16 floors and podium of the tower.


6. Taipei 101

Taipei 101 formerly known as the Taipei world Financial Center located in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s constructed started in year 1999 and completed in 2004 designed by C.Y.Lee & Partners. The building costs US$ 1.934 billion. Between 2004 and 2010, the Taipei was the tallest building in the world with height of 509.2m (1,671 ft) and has won a raft of awards for sustainability and is still the world’s largest and highest-use green building.
Taipei 101 comprises of 101 floors above the ground as well as 5 basement levels. It has 61 Toshiba/KONE elevators, including double deck shuttles and 2 high speed observatory elevators. It contains shopping mall spread over numerous floors, a nightclub and large hotel.

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a super tall skyscrapers located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. The building has a height of 492m (1,614.2 ft) and floor area of 381,600 m2. Financial center took 11 years to complete. The construction started on 27 August 1997, but due to the Asian economic crisis, its doors where not opened till August 2008. It is the 8th tallest building in the world. It has the second highest hotel in the world.
The building looks like a bottle opener. The tower features three separate observation decks which constitute the floors above and below the aperture opening. There are 101 floor and 3 below ground. It is a mixed-use skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference room, observation decks and ground floor shopping mall.


8. International Commerce Centre

The International Commerce centre is a 108 storey, 484m (1,588 ft) commercial skyscraper located in Hong Kong. It’s constructed started in 2002 and completed in 2010. It was the 4th tallest building in the world when its construction was completed in 2010. Now, it the world’s 10th tallest building. It was architect by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (design) Belt Collins & Associates (landscape).
A five star hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong occupies floors 102 to 118. The world’s highest swimming pool and bar can be found on the top 118th floor. In the basement it has shopping mall.
The LED light show set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest light and sound show on a single building” using total of 50,000 sq meters on two facades of the International Commerce Centre. It lasts for 14 spectacular minutes and has five themes.

9. Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are also known as the Petronas Twin Towers, are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004 with height of 452m (1,483 ft). The building has 88 floors above the ground and 5 below the ground, covering floor area of 395,000 m2. Building has 40 elevators/ lifts in each tower. Its construction started in March 1993 and completed in March 1996. It costs US$ 1.6 billion.
The towers were designed by Argentine architect Cesar Pelli. The buildings are designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art, a reflection of Malaysia’s Muslim religion. Over each tower pinnacle is standing 73.5 m tall.
The tower features a double decker sky bridge connecting the two towers on the 41st and the 42nd floor. The tower has featured in number of movies, including Entrapment and Smash Don: The Chase Begins Again.


10. Zifeng Tower

Zifeng Tower or Greenland Square Zifeng Tower is a 450m (1,480 ft) super tall skyscraper in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. It is the 13th tallest building in the world. It occupies an area of 18,721 sq metres and cost US$ 5 billion. It was architect by Adrian Smith. The 89 storey building was completed in 2010. The Zifeng Tower is triangular and has 54 elevators.
It comprises retail and office space in lower section. There is a small garden and an outdoor swimming pool on the towers podium. The floor near the top features a hotel, numerous restaurants and a public observatory. Its facade is unique in that it is made of panels which protrude outwards and reflect the city’s skyline inward.

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Scorned Divorcee Builds 4-Foot Wide House To Get Revenge On Greedy Ex-Husband.

Back in the year 1925, that is, the Gatsby era, a tiny silver house was built in Seattle, Washington. It was really very different to the large, grand houses people longed for and much before smaller homes had actually become very popular.

1. The house you can see in this above photograph is called “Seattle Spite House.” There are a number of rumors about the reason for the creation of this particular house and they actually tend to make for a very interesting story.



2. One of such rumors is that a neighbor lowballed the owner of the property, by saying he could not build on the land and this was the reason that the owner finally built the home out of spite. Hence the name says ‘Spite House’


3. However, there is another much more interesting story which specifies the basic reason as to why people believe the house was actually constructed, and you will not be able to believe it when you read it!



4. The story everyone talks about is one that of a couple who had got divorced decades ago.


5. According to OregonLive, the husband won the house in the divorce proceedings and thus gave the small slice of front yard to his ex-wife.



6. To get her ultimate revenge, she just squeezed the pie-shaped home into the lot and it has been there ever since that incident.


7. Clay Wallace, actually fell in love with the tiny home when he saw it on the market and he even bought this Seattle Spite House without even knowing the story behind it.



8. I bet he was pretty shocked when he just discovered all the history that tiny home actually holds in itself. Even though the house has since had a hell lot of work done and had several renovations thereafter, he says he is proud that the home has maintained its original grace, style and beauty.


9. You can as well take a tour of the Seattle Spite House on last slide – you just have to see how incredible this tiny house actually is – I just know you will surely fall in love with it!



10. I hope you get a pretty good look around the entire house! Have you ever heard any other stories about this Seattle Spite House? If you actually have, just let us know and leave your comments in the box below! Go on and enjoy!


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More Than 20 Simply Brilliant Ideas For Recycling Tyres

More Than 20 Simply Brilliant Ideas For Recycling Tyres

When it comes to recycling, many people turn a deaf year, just wasting the used material. The same goes for tyres. Most households have used, old tyres which simply go waste as they are not recycled. People think that they are just useless and simply throw them away. But actually they are not. These geniuses show us that you can do a lot with used tyres. but if you also need to dispose the aluminum wheel, there is are local recyclers that take in scrap and pay for the weight, check the aluminum and copper scrap price per kg list at the link.

So, here are some brilliant things they made with recycled tyres. This will surely amuse you! From a dog bed to a mirror frame, everything can be made with a used tyre. Read on to know more.

1. Tire Dog Bed



2. Tire And Yarn Ottoman



3. Intricate Tire Lamps



4. Tire Mirror Frame


5.Beautiful Tire And Yarn Planter



6. Garden Tire Table



7. Tyre SubWoofer



8. Tire Swings


9. Half Tire Hammocks



10. Tire Garden Stairs



11. Tire Armchair



12.Tire Tea Cup Planters


13.Tire Sand Box



14.Minion Tire Scarecrow.



15. Golden Tire Coffee Table



16. Tire Planter


17.Shredded Tire Armor



18. Tire Umbrella Stand


19. Tire Playground



20. Tire Chairs


21. Upcycled Tire Recycling Trash Bins



22. Tire Garden Planter



23.Green City Tire Installation



24. Tire See Saw…reclaimed wood, And Hand Painted


25. Tire Garden Furniture Set



26.Tire Garden Stools



27. Tire Sofa



28.Tire Outdoor Furniture


29.Tire used as Base For Succulent Wreath



30. Painted Tire Chairs


31.Tire Hanging Planters



32.Tires For Building Houses


33.Simple Tire And Yarn Coffee Table



34.Tire Patio Furniture



35.Tire Christmas Wreath


36.Tire Chandelier


37.Tire Donuts



38.Car Tire Wall In Our Earthship Homw



39. Tire Swan



40.Tires Coffee Table Storage


41.Easy Seats



42.”Will Chair”



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The 10 Most Coolest Mansions on the Earth

A mansion is a large dwelling house. It has rooms meant to accommodate leisure activities of a particular kind. It has all kinds of facilities like infinity pool, home theatre, library etc. They are built with integrated home automation like control and automation of lighting, heating, air conditioning and home security system.

Houses are built to live in comfortably, such that life gets much easier. Multiple ideas are collected to make the house beautiful and appealing. In today era mansion are built with uniqueness and coolest ideas which are totally different with others in their design and architecture as per the architects from


After earthquake everything gets destroyed and things fall down. Houses turn upside down. Now this upside down earthquake mansion is built. Very different in itself. They seem to be detached from the ground and fallen from a height .They are totally amazing but prove to be difficult for new ones as they have  furniture being mounted to the ceiling. Floor furnishing is on head and the ceiling down. The slopes of the ceiling are the floor. Windows and the doors are upside down. Even the door handles installed by professional locksmiths, electric bulb holders and ventilations are upside down. There is also a portable air conditioner in one corner of the house that provides enough and adequate ventilation. However, you can drop by to some trusted sites if you are in need of home services like air conditioning repair service.

The unit was a hefty 3 ton appliance, one of the heaviest in this buying guide. Amazing kitchen is their where the working area and the cupboard are opposite in sight. Even the cars and the toys in kid’s room are upside down. If one has to watch television first he has to turn himself upside down. It gives an unusual sight to the tourist but it is a mental trip for them.

These are mostly built for tourist attraction. First upside down mansion was made in Szymbark in Poland. There are many others like Lille in France, Putbus in Germany, Wisconsin in U.S.A, Incheon in South Korea, Magaluf in Spain and many more .They have increased the tourist visit as well as the name of that place which where  before unknown.

One could spend a great time having a cup of coffee but living permanently is not possible .They can only be used as a tourist spot but not as residence. It will get very uneasy and uncomfortable.




Nature is loved by everyone. Relaxing in open green area like parks or garden give immense pleasure and everyone want to spend more time there. Kids have dream of having a tree house. Tree houses are made in forests with fewer facilities only with the intention to enjoy the greenery and relax there but a dream tree mansion has been built a state away in Crossville, Tennessee. Hundreds of people drive to see this tree house each year.

This tree house is unique in its architecture. It is like an apartment on a tree. It is 97 feet in air. It has 10 floors and over 80 rooms .This tree house has been building for over 14 years. It is build from scrap woods collected from garages, storage sheds and barns. This tree mansion is holed by 80 foot tall oak tree with six smaller close by trees are somehow able to support it. There are dozens of stairways, (obviously there cannot be elevators), porches, nooks, crannies and little secret passageways in this mansion. One the very top is a 5,700 pound chime tower complete with bells made from oxygen acetylene bottles.

Amazing mansion to have fun with the dear ones in the heart of nature.



Remember the cartoon Flintstones where life was based on Stone Age with modification (cars and planes). This house is also present in real. The Flintstones house is situated in Hillsborough, California.

The house looks somewhat like a series of inflated balloons .It was built in 1976. It was constructed using steel rebar and wire mesh frames over large inflated balloons and then sprayed with high velocity concrete known as gunite. It is a three bedroom, two-bath house with a two car garage and about 2,700 square feet of living space. The upstairs bedroom, located in the tallest dome has a spiral staircase inspired with sugarcane. The master bathroom is also unique with its scattering of large rocks in place of floor tiles. A severe renovation and change took place in 1987.It was painted completely orange in 2000.

It is loathed by many Hillsborough residents. Regardless of ownership The Flinstones house remains standing and serve as an unofficial California Landmark. Only some characters are missing from this house are Fred Wilma and their neighbours.








Doing crazy things are acceptable sometime but what about a house which is crazy in itself. This house is located at Dalat city, Vietnam.  This house covers approximately 1,600 square meters. It was started constructed in 1990 but took 18 continues years to get possession of this house to Ms Nga who is the owner as well as the architect.

The intension of architect was to make fairy tale house so both the exterior and interior of the house are created decorated with twisting organic forms and very few right angles. This “crazy house” resembles a tree with uneven windows, tunnel shaped stairways etc. It has cave shaped hallways inside the house, departure from the norm, wild mushrooms and spider webs popping out everywhere. It has handcraft furniture like that you can buy at  kingstoncabinetry matching the theme of each room like the eagle room, the ant room, kangaroo room and others.

Today it is regarded as museum of dream, childhood etc. Those who have visited this house have their own interpretation and experience of the house but common thing concluded that the house so pure and natural that they were lost in their dream.






Tree house is high up away from wild animals in the forest but a house in woods, wild animals might be guarding the house. A house located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan .This house was built by a married couple that enjoys organic farming on weekends, with the intension to reserve as much as environment as possible and live in the surrounding woods.

To let direct sunlight in the house the upper space was cut down diagonally to make the ceiling lower based on the way people move. This resulted in tent shape. The house has the highest ceiling of 8m, the average ceiling height standard 2,6m. The “pointy-hat” building cantilevers slightly above the ground in order to prevent insects, humidity and fallen snow entering the house. The windows are all double glazed. The fireplace and the air-conditioning are installed under floor with the help of heating repair services like Sirius Plumbing and Air Conditioning. So whenever the ducts have to be cleaned, a passage that goes around the house will have to be used. But even then, its challenging work that only a few HVAC companies like Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air can carry out. You can learn more here.

This is mansion initiated a lifestyle with close interaction. It strengthened the connection and bond of family. This house is for small family to live in midst of dense woods.




When strong winds blow things get deformed whether it is a tree or a house. Such a deformed mansion is located in the island of Sentosa in Singapore covering area of 7.319 ft2 /680 m2 . It was named after the seasonal strong, north-westerly wind that blows across the Mediterranean. The mansion is like a sleek cruise ship. Due to the complexities of the building the construction started in 2008 and took 6 years to get completed.

It has unique architecture, interior and exterior designs. It is painted with metallic white. The mansion has four levels large entertainment room in the basement. Dining, kitchen and living room are on the entry level. Level two is the private area. The third floor has amazing living room that have large windows and terrace with small pool. All the floors are connected with elevator. Floating concrete slabs form a footbridge linking the porte cochere across a pond. The windows are fully integrated into the curved facades.

The Mistral is a luxurious villa with all modern facilities to live like a king.



Ever made a bubble while washing clothes or bathing and made a house of it? A Bubble house is situated in town of Theoule-sur-Mer, France not of soap bubble but of concrete. This house was built in 1989 in 1,200 square meters. (Source: premier properties Fort Lauderdale)

The architect was inspired by the forms of nature to imagine a more natural home in harmony with human morphology.

The Bubble house consists of an amphitheatre having capacity of 500, reception room, panoramic lounge and 10 suites. Gardens and pool are spread over 8,500 square meters. The house has 28 round rooms similar to soap bubble. Even the couches, beds and other furniture are round. The floors from wall to wall are covered with thick, fluffy carpets. The 10 bedrooms are decorated by contemporary artists.

It is a famous hangout and late night party scene of the European social scene. It is even rented out for film festival parties and other grand events.



House of future is made in St Moritz, Switzerland. It was completed in 2004. It has area of 3000 sqft – 5000 sqft. This mansion is regarded as the mini manifesto for architecture. It shows how new building can be inserted into the existing grain at increased densities while preserving the natural environment.

Chesa futura is framed and clad in timber which is one of the oldest and most sustainable building materials. The building consists of three storeys of apartment and two underground levels of car parking, plant and storage. The building’s bubble like form allows balconies on the southern side to open to sunlight and views while the north facade is more closed, punctuated with deep window openings .The building is raised on pilotis and allowing the ground plane to flow uninterrupted beneath it.

Visiting this house in winters will give a more beautiful view from it windows.


When you place an object in front of uneven mirror it gives a wave like structure and in place of that object a house is placed then what? Krzywy Domek is an unusually shaped building in Sopot, Poland. It was built in 2004.It is about 4,000 square meters.

It is not a house it is an extension of the already existing shopping and service centres. Colourful stained glass entrance, stone elevation decors and windows framed with sandstone make it look cool. There is also unusual roof covered with sheet metal with enamel roof tiles coloured with green shades, sea blue and Persian blue, which in a whole make illusion of dragon scales. The building is three storey connected with elevators and staircase also. It has different staircase materials connecting the floors.

It is a main tourist attraction. It has two entries- main at the front of the building from the “Bohaterow Monte Cassino” street and second one from the Haffnera Street.


Every house has a toilet, ever imagined a house in a toilet? The world’s one and only toilet shaped house was built to mark the launch of the World Toilet Association, a campaign for more sanitary restrooms worldwide. This house is built in Suweon, South Korea. It is spread in 4,508 square foot area. It is made of imprinted concrete and glass.

At the centre of the home is a glass-walled “showcase loo” that produces mist to make users more secure. It is a two storey house of course features. It has two bedrooms, two guest rooms and other rooms. It has three deluxe toilets. The toilets have features that range from elegant fittings to the latest in water conservation devices.

This house is spreading awareness among people for proper sanitary.



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