A Snakes Bites The Breast Implants Of A Model. What Happens Next Is Shocking!

We all know that the new craze in the fashion world is bigger breasts and a bigger butt. Women who are crazy about these things are spending tons of money on implants and breast augmentation surgery despite knowing the harmful consequences of these operations.

Orit Fox is a model from Israel who too had breast implants and faced a dangerous situation recently. She had to “make out” with a snake for a photo shoot. I know this is hard to believe, but what happened afterward is even more shocking.

Read on to find out more.


1. Orit Fox was shooting for a photo shoot.

As you can see, as part of the shoot, she had to make out with a huge snake.

2. She had no problem in wrapping the snake around her body.

3. She was trying to show her seductive side for the shoot.

4. Something rather unfortunate happened next.

Snakes usually don’t like all this commotion, and this one was no different.

5. The snake bit the right breast of the model.

Did the model die? She instantly threw the snake and screamed in pain. She showed as if she was extremely hurt, but was it the truth?

6. Something different happened in reality.

What happened, in reality, was that the snake died within a few minutes by biting the fake breast due to silicon poisoning. The model could have died but survived because of those implants, and only required a tetanus injection later.

You must be having a hard time believing this story. So watch the video below to see the action with your own eyes. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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Names are somewhat which represent something. It should be meaningful too. But, unfortunately there are some names that are really interesting and bounce over the head that why they are so! If some Towns have these types of unfortunate names, then it will be more interesting, isn’t it? Here is a list of 11 most unfortunate Town names, which will really amaze you and as well as make you thoughtful that why the names are so. So, let’s catch them one by one.

#11 A Long Street!


Penistone (UK)

#10 Funny Town Name!


Middelfart (Denmark)

#9 This is Insane!

Dildo, Newfoundland (Canada)

#8 WTF!

Fucking Street From Austria.

#7 Another Funny Name!

Crotch Crescent (UK)

#6 Serious Warning!

Crapstone (UK)

#5 An Unappropriate Welcome!

Intercourse, Pennsylvania (USA)

#4 A Boring City!

Boring, Oregon (USA)

#3 Most unfortunate City Name!

Accident, Maryland (USA)

#2 LOL!

Wetwang (UK)

#1 What The Hell!

Hell, Michigan (USA)

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Sense of humor plays a very important role to make us understand an unclear matter clearly. Not so many persons have clear sense of humor. But, here is a scope for you that you can test your sense of humor. From the very childhood, we are interested to collect various types of comics and read them. They make us laugh and make our day interesting. But, all the comics are not so much easy to understand. There are some comics too, which are really difficult to make any sense and for understanding they need a very good sense of humor. Here is a list of 16 brutal comics with unexpected endings that will only make sense to people with a dark sense of humor and by this way, you can also test your own sense of humor, but if you can’t understand these comics, that doesn’t mean that you have a low sense of humor. So, let’s catch them one by one.

#16 Let’s See What The Humans Are Up To


#15 He Called Me Stupid!


#14 My Neighbors Were Having Sex Again


#13 Need New Home


#12 I Wish I Was Batman For A Day


#11 I Wish!


#10 That’s So Cool


#9 Huh!


#8 Meet Me


#7 Of Course Honey


#6 Haha


#5 You’re Adopted


#4 It Looks Like Vomit


#3 Oops!


#2 Device To Solve World Hunger


#1 Wow!


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19 Times Autocorrect Completely Ruined People’s Lives

Well, it’s quite embarrassing that you want to express something and the complete meaning changes to opposite one. The autocorrect facility may be a gifted feature when somebody in a hurry, but it can ruin the complete meaning sometimes, which would be a really big problem in some important conversation and sometimes it may be funny too after changing the meaning. This problem sometimes makes complicated situations, raises question to relations, create misunderstandings and others. So, here is the list of some those conversations that have changed their meaning completely for this autocorrect problem. So, let’s have a look!

#19 Because a good fisting always helps cheer me up, that’s for sure.




#17 Oh. That’s what she meant when she prefaced it with “leggo of my prego”.


#16 Grandpa…no.


#15 Penises wear and tear after a while, I guess?


#14 No wonder she got that promotion so fast.


#13 This almost ruined every family dinner ever.


#12 That is the worst thing to happen at the worst time.


#11 This text has a whole lot of nope for both parties involved.


#10 The Adventures of the Panty Raiders.


#9 This is a sad, sad autocorrect.


#8 Damn, that girl almost got uninvited to her own family’s Christmas dinner.


#7 It’s either all or nothing with this one.


#6 It gets worse and worse…


#5 …NO MOM, NO!


#4 To some, that wouldn’t really be a punishment.


#3 This person who almost made it to top chef…but didn’t.


#2 Another top chef in the making obviously.


#1 Well, that’s always a gay old time.


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17 Times Google Proved To Be Funnier Than Being Helpful


Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Every day, millions of people search stuff on Google, some of them can be quite weird too. Google is helpful in most cases, but in some cases, due to typos, it can lead to rather hilarious results as well.
Here, we present top 17 instances where Google showed their funnier side to the world. I am sure you won’t be able to stop laughing after reading the entire article!

1. Try to type “battlesheep” into Google. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

2. A user searched for “Fat Starfish” on Google. I am sure this picture made his or her day!

3. Search for “deer lord” once instead of “dear lord.” I am certain this will make you giggle.

4. This image appeared when they searched “feels” on Google. Amazing, right?

5. This image was returned after someone searched for “Palm Pilot.”

6. You can probably guess what mistake in which search led to this image.

7. This image was returned when someone types “Dalai Lama” with two L!

8. Some searched for “purebred cats” on Google; it returned some amazing images.

9. Just one misplaced letter (m instead of n) returned some hilarious results!

10. Google too seems to have a good sense of humour.

11. Asking for fashion advice on Google can be a two-edged sword.

12. Google always has your back, bro!

13. Seems like crucial questions, right?

14. Telescopes are really expensive, it seems.

15. Thanks for suggesting this Google, but I don’t think this was necessary.

16. Google translation is excellent! It works even when you don’t need it.

17. Great definition, Google. It was really helpful.

These were the top 17 times when Google showed that it could be not only helpful but also funny as well. Hopefully, you found this article hilarious! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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People Who Follow The Rules So Literally That They Beat The System

From our very childhood, we are told to do this and don’t do that. But many times literally following some rules may create funny situations. Can’t believe? Well, that’s true. Many people have created such funniest scenarios by following some rules literally that they rebel against those rules. They have found more subtle way to fight against those rules. So, let’s catch them below:

#30 You Are To Assume The Role Of A Chinese Immigrant in 1870 And Write A Letter Home Describing Your Experiences And Here The Answer Below The Question.


#29 Can You Imagine This Peanut Sale?


#28 Obeying Advice In This Manner! Can’t Believe That!


#27 That’s Called A Generic Birthday Party! A New Way To Celebrate Birthdays!


#26 Following Words Literally Can Be End Up With This.


#25 After Getting Bathroom Cleaning Instruction, The Result Is This!


#24 Taking Breastfeeding Request So Literally Can Give This Unbelievable Scene.


#23 Arriva Has Banned Shorts As A Part Of Their Uniform, Offering Only Pants Or Skirts Regardless Of Weather, Literally Following This Rule Can Give This Result!


#22 Your Work Has Been Done, Mum!


#21 My Wife Asked Me To Take Some Pictures With My New Selfie Stick When Doing Regular Works Throughout The Day.


#20 Response To A Request Can’t Be Better Than this!


#19 Please Insert The Card As Shown!


#18 Literally Following Every Single Instruction Gives Birth This Mind-Blowing Creativity!

#17 Unbelievable Conform Of The Instruction!


#16 How A Person Dedicatedly Following Instruction!


#15 Found Some Amazing Indian Writing.


#14 How Wise This Person is!


#13 Can’t Argue With That.


#12 School District Does Not Allow Halloween Costumes.


#11 Marc With A C.


#10 Question Everything, Why?


#9 My Dad Asked The Waitress For “One Very Small Check “ I Think That She Out- Dadjoked Him In Response.


#8 What An Effort To Cook Pork And Caramelised Chestnut stuffing!


#7 Girlfriend Told Me To Wear A Plain Tie To Dinner Tonight.


#6 Look How Can One Remain Both Inside and Outside!


#5 Afraid To Acceptance Of The Agreement!


#4 The New Idea Of Warm Up The Cake At 120 Degrees.


#3 Trying Hard To Follow The Rule.


#2 I Never Imagined The Golden Gate Bridge Was As Bike Friendly As It Is!


#1 How Can A Person Follow Rule Like This!


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Well Mannered Insults To Use Against Your Worst Enemy.

A smart sentence is far better than hundred dull sentences, just like if an enemy deserves tit for tat, but if situation does not permit to express any rude behavior, then it’s better to act smartly such that, that very person will clearly understand your meaning but the impression will also retain in front of others. So, here are some ranges of clever insulting sentences, which can be used as your weapons. Then let’s catch!













































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10 Texts From People With A Perfect Sense of Humour

Coming up with witty answers to others’ questions quickly is not an easy feat, and very few people can achieve this consistently. If you have problems thinking of snappy answers, this is the perfect article for you, since this article shows how the experts do it! Read on to know about the top 10 conversations with people who possess an excellent sense of humor.

1. Question marks are of vital importance!

2. Where did potatoes come from?

3. Sleep well at night

4. Is an hour soon enough or not?

5. Chocolate is the root of all problems.

6. Hugging words!

7. This one was really nice!

8. I can assure that he is absolutely correct.

9. You have to admit that is a superb picture!

10. This guy is brilliant!

Did these pictures make you laugh? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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13 Times Cheaters Were Called Out In The Most Epic Way Possible!

Timing and place are the keys to revealing your cheating partners to the world. And these 13 instances show how to achieve that perfectly.

1. Nothing better than NFL

Can there be a better event to let the world know about your cheating boyfriend than the NFL?

2. Let your neighbours know

Seems to be a good reason to sell the house and start a new life.

3. An important message

Now that is definitely a bold way to express your feelings.

4. Paul’s remaining day doesn’t look so bright.

He was definitely having a great morning, but that’s about to change as soon as he sees this message.

5. Newspapers too can work

The wife is definitely a creative person to have come up with the idea of publishing this news in the newspaper.

6. A mild punishment it seems

I have to say that if this is the only punishment he got, then this guy is really lucky.

7. This picture is epic

The partner didn’t resort to any sort of violence yet punished the cheating partner in the perfect way.

8. Davey Boy

Well, it’s always recommended to let your neighbours know how your life is going on from time to time and if there are any events, in particular, they should know about.

9. That must have cost a lot!

But since the money comes from the investment account, it was definitely worth it.

10. Bros always help each in tough times.

Judging from the note, this person looks like a cool, sensible guy.

11. The relationship was ruined.

And so was his expensive collection of Apple products.

12. Let the whole world know

And what better way to do this than show it up on a huge billboard. Innovative!

13. Neighbours need to see this message.

Well, it’s good to see she is telling the neighbours why she is leaving the house.

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20 Selfies That Captured Much More Than Expected

1. Fly By

2. Something Fishy

3. Wake Up

4. Skills That Pay The Bills

5. Sit Back

6. Bye Bye

7. Open Up

8. Heads Up

9. Dreaming

10. Cheers

11. Surfs Up

12. High Five

13. Help Me

14. Gym Rat

15.Flying High

16. Hand It Over

17. Birds Eye

18. HI There

19. Horsing Around

20. Head Over Heels

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15 People Who Discovered Karma The Hard Way

You are probably acquainted with the phrase – “What goes around, comes around.” The concept of karma first originated in Buddhism where people thought that the actions performed in the previous generations by a person will be rewarded or punished in his current time span. Here are 15 instances of people who acted irresponsibly and rudely with someone and was served by karma almost instantly. So let’s get started.

1. What an wonderful feeling

Doesn’t it feel great when the career of a person who acted rudely with you now depends on you? It is so satisfying!

2. Clothes in the snow

That person’s behaviour wasn’t appropriate at all, and got what he deserved.

3. His car looks great!

The way he parked the car taking up so much space, I would say he definitely deserved that decoration on his car.

4. Road sign

Something’s wrong with the sign, isn’t it?

5. Sweet Revenge

The garbage guys were definitely irritated by how he parked his car, so they took revenge on him the perfect way.

6. Bunny Ears

Noticed how the shadow created bunny ears on her head as well in the photograph? That’s nature’s way of getting things right.

7. Everyone will get wet

She tried to trick her, but at the end, she was the one who ended up in the pool.

8. Cat’s Revenge

This wouldn’t have happened if you gave the cat a slice in the first place.

9. Everyone’s falling

He tried really hard to make him fall from the chair, but ultimately he was the one who fell.

10. Grenadine Thief

Well, she thought it was alcoholic but turns out it was just plain old sugar and nothing else.

11. Expensive car got stuck

This is why you should never park in “not parking” areas. I would really love to know how he was able to get his expensive car out of the cement.

12. The dog is so intelligent.

You keep a dog trapped inside the car, you will have to face the consequences.

13. Stole her bike back

She definitely seems to extremely happy. And why shouldn’t she – she was able to steal back her stolen bike after all!

14. Parking mistake

This is what you should expect when you have such poor parking skills.

15. This one’s hilarious!

He was trying so hard to throw the dog into the water, but ultimately got served by karma the best way.
Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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9 Parent Texting Fails That Will Make You Cringe!

Texting fails can prove to be a nightmare, but sometimes, they can be hilarious too, especially if these happen to some other person. However, when these happen with your parents, the situation can be extremely awkward, and you try your best to remain as clean as possible. Take a look at these 9 texting fails from parents that are weird as well as hilarious.

Keep in mind some of these can be too weird.

1. I can’t believe it’s you Mom.

2. These autocorrects are hilarious!

3. Here we go again one more time.

4. Do you find this funny?

5. Well that didn’t turn out to be so good.

6. How can she send this to her son?

7. Well, mother knows her daughter very well.

8. Was that grandma?

9. You just had to say oops.

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These Epic Replies Prove That You Should Never Ever Text Your Ex

All of us make mistakes, such as texting that guy while drunk with whom we broke up recently. Maybe you still have feelings and want to get back together?

If you are thinking of messaging your ex, you need to stop right there, and think about the consequences. These epic replies show why messaging your ex is a really bad idea, and you should probably stay away from that.

1. She doesn’t even recognise you.

2. He tried to be different, but she was prepared.

3. She should have never doubted him.

4. Now this is some serious shit!

5. Well, that was heart-breaking.

6. Some top-notch swag right there!

7. Fatal error detected.

8. You need to move on.

9. That’s a smart reply.

10. Did you notice the name of the contact?

11. She seems to be practical.

12. Wow, I got completely fooled by that!

13. Direct Reply

14. Both of them are now even.

15. Feels no pain

16. Erased from his life.

17. The line is pretty long, huh?

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16 Selfie Fails That Need A Serious Background Check

1. There seems to be a weird sub-genre of selfies where people pretend their significant other crept up on them and took a picture.

It’s strange how these people can never avoid mirrors when they do this, though.

2. I’m guessing this young lady liked her sunglasses and decided to take a spur of the moment pic,

but she probably should have done something to hide her online shopping first.

3. Was there something you wanted, buddy?

They usually put those mirrors in so you can try your glasses on, but I guess they have other uses.

4. Apparently there’s something going on at her midriff. If you can tell what it is, let us know.

If not, there’s also some toilet paper in the shot. If you find that surprising, prepare yourself.

5. It appears that this young man wanted to commemorate a classy affair,

but it’s hard to look dapper next to a cat drinking out of the toilet.

6. Wow, what a daring stunt.

Yeah, if you’re wondering why I don’t sound that enthused, take a look at the reflection in the plane.

7. Yikes, I don’t think that’s the kind of photography they had in mind.

It’s a good thing they took an overhead shot, or else he might have gotten away with it.

8. So, why didn’t she just shut the door?

I can’t imagine how she could have missed the girl in the back. She seems to be having a pretty rough time, and it’s hard to do that quietly.

9. And here’s yet another “my imaginary spouse is taking pictures of me” selfie.

As you can imagine, this inspired a lot of jokes about his hand.

10. Yeah, maybe don’t wear your sunglasses if you’re pretending you’re stuck in traffic.

I don’t know if this worked on your boss, but it’s not fooling those sharp-eyed internet sleuths.

11 The Best Goal Ever

Not for her, obviously.

12 How To Lose A Smile In A Sec

Poor pretty lady, that must have hurt!

13 What a mess.

Her friend in the back isn’t the only problem. The place looks like a pigsty.

14 What?

Someone will be editing this selfie ASAP.

15 Is That Cute?

Not really. Standing on a bidet isn’t my idea of a sexy selfie.

16 Photobomb 1

This has to be the best photobomber ever.

17 Photobomb 2

And this one’s the second best.These Selfies have something to notice.
The selfie generation has gotten out of control and these pictures show you why…

18. “Yup, I was born in the wrong generation.”


19. “There will be no selfies in my domain.”

20. “Wait, I’m confused. Is this the men’s bathroom?”


21. “Maybe…just maybe, she didn’t see me.”

22. “I have failed as a parent.”


23. “Is there not a public bathroom is the United States devoid of this self-me crap??”

24. “Unlike you, I actually need to use this.”


25. “You will be punished for your sins.”

26. “HAHAA PEEEEAC…oh sh-it, hey.”


27. “Oh, you mean to tell me you don’t have a mirror at home? Or was this one of those critical selfie situations?”

28. “I will rain down judgment on you.”


29. “Hey as5hole, just wanted to let you know, you look really cool.”

30. “Ummmmmmmm…I didn’t see anything. I promise.”


31. “Sweet heart, you do know I’m right here, right?”

32. “I immediately regret this decision…”























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11 Chicken Shaming Pics That Aptly Characterize Farm Life

What does a day around the coop really look like? Feathered friends describe the hectic, unpredictable barn life with impressive vernacular.
These farm birds use pen and paper, dry erase boards, and even digital art to get their messages across the globe. Some of them are very sorry for their transgressions, but the majority sport a look in their beady eyes that actually says they are just going to keep on doing what they’re doing.
There are a surprising number of poop shamers also out there, but we have tried to limit the number of chicken shit jokes. Instead, we have mixed in a number of infant terrorizers, broody chickens that actually practice poor parenting skills, and opportunistic feeders too.

1. The Freeloader Who’s Surpassed Her Prime


2. The Lazy Chicken


3. The Babysitter Parents Actually Suspect of Fowl Play


4. The Opportunistic Foragers


5. The Disappearing Hen Act


6. A Different Form of Chicken Birth Control is Right Here


7. The Love Actually Means Love Bird


8. The Perfectionist and the Misfits


9. The Poultry Glass Ceiling Paradigm Is Right Here


10. Child Terrorizer Now Meets Opportunistic Feeder


11. The Promiscuous Mother Here

So many photos of hens caught in the act! Who knew this would actually happen?

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15 Of The Worst People To Walk Through The Doors Of Walmart

#1 Saving The Day

Looks like the Walmart warrior has arrived to save you from all those horrible high prices!

#2 Attitude Downloading

Oh we think he’s overdosed on attitude…stop the download please!

#3 Donaldisha?

Who knew Donald Trump had an orange sister? She even has the fake hair like the new president!

#4 On Fire

He (or she) is just too hot to handle, don’t get to close! No seriously, run from them…

#5 The Official Walmart Lady

You know you’re the queen of Walmart when you have paparazzi pics from your “fans”

#6 No Grandma No!

We just can’t wrap our heads around why she’d do this to herself…she has to know her boobs drag on the floor!

#7 The Walmart Runway

She got the long hair and don’t care…dare you to tell her she doesn’t look good honey.

#8 Loyal Customer

It only makes sense the bearded lady gets her shaving cream and Hot Pockets from the almighty Walmart.

#9 Granny Gaga

Lady Gaga 40 years from now after the fame is gone…she’ll never stop with the outfits!

#10 Doubles As A Chaple?

We really hope they’re the owners of this Walmart…otherwise there’s no excuse to be wed next to the cookies and bbq equipment.

#11 You Wanna Smoke?

Walmart might as well sale weed to their customers…otherwise these guys will!

#12 Geek Squad

He’s actually considered technically advanced to most Walmart customers…

#13 Hungry Shorts

We’re all for rocking your body with confidence…but this is just offensive. That looks like one long t-shirt!

#14 Put. It. Away

Sir, no one asked to see this at 8am while shopping…how could you be so rude to peoples eyes!

#15 Butter Them Up

Well we know she won’t be picking up the bread rolls in Walmart…she’s definitely got that covered!

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Guy Wrecks Tinder Match For Body Size Double-Standards

#1 This Wisco Gal Wants Tall Guys Only

She is not alone in her preference for the vertically privileged, but she is more vocal than most.

#2 This Twitter Match Wanted to Know More

He did not disagree, but was apparently egging her on to get her to throw more dirt on the short men in the world.

#3 Her Logic is Not Off

She likes wearing heels, “they are hot”. Nothing wrong with that, right?

#4 They are Talking Hitler Levels of Short Man Hate

Sterilization? Seems a bit extreme, but then again we have never had a particular ire for the vertically challenged, so we would not understand.

#5 When He Flips the Script, She Cannot Handle It

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a 101-level course in female logic.

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15 Epic Fails That Are Nothing Less Than A Disaster

Have you ever come across hopeless people or been through disastrous moments? Yes or no? As you already know, umpteen number of pictures are present on the internet. While some are good, some are really weird and epic. They show us that the world is full of many weird things we aren’t even aware of.  We are so busy in the hustle and bustle work and life that we never notice them. So, relax, unwind and enjoy these epic pictures which are actually disasters. Scroll down to have a good laugh!


1. What’s the great idea behind showing this model in parts?

2. You must have noticed it yourself. I’m speechless!

3. Oops! Such a grave mistake, I feel bad and sorry for Spiderman!

4. Think hard, what would you really do in such a case?

5. There’s a huge difference between what your wish for and expect and what you get!

6. Good for you, you got a good excuse for not stopping there!

7. What’s that? All expectations completely spoiled!

8. Would you really buy this after reading the label?

9. He doesn’t seem to be a professional photoshop artist…

10. Haha! That’s why designers should be taught Geography otherwise they’ll kept on doing these gross mistakes.

11. That probably why he seems to be scared!

12. Girls, you really need to search the market to find perfect inner wear!

13. Shoe licking- a new selfie trend. You should probably try this!

14. Somebody please tell her that she’ll most probably get her size inner wear at the stores.

15. One of the most epic fails I’ve come across!

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12 Text Replies That Will Make You Stand Up And Clap

It is often seen that Celebrities, politicians, businessmen or sometimes common people are wrongly accused of something they didn’t do and face the backlash of media and commoners. Though the accusations may sometimes be correct, it is often seen that the media exaggerates the whole thing and also misinterprets the statements of famous people and then form people’s  opinions against the person. Sometimes those accused choose to keep mum and not comment at all, but some do stand up for themselves and give such replies that are actually commendable and legendary, thus clearing all the negative air about them

So, here are 12 which text replies that will surely make you stand up and clap.

1. Oh, shut up man!

It surely raises a big question mark on his small lunch box.

2. Be careful next time!

If someone has your number, you need to be cautious with such threats.

3. Why are people fat? Oops, I thought it was because of food!

Make sure you are witty enough when you try to insult someone; there are chances to get a good comeback from them as well. So be prepared.

4. Poor boy!

Warning: Don’t leave your phone around, where your mom can find it and reply to a text.

5. She had a great comeback line.

I wish, we could see the Mormon’s boy reply.

6. Spill the beans!

Lesson: Be careful while texting a personal information. You never know what someone knows until you tell them.

7. Parents using texting slang can be hilarious!

But not all the times!

8. Kudos to this mom!

Some moms can be hysterical, but it’s not funny when she zings you via text.

9. Ta- da!

You will bang your head in the wall after reading this.

10. You can also try this one with your mom.

Now, that’s a great way to make a comeback.

11. When the opponent is an orthographer.

When you try to write a witty response, make sure you know how to spell the words correctly.

12. This hilarious come back.

If she breaks up with him and is now his ex. Then going back with his ex, means he is going back with her.

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WTF Texts That Ruined Relationships

Relationships are often fragile, especially there is not much trust between the partners. Also, nowadays it is normal to text frequently when you are in a relationship. But sometimes, people just don’t think carefully and send messages that ultimately ruins their relationships. It takes only one text to end a relation. Let’s take a look at some of them.


















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