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12 Text Replies That Will Make You Stand Up And Clap

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It is often seen that Celebrities, politicians, businessmen or sometimes common people are wrongly accused of something they didn’t do and face the backlash of media and commoners. Though the accusations may sometimes be correct, it is often seen that the media exaggerates the whole thing and also misinterprets the statements of famous people and then form people’s  opinions against the person. Sometimes those accused choose to keep mum and not comment at all, but some do stand up for themselves and give such replies that are actually commendable and legendary, thus clearing all the negative air about them

So, here are 12 which text replies that will surely make you stand up and clap.

1. Oh, shut up man!

It surely raises a big question mark on his small lunch box.

2. Be careful next time!

If someone has your number, you need to be cautious with such threats.
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3. Why are people fat? Oops, I thought it was because of food!

Make sure you are witty enough when you try to insult someone; there are chances to get a good comeback from them as well. So be prepared.

4. Poor boy!

Warning: Don’t leave your phone around, where your mom can find it and reply to a text.
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5. She had a great comeback line.

I wish, we could see the Mormon’s boy reply.

6. Spill the beans!

Lesson: Be careful while texting a personal information. You never know what someone knows until you tell them.
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7. Parents using texting slang can be hilarious!

But not all the times!

8. Kudos to this mom!

Some moms can be hysterical, but it’s not funny when she zings you via text.
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9. Ta- da!

You will bang your head in the wall after reading this.

10. You can also try this one with your mom.

Now, that’s a great way to make a comeback.
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11. When the opponent is an orthographer.

When you try to write a witty response, make sure you know how to spell the words correctly.

12. This hilarious come back.

If she breaks up with him and is now his ex. Then going back with his ex, means he is going back with her.
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