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10 Texts From People With A Perfect Sense of Humour

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Coming up with witty answers to others’ questions quickly is not an easy feat, and very few people can achieve this consistently. If you have problems thinking of snappy answers, this is the perfect article for you, since this article shows how the experts do it! Read on to know about the top 10 conversations with people who possess an excellent sense of humor.

1. Question marks are of vital importance!

2. Where did potatoes come from?

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3. Sleep well at night

4. Is an hour soon enough or not?

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5. Chocolate is the root of all problems.

6. Hugging words!

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7. This one was really nice!

8. I can assure that he is absolutely correct.

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9. You have to admit that is a superb picture!

10. This guy is brilliant!

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