Bullies Used To Call Her ‘Tooth Lady’. Her Transformation After She Got New Teeth Is Shocking!

Gemma Swift had a terrible accident when she was only six years old, which caused severe damage to her front teeth, which in turn completely changed her life.

Due to her damaged teeth, she had to face countless bullies her entire life, but ultimately, she couldn’t deal with it anymore. There was one woman who made life hell for her, so she decided to come to The Jeremy Kyle Show. In case you don’t know about this show, it is the British version of The Jerry Springer Show.

This particular woman was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who made life tough for her. Gemma wanted to confront her when she first came to the show in 2015. She was so frustrated that she pleaded at the show to stop harassing her.

What is shocking is that several social media channels such as Twitter, and basically the entire Internet, was against Gemma and even started attacking her, making fun of her damaged teeth. An accountant at HuffPost UK stated that it was actually surprising to see so many people side with the ex-girlfriend in this situation.

The show was even stunned to see the public’s reaction, so they decided to fund the entire dental makeover for her, which cost around $12,000.

Gemma came to the show again after the makeover was complete to show her transformation. The public responded quite positively to her new change, and they even praised her.

Finally, Gemma was now relieved that no one can bully her for her appearance, which in turn made her more confident and beautiful. Now, she didn’t shy from smiling and showing her teeth to the world.

Watch the video below to know the entire story behind her amazing transformation.( PLEASE ATTACH VIDEO LINK )

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27 Incredible Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We are all human and humanity should be in our blood by default. But in this time, when inhuman acts are prevailing all over the World, there are some such humans are there, who reminds us that we should not forget our humanity at any cost and this World needs those SUPERHEROS badly because they are the savior of this World. So, let’s have a look to some such acts of kindness which will fill our heart our heart with humanity.



This racing wheelchair fulfils the dream of Austin by winning four Gold medals and a Canadian speed record. But his family was unable to buy this equipment for him and then Sunshine Foundation came into picture by donating him this racing wheelchair and thus proves that by showing a small kindness, we can help to achieve a big success of a person.



All human are my friend. The picture really depicts this. A group of Christians in Chicago apologized to the gay community for the intolerance of the Church. By hugging with gay person, they prove that all human are equal in their vision irrespective of their social state.





Another simple act of humanity that a man named “Meter Homie” fixed the issue of this equipment and ensured the stranger that it is now on full working capacity. How some small help can give a big result, now we can understand?



Wow! No words to say anything! Water is life and in hot summer days we can understand it very well. But what will be the situation if you are away from your house without having any source of water with you? You will be dehydrated and sometimes it can make you faint or other difficulty in your body. But what a kind act it is to keep a source of water for all who need it badly during heat wave. So good people are still there all around of us.




What could be kinder act to help an ill man mentally? A man, whose favorite work was receiving and opening letters, requested the Reddit Community to send mails to him and they responded his request by sending him mails and thus they helped that man to relax mentally to some extent.




Another great act of kindness to give foods to the hungry people. Really hats off to this owner of the Turkish Bakery, who put bread out of the Bakery for the needy people in free of cost.



Doctors are considered next to God and if any Doctor provides free medical checkup for the needy people, what can we call him? Well! Definitely think about it! Here the kind person is Dr. Dave Ores, who offered free medical checkup for the Hurricane Sandy affected people.



What can be a better picture of solidarity? Well, this picture really depicts that, where Riot Police in Thailand laid down their Riot Gear as a sign of solidarity with the protesters they were ordered to block.



A small kind act can give a needy person a light of hope. Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of human being and if we can help with any of these to any needy person, our life will be successful as a human being. How kind this anonymous NYPD Officer who helps this homeless man with his socks and all-weather boots!



Wow! That’s an amazing, isn’t it? All human should be equally treated irrespective of their physical condition. A boy with down syndrome got a chance to play in the varsity football and this chance came by the help of this soccer team. He played and won that game which raised his confidence to the highest level.





Awww! Such a sweet scenario! A dog which was hit by the tear gas during a protest was helped by the protesters.



What a love he has for his pet! This man regularly takes his pet out for a walk in a wheelchair as she can’t walk anymore. This picture really feels our heart with humanity.



This picture is really heart melting. When a General requested the protesters not to fight on his birthday, then a group of protesters surprised him with a birthday gift, which makes that General cry and perhaps it was his most precious birthday.



Again an act of kindness by giving personal belongings. This kind man gave his shoes to this homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro.



Well! This is a sweet kind act by not to disturb an unknown guy to take a nap on the shoulder of this kind man.



That’s really a kind initiation that these School kids donated their money to the needy instead of buying expensive clothes and we should take the initiative forward as per our ability.




When we are on a danger, we can’t think of other than us. But, this man really is an exception. He saved dogs and their puppies from a flood in Manila, 2012. Hats off to this kind man.



I have no words for this. Seriously, this is an extra ordinary thing I have ever gone through that a couple of people is giving posters after getting an iphone in the grass. Instead of taking it to them (What normally we see), they takes this initiative to give that lost phone to its owner. Really hats off to them!



Another example of humanity that taking own life in risk, this man saved this baby Kangaroo in the floods of Queensland.



Can we think about it to do? But, this homeless man not only thinks but he remains in cold by putting his dog in the cloths to keep him warm.



This is another example of humanity where some kind onlookers rescued this dog by giving it water and brought him from the melted asphalt road during a hot day.



Different Religions don’t have to at odds each other and this statement is justified here where Christians make a ring around Muslims so that they could pray in peace during the Egyptian Revolution. On the other hand, Muslims protecting Christians in Egypt during Mass. This is a beautiful example of solidarity.




Really, there are some people exist in this World as this man who rebuilt a stranger’s mailbox after accidentally breaking it. Today where people don’t have any time for one another, in that situation, this small help after understanding one’s mistake is really a big gift.



Again an example of a kind hearted man, who is a firefighter, helps this dehydrated Koala with water by taking a break from saving human lives.



Wow! Really Adorable, isn’t it? This sweet little Iraqi girl gave this soldier a flower which gives us a thought that the World will smile as a flower it  She will free from war.



This little boy saved his puppy when he almost himself drowning in the water. Can’t we learn some kindness from this little boy?



A small sympathy can heal a person mentally. This is one of the best examples of this where friends of a student, who is fighting with Cancer, shaved their heads to show a great mental support to him. This scenario really blows our mind.

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10 Photos Of Pregnant Wives Sleeping With Their Men Are Simply Breathtaking

The nine months of pregnancy is a highly delicate period for every woman. While you are expecting your baby which will make you probably the happiest person in the world, you also have to go through a lot of hardships during those nine months. Also, after your child’s birth, the parents have a ton of responsibilities in their hands.

We usually don’t get to admire the hardships and beauty of this period. That is what Jana Romanova, a young photographer, has tried to achieve. Her photo series has been named ‘Waiting,’ where she captures beautifully the discomfort faced by a pregnant woman and how her partner cares for his wife and his expected child.

Read on to take a look at these breath-taking pictures.

1. You are always special to me.

2. The day you became pregnant

3. You became even more special to me.

4. I know that you never sleep at night even though I am deep in slumber.

5. You just pretend to stay asleep to keep me from worrying.

6. Just to ensure that my sleep never gets disturbed.

7. I cherish those nights when you sleep wrapped in my arms.

8. Then I know that you are always close to me.

9. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sofa.

10. Or if it’s just a single bed.

11. I know that I am your highest priority always.

12. And that goes for every day.

13. I hope you stay by my side every day.

14. You never wake up me even you suffer from severe cramps at night.

15. Sometimes you don’t get any sleep at all at night.

16. Even when we have multiple children.

17. You will always be the most precious person to me.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article. Let us know in the comments below what you think about these pictures. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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It Was A Normal Christmas Celebration Until The Family Members Did This…

Christmas is the perfect holiday for many of us; we get to meet our friends and family members after a long time, and everyone cherishes these moments for eternity. This incident happened in 2013 when Jamie’s boyfriend did something surprising during Christmas. Jamie, her boyfriend, and family members all had various custom designed T-shirts on, and they posed for a picture in such a way that it said “Merry X-Mas,” but soon that message changed to “Marry Me,” where her boyfriend proposed Jamie at the moment!

1. Initially, the way they lined up, it read “Merry Xmas.”

2. And then they changed their positions within a few seconds.

3. But now, instead of “Merry Xmas,” as you can see the message was “Marry Me”!

4. In case you are wondering what this meant, this was a surprise that was planned by Jamie’s boyfriend and family members for her on Christmas.

5. Jamie didn’t notice this since she was sitting next to her boyfriend.

6. But she was stunned when she looked at the picture!

Watch the video below to know more! Isn’t it great that Jamie’s boyfriend surprised her this way and possibly gave her one of the greatest gifts in her lifetime on Christmas? Let us know what you think about this. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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Café Owner Lets Homeless Man Work For The Day. 2 Weeks Later, She Walks In And He’s Still There

This Cafe owner let a homeless man work for her for one day. After that, he never wanted to leave.

#1 Meet Cesia Abigail


Meet Cesia Abigail. She just runs a small Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The El Salvadorian themed cafe that is named Abi’s Cafe” is struggling at the present moment

#2 Struggling Cafe Was Hard To Run


She is exhausted and trying everything that she can just to keep the cafe in business. So when a homeless man walked in and asked for money, she just could not help him. But she ended up doing something better…

#3 She Couldn’t Pay Him


When he asked her for money, Cesia replied “Why don’t you have a job? You know nothing is given to me for free, right?” The homeless man, whose real name is Marcus, responded by saying he would love a job! The only problem is that no one wanted to hire him because he was an ex-felon. He was doing all that he could just to survive, pan-handling and even stealing. So Cesia decided Marcus could help her around the Café after all!

#4 Now He’s A Full Employee


At the beginning of his employment, Cesia had made it clear that she could not pay him any money. But she could offer him food. To this, Marcus had eagerly agreed, as he would do anything for food at that point. He was that hungry. He turned out to be a stellar employee, washing dishes, taking out the trash, and for almost two weeks he was never late, not once.

#5 The Full Video

These stories are at the present moment going viral, and guess what….it is the best thing that ever happened to this Cafe! Now everyone in America knows about Abi’s Cafe, and the owner


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Boy’s Devastated When He is Outbid For Late Father’s Car. Then Man In The Hat Hands Him The Keys

Anyone whose family members serve in the line of duty – irrespective of whether they are in the police force or military, has always feared about their safety. They always tell us that nothing will go wrong, but of course the truth is sometimes things do go wrong.


Meet Tanner Brownlee, a young man, who has experienced a similar situation, since his father used to worke in the police force.


Tanner’s father died in 2010 during a dangerous police chase. Losing someone close to you is always heart-breaking, but when that person is your father, you can only realise how difficult it was for Tanner to handle that situation.
His life completely changed after this incident, and gradually over the years, he has managed to get himself and his life together again.
He wanted to keep his father’s memories alive, so he decided to buy his squad car, which would be sold at an auction.


Tanner didn’t have the money to buy it himself, so he started a campaign on GoFundMe. He was surprised to find that people from all over the world donated to help him buy his father’s squad car. He was able to raise 12,500$ at the end.
However, he was still not sure whether that amount would be enough to buy the car in the auction. However, he was confident and kept on bidding, but ultimately the amount became too much. A man standing at the back outbid him.


Tanner was sure that he could never fulfil his dream of bringing him his dad’s squad car. But what happened next completely shocked him and the others around him. The man who outbid him, came up to get the keys but he then handed it over to Tanner!

5. Watch the video below to know more.


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This Server Received a HUGE Tip For a Simple Act of Kindness


Kasey Simmons works at Applebee’s restaurant in Dallas area. He was having a very normal day at work when things changed.


Customer on one of the tables selected the cheapest item on the menu, flavored water which cost 37 cents, but it is unbelievable but true that she left a tip of $500.

Read on to see surprising reason why this customer left a $500 tip.


Along with the tip, she also left a note written on a napkin which said that they left such a huge amount as tip since he had helped at Kroger Supermarket with her groceries a day before. The woman looked distressed, so Simmons went to her, complimented her, and even offered to pay the $17 bill for her purchase of groceries. The person who left that note was actually that woman’s daughter, who tried to explain how much this meant to her.


It was later found out the woman at the supermarket was upset over the third death anniversary of her husband, and hence the woman’s daughter wanted to show kindness and reward the person who was kind to and consoled her mother.

Watch Video on next page


“It was only $17, but it’s not about the money. It’s about showing someone you care,” Simmons said.

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15 Kind Hearted Kids Who Did Their Parents Proud

Kids bring beautiful change to their parent life. Parents are the first teacher to their kids and their every action and words are copied even if they are good or bad. It is child’s natural talent. As children grow and learn and develop they are influenced by their parents.  For parents raising their kid in right way is not easy.

Parents teach their kids to be kind, generous, helpful and caring to grow them into delightful human beings. Kids are naughty, cheeky but every kid has a talent which should not be suppressed instead they should be encouraged by parents.

Here are 15 examples of parents who have taught their kids the best ways possible. These kids are real inspiration and give us moral.


1. He saved $120 in a year and used it to feed the homeless.

2. The 9-year old made a no-kill animal shelter in his garage.

3. He suffered 2 years of bullying whilst grew his hair to donate to cancer patients.

4. This infant helping the sculpture bunny to lift up.

5. 3-year-old girl gave her hair to a bald little sick girl.

6. She sold all her soft toys to donate money to the animal shelter.

7. The child insists on tucking to let him know that he lives in his house and will come back.

8. The little girl builds shelter and grows food for homeless.

9. This cute girl reads to teach her kitty.

10. Helping as always

11. 13-year old makes lunch for her dad daily in the morning.

12. He saved money to buy peanut butter for dogs in an animal shelter.

13. She whispered in her dog’s ear that shots heart and if she will be a good girl, she will take her to the Mamonlineshop toy store.

14. She cuddled with the baby cow in her home to keep it warm.

15. This 2 year old treated the wounds of dinosaurs toy.




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Grieving man pulled over for speeding, Officer drives him 100 miles to see family


This last Sunday at 3 o’clock in the morning, Mark Ross had learned that his 15 year old sister Eliza had passed away in a fatal car accident. It did not matter that Ross was located in a different state almost over 100 miles away, or that he had a suspended license and some outstanding warrants, he just sped to his sisters’ side as fast as he could.


Ross was however, eventually, pulled over for traveling around 100 miles per hour. As his car was being towed, he could not help but finally break down in tears. He posted a video of the event on his Facebook, with the caption “I just wanna be with my family man.”


However, everything had changed when Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison showed up and came to know of Ross’ situation. After hearing that Mark’s car was towed and the reason why he was speeding, he just decided to drive Ross over 100 miles to be with his family. “I broke down crying, and he saw the sincerity in my cry. He reached over and began praying over me and my family.”


Ross just shared their powerful moment on Facebook, and it has since been shared more than over 120,000 times.


“It was just so overwhelming. They were trying to help us.” Ross and his family said they are so grateful for Mr. Robison’s generosity, and that the sergeant has even promised Ross to attend the funeral.

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Dad Leaves Her on a Dirt Track. But Wait Till You See When He Checks the Rear-View Mirror…

This scene guarantees to break anyone’s, heart. A father leaving his child at a deserted dirt track, completely abandoned and alone in the dangerous world. But after he spots her through the rear view mirror, something unexpected happens. That’s when we get the twist in the tale. This will surely surprise and amaze you.


This story made heads turn in 2015 when a viral video showing the dad picking up another new member to the family became a sensation. The video, a short time shows the dad driving to a place which seems to be an orphanage, where a red- headed young girl is seen to be waiting for him on the steps.



Then, she gets into the car, seats herself comfortably in the front seat of the car, while firmly holding her beloved doll. She seems to be a bit shy at the first instance, but then her new father gives her a gentle and reassuring Pat on the back. Then there is a little smile on her face, possibly indicating that everything is good.


As they start driving back to home, the girl notices the father eating a snack, which he shares with her, and she savors it. She rejoices glancing the trees outside from the car’s window. The sun shines.


At home, another little girl comes in the picture. Tension is mounting in the girl’s head, but, fortunately, the other girl approaches the red headed girl and hugs her. They immediately bond. This is the beginning of a new friendship.


Then, still holding the doll, she approaches mom shyly. Though nervous, she permits the mother and daughter to play with her red locks. This boosts her confidence, and she plays with her sister.


However, good times don’t last forever. Soon, things began to change. The red headed girl started feeling isolated from the rest of the family. She becomes uncomfortable with loud noise and has a phobia of bright light. That’s when the behavior starts becoming bad, and things go wrong.



For example, mother shouts at the girl when she spills wine on a spotless white tablecloth. The girl stops playing with her, and in frustration starts pulling away from the little girl’s most beloved possession, her doll.



She tries to seek mom’s attention by troubling her when she is washing her utensils by tucking it her shirt at that time but ending up further.




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Little Girl With Down Syndrome Transforms Into A Disney Princess

Kristina Bewley, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, has been a photographer for 13 years now. Her daughter, Giselle, suffers from down syndrome, and after her birth, Kristina grew interested in portrait photography. She also began to take keenly interested in photographing kids, especially those with special needs.

Giselle is 4 years old at the moment, and her mother dresses her in custom dresses and photographs her. She and her husband took Giselle to Disney World in 2014, after which Giselle underwent a dramatic improvement in all aspects of her life. According to Kristina, she blossomed and has finally begun to enjoy her childhood.


1. Ever since Kristina and her husband visited Disney world for the first time, it has become a custom to visit it every month, since they found out that there were significant improvements in Giselle’s development just after the first visit.


2. Kristina said that she noticed that her daughter became more confident after her trip to the Disney World where she posed in the princess dress her mother gave her.


3. She added that the transformation was out of the world – she is completely speechless. It was if she is a flower and she blossomed after visiting Disney World. Hence they are now trying to go there frequently for her benefits.

4. She said that her daughter is really beautiful for a 4-year-old girl. She wants the best for her daughter, in fact, she believes she could easily be a model in those photographs.


5. Kristina said that they are now obsessed with visiting Disney World and dressing her daughter in beautiful dresses. The fact that they live nearby is another advantage.


6. Giselle definitely enjoys dressing as her favourite Disney characters which are easily understandable from her smile. Her mom, on the other hand, is trying to improve her skills as a photographer and is also starting to get into advanced image editing.

7. Kristina is also sewing custom dresses for her daughter nowadays.


8. Bewley said that her daughter didn’t prefer tulle or anything that would be itchy. Hence, she sews all her dresses keeping that in mind.


9. Kristina is still facing several challenges but she is still happy to offer her skill to any other parents who might be hesitant to take their children with special needs to photographers fearing that they might not be able to understand the issues that they face.

10. Another issue that Bewley faces is that since Disney is a crowded place, ensuring that the photographs look as if Giselle is the main element is really difficult.


11. Also, due to down syndrome, Bewley can’t tell her daughter to stand in a certain place since she simply won’t listen.


12. She said that she is really happy that she can offer her skills as a photographer to families with similar special needs since they are often scared that the photographer doesn’t have any experience photographing such children, which could often lead to various problems.

13. But most importantly, she and her husband are really happy that their daughter has improved so much through these family trips to the Disney World.


14. And the reality is that not only Giselle, but her parents are also learning something new every day about their daughter, and how they can help her improve more in the future.


15. Bewley said, “So far the experience has been an excellent one. We have learnt a lot, and the most important lesson is that one needs to slow down at times and enjoy every moment instead of rushing through life. ”


16. Bewley added that right now her main aim is to capture all of these important moments. She and her family are having a good time at the moment. And she would like to continue doing this as long as possible.


Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family!


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A Day Before Dying, What an 8-Year-Old ‘Marine’ Held in His Hand Fulfilled His Dad’s Dream

#1 Little Wyatt

Almost 4 years back, an 8-year-old Wyatt was diagnosed with Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome Type 1. This disease affects his nervous system and brain, skin, and immune system. The normal functions of the kidneys are also hindered, that leads to early death in many children.

#2 Honorary Marine

Wyatt’s father is actually a war veteran by the name of Staff Sgt. Gillette. He was devastated when his son had gone into hospice. As soon as Marine Anthony North heard the news of Wyatt, he started an online petition that would award the boy an Honorary Marine that very year. He would be happy to be an Honorary Marine during his disease.

#3 July 30th

In a very short time, approximately 4,500 people signed the petition. Commandant of Marine Corps Robert B. Neller even approved it. He said that the child has fought harder in the last almost eight years. If he could earn the title, he believed he could as well.

#4 An Amazing Mother

Wyatt had lived for almost eight years then. And his father knew for a fact that would not have happened if it was not for her. The way she had fought was just amazing. She has proved that any woman can do anything if she is determined enough to do it.

#5 One Day Later

On one day a few days after the ceremony took place, Wyatt passed away. Gillette says that his child had taught him the definition of love.

#6 Don’t Forget To Watch This Video

This women spends her last days with her dog before putting her to sleep

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Twins Born Holding Hands 2 Years Ago Are Now Closer Than Ever

Two years back, the twins were actually born as monoamniotic twins that mean they shared a single amniotic sack.  And above all, they were born holding hands and this left doctor in awe. Now at present, the girls Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite are closer than ever.

Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite were actually born with a rare 1 in 10,000 condition. These twins shared the same amniotic sac within the womb of their mother and were born 45 seconds apart. And just as soon as they were born they were close enough to each other and they clasped hands. Everyone in the delivery room was speechless.

Two years have already passed and presently not much has altered. These sweet girls are still inseparable. Sometimes if the woman’s husband goes to the store, he will take one twin and she will keep the other as the mother said. Thistlethwaite told People magazine that when that happens, they both get really upset and ask for each other continuously. They are definitely really close. They are like two peas in the same pod.


1. In the month of May in the year 2014 monoamniotic twins Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite were born holding each other’s hands

2. They were actually born with a rare 1 in 10,000 condition – they shared the same amniotic sac in the mother’s uterus

3. The sisters were actually born 45 seconds apart and they were close enough – were seen clasping each other’s hands

4. Her heart just melted, Thistlethwaite said

5. Even her husband got tears in his eyes and she doesn’t know that anybody in the room had a dry eye, says the mother

6. Now, two years have gone by and not much has actually altered

7. Jenna and Jillian are now inseparable

8. Now watch a cute video : Adorably confused baby meets twins


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Woman Made A Blog After People Kept Asking What Was WRONG With Her Daughter’s Face

Charlie is a small and sweet baby who has lately become the victim of offensive comments and remarks of several people. But her mother, Katie Mullis wants to put an end to such bullies that may even occur in the future in her absence when her child grows up. That is why, she, acting as a true mother builds a blog to let people know of her daughter’s condition so that they understand that and stop their bullying.

1. Charlie Crenshaw born with a birthmark:

Charlie is a six-month-old vibrant little girl who has such a beautiful smile. However, the problem is that people hardly notice her smile. The very first thing they do upon seeing her is to comment on her birthmark on her face. She has a capillary hemoglobin, also termed as Strawberry mark.

2. Charlie has medicines:

Charlie’s mom says that she is under medication that will ensure that her mark does not grow more and obstruct her vision.

3. People give casual looks at her:

Her mother Katie Mullis says that people look at her daughter with pity in their eyes.

4. People make offensive comments:

Katie, as well as Charlie, has often been a victim of offensive remarks from people.

5. The birthmarks are harmless:

Doctors have confirmed that Charlie’s birthmarks are completely harmless and just cosmetic in nature.

6. Katie starts a blog:

Although several people had made offensive remarks about her daughter’s looks, she wants to educate people on the condition of her daughter’s skin.

7. She wants to stop people from bullying Charlie:

Charlie’s mother Katie wants that people should stop bullying her and that is why she created the blog.

8. The heart of a true mother:

Although the birth marks on Charlie’s face might never go, still the mother wants that her baby should not face any discrimination or offense due to her birthmark.

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Shocking Photos That’ll Rip Your Heart Out And Change Your Perspective On The World

#1 Rescued

This woman was rescued by police just seconds before her sinking vehicle was completely submerged.

#2 Sound

This picture was taken the first time Harold Whittles, who was born deaf, heard with his new hearing aids.

#3 Hunger

Homeless men waiting for food outside a mosque. New Delhi, India.

#4 Heart Transplant

This picture was taken after a heart surgeon just completed a 23-hour heart transplant operation. Look at the nurse, fully asleep on the floor.

#5 War

Corporal Antonio Metruccio’s photo, moments after he survived a 72-hour long firefight in Afghanistan. Those eyes have seen things that his soul would love to forget.

#6 Hiroshima

One of the many effects of a nuclear bomb’s blast.

#7 Family

On Oct. 31, 2010, 436 South Koreans were allowed to spend three days in North Korea to visit relatives. Here we see a man waving goodbye to his family member, while the other man cries. They hadn’t seen each other since the 1950/53 war.

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10 Times Humans Proved The World Isn’t All Bad

Humanity is still alive in this world of cruelty and selfishness. Although many a times we find many situations that depict that people are not humans anymore, there are certain situations that denote just the opposite. Here are a few such instances.


On one occasion a man had donated anonymously a huge amount and it was discovered in a shop. Such people are the real great human beings.


On another occasion we can see a young man helping an aged man to cross the road with the help of a walker.


After the Orlando tragedy had occurred the members of Chick-fil-A Lee Vista started opening up a shop for blood donation and food distribution to the people.


A man in office attire wearing suit stops on his way in order to help a needy on the pavement whose only assistance is the wheelchair.


Someone just donated a jacket for the needy when the weather started growing cold. Humanity is not dead after all.


A young woman wanted to do something good by celebrating new families and showing support for nurses who bring lots and lots of babies into the world every day.


One person wanted to brighten the life of a needy in a cute way.


One police officer devoted some time to save a baby goose that was caught in a balloon’s ribbon. He was on a patrol, his daily patrol when his sight caught the baby goose.


Some kind person did not want others to be taken for a ride, so he/she posted a note letting others know that the machine was broken.


When a person’s male cat had got the neighbor’s cat pregnant, this particular man went the humor route to ensure his grand kitten would be taken care of properly. Funny but sweet on the part of the man. This one seemed to be an incredible neighbor.

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10 Gifted Teens With Rare Abnormalities Who’ll Force You To Feel Proud Of Them

God made each human being unique. Some are indeed superior to others in terms of mental or physical abilities. But there are people who are born with abnormalities, people who are different from others. Most of the times, the normal people hate them. Some refuse to look at them, that’s human nature. Some of these people are, however, far better than the normal people. Let’s have a look at 10 such individuals.

1. Zara Hartshorn, 19

Zara and her mother, Tracey Gibson, 46, are diagnosed with Lipodystrophy, an extremely rare medical condition which causes fat to dissolve beneath tissue.

2. Elisany Silva

She is a Brazilian girl who has a height of 6 foot 9 inches. She also has a boyfriend of 5 foot 4 inches.

3. Fu Wengui, 15

He lives in Beijing, China, and is diagnosed of several medical conditions. The normal number of vertebrae in the human neck is 7, and Fu has 10.

4. Ali Hussain Khan

Ali Hussain Khan has progeria, a ­genetic medical condition that causes his body to age eight times faster than a normal human.
“I very much want to live, and I hope there is medicine for my disease out there,” says Ali .

5. Julia Vins

Julia Vins from Russia has a face similar to a doll but has muscles like a bodybuilder.She is also known as Muscle Barbie and proudly owns 3 world records.

6. Deepak Jangra

Deepak Jangra from India can withstand up to 11,000 volts of Electricity. He proudly calls himself a ‘human lightbulb.’

7. Lola and Claire Hartley

Claire was born with a genetic condition called microcephaly. She has a small head . Lola, too, has the same disease along with dwarfism and epilepsy .

8. Nicklas Harkins

He was diagnosed of MPS (Mucopolysaccharidoses) when he was 5 years old. His body does not have an enzyme critical to development. It could end up shortening his life by a huge margin.

9. Simon Cullen

He has a very rare genetic condition known as HED (Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia)

His brother, George was also diagnosed with HED.George, however, was cured. HED causes the outgrowth of vampire-like fangs.

10. Natasha Starky

Natasha was born with several rare and incurable diseases, commonly called Epidermolysis bullosa (EB). It causes the skin to blister easily. Minor injury, adhesive tape, friction from scratching or heat is enough to hurt the patient. Kids with EB are often called ‘butterfly children’ , because their skin is more fragile than butterfly wings.

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Can You Believe The Cute Baby Girl Has Heart Outside Of Her Body ?

Russian 6 year old Virsaviya Borun, who was born with her heart and intestines outside the abdomen and chest, is a miracle survivor. Even after being born with such a rare and dangerous disorder, she is still alive and her life is going pretty well, which is nothing short of a miracle according to doctors worldwide. It is often said that children are honest and always optimistic, maybe that is why her heart is still beating.



Virsaviya was born with an extremely rare disorder called thoraco-abdominal syndrome or as it is popularly known, Pentalogy of Cantrell. This disease is estimated to occur in one in a million children. As a result of this, her vital organs like heart have grown outside the cavities. Her heart is protected by a thin layer of skin, and one can clearly see the outline of the heart from the outside. However, this miraculous child is still living and can even do splits.


Her mother is constantly trying to provide her the latest medical treatments, hence she has moved to the USA from Russia. Most hospitals, however, are refusing to treat her. These cases are extremely complicated, and it would be risky to operate on her. One of the doctors commented that her aortic pressure was too high for any kind of operations. Her mother hasn’t given up yet; she has now moved to Hollywood for another chance.


A huge fan of Beyoncé, Virsaviya loves animals such as dogs and dolphins. She also has an interest in drawing. She cannot attend school, but she wants to continue learning at home. She also wants to learn ballet dancing.


She is given the tag #VirsaviyaWarrior on Instagram, which is completely justified. We hope that she always remains such a brave girl, and her operations can successfully help her return back to normal life.


Source : Instagram

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Everyday She Said Hello To A Homeless Man, Then One Day He Handed Her A Note


RaimundoArrudaSobrinho, from Brazil, is a 77 year oldphilosopher and poet.During the late 1970s, Raimundoturned into a homeless man, and for the next 35 years, he wrote stores and poems on streets, but as he was homeless, most of his work was never noticed. However, things changed in 2011, when Shalla Monteiro, a young woman, became his friend. She often used to stop on the streets to have a conversation with him, and after some time, he gave her one of his poems to read.

2. Incredible Poetry

Shalla was stunned after reading the poem; she was so moved that she created a Facebook page where she would post his poems and stories. He received a lot of support from those who read those poems. He was offered gifts, many praised him for his creativity. At the moment, there are 100,000 fans on his Facebook page.

3. Long Lost Brother!

However, this isn’t the end of this happy story! Raimundo actually found his long-lost brother soon after! After they met on Facebook, his brother asked him to come live with him. Almost after 35 years, Raimundo cleaned himseld, and came to his home and is now in a great place. He and Shalla still remain friends and talk regularly.

4. Publishing His Work

Raimundo is currently working towards publishing his poetry.


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14-Year-Old Girl Was Given Only 48 Hours To Live. 7 Years Later, This Is What She Looks Like

Any abnormal eating habit which can not only affect you physically but also mentally is considered as an eating disorder. Most people don’t take them seriously, but they are becoming more common recently and this story shows how deadly they can prove to be if left untreated. Gemma Walker is an example of how a woman can turn into a beautiful and confident person even after battling with a serious disease at the age of 14. She suffered from anorexia nervosa and bulimia, two complex eating disorders, but hasn’t allowed that to define her life. Her parents often spent sleepless night to make sure she is breathing. Continue reading to know the full story of this brave girl who is an inspiration to all of us.

1. Complex disorder

Doctors diagnosed Gemma Walker with anorexia nervosa and bulimia, two extremely complex eating disorders, when she was only 14. Their combination turned out to be deadly for her and was almost about to take her life.

2. A few hours left to live with her weight being only 63 Lbs (around 29kg)

At the age of 14, her weight was only 63 lbs. The doctors informed her parents that she probably won’t be able to live beyond 48 hours if she is not treated immediately.

3. She was almost about to die

Considering the seriousness of her problem, it is actually surprising to know that she was only admitted to the hospital thrice during her recovery. The first time was for emergency care, and the second and third times were for psychiatric care and refeeding respectively. During the initial recovery phase, her condition was rather scary since her skin was bound tightly to the bones, which also made her parents depressed as well.

4. Eating was extremely hard for her

During her recovery, she used to eat a lot and suffered from a syndrome known as “refeeding syndrome” which means that she used to eat a lot of food at once. As an example, she didn’t have any trouble in consuming approximately 6000 calories within 20 minutes. Obviously, the body wasn’t able to handle it and she would pass out. Gemma tried to fool the recovery program during the initial days. She often used to keep light gym weights under her clothes to increase her weight temporarily while visiting the doctor and also to feel better.

5. The Road To Complete Recovery

Gemma is now 22 years old and is one her way to full recovery after struggling for 7 years. Her earlier weight used to be 40 kg(88 lbs) which has now almost tripled. According to various sources, she is no longer anorexic and is in a much healthier state. The worst thing that has happened at the moment is that she now eats much more than a normal person!
She has said that her parents were key factors in her recovery and she owed everything to them. She is extremely lucky to have such great parents. She is now extremely happy with her life.

6. Gemma’s full recovery

Finally, now she is 22 years old and has defeated this deadly disease. She Is about to launch her own beauty product business. This story is an extremely inspirational one, and shows that you can defeat anything if you and your close ones have faith. Gemma has shared those earlier pictures of her when she was extremely thin, almost like a skeleton, so that others will be inspired by her transformation.

She has now taken a look at all of her earlier pictures, and admits that she is so glad that she no longer suffers from it. She almost became emotional after looking at them, and said that it was mentally very tough. Gemma’s father too looked at those pictures and was almost in tears seeing the kind of condition her daughter was in earlier.

We just hope that others who are suffering from the same condition get motivated and inspired after reading this story.

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