Tuesday, October 3, 2023

A Day Before Dying, What an 8-Year-Old ‘Marine’ Held in His Hand Fulfilled His Dad’s Dream

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#1 Little Wyatt

Almost 4 years back, an 8-year-old Wyatt was diagnosed with Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome Type 1. This disease affects his nervous system and brain, skin, and immune system. The normal functions of the kidneys are also hindered, that leads to early death in many children.
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#2 Honorary Marine

Wyatt’s father is actually a war veteran by the name of Staff Sgt. Gillette. He was devastated when his son had gone into hospice. As soon as Marine Anthony North heard the news of Wyatt, he started an online petition that would award the boy an Honorary Marine that very year. He would be happy to be an Honorary Marine during his disease.
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#3 July 30th

In a very short time, approximately 4,500 people signed the Change.org petition. Commandant of Marine Corps Robert B. Neller even approved it. He said that the child has fought harder in the last almost eight years. If he could earn the title, he believed he could as well.
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#4 An Amazing Mother

Wyatt had lived for almost eight years then. And his father knew for a fact that would not have happened if it was not for her. The way she had fought was just amazing. She has proved that any woman can do anything if she is determined enough to do it.
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#5 One Day Later

On one day a few days after the ceremony took place, Wyatt passed away. Gillette says that his child had taught him the definition of love.

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