Dad Leaves Her on a Dirt Track. But Wait Till You See When He Checks the Rear-View Mirror…

This scene guarantees to break anyone’s, heart. A father leaving his child at a deserted dirt track, completely abandoned and alone in the dangerous world. But after he spots her through the rear view mirror, something unexpected happens. That’s when we get the twist in the tale. This will surely surprise and amaze you.


This story made heads turn in 2015 when a viral video showing the dad picking up another new member to the family became a sensation. The video, a short time shows the dad driving to a place which seems to be an orphanage, where a red- headed young girl is seen to be waiting for him on the steps.



Then, she gets into the car, seats herself comfortably in the front seat of the car, while firmly holding her beloved doll. She seems to be a bit shy at the first instance, but then her new father gives her a gentle and reassuring Pat on the back. Then there is a little smile on her face, possibly indicating that everything is good.


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As they start driving back to home, the girl notices the father eating a snack, which he shares with her, and she savors it. She rejoices glancing the trees outside from the car’s window. The sun shines.


At home, another little girl comes in the picture. Tension is mounting in the girl’s head, but, fortunately, the other girl approaches the red headed girl and hugs her. They immediately bond. This is the beginning of a new friendship.


Then, still holding the doll, she approaches mom shyly. Though nervous, she permits the mother and daughter to play with her red locks. This boosts her confidence, and she plays with her sister.


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However, good times don’t last forever. Soon, things began to change. The red headed girl started feeling isolated from the rest of the family. She becomes uncomfortable with loud noise and has a phobia of bright light. That’s when the behavior starts becoming bad, and things go wrong.



For example, mother shouts at the girl when she spills wine on a spotless white tablecloth. The girl stops playing with her, and in frustration starts pulling away from the little girl’s most beloved possession, her doll.



She tries to seek mom’s attention by troubling her when she is washing her utensils by tucking it her shirt at that time but ending up further.




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