The 2020 beauty trend for you based on your zodiac sign

2020 is all about trying new things and pushing past your boundaries — and that should apply to your beauty routine too! Before you start reading the rest, you might want to miss this opportunity to get this beverly hills md coupon codes! Stay beautiful and take care of your skin. When it comes to your go-to makeup, skincare, and hairstyles that you are so used to, not many will be willing to experiment with new trends that they are still skeptical about. But in the spirit of the new year, maybe its time to put your old eyeshadow palettes and worn out clay masks away and try your hand at a new beauty trend this year. Besides beauty trends, fashion trends are changing this year as well and it will do you a world of good to explore them on sites like London x city to stay chic and trendy. But for now, let’s dive into a list of popular beauty trends that you can try out based on your zodiac sign!

Taurus: Sustainable Skin Care

When it comes to the responsible and dedicated Taurus, having a sustainable skincare routine and religiously sticking to it on a daily basis is no challenge at all — but we’re not talking about that pop over to these guys to find out more. Instead, we are challenging you to switch your products up a little and investing a little more in environmentally-friendly makeup! There are various brands in the market that boasts of its eco-friendly products made of sustainable and recycled items, that have been proven to also work wonders on the skin. 

Gemini: Mood-Shifting Nail Polish

We all know that Geminis aren’t afraid to express their true emotions, and will never shy away from voicing their own opinions as well. So Geminis, we’ve got you covered. With the new mood-shifting nail polish in the market, you will be able to express yourself through your nails! The nail polishes are temperature-activated and will change hues based on how you are feeling — hot, cold, and everything in between! With the myriad of color selections in the market, you will be able to find one that matches your every mood, read more at the link.

Cancer: Watercolour eyeshadow

As a water sign, Cancers will definitely love the watercolor eye shadow trend. Long gone are the days where you redo your eyeshadow countless times just because the colors don’t match and your strokes don’t blend — it is all about having fun with the colors and having those pops of hues strewn on haphazardly onto your eyelids. Not only is it fun and stress-free to apply, but it also looks absolutely amazing!

Leo: Textured Blunt Cut

Represented by a lion, Leos are dominant, fierce, and confident creatures, so why not get a haircut that symbolizes your true personality? The latest 2020 textured blunt cut is great for you as it encapsulates your feisty energy, while also providing you with the ultra-convenience of a low maintenance haircut. Get ready world, look out for the chic and edgy Leo coming your way!

Virgo: Blurred Lips

Virgos are known to be perfectionists, so why not challenge yourself to take on the blurred lip effect that takes a little finessing? Apply the glossy wand onto the center of your lip and slowly work your way in with your fingers as you blend it outwards, creating that blurred finish. You can also add on a little extra gloss to make your lips extra kissable as well! This takes a lot of perseverance and willpower to power through, as it is a look that requires the extra effort — perfect for Virgos!

Libra: Mismatched Eye Shadow

As adventurous as Libras are, this new mismatched eyeshadow trend packs a punch for your overall look. Essentially, applying different tones, hues or completely contrasting colors on each eyelid is the look that you want to achieve. This trend is suitable for the bold and the daring, perfect for Libras who are bored of their usual makeup style. This gives you a fun yet classy vibe and is definitely a head-turner for all the guys (or girls)!

Scorpio: Choppy Layers

Funky and eccentric are the two qualities that we absolutely adore in Scorpios. The choppy layered trend is a level up from last year’s shag, and it is all about pumping it up and getting the party started! This look doesn’t just suit everyone, and it is specially reserved for the quirky individuals that Scorpios are. A hairstyle that requires little to no upkeep, Scorpios are definitely going to rock this look!

Sagittarius: Colourful Eye Shadow

Adventure and imagination are what a typical Saggitarius craves on a daily basis — they need that extra oomph in life and will embrace any challenges that may come their way. So why not take this up a notch by adding pops of color to your eyelids with the colorful eye shadow trend? Sagittariuses will definitely not be afraid to use extravagant and vibrant colors to own the look — they’ll blow up this year!

Capricorn: Flushed, Glossy Lips

Another lip trend coming your way for all you practical Capricorns! They enjoy a look that is wearable on a daily basis, yet giving that little hint of wild and free in them. Flushed glossy lips are just the trend for you: think nude mixed with a dash of red tint, followed by a dash of gloss to finish the look. With extremely versatile lips, you can dress it up or down for any given occasion!

Aquarius: Bling Bling Nails

This all-over bling nail trend is perfect for the free-spirited Aquariuses who just want it their way. Fill your nails with sparkles, crystals, and gems, and get ready to show off your claws! If you prefer it to be a little less in-your-face, try covering just one nail on each hand to make them look chic and subtle. Play around with the different elements and let your nails go wild!

Pisces: Graphic Eyeliner

As Pisces individuals are incredibly creative and artistic, this graphic eyeliner trend is perfect for them who are one with art. A level up from the standard cat eye, this trend allows them to connect with their inner desires and do it up however they like. A tip is to use a liquid eyeliner that glides easily on your skin, allowing you to own the look.

Aries: Dip-Dyed Ends

This unique fire sign loves everything novel and new, so dip-dyed ends will be fuel to your fire. Rock this look with vibrant colors like electric blue or hot pink, or tone it down with mellow and pastel colors like lavender or baby blue. How ever you do it, this hairstyle will make it seem like a music festival every day, giving you the daily excitement that you crave in life.


This sums up all the latest beauty trends that we have challenged you to take on in the new year. The way you rock it and turn it up a notch depends on how you like to do it — so get creative and own the look! Be confident and strut your way through life as you embrace the new look, giving yourself a chance to try out something new!

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Medium Length Hairstyles for Women-New and Trending Ideas

Medium length hairstyles are some of the most versatile haircuts for ladies thanks to their varied range of lengths that are available for women. Apart from that, medium length haircut styles are the most popular hair lengths. However, the style a lady with medium length hair can wear is anything but average.
Therefore, experimentation of each length is important to take advantage of each style. Feel free, to transform your medium length hair into a fresh and classy style. Here, you will get some of the best and trendiest medium length hairstyles every lady is yearning for this year.

1. A-Line Blonde Balayage Bob

This A-line bob with subtle layers appears super sleek and doesn’t take much of your time when it comes to styling it every morning. It is a medium length hairstyle that you can prep the night before by blow-drying it using a round brush, so the next day, you wake up with ready smooth hair. Lighten up the hue with a blonde balayage technique incorporating tones of light brown at the roots.

2. Lovely Choppy Angled Lob

If you are looking for a medium length hairstyle that is low-maintenance, then this shoulder-length haircut is the ideal for you. The lob is an ideal length so it can be easily styled in loose, carefree curls or just add some subtle braids to come up with a beautiful half updo.

3. Round A-Line Lob

This is the best hairstyle for the ladies who want a polished haircut. You can’t get it wrong with this long rounded bob. Maintain the sections of the locks nearer your face elongated than the remaining braids to get a cute angled yet sleek shape. This technique also gives you an opportunity to trim long side bangs correctly to give you face cute frame.

4. Medium Haircuts with Swoopy Layers

Medium length hairstyles often require a well-shaped layer to give a nice, sleek flow in your curls. To get a rounded shape, go for side bangs and some swooping layers that cascade to your shoulders. You can add more accents to get an enhanced dimension that promotes the dynamic impact from the layers.

5. Shoulder-Skimming Balayage Lob

The blend of caramel balayage and chocolate add flavour to any hair type. The lighter streaks are placed subtly to accentuate the medium length hair, therefore enhancing more dimension and freshness to the lob. Make sure the strands that are lightened up are fall to your cheeks to give you more luminous complexion.

6. Provocative Blonde and Black Bob

It is always like taking a walk on the wild while experimenting with medium length hairstyles that incorporate dark base that is contrasted with blonde or platinum lengths. This medium length hairstyle is for courageous women who want to win the attention of the crowd.

7. Platinum and Golden Balayage Lob

There are many medium length hairstyles to select from. However, the problem lies in deciding the best shade and cut combination to go for. The combination of platinum and golden is a stylish and fresh duo. So, it is a sure-fire bet for women who have been wondering whether blondes are more fun.

8. Gorgeous Ash Blonde Bob with Base Fade

With this medium length hairstyle, natural brunettes can rock cute blonde shades as well. Let your stylist choose the light blonde hue that allows the natural roots to glitter throw. To avoid stark hue difference, opt for stretched roots that slowly fades into blonde accents.

9. Side-Parted Accentuated Style for Thick Hair

With thicker hairstyles, you should be careful when selecting the right length for your hair. You can choose layers to manage the volume of your tresses in a free-flowing haircut. The face-framing tresses can also be highlighted to make the thick hairstyle less bulky.

10. Blonde A-Line Bob with Fringes

Hairstyles for ladies who want to maintain their hair at the shoulder length appear glam when bangs are incorporated. Go for a nice highlight and trim side bangs that effortlessly flow across the main route of the hair. Incorporate blonde accents to complete this beautiful hairdo and finish it with curling iron or straightener.

11. Wispy Messy Blonde Bob

This is an ideal choice for the ladies with thin hair. This hairstyle allows you to enjoy all that comes with a medium-length bobbed haircut. The tousled effect makes the trimmings of your hair look like wispy, giving you a more texture in the entire style. Highlight the ends further to make the hair appear thicker with golden blonde and beautiful platinum highlights.

12. Dimensional Blonde Balayage Bob

Getting the right haircuts for ladies with greying hair can be a tedious job, but you can make the transition easy with ash blonde highlights. Intertwin the blonde hues with the layers to get an exciting two-toned look. Finish by styling the hair straight and rock a sleek hairstyle all day long.

13. Hoppy Blonde Bob

Medium length hairstyles for ladies can be edgy-anyone who refutes this? This is an example of bob on the shorter side from the medium. The deliberately jagged and uneven layers characterize this style. They accentuated the whole style. Ladies who want fun and youthful haircut, this is the best bet for them.

14. Angled Bob with Extended Choppy Layers

If you opt for a lob, you shouldn’t choose layers that are too short lest you get a more stacked shape. If you have a naturally curly texture, it is smart to go for an elongated side when it comes to trimming different levels of fringes into your hair. However, you can create an angled cut for an enhanced structure.

15. Soft Blunt Blowout Style

Generally, women hate it when they have to blow out their hair every morning. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. With this beautiful shoulder length hairstyle, your hair can last for long.

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Cute Layered Bob Haircuts: Modern Styles with Layers for Any Event

Whether you are hairstyle maniac or you simply don’t care about hair trends, you must have tried layered bob haircuts. With varying lengths and textures, undoubtedly there is a bob that looks great on your face and matches well with the type of your hair. Contemporary bobs utilize the layering that works to boost or reduce volume hence making the entire look chic and sophisticated.

Remember that when selecting your preferred cut you should also think about how you will style it best. However to makes things more comfortable, you can follow the most-renowned haircuts trend-setters. Anyway here are some of the chicer layered bob haircuts incorporating all modern vibe you can imagine.

  1. Cute Pale Blonde

If you are bestowed with thick hair, you can make your locks appear fuller without necessarily using the dye tricks. Go for a bold hue that enhances cool vibe to your bob hairstyle. The pastel blonde is sexy and whimsical with some toughness; ideal for ladies who are both sexy and seductive.

  1. Modern Blonde Bob

If you are searching for a layered haircut with the sophisticated appeal, opt for the side part and the extended bangs that match perfectly with the remaining beautiful choppy cut.

You have many options to choose to style your layers and give them a unique feel. You can pick sea salt spray or hair gels meant for short hair. Experiment with each style to know the one that works best for you.

  1. Touchable Simple Wear Bob

This look gives you an opportunity to toss and play with your hair all day long. It is a cropped haircut with correctly done layers. However, you need to leave the work of styling this haircut to an expert to get the desired look. You can get the pictures for this style from Facebook or Instagram and tell your stylist to give you an exact look.

  1. Wavy Bob with Highlights

For fabulous, dimensional bob, choose layers that show off both lowlights and highlights. Thanks to the bright hues, the waves are more than just typical swirls. Curl the tresses at the back and tuck them. Keep the middle layers in alternating directions to get a beautiful, sexy style with enhanced femininity.

  1. Inverted Layered Chocolate Blonde Bob

An inverted extended layered bob haircut is more refined hairstyle than the typically inverted bob. It incorporates the same wedge shape, but the difference is the way the two bobs look. This one appears softer and reveals less neck area.

  1. Inverted Messy Bob for Women with Straight Hair

Bobs usually appear smooth and sexier on women with straight hair, since the nape part is lifted. By incorporating messy layers, you come up with a rough texture that gives your facial features sweeter contrast.

  1. Curly Layered Haircut

This beautiful look incorporates short curls and warm, cinnamon-tan hue that gives this cut nothing more but life-transforming especially for women with red or brown hair.

Women blessed with naturally curly hair will get a hairstyle that is just like a wake-up-and-go style. This haircut is modern, yet simple.

  1. Voluminous Ash Blonde

This feathery layered bob hairstyle incorporates layers throughout. It derives the messy look from the backcombing style. The ash blonde shade adds to this style-forward look. Regardless of how you wear it, whether edgy, straight or smooth with a shaggy touch, you are sure to steal the show for all the right reasons.

  1. Nape-Length Layered Haircut

Ideal for months of summer, this layered bob reveals the nape of the neck, and it is effortless to keep. You can opt to layer the hair from the crown to the bottom, but keep the style blunt and accurate. You can ask your stylist to improve the efficiency of the depth using the accented and shaded sections.

  1. Refined Side-Parted Bob

This is the best cut for women who need to maintain the length of their hair. The hair is side-parted to present asymmetry fullness, and that enhances the refined and seamless final appeal.

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21 Easy Tips To Control Acne In Teenagers

Teen age is no doubt an excellent phase and is also undoubtedly the most problematic age. As kids we long to become adults and live their life. As adults we yearn to become children and enjoy the bliss of childhood. The in between stage which is Teenage is the most confusing age. We are neither considered as adults nor as children during our teenage and so expectations of others from us keep confusing us. Adding to the mental confusions hormones causes so much of imbalances in us that right from mood swings to pimples and acnes, we experience all the unexpected.

While we do not have much control over many changes caused due to hormonal imbalances during teenage, one thing on which we have reasonable control is our skin problems. Many companions come uninvited and some of them are Acne, cysts, white heads, Black heads and pimples. These are highly embarrassing and cause tension due to their adamancy.

If you are suffering from teenage related skin problems like acne, and others problems read the page to get to know your skin. Remember, you are not the only one suffering from the same. 90% of the teenagers around the world suffer from acne and other related skin problems.

Actually, what is Acne? 

As mentioned earlier, during teenage hormones in the body undergoes tremendous changes. The Sebaceous Glands which are otherwise in simple terms known as skin’s oil glands secretes an oily fluid named Sebum. To get the best Bellamianta tan, click on this link! This gets formed on the surface of the skin entering through the pores in the skin’s surface. The cells on the surface then mix creating a clog. This clogs increases in number to form pimples.

Things that aggravate Acne

01. Scrubbing in a rash manner

While Acne are not caused by dust which has been an age old belief, the clogging due to which acne or pimples are formed gets irritated when the skin is scrubbed in a harsh manner. When the skin gets irritated, more oil is produced leading to increased clogging that results in increased number of Acne and pimples

02. Meddling with the pimples

Teenagers who get affected by Acne and pimples tend to feel like just picking them out and just throw them away. This habit becomes detrimental to the pimple or acne being touched as well as the other parts touched by the finger that touched the acne and pimples. The bacterium that spreads across through the fingers creates more acne and pimples.

03. Pressure on the skin

Many things we regularly use in our day to day life tighten the skin from different angles saving the dirt accumulating on the skin, spreading the resultant bacteria. Some such things that we regularly use are tight collars, back packs and vehicle helmets we wear.

04. Unbalanced hormones in women

The fluctuations in hormone levels in women, particularly during their menstrual cycle causes acne and pimples in women to a large extent

05. Food plays a significant role

Dairy products may be one of the reasons that cause and aggravate pimples and acne. This is because animals that give us dairy product are given foods that are rich in hormones. Due to this fact, the products they give out also tend to be rich in hormones causing fluctuations of the same in humans who consume them.

Prevention and cure for Acnes in Teenage

Prevention is certainly better than cure, more so with teenage acnes. We have provided some effective ways to prevent and cure acnes that appear during teen age so the teenagers and their parents could benefit out of the same

1. Cleansing

Keeping your skin clean is the most important aspect to prevent as well as cure the acnes. When the skin is cleaned, it gets protection from getting affect with dirt and oil created by sebaceous gland. This will help the skin to be healthy in today’s context as well as avoid any breakdowns in the future. Ensure good quality soft cleansers are used on your skin to clean the same so further damage is not done to the skin.

2. Moisturizing

Irrespective of the type of skin breakouts causes damage to the skin. While oily skin directly causes skin breakouts dry skin too cause the same since our body compensates for the lack of oil in the dry skin. Using the wrong products may also make the skin coarse and hard. Start using good quality moisturizers on the skin. Add to the same a little bit of sunscreen when you venture out on the sun. This will help the skin maintain a good texture and at the same time avoid you from getting tanned due to the heat of the sun.

3. Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating is one of the key processes in maintaining the skin in a proper manner. Usually products that exfoliate the skin comes in cream form and many quality ones are available. Choose the right one for you and exfoliate your skin. When you use an exfoliating cream, apply it and gently massage for a couple of minutes before you wash off the face. This will help your skin get rid of dust and dirt that sits on the follicles damaging the skin further

4. Tone your skin

Applying a toner after exfoliating the skin is absolutely important so that the pores which got cleared from dirt and dust after the exfoliation process remains clean. Using toning creams also helps in tighten the pores in the skin. Witch Hazel toners and those made of Apple Cider Vinegar helps a lot in toning the skin while keeping acne away.

5. Don’t meddle with your face

It is the habit of every youngster to meddle with their facial skin every now and then. Avoid touching the facial skin frequently since the dirt in your hands may settle in the face making the complete effort put in exfoliating the same a waste. This may also result in inflammation making the skin turn red

6. Drink plenty of water

Drink as much water as possible. Drinking minimum 8 to 10 glass full of water on a daily basis increases the elasticity of the skin clearing the pores and making the skin glow with radiance. Drinking a lot of water helps your skin manage its texture in a finer manner

7. Healthy diet

While eating junk food can cause damage to your skin in an indirect way to some extent, not having food that is high in nutritional value also is a major reason for getting skin related problems. Ensure you add fruits, whole grains and vegetables to your diet in a regular manner. Have food items that have high nutritional value so the good effects of the same gets reflected in your skin

8. Pillow covers matter

People suffering from acne must ensure they change their pillow covers at least once in a week so that their skin remains safely away from the dirt and bacteria on the pillow covers. Ensure these pillow covers are washed in skin friendly detergent so no allergy is caused to the skin owing to this factor

9. Kick away stress

Researches show that stress is main cause for many physical ailments, skin problems being the major ones among them. Keep away from stress and avoid getting involved in activities that may cause stress. When your mind is free of stress, it remains rejuvenated keeping your skin healthy and glowing

10. Exercise regularly

An optimized blood flow in the body helps keeps the skin healthy and rick looking. Exercising regularly helps optimize blood flow in the body. Exercise regularly and ensure you take bath after exercising so that the sweat and oils created during exercise doesn’t clog causing damage to the skin

11. Benzoyl Peroxide is highly helpful

Use products which have 3% or lesser quantities of Benzoyl Peroxide on the skin which enables growth of new cells on the skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is available in various forms like soaps you can make at home adding key elements in to a soap making stick blender. The cleansing activity they do is a thorough one providing goodness for the existing cells.

12. Salicylic Acids help

Use Salicylic acids removes the dead skin cells while regenerates new skin cells. When the skin around the acne regions dry off, acne tend to fade over a period of time. Regularly using products that are rich in Salicylic acids helps get rid of Acne quickly in a pain free manner

13. Sulphur is an anti-Acne product

Breakouts on the skin happen when there is increased oil content get lessened in the skin. Sulphur clears off the excess oil content protecting the skin from break outs in an effective manner. Use products that have sulphur content to safeguard your skin from acnes and pimples

14. Using Retinoid will help

Dissolving the grime accumulated on the skin and clearing out the clogs formed over the skin will solve many skin related problems including acnes. Retinoid which is high in Vitamin A helps in an efficient manner to clear off these clogs and dissolving the grime accumulated on the skin. Use Retinoid frequently as recommended to get rid of acnes and pimples particularly during teen age

15. Tea Tree Oil is highly effective

The antibacterial qualities of Tea Tree Oil work on the microbes which are the basic causes for your skin pores getting clogged. Take a little bit of Tea Tree Oil and apply very gently on the acnes. Applying excess of Tea Tree Oil may make the skin red causing irritation

16. Facial peels will do wonders

Getting rid of microbes and dead skin will help safeguard oneself from skin related problems and in particular acnes. The gel form in which facial peels comes helps in getting rid of these microbes and dead skins reducing the occurrence of skin break out. Such facial peels also helps in maintaining the skin healthy when used regularly.

17. Treating through Laser

Glands that remain underneath the skin secreting oils is the main cause for many of the skin related issues more predominantly acnes. Laser treatments, provide effective solution for this problem by killing the oil secreting glands underneath the skin. While it may be a painful experience the solution provided appears to be worth the pain

18. Treatment through light

This is a kind of treatment where a unique wand is used to slam the bacteria with the help of soft pulses of light rays. This is a painless and easy way to get rid of skin breakouts in an effective manner

19. Sleep well

Sleeping well helps the body to rejuvenate the skin cells. Ensure you sleep at a fixed time every day. Sleeping for eight hours completely helps your body to help your skin remain healthy and glowing

20. Apply make up with oil free products

Avoiding make up is the first recommendation for those people who are suffering from severe acnes and pimples. However, if you cannot avoid makeup at least use only oil-free products for making up. Using low quality make up products which can be harsh on skin may cause more damage to the skin. Remember, heavy makeup done to hide those skin breakouts is always harmful to skin since it is going to clog the pores throughout the day till the makeup is done away with

21. Use clean gadgets

By gadgets, we do not mean the creams and other stuff that touches your face regularly. We mean the electronic items that come very close to your face, sometimes even touching them. Some such gadgets we could think of are ear phones and mobile phones. Get them cleaned regularly particularly when you are using them after someone else has used them.
Teenage is a wonderful stage in life. Whether or not you have acne and pimple glowing with radiance in that young age is of high importance. Ensure nothing comes your way to spoil your looks. Take care of your skin in a meticulous manner by cultivating healthy habits and we bet you will just enjoy your teenage without any blemishes

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Why She Is Rubbing Her Toothbrush On Her Face? This Lifehack Is Awesome

#1 Blackheads

If you have loads blackheads and do not know what to do, here is an idea:
Put some toothpaste on a very clean toothbrush. Wet the toothbrush and also your nose and the areas affected by loads of blackheads
Using a toothbrush, try to gently rub the area for several minutes. Always avoid the eye area please.
Also, always sterilize your toothbrush in somewhat hot water after use.

#2 Toothpaste

It is known that most toothpaste contains ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, baking soda, and alcohol – all things that are basically used to take down zits.

#3 Toothbrush

You can also use any other paste which promises some natural ingredients and even avoids chemically composed or synthesized products, or you can always make your own. Depending on your age, for your teeth you tend to select a soft toothbrush or a bit slightly hard one. But, when it comes to skin, try to always consider a toothbrush which is really very soft and not particularly round.

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10 Amazing Skin Care Tips To Look Young After 25

Some ages are crucial in our lives. They are like break even points for certain activities which are physical, mental and emotional in nature. Physical changes happen more rapidly as we cross some of the significant ages in life. Among the many other parts of our body, our skin is one part that constantly ages every passing day. Particularly when we reach 25, we undergo so many physical and mental changes that we consciously realize the difference ourselves. One particular change that none of us relish but feel threatened about is the ageing signs that takes over our skin. The many wrinkles, fine lines, pores, dark circles and pores make us feel worried about our own selves. When choosing beauty products to sell or to use for your business it’s crucial to choose the best and we have recently been using these featured Swiss cosmetics from which have been very effective, so if you have a beauty business then you can definitely consider using those. By clicking read more, you’ll get to know the best products that will help you with this problem. While we try to hide all these skin enemies through make up and other possible ways, all these are temporary in nature and so makes us work on them in a recurring manner. We provide here some permanent solutions for all these issues. Here are some tips to help you maintain your skin in an effective manner so its radiance permeates all around the environment you are in, aside from the treatment people generally undergo at PRP treatment from My Botox LA.

1. Keep your face cleaned periodically

Natural as well as chemical cleansers are available in many numbers. Choose the best option for you. Clean your skin regularly once during the morning time and once before bed time. Clean the skin gently massaging the skin thoroughly both times a day using the Cleanser that suits your skin’s texture. When you massage your skin with a good quality cleanser, the dust and dirt that is accumulated n the skin’s surface gets cleared. The skin pores get rid of impurities accumulated on them giving them a radian glow. The skin also tends to feel soft and supple when compared to un-cleaned skin which tends to be dry.

2. Tone up your skin

Toning is a crucial aspect to skin care since this is the step in which your skin tends to retain its natural self. The toning process closes the pores so that no dist or dirt settles in. Toning also tends to tighten the skin so that sagging of the same is avoided. There are many high quality toners available in the market place from various established brands. Natural Rose Water is one of the best toner that suits any type of skin for many years now.

3. Keep your skin moisturized

As our age increases the water content levels in our skin tends to get reduced. This leaves our skin dried up and tightened giving it an aged look. It becomes important to keep the skin moisturized by using high quality moisturizers that are available in the market place. Get the perfect moisturizer that fits in your skin type and make your skin look young and supple at all points of time. Moisturizing your skin keeps it away from ageing quickly. Whenever your moisturize your face, ensure you moisturize your neck also

4. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a process during which the skin is made to drop dead cells present all over it for various reasons. Exfoliation also creates new skin cells that are healthy. Skin that is ageing and so is dry is the main benefactor of exfoliation process. Many exfoliating creams belonging to good quality brands are available in the market place. Natural ex-foliators like Orange peels and oatmeal help in exfoliating skin of all types in an effective and safe manner. For availing the maximum benefit from the exfoliation process, exfoliate your skin at least once in a week.

5. Protect your skin

Sun which is the basic source of heat and light also acts as a skin damaging agent if proper precautions are not taken. Undue exposure to the sun tans the skin causing freckles that make one look aged. While wearing a scarf or a broad hat can help prevention of the facial skin getting exposed to the sun’s scorching rays, wearing a sun screen will help to protect many parts of the body. Be careful while selecting the sun screen. Always go in for branded ones and ensure you choose the sun screen lotion that suite your skin type

6. Massage your facial skin

Remember, your skin needs pampering. Particularly after 25 years of age, you need to pamper your skin as much as you will pamper your own baby. Facials are the best way to pamper your skin particularly the one in the face. Facials help the skin look fresh and glowing. Do facials at least once in fifteen day. Go in for the perfect facial creams and products that not only clean the facial skin but also keep the wrinkles away from your skin. The feeling of rejuvenations that a good facial offers is one of its kinds which you will feel happy to experience

7. Skin Masks and Face Packs

Facials use face masks and packs. However, these can be used separately also. Applying face packs or masks helps in revitalizing your skin tightening the same. Such skin packs and masks can be made at home using normal items that are available at tome. Some such items are Almond oil, Eggs, Rose Water, Honey and Gram Flour. Face masks or packs made of these natural items can be used even in lesser frequencies like once a week since these do not cause any harm to the skin. On the contrary they make the skin healthier when used often.

8. Anti ageing is more important

Wrinkles and fine lines make you look older than you are. So it becomes important to use products that are against projecting you older than you are. You may as well opt to having a facial botox that is a non-surgical injection to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Many people use botox, and it seems like a nice option for those that don’t have time or would like to avoid a more involved surgical procedure.

Anti ageing products galore all over the market and choose the best one that suits your skin type. Ensure you use such anti-ageing products regularly so you skin are used to looking young for your age constantly. Anti ageing products increases elasticity of the skin increasing the collagen production. Go in anti-ageing products that are rich in natural ingredients and Vitamin C, Retinol, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Ensure the manufacturer’s instructions provided along with the products are adhered to when using these products to avoid any possible side effects. You may also add creams and serums on your daily routine to get rid of bags under eyes. Eyebags and dark circles makes you look older so investing on specially formulated eye creams will surely give you a more youthful glow.


9. Nourish your skin

Antioxidants are very crucial for our skin. Particularly when we age, our skin needs to be helped with antioxidants. Using products that are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and A among the many other things available become important. Such antioxidants combat efficiently with free radicals formed in the skin increasing the elasticity of the skin. They make the skin smooth by working in firming up the skin. Skin nourishing skins must be use in the night so they provide the maximum effect on the skin through the night time when you sleep

10. A good diet plays a significant role

A well balanced healthy diet is important to maintain a glowing skin. Ensure the food you eat is abundantly rich in fruits and vegetables. The anti oxidant qualities fruits and vegetables possesses cleans the system periodically. Eat food items that are rich in minerals, carbohydrates, Vitamins, proteins and Fats. Drinking a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water helps flush out the unnecessary toxins in the body that spoils the overall skin texture. This helps to keep the skin moisturized so it remains glowing and healthy looking, at all points of time

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10 Face-Washing Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Now

We will not be surprised if you give that “What” kind of look when we say face washing mistakes. We have been washing our face for many years now. However, there are many little nuances that need to be taken care of while washing our face. Washing the face in the right way will help maintain the face healthy and glowing. Washing the face in a wrong manner may only damage the existing freshness and skin health on the face causing many more dermatological issues like breakouts and dryness. It is really shocking to know that we have been washing our face the wrong way all through our life till now. We provide some key points to practice while washing the face so that our face looks young and glowing for the rest of the years

1. Choose the right cleanser

face washing routine face washing tips face washing stepsEnsure you always chose the best quality cleanser for washing your face. Choose Cleansers which clean just the dirt and grease on your skin. When you choose a cleanser for removing Make up, go in for Makeup cleansers that are mild on your skin. Cleansers must not clean your skin of its nutrition making it look dull and dry.

2. Wash the face just once a day

face washing headband face washing sponge face washing band maplestory face washing tool face washing productsUnless out facial skin gets exposed to high levels of dirt during travelling or outing, avoid cleaning the face more than once a day. When on a normal routine, our face requires just one wash which will clean it to the required levels. Washing the facial skin often will make the same look dried out

3. Lukewarm water helps

There are many myths prevalent about skin care. One among the myths is the fact that skin pores get opened up when we use hot water and gets closed when washed with cold water. Remember, hot water or cold water cannot be the levers that open and close the facial skin pores. Use lukewarm water to clean the face with superior quality cleanser and see the magic work on your face

4. Avoid excess exfoliation

face washing soap face washing pads face washing with coconut oil face washing wipes face washing techniques face washing order face washing mistakesTo avoid the facial skin from tugging, exfoliate the same using your fingers in a gentle manner once or twice a week maximum. Avoid using clothes for exfoliating since this may cause damage to the skin cells. Excess levels of exfoliation may make the skin dry

5. Rinse completely

face wash acne face wash and pregnancy face wash allergic reaction face wash acne prone skin face wash at walmart face wash and scrubRinsing is one of the most important aspects of face care. Rinsing completely takes away the dirt and grease that have got accumulated on the surface of the face. Not rinsing the face properly will make the pores clog leaving the skin dried out. Rinse in such a manner that no artificial elements like the lather from cleansers stay back. Rinse intricate areas like hairline, nose and jaw line thoroughly

6. Avoid ingredients that irritate your skin

face wash acne scars face wash at target face wash apple cider vinegar face wash aloe vera face wash acne sensitive skin face wash aveenoSometimes we may get tempted to smell fresh and use colorants and fragrances on the facial skin. Do not make your facial skin suffer using such products since they may irritate the skin. While some of these products causes a burning sensation others may lead to severe skin infections

7. Pat. Don’t rub

face wash and baking soda face wash at whole foods face wash avene face wash amway face wash ayurvedic face wash anti aging face wash at cvsRubbing gives a nice feeling. However, the fact is your facial skin does feel so nice when you rub it with a towel. Every time you cleanse or exfoliate your face, ensure you pat it with a fresh towel after rinsing the face. Avoid using used towels which may spread bacteria on your cleaned skin

8. Moisturize in perfect timing

face wash alcohol free face washing brush daiso face washing brush reviews face washing brush walmart face washing brush siliconeThe key to moisturizing is the timing. Apply moisturizer on your face as soon as you make your facial skin fresh and clean. This will help the moisturizer to work faster on the skin retaining the existing moisture levels. Follow the same logic when you use special products for skin treatments and serums too

9. Quality matters not money really

face wash brands face wash benzoyl peroxide face wash bootsTry to allocate at least a small portion of fortune every month to be spent on skin care products. When you hesitate to spend money here, it may make you spend money for curing the outcomes that low cost products cause

10. Oils help a lot

face wash brands in india face wash body shop face wash before or after shaving face wash benefitsIf you are one among those who have an oily skin, don’t worry. You can make use of the oils recommended for skin care like people with other skin types have. Recent discoveries point out that oils are one of the thickest friends of your skin

If you are convinced that you have been making many or all of the mistakes above on your facial skin, follow the above tips we have provided. Make every passer by turn around and have a second look at your blemish less radiant looking face

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Hands are very important in doing different works. They are very important aspect in maintenance and they tell a lot about a woman. Taking good care of hands make them look beautiful and also its shows the hygienic level of those women. Nails are also the part of hand and healthy nails show your healthy intake.

Even after taking so much care of the hands and nails, the brittle and weak nails grows very slowly. Here is amazing trick that will help you make your nails stronger and thus longer only in one week.


1. Take a bowl and add some hot water to it.

2. Now add garlic, a bit of olive oil and squeeze one lemon into the hot water.

3. When the water turns a bit cold, dip your fingers into it for 20 minutes.

4. If you do this daily, you will see results in a week.

5. Now Watch This Video For Complete Procedure



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Believe Me Applying Eyeliner Is Really Easy! Try These Tips To Become Pro

Many people, not knowing the right technique to do it, find applying the eyeliner cumbersome and try to refrain from using it. But everybody agrees that it is an integral part of eye makeup, and eye makeup is incomplete without it. But trust me, it becomes extremely easy if you know the right technique, as there is a method in the madness for everything, including the application of makeup. So, read on the find the right technique to apply the eyeliner. You will become as good as a professional if you learn these.

1. Different types of eyeliner:

There are three different types of eyeliner. These are solid in the form of a pencil, liquid, and gel. You have to choose which one suits you best. Now this selection may seem to be useless, but is very important and can make or break the look. The pencil eyeliner does not spread well. Liquid one is a little tough to apply and is for pros. The gel one is the easiest to apply, being like nail paint, giving a smooth finish. Choose accordingly.

2. Colour of the eyeliner:

Though black is the most commonly available and used colour for eyeliner, there are other colours too. You can try them for an offbeat look. You also get the option of matching it with the colour of your dress.

3. The right way to apply eyeliner:

It can be a bit tricky sometimes and thus requires accuracy and patience. You first sit or stand, whatever you prefer, then take the eyeliner brush and make your hands stable, as a shaky hand will spoil the look, and then put the little finger on your cheek to take support and carefully start applying the eyeliner.

4. Use dots and dashes:

With different variants of eyeliners, there come different ways of application suitable to a particular type of eyeliner. When using a liquid eyeliner, make tiny dots on the lash line and then join them for a smooth finish. You can also make dashes if making dots is difficult for you. Then wait a few seconds for it to dry up.

5. Never stretch your skin:

You should never stretch your skin, if you want a smooth finish. But if by chance the look gets messed up, put a cotton bud to use to correct it.

6. Jelly can be used to clean eyeliner:

Though people are unaware of it, lip gloss can be used for instant cleaning. I’m sure you didn’t know this!

7. Smudge it well:

To add a professional touch to your liner, try smudging it. But be sure to do it well, as it may make the look messy. Use a good smudge brush.

8. Fill water line and tight lines:

Follow the above-mentioned steps. You should preferably use a waterproof eyeliner while filling water line to prevent any damage to the precious eye.

9. An even touch:

When you are finally done with the application of the eyeliner, apply translucent powder. This will avoid crease stamp. You will need some translucent powder and eyeshadow blending brush for this.

10. Do you want a catty look or a winged eyeliner one?

After you master the art of applying eyeliner, you can try different trending styles like a catty look or winged eyeliner look. These look very stylish.

11. Watch this useful video to Learn the different techniques of eyeliner application!


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8 Eyeliner Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making

It is often said that eyes are the most lovely part of a women. Eyes speak without words. Women often use makeup to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Eyeliner is very commonly used by women, and it also improves the beauty of their eyes. Yet there are some very common mistakes make in applying the Eyeliner. Take a look and see if you do the same:

1. Panda look given to eyes:

Some women love to use Eyeliner below their eyes too, not understanding that it makes them look like a panda or raccoon. So, try to avoid that.


2. Eyeliner applied without the use of primer:

Primer is an important part of eye makeup. Its purpose is to even the skin tone on eyelids. Applying Eyeliner without primer is wrong. You should apply primer first before applying Eyeliner as it gives a smooth base and makes Eyeliner smudge proof.

3. Employing wrong technique for application:

You should not apply the Eyeliner randomly if you do not know the proper technique. Take a small piece of tape, place it below your eyelids and then apply the Eyeliner. This will prevent any smudging.


4. Using dried out Eyeliners:

You should never use a dried out Eyeliner as it appears to be very light on the eyes and gives a rough finish. Before applying, you should always make sure that the Eyeliner is not dry or old.

5. Incorrect blending:

Eyeliner should be blended property with the eyes to provide a natural look. This, however, most women do not do. So, try this.


6. Using curler after using Eyeliner is a common mistake made by women.

This gives an uneven look to the eyes as it smudges the Eyeliner. You should, however, use the curler before applying the Eyeliner, as it makes the application of Eyeliner easier.

7. Lash lines:

You should not leave a gap between the upper Eyeliner and lash line. If you are leaving a gap, fill it gently by lifting the upper eyelash and filling the gap.


8. Using liquid eyeliner:

Liquid Eyeliner is meant to be used only on the upper eyelids, not below the eye. Use an eye pencil there as it provides a cleaned, smudge free look.


If you are using any of these techniques, try not to do so as they fail to provide a good look to your eyes, defeating the very purpose of makeup.


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The Cutest Tattoos You Have Ever Seen In A Long While

1. Always young

Imagination is the greatest gift of mankind, make sure you don’t lose it even when you grow up!

2. I Heart You

A perfect tattoo which resembles love and reminds us of Mickey Mouse!

3. Beautiful Garden

With such an awesome tattoo on her back, it is guaranteed that she can make anyone smile.

4. Your Own Butterfly

An extremely beautiful tattoo which also makes the butterfly seem real – this one will never leave you back!

5. Flower Power

Whenever she feels depressed, she can always look at her arms and look and experience the beauty of those awesome roses.

6. Cat Lover Special

The tattoo is really simple, yet its quite creative and is perfect for people who love cats.

7. Concrete Rose

This tattoo shows that a person can be hard and confident and soft and compassionate depending upon the situation, just like today’s most girls are!

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10 Clever Tricks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine For The Better

#1 DIY Lip Stain

Did you know Kool-Aid makes the best “kissable” lip stain? The color lasts forever, and it tastes nice too!

#2 Fix a Broken Nail

Follow this step by step tutorial to become a master at nail fixing! The process will take patience, BUT your final results will show it. For the fabric material, try using a tiny piece of a first-aid fabric bandage.

#3 DIY Dry Shampoo

Here’s an awesome recipe to make your own scented dry shampoo. Make a whole jar ahead of time and keep it stored for when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

#4 Use Mascara as Eyeliner

If you ever run out of eyeliner while applying makeup, simply use your mascara as a stand in. All it requires is an eyeliner brush to follow the tutorial below.

#5 Cover Undereye Bags

Instead of applying under the eye coverage with “dots,” your eyes will appear more open. if you swipe makeup down vertically under the eyes like below.

#6 Double Ponytail

Here’s a simple way to make your ponytail look longer, fuller and sexier! Simply divide hair into separate portions and make two ponytails, one directly above the other.

#7 Keep Eyebrows in Place

Use Vaseline to hold your eyebrow hairs in place, or alternatively hairspray on an old toothbrush applied to brow hairs works too.

#8 Rid Split Ends Fast

To rid awful split ends without getting an overall haircut, simply divide you hair and twist, the split ends will stick out for you to snip off! Just know, this is very addicting to do!

#9 Clever Hair Curling Hack

Here’s how to make your curls last longer: When curling your hair with an iron, start in the middle!

#10 Get FAST Wavy Hair!

First what you need to do is to braid your hair in sections. Now run a heated flat iron over each braid, let it cool and release. Voila, you now have wavy hair!Source

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How To Do A Foot Spa At Home

Foot spa is a very essential thing if you really want to care for your foot. All day long our foot is the soft part that is made to undergo such hardships. But it is you who can give it a soft and glowing look even at home. You can do that simply by doing foot spa and that too at your home. You do not have to visit the parlor for the same.

1. The Steps that are Involved In doing a Foot Spa include the following:

1. Preparing your nails
2. Soaking the Feet properly
3. Scrubbing out Dead Skin
4. Properly applying the Rejuvenating Pack
5. Moisturizing Your Feet
6. Painting the Nails

2. For all these you need a list of items that must be kept ready beforehand. These include the following:

• Bucket of lukewarm water
• Any essential oil you want to use
• Rose petals
• One cup of sugar
• 2 cups of milk
• One seasonal fruit
• A cup of oats
• Approximately two tablespoons of honey
• Fresh cream
• Cuticle pushers
• Clippers for your nails
• One nail file
• Pumice
• A nail cutter
• One nail scrubber
• Aromatic candles
• A nail polish remover
• A towel
• Olive oil or almond oil
• Cotton swabs

Let us have a look at the process of doing foot spa at home in greater details.

1. Preparing your nails:

At the very beginning you need to clean your nails by using a nail polish remover. Then, cut your nails according to your desired size and then also make sure that you do not cut the corners of the nails deep enough. After that you need to file your nails in a good shape.

2. Soaking your feet properly:

Soaking your feet is perhaps the most relaxing part of the entire procedure, check out this inflatable hot tub brands and get one to boost your spa day. During this procedure, you will feel as if you are really in a spa. You just need to relax. Just fill up some warm water in a bucket or tub just to cover your ankles. Add some milk with some salt and any essential oil. Just use smooth pebbles or add two spoons of lemon juice. Let the feet soak for about 15 minutes. Just sit back and relax.

3. Scrubbing out any dead skin:

after your feet is fully dry just scrub out some dead skin which is very vital in the entire process.

4. Properly apply the rejuvenating pack:

This step is very vital. You need to make sure that the rejuvenating pack is applied very carefully and also thoroughly. This is the main thing that will make the skin of your feet very soft and smooth.

5. Moisturizing your feet:

Your feet are now very clean, the skin is supple. However, this is not the end of the pampering. Now you have to intensely moisturize the skin of your feet in order to seal the perfection. You can use either olive oil or almond oil, or even a combination of both. Gently massage the foot and the calf muscles.

6. Painting the nails:

Your feet are now relaxed. The skin is already rejuvenated. Now, to make it look a bit more elegant and beautiful the final step involves painting the nails of your feet.

Finally, your much-needed foot spa now becomes complete. Instead of going to the parlor and wasting loads of money to get a foot spa, you can easily follow the above steps and get your desired beautiful looking foot in a short span of time.

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10 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong

Everyone wishes that their hair always looks perfect, soft and shiny. We want to style out hair in all sorts of ways, yet we don’t want to cause any damage to it. In fact, most advertisements related to hair products nowadays, are targeted towards this purpose.

But, as we all know, most of these commercial products don’t really work. You get upset and move to a new brand and still you have the same result. You just don’t know what you are doing wrong. This articles lists the top 10 signs which show that your methods of washing hair aren’t correct.

1. Drying with a towel isn’t the best solution

When you dry your hair with a towel,

2. Greater quantity doesn’t always translate to better quality.

Many people think that the more amount of shampoo or conditioner used, the better. But that isn’t true – you are not in a competition with your friends regarding who uses more, just use a nominal quantity.

3. Scrubbing too hard

If you scrub your hair too much, it can cause a lot of problems –making the hair weaker leading to hair loss. Just be gentle so that you don’t accidentally cause damage. But if you are already experiencing hair loss, try using a hair stress leave in treatment.

4. From root to tip!

We don’t wash our hair the right way sometimes, when we are in a rush. The root is the most important part of the hair, so you need to take extra care. Make sure that you apply the conditioner near the tip and root, to help in better moisturization.

5. Shampoo isn’t the best choice

You are probably thinking that all those advertisements that show shampoos make your hair soft and silky must be true. Unfortunately, in the long run that is not true. They do show positive results for a short term, but using them daily can cause hair damage due to the harmful chemicals present in them. Your hair will become dry and it might even cause hair loss. A better option is to just use plain water to wash your hair for hair loss prevention.

6. Don’t always resort to repetitiveness.

The rinse and repeat method may not be the best option. Your hair loses most of the moisture making it dry and it can lead to hair loss in future.

7. No more hot showers

After having a tiring day at work or school or college, when you return home, the first thing that you wish to do is to get in a hot shower. But hot shower causes damage to your hair – using lukewarm water is a better choice.

8. Keep track of time when applying conditioner

After you use conditioner, people don’t let it settle and they wash it. You need to time yourself. Also detangle your strands when you have conditioner and see the smoothness like you’ve never before. via

9. Don’t condition your hair when its wet

Many people condition their hair after washing even when it is wet. You need to know that it is wrong – you should not condition wet hair cause it damages your hair.

10. Cool water

After having a shower, use cold water to wash your hair. You will notice improvements soon.

10. Don’t forget to watch this video: Remove Hair Color in 1 Wash Tutorial ?

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16-Year-Old Gets The First haircut Of Her Life And Looks Totally Unrecognizable

#1 Roxy’s Hair

Roxy has never had 1 haircut in her 16 years of life, leaving her hair long enough to literally TOUCHING THE FLOOR while standing. But she decided to cut the mane before she goes off to college and becomes a woman. The epic transformation was caught on camera by Seventeen Magazine.

#2 The Style

So what kind of style and cut did roxy receive? Well the hairstylists on set had an idea to give her a curly Vannessa Hudgnes style haircut.

#3 The Moment Of Truth

It must have been an emotional goodbye before she decided to chop her hair, as it’s been with her every day for 16 years! The look of shock on her face is priceless…it’s gone girl!

#4 Look At Her Now!

How amazing is the transformation – She looks like an entirely different person! Roxy decided to donate her long locks to charity Beautiful Lengths, and set the record for the longest hair ever donated.



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Tattoos That Will Make You Super Uncomfortable

#1 Ouch

He’s got a permanent hook stuck!

#2 Slasher

Looks like he survived a bear attack!

#3 OMG

There’s always a pencil handy

#4 Take It Off

What if you could unbutton your skin?

#5 Real OG

Been shot more times than 50 Cent.

#6 Eye See You

He’s always watching down below…

#7 Creepy Crawlers

Spiders have taken over his body…

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10 Awesome Beauty Hacks Girls Must Include In Her Daily Schedule

It is the dream of every woman to look her best at all times. However, due to the hectic lifestyle, most of us have, it is impossible to take care of our health all the time. Hence, we often visit the beauty clinics for a quick change. But they are expensive, and everyone can’t afford them.

Also, they can have side effects, so natural home remedies are much better. This article consists of the top 10 beauty hacks that every woman should know. Remember to include them in your daily routine and notice how it can completely change your appearance.

1) Sore foot treatment.

Massaging is the best way to soothe your foot ache. Mix 3 tbsp. Of sesame oil and three drops of clove oil in a bowl. Then use this mixture to massage your feet. You will find that your pain has disappeared within just 15 minutes.

2) Natural cure for the unwanted double chin.

The best solution is to chew gum many times every day. Only use sugar-free gum, though. Otherwise, it might damage your teeth and gums. The constant chewing is excellent for the toning of the facial muscles.

3) Treatment for the ingrown nail.

Dip the finger with the ingrown nail in a bowl of soapy water for around 15 minutes. Continue doing this twice every day for at least a week. Also, cover the nail with a bandage after applying an anti-fungal or antibiotic cream.

4) Detoxify your armpits within a week to prevent breast cancer.

Get rid of harmful deodorants and choose this detox solution to cleanse all toxins from your body. Creating your natural deodorant is easy – you just need Apple Cider Vinegar, Rosemary Essential oil, and Cilantro Essential oil.Mix bentonite clay and the vinegar and then add the oils. Mix until it forms a paste and then apply a smooth layer of the paste on your armpit. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. Then wash with water, and continue doing this at least once a week to keep your armpits clean and reduce chances of breast cancer.

5) Quit eating non-vegetarian dishes.

This is even more crucial if you are overweight because you will quickly lose weight if you are a non-vegetarian. Also, your chances of getting affected by cardiovascular diseases are greatly reduced.

6) Follow a healthy diet plan.

Consuming excess fatty items can not only increase your weight but also make your face look dull. Try to remove the following items from your diet –biscuits, processed food, white rice, chocolates. It is better to switch to a healthy diet rather than consuming these spicy and fatty food items.

7) Use the natural moisturizer for skin.

Honey is brilliant as a natural moisturizer and can make your skin glow. Apply honey on your skin at least thrice every week, and you will notice the change soon.

8) Whiten your teeth with a banana peel.

Banana peels are great for whitening the teeth. Just rub them on your teeth for a minute. For the next 10 minutes, keep the peel in close contact with the teeth. Then using a dry brush, brush your teeth the usual way. Continue doing this at least four times every week, and you will notice the change soon.

9) Whiten your nails with toothpaste.

Take a lemon and apply a few drops of lemon juice to your toothpaste and then turn it to a paste. Apply it on your nails and wait for a few minutes for it to dry off. Then take a toothbrush and rub it off. You will find that your nails have become much whiter immediately.

10) Take a warm shower before going to bed.

You might be extremely tired after a long day of work, but still take a shower because that will make you feel fresh and energized immediately. It also helps in good sleep.

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8 Easy Fashion Hacks To Turn You Into A Fashion Diva

I am pretty sure that almost everyone, at least at some point in their lives, had to give up wearing a shirt or any other dress just because there was a minor problem. If you find yourself in similar situations often, together with, we have the perfect way to find the most suitable fashion for you.

You will find here the top 8 easy fashion hacks which are bound to make your life a lot easier and transform you into a fashion diva, no matter what the occasion is. So read on to know about these fashion hacks.

1. Dye on jeans

Having blue patches all over your favorite jeans is quite irritating. However, there’s an easy way out. Pour some vinegar into a bucket of cold water, and keep the jeans in the water overnight. You will find that the patches are gone in the morning.
easy fashion hacks fashion hacks for jeans

2. Shirt size too big

If you find that your shirt is too big for you, just tie the shirt bottom into a knot. Check the picture to understand it better. This makes you look trendy while also solving the problem of the big shirt, if you need new clothing check the CK fashion store. easy fashion hacks for women

3. Stuck zipper

If you find that the zipper is stuck, apply some Vaseline on the stuck zipper, and it should solve the problem. In case you can’t find Vaseline, take a pencil and rub its tip in the zip, which should also address the hacks for women

4. New tights

If you want to increase the longevity of your new tights, take some hairspray and apply it to them. That way, you will find that your tights will remain like new for a longer period. fashion hacks 2016

5. Tight pants

Many times, our favorite pants grow tight, sometimes because they have shrunk or because our waist size has increased. Next time you want to wear them, just give them a stretch after washing and let them dry in the air. You will notice that the pants have stretched significantly making it easier to wear them. fashion hacks for guys fashion hacks for ladies

6. Leather jacket no longer fits

If you find that your favorite leather jacket no longer fits, yet you want to wear it somehow, try to fit in somehow when it’s raining. Congrats! You can now wear your jacket without anyone making any comments!easy fashion hacks for guys easy fashion hacks for ladies

7. Stain on shirt

Stains on shirts occur frequently. Maybe you just noticed that there is a stain on your favorite shirt and you have to attend a part within an hour. No problem! Just take a sanitizer with you and on your way, rub it on the area where the stain is, to find the best sanitizer you can also use for your hands, click here. It should be gone within an hour.
fashion hacks tumblr fashion hacks for man fashion hacks book

8. Smelly Jeans

I am sure that you have often felt embarrassed when your friends have mocked you for wearing smelly jeans. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!Just keep them in the freezer. However, don’t forget to keep the jeans in a packet before placing it in the freezer, or else your freezer will become smelly too!
fashion hacks for winter fashion hacks for summer fashion hacks india fashion hacks pinterest fashion hacks and tipsSource

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What Actually Happens At A Victoria’s Secret Bra Fitting

Victoria’s Secret is considered to be one of the most popular brands according to girls worldwide. For women who are thinking of buying a new bra, it is often their first choice. However, you might be surprised to know that Victoria’s Secret isn’t that great, as people claim it is. It doesn’t have many bra sizes, so it forces you to choose a size that doesn’t fit properly. Check out what happens at the VS fitting stores below.

1. Fitting problems occur frequently at the VS store

This is even more common for women, with larger breasts.

2. Reason

The reason behind this problem is the fact that Victoria Secret, at least in USA, only allows bra sizes up to 40D and not beyond that. Source

3. What about those women who can’t find a proper fitting bra?

If Victoria Secret cares about its customers, then it needs to find a proper solution to this problem; maybe they should start designing bras for sizes above 40D as well. Source

4. How the customer handles the situation

The associates at the mall have to face the main problem. Customers come and ask them for a larger size bra, while they have to lie that the customers probably need a smaller size one. In fact, one associated even confessed to doing something similar. She said that when a customer asked her about a larger size bra, she just couldn’t tell her that nothing in this store could fit her, so she just lied that her size is probably 38B and she has been wearing it wrong the whole time. Source

5. Not the right thing to do

However, this is definitely not the right thing to do. If the associates just tell the truth, the customers will leave, instead of wasting precious time and money on other products which will be of no use. Source

6. Lack of knowledge

While some associates lie deliberately, some of them don’t even the knowledge to determine the proper bra size and just tell their customers the wrong size. Source

7. Plenty of alternatives

You might be thinking that what you should do in such a situation, but since there are so many alternative brands nowadays, you don’t need to worry about similar situations. Source

8. Models wearing wrong size

What’s even more surprising is the fact that the Victoria Secret models themselves sometimes wear the wrong sized bras. Photoshop is used to give them the perfect look. Source

9. Be happy

So you should be happy that you no longer have to comply with the limited sizes available at Victoria Secret. If they don’t keep your size, just switch to a different brand. Using a more comfortable size will be beneficial even in the future.

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Newest Hair Trend: Hidden Hair Tattoos

There are always new trends hitting the world by storm. And lately, it seems like your hair is the biggest trend setter. And now there is a thing called “Hidden hair Tattoos’. Take a look!

1. The under-cut

This type is a recent one that was started by Cara Delevinge. As you can see, instead of a full on undercut, the back of the head by the nape of the neck, the hair is shaved in a bit of a pattern.Source

2. Peek – a- boo!

It is done so carefully and cleverly with different types of patterns and styles. But it is only seen when the hair is tied up. This one here is quite cute actually.Source

3. The Tattoo

I don’t know why they call it a tattoo, but no ink is used at all. T is literally only cut and shaved with scissors and a razor. But it must take some careful and precise skill to get this right.Source

4. Also a trend on Instagram

So far, many girls are actually getting this type of thing done on their own hair with different types of designs and patterns. And most of them are posting their pictures on Instagram to follow the trend and even try it out for themselves.Source

5. Styles and designs

It is actually quite amazing how many different hair styles you can use and different tattoo designs you can come up with. It is definitely a creative type of trend. It is perfectly unique to each and every girl that has her own Hair tattoo done.Source

6. Combined with real Inked tattoos

There are also a couple of girls on Instagram that have real tattoos and actually combined the hair tattoo style together to create something even more unique, and it looks super cool!Source

7. Maintenance

It may look really cool, and be a nice creative outlet. But the only problem with this trend is maintaining the upkeep of your hair growing out so fast. So if you are broke and cant visit the salon often enough or just plain lazy, then this trend definitely isn’t for you.Source

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