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8 Eyeliner Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making

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It is often said that eyes are the most lovely part of a women. Eyes speak without words. Women often use makeup to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Eyeliner is very commonly used by women, and it also improves the beauty of their eyes. Yet there are some very common mistakes make in applying the Eyeliner. Take a look and see if you do the same:

1. Panda look given to eyes:

Some women love to use Eyeliner below their eyes too, not understanding that it makes them look like a panda or raccoon. So, try to avoid that.


2. Eyeliner applied without the use of primer:

Primer is an important part of eye makeup. Its purpose is to even the skin tone on eyelids. Applying Eyeliner without primer is wrong. You should apply primer first before applying Eyeliner as it gives a smooth base and makes Eyeliner smudge proof.
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3. Employing wrong technique for application:

You should not apply the Eyeliner randomly if you do not know the proper technique. Take a small piece of tape, place it below your eyelids and then apply the Eyeliner. This will prevent any smudging.


4. Using dried out Eyeliners:

You should never use a dried out Eyeliner as it appears to be very light on the eyes and gives a rough finish. Before applying, you should always make sure that the Eyeliner is not dry or old.
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5. Incorrect blending:

Eyeliner should be blended property with the eyes to provide a natural look. This, however, most women do not do. So, try this.


6. Using curler after using Eyeliner is a common mistake made by women.

This gives an uneven look to the eyes as it smudges the Eyeliner. You should, however, use the curler before applying the Eyeliner, as it makes the application of Eyeliner easier.
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7. Lash lines:

You should not leave a gap between the upper Eyeliner and lash line. If you are leaving a gap, fill it gently by lifting the upper eyelash and filling the gap.


8. Using liquid eyeliner:

Liquid Eyeliner is meant to be used only on the upper eyelids, not below the eye. Use an eye pencil there as it provides a cleaned, smudge free look.


If you are using any of these techniques, try not to do so as they fail to provide a good look to your eyes, defeating the very purpose of makeup.


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