Videos Vs. Images. Which Format Has A Higher Success Rate With Consumers?

Assume for a moment that you are caught between two different brands of eyeliners. While Brand A promotes its product as an image, Brand B endorses videos in its promotional campaign. Now, whose marketing campaign would entice you and convince a purchase?

Brand B, of course, because it’s ten times more practical and real than an image!

Into the bargain, Databox reports that Facebook video ads get 59.3% of the clicks in contrast to Facebook image ads, which can ace only 29.6% of click-through. These numbers show the potential benefits a brand could amass if and only if they would leverage the platform ingeniously.

Are you game in, to take your video marketing campaigns up a notch?

Let’s do some learning!

Why Are Videos Performing Better Than Images?

1. Better Engagement

This might not be a surprising factor, but a recognition-worthy one. As you saw the numbers displayed by Databox, videos are more personal, more intriguing, and of course, more sales-compelling than images.

While social platforms are plagued with numerous advertisements, you’d gain a cutting edge over your competitors when you post videos to the news-feed of your consumers, which is oftentimes, cluttered with tons of images.

Since still images wouldn’t thrill viewers, you’d do well to use videos to drive more engagement while sending the message across. This tiny bit of engagement would build awareness for your brand and would seamlessly coerce the viewers down your sales funnel.

2. Better Education

While walking your prospects through their buying journey, you must educate and nurture them. After all, your digital consumers aren’t ignorant. They do their research and compare and contrast various brands’ value propositions before making a purchase.

For a case in point, imagine running an image ad copy. You’d want to put in as much content as possible to convey everything you want to. But this would lose your consumers’ attention and would be just another ad copy in their news-feed.

Here’s where video marketing would give you a leg up in the industry. Pointedly, you could convey as much information as you need to help your consumers understand your offerings and thereby execute the desired call-to-action.

3. Better Eminence

Lastly, understand well that consumers want businesses who would value them, and not merely sell to. And it’s only through videos that you could brandish your business as the thought leader in the industry.

Furthermore, you’d also be able to gain the trust and loyalty of your prospects. By keeping them engaged, you’re delivering what’s of value to your target audience. This way, you’d be their go-to for all their pain-points.

Video Marketing in The Face of Marketing Goals

Sure, videos are performing better than images in terms of engagement and click-through rates. But how does it impact your sales?

The narration below is for you to devour.

1. Increased Visibility

First off, search engines love videos. And what does this mean for your business?

Increased visibility among quality prospects, ones who actually convert. By promoting your videos on YouTube and other social platforms, your search visibility goes through the roof!

2. Increased Conversions

According to a study by Hubspot, videos could augment your conversions by 80%. This demonstrates the power of videos to influence buyer decisions. So, look at video making as an investment and not an expenditure. With a dynamic business video maker software, you can reap triple-fold your expenditures.

3. Increased market

What business doesn’t covet a loyal consumer base, and even more so, brand ambassadors?

Yes, you’d do anything to amass such a clientele community.

You would have to climb Mount Everest and all to accomplish this feat. All you need is video promotions running on your social channels. According to the Precision Marketing Group, 92% of the video consumers share videos with their family and friends.

That’s what video marketing would accomplish for your brand. It’s a lucrative flywheel where you bring consumers to your brand, who then spread the bright side of your brand amidst other prospective buyers. The flywheel keeps spinning until you breathe only money!

I’m A Sales Person! I Don’t Do Videos!

True, you are a salesperson and don’t know the knack of making videos. But don’t let this stop you from driving sales for your brand. There are tons of marketing video maker software out there. With these tools, you can create your first, professional, sales-compelling video in a jiffy.

Assured promise, you need no technical or video making or editing skills. It’s that easy that you could learn it in your lunch break!

So, don’t be daunted by video creation. Simply follow the steps below, and you’d do just fine.

1. Use A Video Template

If you’re creative enough, you can very well start on a blank canvas. Otherwise, you could use the available templates to kickstart your project. Besides, you can customize the offered templates as per your needs. Right from branding to the delivering message, it’s all a work of mixing and matching.

2. Personalize the Video Template

Besides the available animations and images, you can also drag and drop graphics, adjust music, texts, fonts, and other assets in the workspace to stroke the color of personalization. This way, it wouldn’t be any random marketing video, rather one that’s authoritative and compelling, speaking to your audience in your brand’s voice.

3. Download and Publish the Video

Once you are done making your video, you can either download it to your desktop or directly export it to your social channels.

And that’s it! You would have successfully created and published your marketing video, in just fifteen minutes.

Immediate Footsteps

Now that you know what marketing and business videos can accomplish for your brand, in contrast to still images, it’s now time to follow the right course of action. By creating marketing goal-related videos, such as promotional videos, or educational videos, or product demonstration videos, you can level up your marketing tactics and attract buyers from every walk of their buying journey.

After all, what’s a knowledge sleeping in the brain?

Leverage a video making software and begin creating stunning videos before your competitor does!

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The 2020 beauty trend for you based on your zodiac sign

2020 is all about trying new things and pushing past your boundaries — and that should apply to your beauty routine too! When it comes to your go-to makeup, skincare, and hairstyles that you are so used to, not many will be willing to experiment with new trends that they are still skeptical about. But in the spirit of the new year, maybe its time to put your old eyeshadow palettes and worn out clay masks away and try your hand at a new beauty trend this year. Besides beauty trends, fashion trends are changing this year as well and it will do you a world of good to explore them on sites like London x city to stay chic and trendy. But for now, let’s dive into a list of popular beauty trends that you can try out based on your zodiac sign!

Taurus: Sustainable Skin Care

When it comes to the responsible and dedicated Taurus, having a sustainable skincare routine and religiously sticking to it on a daily basis is no challenge at all — but we’re not talking about that. Instead, we are challenging you to switch your products up a little and investing a little more in environmentally-friendly makeup! There are various brands in the market that boasts of its eco-friendly products made of sustainable and recycled items, that have been proven to also work wonders on the skin.

Gemini: Mood-Shifting Nail Polish

We all know that Geminis aren’t afraid to express their true emotions, and will never shy away from voicing their own opinions as well. So Geminis, we’ve got you covered. With the new mood-shifting nail polish in the market, you will be able to express yourself through your nails! The nail polishes are temperature-activated and will change hues based on how you are feeling — hot, cold, and everything in between! With the myriad of color selections in the market, you will be able to find one that matches your every mood.

Cancer: Watercolour eyeshadow

As a water sign, Cancers will definitely love the watercolor eye shadow trend. Long gone are the days where you redo your eyeshadow countless times just because the colors don’t match and your strokes don’t blend — it is all about having fun with the colors and having those pops of hues strewn on haphazardly onto your eyelids. Not only is it fun and stress-free to apply, but it also looks absolutely amazing!

Leo: Textured Blunt Cut

Represented by a lion, Leos are dominant, fierce, and confident creatures, so why not get a haircut that symbolizes your true personality? The latest 2020 textured blunt cut is great for you as it encapsulates your feisty energy, while also providing you with the ultra-convenience of a low maintenance haircut. Get ready world, look out for the chic and edgy Leo coming your way!

Virgo: Blurred Lips

Virgos are known to be perfectionists, so why not challenge yourself to take on the blurred lip effect that takes a little finessing? Apply the glossy wand onto the center of your lip and slowly work your way in with your fingers as you blend it outwards, creating that blurred finish. You can also add on a little extra gloss to make your lips extra kissable as well! This takes a lot of perseverance and willpower to power through, as it is a look that requires the extra effort — perfect for Virgos!

Libra: Mismatched Eye Shadow

As adventurous as Libras are, this new mismatched eyeshadow trend packs a punch for your overall look. Essentially, applying different tones, hues or completely contrasting colors on each eyelid is the look that you want to achieve. This trend is suitable for the bold and the daring, perfect for Libras who are bored of their usual makeup style. This gives you a fun yet classy vibe and is definitely a head-turner for all the guys (or girls)!

Scorpio: Choppy Layers

Funky and eccentric are the two qualities that we absolutely adore in Scorpios. The choppy layered trend is a level up from last year’s shag, and it is all about pumping it up and getting the party started! This look doesn’t just suit everyone, and it is specially reserved for the quirky individuals that Scorpios are. A hairstyle that requires little to no upkeep, Scorpios are definitely going to rock this look!

Sagittarius: Colourful Eye Shadow

Adventure and imagination are what a typical Saggitarius craves on a daily basis — they need that extra oomph in life and will embrace any challenges that may come their way. So why not take this up a notch by adding pops of color to your eyelids with the colorful eye shadow trend? Sagittariuses will definitely not be afraid to use extravagant and vibrant colors to own the look — they’ll blow up this year!

Capricorn: Flushed, Glossy Lips

Another lip trend coming your way for all you practical Capricorns! They enjoy a look that is wearable on a daily basis, yet giving that little hint of wild and free in them. Flushed glossy lips are just the trend for you: think nude mixed with a dash of red tint, followed by a dash of gloss to finish the look. With extremely versatile lips, you can dress it up or down for any given occasion!

Aquarius: Bling Bling Nails

This all-over bling nail trend is perfect for the free-spirited Aquariuses who just want it their way. Fill your nails with sparkles, crystals, and gems, and get ready to show off your claws! If you prefer it to be a little less in-your-face, try covering just one nail on each hand to make them look chic and subtle. Play around with the different elements and let your nails go wild!

Pisces: Graphic Eyeliner

As Pisces individuals are incredibly creative and artistic, this graphic eyeliner trend is perfect for them who are one with art. A level up from the standard cat eye, this trend allows them to connect with their inner desires and do it up however they like. A tip is to use a liquid eyeliner that glides easily on your skin, allowing you to own the look.

Aries: Dip-Dyed Ends

This unique fire sign loves everything novel and new, so dip-dyed ends will be fuel to your fire. Rock this look with vibrant colors like electric blue or hot pink, or tone it down with mellow and pastel colors like lavender or baby blue. How ever you do it, this hairstyle will make it seem like a music festival every day, giving you the daily excitement that you crave in life.


This sums up all the latest beauty trends that we have challenged you to take on in the new year. The way you rock it and turn it up a notch depends on how you like to do it — so get creative and own the look! Be confident and strut your way through life as you embrace the new look, giving yourself a chance to try out something new!

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10 Facts About Cheap Essay Writing Services

Students who are struggling with their assignments usually turn to the internet for help. They look for top-quality writers from reputable websites to do their work for them for a price. There are so many writing services out there and the price they charge for their services varies on price.


While others charge a price many students find cheap, some charge a premium. If you are a student working with a limited budget, below are 10 facts you need to know about cheap essay writing services like

They offer top-quality papers

While this does not apply to all cheap essay writing services one might come across, a student needs to inspect the quality of their work. The majority out there have a very strict selection process when they are hiring their writer. 


They will only accept writers that have a degree, masters or diploma. Being cheap doesn’t mean you will not get a good quality paper. Some cheap essay writing services will actively train their writers to make sure they deliver quality at all times.

They offer a wide range of services

Students do not turn to essay writing services just to get their paper written. They also turn to them for extra services because they know that the website has specialists in citing references, formatting, editing, proofreading, research, report writing and more. 


The more the services a writing service has to offer, the more likely they are to attract many students despite not charging a premium.

Cheap essay writing services product content that is unique

Writers on these websites can write in various academic formats such as Havard, APA, Chicago, AMA, MLA and more. They will make sure that references are cited properly and the paper they hand over to a student is 100% original and plagiarism free. 


Papers are never used or resold because they know it can not only ruin their reputation but also land the student in trouble with their college or university.

Cheap essay services offer students affordable prices

The price that an essay writing service charges can be the difference between attracting students or putting them off. If a student doesn’t have plenty of money to spend, they will not be willing to pay a higher price to get their paper written.


They will look for a bargain. Cheap Essay writing services offer students affordable prices to get their paper and will not charge them extra for additional services like editing.  

Cheap writing services will update students constantly on the progress of their paper

Good quality essay writing services will provide their students with the best assistance possible. They will employ the very best and make sure they are well trained to deal with anything that students throw at them especially when it comes to assignments. 


Students will present different challenges to writers based on their academic studies. A writer’s advanced skills and experience will ensure they deliver good quality content before a student’s deadline.

Affordable essay writing services will protect their client’s information

Essay writing services have to make sure they do not share or leak student’s or client’s personal information. They do this by making sure that they have the best cybersecurity software available. A writing service that keeps personal information secure earns the trust of their clients and they will come back for repeat business.

Cheap paper writing companies offer round the clock service

Students can ask for help at any day and hour. It is up to an essay writing service to be read when needed otherwise a student might look elsewhere. Many cheap writing services are available 24 hours a day. 


This level of availability allows a student to check on the progress of their paper at any time and request changes to receive the best content possible. Writers can be reached via live chats, emails, telephone or text.

Money-back guarantee

Any company out there that is trustworthy will offer a refund or have a money-back guarantee if customers don’t get what they expected. When writing services accept an order placed by a student, they will assign an expert to deal with it. 


If the writer does not deliver the requirements placed by the student, they will get their money back no questions asked. Any writing service that does not have a money-back guarantee in place means they have something to hide.


Just because a writing service is cheap, doesn’t mean they can offer customers or students discounts. Students who come back regularly and place orders will be given different coupons or discounts to allow them to save even more. This can be if a customer has reached 15,000 words written for example.

Extra free services

Cheap essay writing services offer students free plagiarism reports, bibliography, title page, proofreading, and revisions. These are things a student never has to pay for because they come with the price a student pays for the writing service.

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The Best Recipes To Try In 2020

The new year is still relatively new and with regards to food and health, it’s a year so many proposed to eat healthier and try out new meals different from their regular go-to foods. With statistics showing chronic illnesses to be on a rampage in recent times, it has become more important for people to cut down on sugar, high carbohydrate meals, and processed food. While opting to go for food rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Also, because of the tight schedules, some people run they would consider cooking as a time-consuming activity. However, we present to you the awesome do it yourself recipes that are easy to make and done in less than an hour.

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

This awesome combination of tortilla and chicken goodness is one very tasty meal you need to try and one that you can cook and be done in under 45 minutes. The ingredients to make this beauty include unsalted butter, shredded rotisserie chicken, creamed cheese, shredded cheddar, hot sauce, scallions, ground Cummins, corn tortillas, blue cheese, and its dressing. Preheat your oven to 400°F, add butter to your pan to avoid content sticking to the pan. Then mix your chicken, cream cheese, cheddar, cummin, and part of the scallion together in a container.

In a separate bowl, stir part of your hot sauce and butter with little water. Then put your chicken mixture into the tortillas and pour your hot sauce mixture on it. Sprinkle some cheddar and blue cheese as a coating. Then heat up for 15 minutes, if the cheese isn’t bubbly heat for a bit longer. Then add the blue cheese dressing as well as more hot sauce to your liking on the enchiladas. This would make for a perfect dinner after a long day. Do try it.

Glazed Salmon With Spiced Carrots

For your rich dose of Omega-3 acid and vitamins, you should try out this delicacy for a mouth-watering experience. If you cook this meal well you should get a golden and crunchy layer on your salmon. The ingredients needed are olive oil, honey, dijon mustard, lime juice and wedges, ground pepper, ground coriander, cumin, cinnamon, fresh mints, almonds, sliced carrots, and salmon. Add little oil to your carrot and shake till the oil is evenly applied on the carrots. Broil in a pan till the carrot soften. This should take 2 to 3 minutes.

Mix little olive oil, honey, and lime juice together in a bowl and whisk, then apply the mixture to your salmon on all sides. Now put your salmon next to your carrots in the pan and season with salt and pepper. Carefully shift your carrot to a side in the pan to avoid interference with the salmon. Now broil till the salmon is golden brown and your carrots tender. Now mix olive oil, coriander, cumin, lime juice, cinnamon, mint, and almond in a bowl, whisk properly then add your carrots, little salt, and pepper for taste. Your meal is ready, dish your food and add the lime wedges for a tastier experience.

Chipotle Meatball Burritos

How better to get meatballs, fluffy rice, refried beans, jack cheese, and more in one package than via the meatball burritos? Your eating adventure just got better. You would need meatballs, chipotles, refried beans, frozen brown rice, flour tortillas, shredded Colby jack cheese, salsa fresca, avocado, lettuce, grounded pepper, olive oil, and salt. From the ingredients, you can tell that you are in for a treat. Heat up your meatball and chipotle salsa, add a little water. Leave for about 7 minutes till the mixture thickens as you stir occasionally.

Then add your refried beans, cheese, rice, meatball mixture, salsa Fresca, avocado, lettuce, salt, and pepper. Fold the tortillas carefully and add the oil as a coat to all the burritos and wrap in a foil. Then heat up the burritos till they are brown, this should take longer than 5 minutes. Then you serve with more chipotle salsa to your liking. Your meal is ready. Ensure that your heat is regulated so your burritos don’t get burnt.


Cannabutter comes in handy as a replacement for those who use medicinal marijuana and are looking to infuse their drug into their food naturally. This cannabutter recipe is quite straightforward and easy to come up with once you follow these instructions. And once made can be used in place of butter for any meal preparation. The ingredients needed are cannabis and unsalted butter. To make cannabutter, first, you decarboxylate your cannabis. This is the process of heating your raw cannabis for the psychoactive compound THC to become active. To achieve this, you preheat your oven to 240°F. Then you add your cannabis and allow it to turn golden brown from green.

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4 Tips that Can Help You Find the Right Retirement Property

The time has finally come, you have been relieved of your duties, and you can finally relax at home for the rest of your life. But when you are living in a rented house, or in a noisy apartment, post-retirement does not feel relaxing at all. That is why buying one’s own property is the first goal of every newly retired person. When you are buying a house after retirement, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. You may want to invest in a house that is closer to your family or friend, or you may want to move out to a village to leave the city life behind. You can also check the retirement villages at Brisbane North because not only are they affordable, but they provide you that post-retirement luxury as well with a wide range of facilities. In this article, I have discussed a few tips that can help you find the right house post-retirement:


Consider Working with a Realtor

If you do not have any idea about real estate, then you must consider hiring a realtor. Hiring a real estate agent would not only allow you to find houses quickly, but it will also allow you to find a house that better suits your needs. A realtor will understand your main goal and will help you narrow down your choices according to it. The process of buying does include little complications, and a realtor can help you with that as well. On the other hand, if you think you know enough about real estate, you can scout the properties on your own as well.


Define Your Goals

Before you start looking for houses, it is important for you to define your goals. For example, your main goal could be moving to a community where they provide facilities one needs after retirement. That will help you narrow down your choices, and you would only have to put your thought and time into properties that actually serve your purpose.


Prefer Low-Maintenance Houses

You do not want to buy a house that will require a lot of maintenance in the future. While it is ok to buy an old house that can be improved over time when you are in your 30’s, it is not convenient when you are retiring. An older house requires a lot of maintenance, and you do not want the house to become a stress on you. That is why it is highly recommended that you invest in a property that is built in the recent past.



The apartment you are living in or the house you are renting may be bigger than you need it to be. If you have a house with several bedrooms, it does not necessarily mean that your retirement house needs to have multiple bedrooms as well. Your children have moved out of the house now, and you do not really need that much space. Instead of spending on a house that is bigger, you can spend on a house that is smaller but is located in a much better place.

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How to make the best first Impression on a Date

Dating is hard. You only ever get one shot at making a good impression before the moment’s gone. That’s why first dates are so important because needless to say, they’re what makes or breaks a potential relationship. Although there are certainly times when you’ll hear stories of relationships starting from terrible first dates. They eventually end up becoming memorable and comical memories to fondly look back on but most people would much prefer a successful first date than a disastrous one.


Hence without further ado, here are some tips for you to elevate your dating game to the next level.





  1. The Interview

Start off by imagining every date to go like a job interview; except, in this case, you’re not just the interviewee but also the interviewer. What we mean by this is that it’s always better to have a rough list of questions to ask to get the ball rolling or to save a conversation in case it becomes awkward fast. However, be mindful at the same time to not come off as too imposing by trying to pry out every piece of information from your date right at the start.


Just start off casually and let the conversation flow normally. You ask her a question and she reciprocates and vice versa. You might even build on your opening questions with related ones to either develop more interest in a certain topic or use it as a good segue to lead into other topics. Never give in to the urge to rush into things too quickly; the key is to take things slow and steady.



  1. A Little Bit of Flirtation

While almost everyone would agree that a person’s personality is the most important factor when determining if a partner is compatible, it’s undeniable that physical appeal or attraction is still a significant ingredient in the mix. Sometimes, a great personality alone isn’t enough to sustain a relationship long enough for you to find other qualities in your partner to spark a fire between the two of you.


Thus, while “looks don’t matter” per se, I’d argue that “looks aren’t all that matters” but realistically, they still do. It’s all about mutual compatibility, both mentally and physically. Thus, in order to develop a healthy physical attraction from the get-go, always play it slow. Don’t rush into things just because you’re feeling the heat. Remember: attraction has to be mutual for it to work. Take your time to know your potential partner and find out what her turn-ons and turn-offs are amidst finding common interests.


  1. Proper Phone Etiquette

Whether it’s calling or texting, checking your phone on a first date can be a real buzzkill. Nobody likes feeling ignored during a conversation so why would your date like such a behavior? In this modern age of technology, our mobile phones are practically attached to our hips — they are our life source for keeping track of everything going on in our lives. However, in this short moment that you’re sharing with this special someone, it definitely wouldn’t kill you to keep your phone away or place it face-down; putting it on silent mode (and not on vibrate) would even suffice.


Give your date your full uninterrupted attention for these few hours because these short moments might just become one of the biggest turning points in your life.




  1. Be Engaging

Now, I feel like there’s a distinction between being engaging and being exciting. Being engaging is being able to hold a conversation properly while sustaining interest levels between both parties without feeling bored or awkward. Being exciting, on the other hand, has a closer connotation to being entertaining; as if you’re a circus act trying to perform to a crowd.


You don’t need to have the most exciting or interesting life like conquering Mt. Everest at 25 or being a bungee jumping instructor as a profession. (Obviously, if you happen to have done all of these before, kudos to you!) However, just asking simple but engaging questions about your date’s life, profession, interests, and passions can really go a long way. Not only will you get to know your date better, but you’d also enjoy the process as well. Nobody likes a bore, so don’t be one!


With that being said, don’t be a conversation killer by ending your turn with a one-word answer like “yes” or “no”. If your date asks for your opinion on a matter, don’t just treat it like a multiple-choice question — treat it like an open-ended one instead. Elaborate on your answer with “No, but I think this is better…” or “Yes, I love that too, but how about…”. Such questions will give your date leeway to respond accordingly to your response rather than having to awkwardly think of a new question to counteract your awkwardly direct one-word answer. Help her to help you make the conversation flow and engage each other.



  1. A Personal Anecdote

One of the most important traits that many people look for in a potential partner is their sense of humor. Humor is a great way to connect with someone in a fun yet personable way. Hence, you’ll need to know how to play your storytime cards right.


Anecdotes, in my opinion, are the best way to give a person a little insight into your life in a lighthearted manner while still showing off your sense of humor. Telling a hilarious childhood story would definitely pique your date’s interest and perhaps get her to share one in return. It sets everyone in a good mood and hopefully dispels the nervous first-date jitters and relaxes both of you for the rest of the date.



  1. Avoid Controversial Topics

In line with maintaining good conversational flow, do try your best to avoid any controversial topics that are simply taboo for the first date: for example, asking about past relationships or starting a debate on religious or political standpoints. These topics are all a little bit too intense on a first date for obvious reasons. They are definitely delicate and sensitive viewpoints unique to each individual that may or may not leave a bad taste in their mouth if you guys disagree on something and the conversation turns sour. Hence, please be tactful with your choice of topics in conversation and avoid negativity at all costs. At the end of the day, the whole objective of a first date is to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.






First dates are often one of the most nerve-wracking things that you’ll have to go through in your adulthood when you’re trying to find someone special to potentially settle down with. However, don’t sweat the small things and just remember to always stay true to yourself.


Nobody wants to date a facade — and if the first date doesn’t work out because of personality clashes, then forget about it. You’re a small fish in a big pond with plenty of other fishes out there. Don’t feel disheartened by rejection. Confidence is key to lasting longer in the dating game because commitment is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. Another thing to look out for is the way you groom yourself; after all, ladies are naturally attracted to men who look and smell good. Having said that, feel free to source for the top pheromones for guys and find out which scents work best for you. I hope that these tips are useful and helpful for you as you tackle each first date as it comes. Now, go get them, tiger!

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Is It Safe to Hire Someone to Write My Paper Online?

Nowadays, the Internet is a great ally for our daily lives. We can find practically anything we need online: music, movies, etc. Besides entertainment, the Internet is also a great source of information for students of all academic levels. You can find online tutorials, books, research papers, and more.

Students can also find online help to do their homework. Have you heard of those services? If not, let us elaborate. Last years, many online companies that offer help to students have become popular. These companies advertise different types of services: tutoring, academic writing, etc.

Hiring a personal tutor is expensive. A very few students can afford to have someone at home to teach and help with assignments. This is why academic writing services have gained a large clientele. These companies offer a very attractive service: they can write your homework for a fee.

Think about it. It is very convenient. You do not have to spend countless hours at the library researching a topic. And you do not have to spend many sleepless nights in front of your computer typing a paper. All you have to do is “hire someone to write my paper” at WriteMyPaperHub, for instance. It is tempting, isn’t it? But, is it safe to do it?

You Should Trust Secure Websites Only

We all know that scams abound on the Internet. And you do not want to be the victim of a scammer when you use a writing service for students. Thus, this is why you must pay attention to the authenticity of the company’s website. How can you tell if their website is safe? Well, pay attention to the following points:

  • Verify that the website uses a secure protocol. If the website’s URL begins with HTTPS instead of just HTTP, the website is secure. This means that the connection to the server has an SSL certificate. Hence, any information sent to or received from the server is encrypted. This guarantees that your financial information for online payments, passwords, and other data remain hidden from prying eyes;
  • Read their privacy policy. The website must clearly state whether they collect data from you and how they handle this information. The data privacy laws in several English speaking countries oblige website owners to disclose the website privacy policy. They shall inform whether they share or sell the information they collect and whether they protect it on their server. A website that does not have a website privacy policy must be regarded as suspicious;
  • Another sign that a company is legit is the contact information on their website. This section must include at least a physical address (no post boxes), an email address, and a phone number. The contact information does not provide any security by itself, but it is an indication that the company is more trustworthy.

Moreover, for the specific case of writing companies, they must clearly state whether they have a money-back guarantee. Do they give your money back if you cancel your order? What if you are not satisfied with the paper they deliver? Will they pay compensation if they fail to meet a deadline?

Verify Whether the Writing Company is Legit

If you decide to pay an online company to write your paper, verify the authenticity of their contact information. Call them, or if possible, establish a video conference with them to inquire about their service. Before you make any payment, make sure you understand how the service works. 

In most cases, placing an order for a paper is very easy. You have to provide information about the paper you need. A reputable company will never ask for more information than the necessary to write your paper. Never give information that compromises your identity like the name of your college or the name of your professor.

Reputable writing companies take confidentiality and anonymity very seriously. Hence, they will never share your information with third parties. Moreover, the information on their databases is encrypted. So, in the case of a cyber-attack, your order data remains confidential.

More Tips to Be on the Safe Side

To be more certain that you will work with a legit writing company, ask them for free samples of their work. Also, read reviews about the company you have chosen. There are several forums like this where students tell their experiences with different writing companies.

If you are wary, paying someone to write your academic papers is safe. And it can be very useful for your academic performance and your daily life. A reputable company has a team of professional writers. As a result, you can get a paper that will get a good grade. Besides, you will get free time to use it as you deem more convenient.

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How To Play Slots For Free

You would do well to find another pastime that is quite as enjoyable as spinning the reels on your favorite online slots, especially seeing as it is also an activity that can leave you with a healthy amount of cash as well. Developers these days are hitting stupendous heights when it comes to the quality of their games, see for yourself when you click to view UK slots today. And it all means that their online slots can often be absolutely irresistible – and consequently impossible to put down.

But there is just one problem here, namely that in order to play online slots you are going to have to have at least a little disposable income to fund the activity. Oh yes, unfortunately, you cannot play most slots without money, although that being said there are ways in which you can end up playing for free. Read ahead for a breakdown of how to play slots for free, just beware, some methods are easier than others… 

Free Mode Slots 

Luckily for online slot players that enjoy the process itself more than the actual gambling element, there is now a huge amount of online slots that have a free mode as well as the normal base mode. This is also usually something that is relatively easy to spot, just keep an eye out for anything that says “Free Mode” basically – it’s all rather simple. 

Now, the free mode can be useful for a variety of things. First, off it is good for gamblers who don’t currently have the funds to gamble properly but still miss a good old reel-spinning session. Likewise playing on the free mode can be a huge help for recovering problem gamblers, as they still get to take part in the activity, but don’t have to spend any money to do so. Finally, free mode can be incredibly useful for players that would like to learn a bit more about the game they are playing before spending their own money. 

Online Casino Offers 

Another way in which lots of gamblers end up being able to play online slots for free is through the various online casino offers that can be found across the Internet these days. All you have to do is a little bit of research and you could be awarded with a sizeable amount of free spins, as well as a one-off payment as well! 

This usually works on the principle that you deposit a certain amount of cash and get rewarded for doing so. It, therefore, isn’t exactly playing for free as there is still a bit of money involved, but if you receive something like 100 free spins and £300 off the back of a £100 deposit it is still pretty good, right? 

Make A Rich Friend 

Okay, this method is cheating a little bit, but if you happen to make yourself a rich friend you could play slots for free for the rest of your life, providing they are nice of course.

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The Future Of Traditional Casinos

Modern life has a tendency to leave things behind, there is absolutely no arguing with that – just look at the amount of industries left in the dust as a result of technological innovation and the slow formation of a new world. Of course, in the vast majority of cases this is actually a good thing, paving the way for bigger and better examples of human engineering across the board. 

It does, however, spell the end of various things from fax to the prominence of traditional land-based casinos. Oh yes, the internet has changed a lot for the latter, mainly because of the unrivalled emergence of live casino games and online slots. But what is the future of traditional casinos? And will they be able to survive in the same capacity as they do now? Read ahead to find out. 

A Dwindling Number Of Small Time Casinos 

One thing that we are already seeing is the closure of many small time casinos in towns and small cities across the world. These places had it quite hard regardless, so when the Internet came along and revolutionised how many people gamble it pretty much spelled the doom of struggling small-scale casinos. 

And anyway, can there really be much surprise about this? For hundreds of years smaller casinos have carried a bit of a stigma in some instances. They are often a lot less luxurious than places such as Las Vegas, and this fact can naturally end up in people distrusting them somewhat. If you can gamble online as oppose to a slightly dodgy local establishment it is surely an easy choice? 

The Migration Over To The Internet 

It has already happened on a massive scale, but in the future we would expect even more traditional land-based casinos to make the jump online. The most obvious reason here is that there are way less running costs associated with online casinos, and this therefore makes profit margins as large as possible.


Due to the emergence of live casino games such as Live Roulette and Live Blackjack many casinos have actually repurposed themselves as mainly live casino establishments. This is a great way of keeping the majority of their staff employed and also ensuring the building does not turn derelict. Take a look at w88 greatest gambling casino games you can play online.

Super Casinos Set To Get Even Bigger 

One thing that the online casino craze cannot touch is the super casinos one can find in places such as Las Vegas and Macau, because these places are just too outrageous to be replaced. There are very few places in the world you can go that come close to rivalling super casinos for size and grandeur, you certainly cannot get anything near to the experience online – we’ll tell you that for free! 

The Exciting World Of Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality technology is right on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream, and casinos are already taking advantage of this. In the future you could visit all of your favourite traditional land-based casinos via the marvel of virtual reality… Nice!

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Factors that affect Marijuana drug tests

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant. Check out to know more. It is most commonly used for either medicinal or leisure purposes. Despite so, it is illegal in many countries and the chemical that shows up in drug tests for marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is as the chemical can stay present in the body for up to a few weeks after consumption. This is contingent on factors such as body fat percentage, frequency of drug consumption, how precise the test is and the frequency of smoking.


Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is often detected through the hair, blood, and urine for up to a few weeks. On the other hand, testing an individual’s saliva will only be accurate in the first few hours after ingestion. Since THC is a chemical that is lipid-soluble, the way that an individual’s body metabolizes THC involves attaching itself to body fat. This results in the chemical staying in the body for a prolonged period of time before it is completely gone.

The time period for Marijuana detection

So how long does it take for a drug test to detect marijuana in a person’s body? According to a drug rehab Tampa center, in 2017, in a study carried out by, it was discovered that it takes three days for one marijuana cigarette. However, this is also contingent on many other factors, one of them being the frequency of the individual’s smoking habits.

For instance, for first-time users, marijuana is more likely to be detected in the first 3 days. If an individual smokes a little more frequently, let’s say three to four times a week, this window is extended to 5 and 7 days. Lastly, should the individual consume marijuana once or a few times daily, this window yet again extends to a month or even longer.


On top of this, there are many different tests that one can undergo, with varying levels of precision. Some tests are only effective for a limited time. For example, saliva tests can detect marijuana for around 24 to 72 hours after usage, and blood tests have an even shorter window of 3 to 4 hours. Others, such as urine tests and hair tests are more sensitive, with urine tests being able to detect the drug for up to about 30 days after use, and hair tests for up to 90 days. However, it is imperative to note that hair tests focus on the oil in the skin that transfers to the hair, hence a false positive may sometimes happen.

Does the amount matter?

There isn’t much research that shows a precise numerical figure for how much marijuana an individual has to smoke to fail a drug test. However, these tests are known to be able to detect the smallest quantities of THC. Of course, marijuana smokers who smoke frequently are at a higher risk of failing the test compared to people who only do it occasionally.


In fact, there are various factors that may have an impact on whether marijuana can be detected in a person’s body. These factors are metabolism and body fat percentage, gender, the accuracy of the test used, the THC dose and health(hydration and exercise).


Firstly, metabolism and body fat percentage. These may not seem like major factors in the detection of marijuana in an individual’s system, but they can play a rather significant role. For metabolism, similar to getting rid of fat in the body, individuals with faster metabolism rates are able to break down THC way faster than those with slower ones. Since THC and all other metabolic chemicals need to be completely eliminated from the body for the individual to pass a drug test, people with faster metabolisms have an advantage. With regard to body fat percentage, a higher body fat percentage equates to a slower metabolism. This is because marijuana is stored in excess fat. Using the same logic, it is way easier to detect marijuana in people with higher body fat percentages.


Secondly, gender plays a role in drug tests too. This also has links to body fat, because women generally have more body fat than men, hence they will metabolize marijuana at a slower speed.


Next, the accuracy of the tests used also has an effect on the results. As mentioned above, more sensitive tests such as hair tests and urine tests may be able to detect smaller amounts of marijuana as compared to blood tests and saliva tests.


Lastly, health factors play a role in the detection of marijuana as well. These factors include regular exercise as well as hydration. For regular exercise, though the act itself does not have a direct correlation with the body’s metabolism of THC, exercising right before the test might have some impact. Studies have shown that exercising right before the test can actually increase test positivity. This is because, during exercise, the levels of THC in an individual’s body can increase by a huge amount. Some of these researchers attribute this to the fact that exercise acts as a catalyst for fat cells releasing THC. As for hydration, a lack of sufficient water may have a direct impact on the results of the drug test and may increase the concentration of THC in the individual’s body.


Ways to quickly eliminate the presence of marijuana


One way to quickly reduce the amount of marijuana in an individual’s body is to decrease the concentration of the drug THC, and the other way is to stimulate faster metabolism for the individual. When it comes to metabolism, it may be a little more difficult to control since there are few ways in which one can do so. One of the potential ways maybe exercise, however, it may also have the risk of causing a positive result, as mentioned in the section above.

For reducing concentration, this can be done by drinking enough water. As aforementioned, dehydrated people tend to have higher concentrations of THC in their body, hence this can be one of the methods to reduce it.


In conclusion, there may not be a surefire way to determine how long it takes for someone to break down marijuana in their system and cleanse their body of the drug. Despite so, a better understanding of these factors and how they affect the test detection can help you better test the presence of marijuana in your body. And we totally understand that recovering from drug addiction is a difficult process. So if you happen to be near Henderson, Desert Hope treatment is a great option as a treatment facility.

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First Steps In Parenting. How To Prepare For a Newborn?

You’re preparing to be a new mom and there are so many things to do. You don’t know where to start. Here you’ll learn what baby things to buy before birth and how to get ready for a newborn.  

What an emotional period for you! You’re preparing to be a new mom! You’ve probably seen your little one on the ultrasound picture! Have you thought of a name for him/her yet?

Such sweet moments… But there is so much to do: buying baby things before birth, preparing a house for a baby, getting ready physically and emotionally, etc. Yes, all these worries are enjoyable, but they still take lots of time and effort. Hopefully, you’ve got enough helpers and the site top mom is one of them.

This post will be a reminder for you what to buy and how to prepare all around. 

Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

When you look at those cute little things and toys, you’re ready to buy them all. How much stuff do you think you need? You’ll be surprised, but really not too many! To ease preparing for a baby checklist for you, our experts have created a comprehensive one. So, what are baby things to buy before birth?


  • 3 onesies 
  • 3 undershirts with snaps
  • 3 pans
  • 3 one-piece pajamas
  • 1 sleeper for winter baby
  • 4 socks or booties 
  • 1-3 hats. Plus, 1 warm hat for a winter baby 
  • 2 pairs of no-scratch mittens
  • Bunting bag or warm suit for a winter kid


  • A blanket
  • 2 hooded towels
  • Burp cloths
  • Pack of diapers. It’s better to buy two packs: for daytime use and overnight diapers
  • Wipes
  • Baby lotion to prevent diaper rash

For mom:

  • Lots of breast pads
  • Lotion for nipples
  • 2 nursing uplifts

Do you think our list is too short? We understand, you’ve been to numerous stores and are sure that far more things are needed. Don’t hurry up to buy! You’ll waste lots of money! Infants don’t require much, and they grow so quickly. You won’t need newborn clothes and diapers in a month! So, the stuff mentioned above is enough to buy before birth. If you need anything else, you’ll buy it in no time. 

Well, preparing for a baby checklist is done. Let’s go further!

Preparing the House for a baby

Almost every pregnant woman experiences the so-called “nesting instinct”. So, if you’ll want to re-paint ceilings and re-decorate the house, don’t get surprised! Of course, you can make some changes, but don’t move heavy furniture, don’t do any hard job! 

However, you must buy some necessary things before your baby arrives. And here is another checklist:

  • Baby bed
  • A changing table
  • A baby bathtub
  • Safe, dye- and fragrant-free detergents

That’s all you need to buy. Again, something like diaper pails you’ll be able to get later in case it’s really needed.

It’s necessary to think about the home environment either. Doctors highly recommend removing a carpet from the room where a kid will spend most of the time. Think of a place where you’ll feed him/her, it must be comfortable: armchair or nursing pillow is perfect for this purpose. 

You should take care of your menu in case you’re a breastfeeding mom. You already know that you’ll have to keep a special diet, so think about products to eat when you come back home with your little one, prepare something. You’ll thank yourself later!

Don’t forget about the car seat! Some hospitals may not discharge your baby if there is no baby seat in the car!

Final Tips

Of course, you must prepare everything around so that a new family member feels comfortable at home! But don’t forget that pregnancy and the first month after birth are rather difficult periods. So, you MUST take care of yourself. What to do? 

  • Sleep enough at night while you’re pregnant
  • Have a quick nap during a day time
  • Eat healthy food. No junk food! It’s bad for you and for your baby
  • Try to stick to a schedule, especially when the baby arrives. It’ll help you both
  • Go for walks
  • Try meditation, it reduces stress greatly
  • Relax as often as it possible. Let your mom or partner help around the house, cook, etc
  • Don’t welcome too many guests! When the baby is already at home, all your relatives and friends want to see him/her. But it might be overwhelming for both of you! So, tell the visitors beforehand that it’s better to come in a week or two after your arrival from the hospital. Surely, grannies, aunts, and uncles are welcomed!

We hope our tips on preparing for a baby checklist, preparing a house for a baby and others were helpful! 

Let everything goes smoothly! Enjoy every minute with your little one!

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7 Must Have Gadgets for a Traveller

Travel gadgets can greatly facilitate your life, no matter where you are going or what you are traveling by. Some gadgets are absolutely necessary, and we are using them without even realizing. Other ones will go as a precautionary measure, but if you face such a situation, they will worth a fortune.
We have studied thousands of latest accessories and have compiled a list of top 7 gadgets that will help you along the way. Our goal is to help you get ready for your next trip. If you need additional help on what to pack, make sure to check out the ultimate camping checklist here

Beurer Luggage Scales

You must have experienced the painful moment of doubt when you are to put the suitcase on the scales at the check-in before the flight. The bag seemed easier when you started the trip, didn’t it? The last thing you want to do now makes an exorbitant fee for overweight or open the suitcase and put on extra clothes in a hurry. The baggage scale is an easy solution to your problem. When traveling with beautiful girls, it often happens that your suitcase becomes twice bigger because of souvenirs.
This gadget may seem boring, but it’s incredibly useful. Weigh the bag before heading to the airport once and shift the extra things immediately. It will save you time and money. Besides, you will avoid the embarrassment at the airport.

Trtl Pillow

There are thousands of various pillows for travelers. The overwhelming majority is simply awful. The rest are either strange, or too bulky to travel with them. Trtl Pillow, fortunately, does not belong to the above mentioned categories. It is quite cute, comfortable and less than a centimeter thin when you fold it up. It was proven that it the Trtl pillow is much more comfortable and healthy for the neck than U-shaped pillows.

Trakdot Tracker for Luggage

Do you imagine being on one continent, while you luggage is on the other one? This is a typical problem among travelers. Sometimes the return trip of your baggage takes about one day, but sometimes it stretches for weeks.
Trakdot will not help you find your bags faster, but it will 100% let you know its location. It is based on the recently patented microelectronics and ground-based cellular technologies that track and report their location, even from inside metal containers.

Kingii Emergency bracelet

Another gadget is a real lifeguard. In general, it will work for anyone who is able to pull the handle. Kingii is a portable inflatable device that comfortably fits on your wrist. If you get into trouble when surfing, swimming, sailing and doing any other activities on the water, just pull the handle.
A replaceable cylinder of carbon dioxide will instantly fill a bright, noticeable balloon with air. The balloon is able to keep an adult person afloat for up to 48 hours.
Skross Multi-adapter for travel

How many times have you taken the wrong adapter? Considering the number of adapters variations around the world, the problem becomes urgent. Fortunately, you can buy a multi-adapter that will save your day in 150 countries. It even comes with an extra dual USB charger for all of your phones, tablets and cameras.


Probably, this is not the most useful thing for fans of comfortable hotels and luxury accommodations. However, if you go to the wild, LifeStraw can literally save your life.
This device destroys 99.9999% of bacteria living in water, including E. coli and 99.9% of malignant protozoa, for example, lamblia and cryptosporidium. It instantly turns almost any water into a clean drinking water. One straw is enough for 1000 liters. So, for most camping trips one LifeStraw is enough.

EasyAcc Power Bank

This small portable charger is powerful enough to charge your iPhone twice without loosing battery. This gadget is indispensable if you go camping, where electricity is a rare visitor.

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Materials That Are More Beautiful Than Diamonds

Diamonds have been treasured as gemstones since very long. Since the material qualities it have, it is considered as one of the most precious material in the world. Diamond is beautiful, but there are other materials that are more beautiful than diamond. Here are some minerals or stones which are more beautiful than diamonds.

#40 Luz Opal With Galaxy Inside

#39 Sunset Fire Opal

#38 Ocean Inside An Opal

#37 Bismuth

#36 Lightning Ridge Black Opal

#35 Opal Fossil

#34 Rose Quartz Geode

#33 Azurite

#32 Burmese Tourmaline

#31 Fluorite

#30 Titanium Quartz

#29 Worlds Biggest Amethyst Geode – The ‘empress Of Uruguay’

#28 Bismuth

#27 Rhodochrosite

#26 Watermelon Tourmaline

#25 Uvarovite

#24 Scolecite

#23 Chrysocolla In Malachite

#22 Realgar On Calcite

#21 Fluorite/quartz/pyrite Combination

#20 Cobaltocalcite

#19 Tourmaline On Quartz With Lepidolite And Cleavelandite

#18 Crocoite

#17 Rhodochrosite

#16 Crocoite

#15 Peruvian Blue Opal

#14 Opalised Ammonite

#13 Purple Geode Druzy Stone

#12 Blue Agate Geode

#11 Esquel Pallasite

#10 Labradorite

#9 Obsidian

#8 Phantom In Amethyst

#7 Peacock Coal – Mcadoo, Pennsylvania, USA

#6 Alexandrite

#5 Beautiful Raw Emerald

#4 Wulfenite

#3 Gold (dragon) on Quartz

#2 Cuprite, Congo

#1 Crystals (xenotime, Zircon) Arranged In A Radiating Polished Slice Of Rock – Chrysanthemumstone

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5 Supposedly Healthy Foods That Actually Cause Candida

If you are on of those people who hasn’t heard about Candida Albicans before, then I envy your luck.

Although it’s possible that you do actually have Candida Albicans, suffer from the symptoms and don’t even realize it because you’ve never heard of it before.

It’s possible. Even though Candida affects hundred and hundreds of people, a lot of people are still unaware of it.

Symptoms include things like fatigue, oral thrush, joint pain, itching and it can also affect your digestive system in a variety of ways.

This includes just general intestinal discomfort as well as constipation and diarrhea. But it can also cause long-term issues like IBS if left untreated.

The reason for this is that Candida is a fungus that will generally build up in the human gut. There’s a few different types but this one is caused primarily by dietary choices.

Lot’s of foods can factor into the growth of Candida Albicans, even some that you would assume are healthy. Here’s five of those:

1. Fruits

I’m not suggesting that you should stop eating fruit entirely, in fact that would be a terrible idea, but eating a lot of fruit can contribute to growing Candida in your system.

Something that can be a big problem for Candida sufferers is sugar. As you probably know, sugar causes a lot of problems and Candida is just another one of those.

Candida loves anything that’s sweet and sugary, and so you’ll also see things like chocolate and ice cream on lists of foods to avoid on the Candida diet, but those are a given.

Deciding to be healthy often means cutting your sugar content down, and so people expect that. What they don’t expect is the connection between sugar and fruit.

Some fruits are worse than others for this. Bananas have an awful lot of sugar in them, as do grapes and mangos.

So if you find yourself suffering from Candida but still want to get the nutrients from fruit, then just go for the less sugary ones.

So we’re talking avocados, raspberries, blackberries and although they might seem like some of the more sweet fruits, lemons and limes are actually low in sugar too.

Fruit doesn’t have to, nor should it go away completely, but you can certainly work it into your diet differently.

2. Grains

The connection between grains and Candida is similar enough to the one that we just talked about with fruit.

Now grains themselves aren’t necessarily that high in sugar, but what they do tend to be high in is carbohydrates, and those will break down into glucose.

A lot of people who take up the keto diet tend to notice that their digestive system seems more stable than before, and this is often linked to the lack of Candida growth.

Inflammation is also a big factor when it comes to Candida and for a lot of people that is caused by gluten, which is also found in most grains.

So the unfortunate thing about this is that most of us rely on grains as a source of nutrients, and it’s not that easy to cut them out.

Wheat, rice, barley, rye, all of these things are eaten pretty much daily by some people and removing them is essentially a complete diet overhaul.

But also like the fruit situation, you can find ways to work around this. There is substitutes out there that offer the same function.

You could try things like collard wraps, chickpea socca bread or cauliflower rice. These should fill that void without contributing to Candida.

3. Starchy Vegetables

I’m sure that the last thing you expected from this list was to see both fruits and vegetables on here but Candida will have its way no matter what.

Starchy vegetables are a good source of carbohydrates, which as we mentioned earlier will break down in your system into glucose which will strengthen the Candida.

You’ll often find starchy vegetables are recommended over other vegetables because they do have certain benefits, but in the case of the Candida diet it’s essential that they’re avoided.
So this means any kind of squash vegetable such as butternut squash or spaghetti squash will cause you problems whereas the more leafy ones won’t.

You’ll be safe enough by eating things like cauliflower and broccoli. Asparagus is also a really popular, nutritious vegetable that isn’t high in carbs.

With this in mind, you also have to steer clear of potatoes and sweet potatoes. They are packed with starch so they’ll only aggravate you.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms won’t necessarily cause Candida, but if you’ve already got it in your system then eating mushrooms is likely to make it worse.

Mushrooms, and any fermented foods really, tend to serve as a pretty good source of probiotic bacteria, which is generally considered to be a good thing.

But while this bacteria is beneficial for us, it is also unfortunately beneficial for Candida too and will act as food for the Candida cells.

If you eat mushrooms while the Candida is growing in your gut, then what you’re basically doing is feeding a fungus with another fungus.

Mushrooms are definitely a healthy thing to have in your diet but I would suggest that you get your Candida under control before going back to this particular fungus.

5. Beans

Like I’ve probably said about like half of the other foods on this list, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all kinds of beans.

In fact eating red kidney beans is actually a good thing to do when you’re on the Candida diet but black beans, legumes and pinto beans should all be avoided.

The reason is pretty simple. Much like the starchy vegetables that we talked about, beans are generally high in carbohydrates.

And they can also be high in gluten too which as we said already is something that can cause inflammation for a lot of people.

The benefit of beans is protein for the most part, and you can get that from a lot of other sources.

Again, once you’ve got the fungus under control you could probably reintroduce some of these beans to you diet, but don’t go overboard.

People who suffer from Candida are people who tend to be susceptible to it for one reason or another and so it’s likely to recur if you fall back into similar habits.


If you think that you’re suffering from Candida overgrowth, the first thing that you should probably do is consult a doctor to make sure it’s not something else.

If it is, they might have some recommendations for you, but you should also make a diet plan for yourself.

There’s stuff to avoid and there’s stuff that you can incorporate into your diet, but as you can see, a food being healthy doesn’t necessarily make it good for a specific condition.

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Casino Games with the Best Odds

Casino gaming is all about luck and skill. The more skill you have, the better the odds, but you will always need luck on your side, and sometimes the day looks pretty good while others look a little dry. But if you are specifically seeking out to play casino games with the best odds, games you would like to perfect to give yourself absolutely every single chance of winning, and then you needn’t look any further. Check out these recommended casino games which have been based upon the odds.

Craps – Odds of Winning 50%

It may sound a little cliché, but the odds of playing this notorious casino game and winning is 50% in favor of the player. The game is intensely entertaining and just as rewarding, making it the ideal game of chance. If you enjoy the thrill of chasing the luck of the die and your day is looking mighty lucky, craps is the casino game with the best odds in this moment. But don’t forget, the other side of the coin is a 50% loss. So if you are feeling somewhat unlucky, you may want to mosey onto a luckier casino game, where the odds percentage favors you more than 50%.

Blackjack – Odds of Winning 49%

These odds may be less than craps, but blackjack is a card game that relies on skill more than luck. So if you can understand the fundamental basics of how the game works, what the rules create a strategy of your own, you can up the odds in your favor to at least 52%. The game is also one of the more popular casino games, which means you could also improve on skill by observing those who are in gameplay mode.

Roulette – Odds of Winning 51% (Variant Dependant)

Roulette is a game of chance. You bet on a number, a color, odds or evens. This immediately gives you a 50/50 percent chance of winning. What changes up these odds, however, is the roulette variant you choose. The three most common and popular variants are as follows:
European Roulette – 51%
French Roulette – 49%
American Roulette – 50 %
The reason for this is every variant may be based loosely on the same rules, but each has been designed to entertain uniquely. The reason for the strong win in favor of European odds is that there is one less betting number to wager on, which works in favour of the player, placing the odds in the player’s court.

Video Slots

This is indeed an arguable casino game to say has the best odds and only for one reason. Video slots are variable. Each offers its own RTP percentage, their own jackpot rewards, and so forth. The ones you choose could deliver 50/50 odds or less or more. No matter, the chance that they will payout is in favor of players and brings the odds to 49%. There is no skill required there are no deals to be made. Players simply sit back and enjoy the game while hoping the odds are in their favor.

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Find the Best Slot Games to Play

Finding the best slot games to play might sound like an easy task, but the best based on what? There are so many options in terms of the number of reels, reel layout, bonus features, pay lines, and themes. In this post, I will be looking at the best slots in terms of their Return to Player (RTP) percentage. Now, what is a slot’s RTP percentage, you might ask? RTP is a term used by casinos to describe the percentage of all the money bet by a player that a slot machine will pay out to that player over time. It is basically the amount of money that the player gets back from what they have put in.
Assuming you are a serious slot player, your best chance at winning would be to choose the best slot games with the highest RTP percentage. Below are a few of the online slots with the highest RTP percentages.

Monopoly Big Event Slots

Monopoly Big Event is a fantastic slot from Barcrest that offers a 99% RTP percentage. This RTP percentage only applies when playing in the slot’s big bet mode. At a wager of £30, players get five enhanced spins, unique features, and amazing bonuses.
This modern online slot is filled with multipliers, sticky and extra wilds, as well as free spins. So if you are looking to win some serious cash, Monopoly Big Event is your game.

Mega Joker Online Slot

Mega Joker is another slot that offers one of the highest RTP percentages of all online slots: a staggering 99%. This is your classic fruit machine slot from Netent. It has all the classic fruit and bell symbols with mystery prizes and five paylines. It also provides one of the highest payout ratios of all online slots: a whopping 99%.
However, this RTP percentage only applies when the player is playing in super mode. Super mode refers to a type of higher-level where the bets are increased and much higher payouts offered.

Joker Strike Slots Game

Joker Strike is the sequel to the popular Second Strike slot from Quickspin. It has an RTP percentage of up to up to 98.11%. Playing in the High Roller mode is what gets you into the game. But with High Roller mode comes High Roller wager as well as exciting new features, which include a Wild Strike feature where you can win up to 10 extra wilds.
Its irresistible RTP percentage combined with exciting new features are sure to attract players who are willing to take more risk to improve their chances of winning bigger.

Kings of Chicago

This unique video poker slot from Netent offers a whopping 97.8% RTP percentage. As opposed to the symbols we are all so familiar with, it features card symbols. If the reels land on winning poker combinations, players receive high payouts. Jokers multiply your payout by, and it also features free spins.


The name says it all. You are in for some magical payouts. The Simsalabim slot offers an RTP percentage of 97.5%. However, this RTP is no trickery. Its free spins, variety of unique features and payouts up to 200x of your initial bet are sure to leave you amazed.
There are so many more online slots with RTP percentages just as high. You just have to find them.

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New Slots To Try Out Online

Ah the online slot industry, a place that never fails to evolve and get better, with hundreds of new slots that come out each and every year. As a result of this there is a definite competitiveness between the many developers and this subsequently results in the various online titles getting more and more extravagant in order to stand out. 

It is one of the main reasons behind the online slot market’s massive popularity – if the new games were not consistently excellent do you really think so many people would be attracted to them? The only downside of all this is it can make it rather difficult to choose a game in the first place, and with this in mind we have assembled a short list of some of the best online slots

Well Of Wonders New Slot

One of the most exciting new games to hit the market in some time, Well Of Wonders by Thunderkick really defines how to make an outrageously good online slot in 2019. In a refreshing change from the vast majority of other slots, Well Of Wonders doesn’t actually rely on any reels, with the symbols magically floating out of a well in the middle of the screen. 

For this reason alone Well Of Wonders is a good choice for any gamblers that fancy something a little bit different – it is rare to see a more innovative game then this one, that is for sure! 

Pirate Booty: New online slots game

Want to get richer than a pirate? Well a sure fire way to do so is via winning at Pirate Booty, a new online slot that has a ridiculous amount of win-potential. It was only released in June 2019, and as such exhibits some outrageously good graphics paired alongside the most exciting bonus rounds we have seen in quite some time. 

Booming Games are the developers behind Pirate Booty, a relatively new face on the online slot scene, but one that will quickly become popular if this game is anything to go by. It is definitely one of the best pirate themed slots out there, well worth a try! 

At The Copa 

Any seasoned football fans may get very excited when they see the title At The Copa, but in actuality this is an online slot that uses a marvellous Latin dance party as the setting. If anything this makes things even more exciting than if it was a football theme, because the vibrant party setting gives the graphics a chance to really shine through. 

There are also an array of interesting characters such as Pedro, Rico and Carolina that keep things very interesting indeed. The two males are trying to catch the attention of the beautiful Carolina, and if they succeed there are some pretty big prizes on offer. 

Aztec Rising 

You rarely hear about them, but the Aztecs were one of history’s biggest civilizations, spreading across vast swathes of the American continents. They therefore make a great theme for an online slot, something that the renowned developers Eyecon have picked up on with Aztec Rising. Give the reels a spin and you will quickly find yourself in El Dorado! 

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5 Bingo Strategies That Work

Bingo has remained a popular game, and with the developments online, this game has actually increased in popularity. Yet there are many players looking for ways or strategies which enhance their odds of winning. There are some basic strategies that are worth executing when you play online bingo. The goal in mind is to improve players’ chances of winning, especially in the long run.

Select the Best Sites on Which to Play Bingo

An effective strategy is to select a trustworthy, safe site. Precautions must be taken against rogue online Bingo sites. Such sites might rig the chances to favor the house instead of the punter. The result of such an action is that the punter will not see the winnings that could have been theirs had they played a safe and trustworthy site in the first instance.
A good site will offer an all-round experience. This will include an easy withdrawal method, a varied collection of superior games, well-paid bonuses in addition to promotions; also, friendly customer service representatives which are available when you need them.

Keep an Eye Out For Bingo Promotions and Bonuses

Incentives such as bonuses, as well as promotions, provide a method which can enhance the chance of winning. Very appealing bonuses would be the welcome bonus or a reload bonus. Some sites, however, will offer other bonuses, such as a birthday bonus, a social-media bonus, an email bonus, or even a refer-a-friend bonus. Therefore, to gauge the type of bonus offered, it is best first to study the terms and conditions. One tip, however, would be to stay away from unrealistic terms, even high wagering requirements, or anything that could restrict your efficient use of the bonus.

Pick Your Game Carefully

There is a wide variety of Bingo games available. Selecting the right game could dramatically enhance your chances of winning. A tip would be to look at games that offer value, instead of just big jackpots. These larger jackpots will attract more players, thereby diluting your own chances. Therefore, weigh the risks against the rewards, to determine whether or not it will be worth playing. In addition, help yourself reduce the risk by selecting a game you understand. One way of doing this is to study the rules of the game. If you don’t know certain aspects of the game, you could ask other players in the chat room for clarity.

Keep an Eye on Your Money

Solid money-management skills are beneficial, especially over the long term. You can set a budget, by keeping in mind your income and expenditure, to gauge how much money you will have available for playing Bingo. The budget could be linked to the frequency with which you play Bingo: be it weekly, or monthly. Keeping an eye on your funds will help you to not spend money you can’t afford to lose.

Make Use of the Chat Rooms

Most sites will have a chat room function. This is a good place for new players to ask questions and learn from others. Some sites even offer sweepstakes to those who enter the chat room, which means that the player could win a cash prize or even a free game. Therefore, you don’t have to interact with other players if you don’t want to. You could still win prizes which will be announced by the chat room arbitrator.

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To Do Your Chemistry Homework Better And Faster

Many students will avoid chemistry if they can because it is usually seen as complicated, too technical and mostly mathematical. That’s all true, but what can we do? This subject like we all know is very important in school work both in high school and college. So, it remains one of the compulsory subjects you must face unless you’re leaving Sciences altogether. Which we don’t advice by the way. But the challenge remains because whether you want to or not, you must come across a chemistry homework. Now, how can you do it better and even faster instead of suffering through it but still making low grades?
Also, as a parent, you may face, the challenges of handling your children’s chemistry homework. We can’t rule out the fact that most times when the kids run into a hitch doing their homework, they’ll turn on you to fix it for them. What can you do when you may not understand or even love chemistry? That’s the reason for this article. We want to help our students and parents to understand that Chemistry is one beautiful subject which we all must appreciate. All you need to do is learn the principles, and just like that, your schoolwork and homework around it will be a breeze.
Apart from learning these principles of chemistry, some other tricks and tips will help you to handle the subject and do your homework with better outcomes.
Let’s consider the strategies below

1. Read your lesson notes

This is very important if you want to do your homework and achieve impressive results. Always read to understand what the teacher taught you about the homework topic. If you can spare some time to go over those lessons as written in your book, you’ll have a better grasp of what the homework is all about. Before giving any homework, teachers often take their time to teach about the topic. So, if you remember the lesson, you’ll do it well.

2. Analyze the homework requirements

How can you answer a question correctly if you don’t understand what the teacher asked? Also, you can’t do homework without grasping the requirements? That’s why we recommend that your second step be an analysis of the requirements. When you understand what the teacher expects from you, the work will be simpler and faster for you to complete.

3. Get a partner

Sometimes, when it seems too overwhelming, there’s a need to get a partner. We always hear that “misery loves company.” In this case, getting a partner for the homework can provide the second opinion you need to conquer the task. If you want, you can ask a classmate to work with you, or you can enlist the help of an older student. At least, with his/her experience in the lesson, you may gain the insight you need to face the homework. The only advice we have here is to avoid distraction from the other person by ensuring that he/she has a stake in your success.

4. Browse the web

We are yet to see the question that Google can’t answer or the problem that doesn’t have a solution somewhere. There’re many websites on the web where you can find answers to any confusing part of your assignment. Your smartphones, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc., are not there for nothing. Use them, surf the web and understand your assignment very well before you start working. By spending little time to understand your homework, you’ve gone more than halfway to solving it.

5. Get a professional help

Well, this should be your first option if you are pressed for time as a parent or you don’t know the subject in question. But getting a tutor, professional or helper should be the last resort for the student. We don’t want to encourage laziness, but instead of trying and failing, it’s better to enlist the help of someone who offers it as a service. The only downside to this strategy is that most online homework services can charge above budget. We know that some may charge lower, but you must find a Homework doer that’ll not only suit your budget but also ensure good scores for you.


Chemistry is a beautiful subject, but it can keep you on your toes if you fail to understand it. The good news is that no matter the kind of homework you may have, there’s always a way to do it faster and better for the highest grades. We’ve shared some tips and strategies that’ll help you to achieve it. But if you’ve tried all the tips and still fail to understand what to do, enlist the help of a professional. You may spend some dollars, but at the end of the day, you’ll go home smiling.

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20 Inspirational Quotes About Love and Relationships

Many words of wisdom have been seen in human relationships. At times it gets rather hard to understand what’s going on in your private life, and then these popular quotes about love may come in handy as they introduce you to ideas and thoughts that, although being on the surface, can tell you more about your relationships than plain facts. Here are some of the best quotes about love and dating that may help you build the relationship of your dream.
1. A person who was everything to you can never become just a passerby in your life. Somewhere deep inside, you will still consider them a part of yourself.
2. Love dissolves anger, love makes you forget about disputes, love dispels fear, love creates security. If the basis of your life is filled with love, then everything in your life will be easy, harmonious, prosperous, and joyful.
3. … We must learn to love ourselves – with healthy and holy love, in order to remain true and not lose ourselves. This is not at all a commandment for today and tomorrow – to learn to love yourself. On the contrary, of all the arts, this is the subtlest, the wisest, the highest and the most demanding one.
Here’s an article about the best Chinese quotes and proverbs about love. Be sure to give it a look.
4. If a woman can breathe self-love into one man’s heart, why can’t she do the same with others? Loving or being loved is not a crime. It is a crime to convince someone that you will love him or her forever.
5. He looked at her face and understood that there is no going back. He knew that there were more beautiful faces, smarter people, but he also knew that there was no other person on earth who would have such power over him. And he wasn’t against this power, he embraced it.
6. A true love embodies all of the best and most disgusting things about us. Love justifies everything that helps it to survive. Love is deadly, destructive. When bringing love into your heart, you do not know whether an angel settled in your soul or a demon. Or both at the same. That is love. There is no nobility in it, but there are courage and freedom, there are beauty and devotion, there are sorrow and pain in it.
7. Do not rush to approach, do not rush to fall in love, do not rush to reject, do not rush to leave. In a hurry, you can miss your love, taking it for a random episode in your biography.
8. It is important to marry only for love; to marry a girl just because she is pretty — it’s like buying an unnecessary thing at a market just because it looks good.
If you don’t have someone to share these quotes with, then be sure to check out this Ukrainiandating site.
9. Maybe this is love – the possibility of intimacy with another person to reveal the secrets of very simple, but at the same time infinitely complex things: silence, morning mist over the river, the light of the moon.
10. When you fall in love, your heart will begin to see things clearly. You will understand that there is no greater jewel than love. Because love will give you a sense of belonging to this world. No other feeling is capable of it.
11. Love is when you want to experience all of the four seasons. When you want to run away with someone from a spring thunderstorm, and in the summer to pick berries and swim in a river. In the autumn, make jam together and seal the windows against the cold. In winter – to help survive a runny nose and long cold evenings …
12. How often do we rush with terrible words to the people close to us, we are offended that we are not being heard and we do not listen to ourselves. Love must be cherished as well as life itself.
13. The whole truth about relationships is in the biology textbooks every high school out there. It’s simple – relationships are divided into only two types: symbiosis and parasitism. There are no other options, no difficulties. Either you both love because of each other, or one lives only for themselves…
14. Only a fool can boast about his so-called “success” with women, only a fool praises such men. A real man will rather be confused when he feels that some woman is crazy about him, and he is unable to respond to her feeling.
15.It’s hard for me to say why I like or give admiration to certain people, but I can say for sure that the people I love have one thing in common – they know how to make me smile.
16. Everything is interchangeable. Everything comes back eventually. You always get as much as you give. It’s simple. You want more –you give more. More power, more time, more love and everything will get back to you.
17. It’s amazing how just one person who accidentally came into your life can make it different, drastically change your environment, your world perception, your habits, feelings, your inner world, thoughts, actions … just one person.
18. If you have feelings for a person that you have not felt for anyone, hold on to them.
19.If you are disappointed in one, do not punish the other. All people are different. Do not lose the ability to trust, believe and love.
20. Love does not bring pain, pain is brought by people who do not know how to love.

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