Friday, March 31, 2023
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Tortoise Gets LEGO Wheelchair And Loves Every Second Of It

Well, this is the best thing ever. Simple, Yet Effective Dr. Plischke attached a LEGO wheelchair to Blade to help him become mobile again. Going To Take...

A Guy Let His Wife Go Crazy With A Sharpie on his Car… The Results Are Unbelievable

When Collen Kelton's Nissan Skyline GT-R got a scratch on it, his wife Allison LaValley, suggested she use a Sharpie and cover it up...

Can You Guess Which One is Photoshopped?

How do we know what we see online is real or fantasy? 'B*tches Love Photoshop' Why diet, when in an hour you can quickly transform your...

7 WTF Disney Villains That You’ll Meet In Your Everyday Life

The Jafar The Frollo The Cruella de Vil The Evil Queen The Ursula The Hades The Scar

WTF! The Simpsons: See Your Favorite Tv Family Grow Up And Get Older

If you love the Simpsons, watch what it would be like if they aged. The Simpsons This is how you've come to love, Homer, Marge, Bart,...

Two hillbillies takes advice from their graduate neighbour. -This is Gold

Two hillbillies were confused about a particular problem related to their house, and they thought that taking advice from their graduate neighbor will help...

Buying from online retailers

Learning how to approach retail stores to sell your product isn’t easy. If your retail business is a start-up or if your product is...

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