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Know how minimal jewelry can enhance your look?

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Experimenting with your looks does not always mean you have to invest a lot of money into buying clothes. In today’s situation, indulging in fast fashion is something you should not do at all. If you are not aware of what fast fashion is, then in easy words, it is nothing but this desire in people to buy more and more clothes and companies feeding them with new launches is what we call fast fashion in today’s time.

You can have an amazing style statement by wearing empowerment bracelets as well. And for that, you can literally change your look from time to time without spending a lump sum on your clothes as well. And for that, all you can do is focus on your jewelry.

Yes, jewelry plays a quintessential role in changing your look; you can literally dress up or even dress a look down with the choice of your jewelry.

Gone are those days when all we knew about jewelry were huge hoops, heavy and chunky earrings with stones and embellishments, and dramatic necklaces. Now modern-day jewelry is a lot more focused on minimalism, and less is more in terms of jewelry now. Dainty necklaces, soft cut stone earrings, and empowerment bracelets are making it to the hearts of people in today’s fashion.

Even if you notice the current style statement of celebrities, you will notice how they are playing around with jewelry to enhance their look altogether.

How can jewelry make a huge difference in your look?

Jewelry is something that can literally make a huge difference in your look no matter what your style taste is. If you are into minimal styling, then you can always change your look with jewelry. If you are wearing a plain white shirt, you can always pair it with a layered necklace or some pastel stone earrings. This will give your look an edge and will make your plain white shirt dress up as well. A plain white shirt will never give you an edge, but few pieces of jewelry can always change that look.

If you are wearing simple jeans and tees, then bracelets, dainty bangles, or rings can change that look as well. On adding this jewelry your efforts will be shown behind dressing up. Adding jewelry to your simple looks will make your style look effortless yet very put together.

On the contrary, if you are dressing up for a party or if your style is not simple looks, then jewelry that is minimal will be of great help for you as well. If you are into a gorgeous dress with a lot of elements and bling, then you will definitely want to wear jewelry with more elements into it. Jewelry that is blingy and loud will make your look appear weird. In order to balance it all, you have to choose jewelry that is minimal, like simple or a stack of rings, bracelets or statement bangles, instead of going for a statement necklace which will take away the balance from your look.

What are some of the most common minimal pieces of jewelry you should own?


Bracelets or bangles are some of the most common jewelry you should own; these you can wear with literally any outfit. Minimal yet intricately made empowerment bracelets are something that you can pair up with any outfit. Even if you are wearing an oversized tee with your jeans, if you wear a bracelet, it depicts that you have given effort behind dressing up. If you wish to dress up, you can stack your bracelets and bangles together to bring attention to your hands and create a richer look. Bracelets are versatile jewelry, and you can never go wrong wearing them; hence owning at least one is a must.

Layered dainty chains.

Layered necklaces are a must in your wardrobe; it is an amazing addition to your outfits to dress it up and dress it down as well. Be it gold or silver, whatever color you like; you can always find a variety of necklaces in that hue. Even if you are wearing a plain white shirt, you can enhance the look with such a neckpiece. The best part about dainty layered necklaces is that you can obviously wear all of them together, but if you don’t want to go for that look and want for something simple, then you can disassemble it and wear one chain only. Since layered chains come in a stack of three or four chains, you will get many options from them.

Soft cut stone earrings.

Gone are those days when simple earrings only meant hoops. Now you can literally change any look with a pair of soft cut stone earrings, especially in pastel colors. You can own one pastel shade and one dainty black earring and pair it with anything. If you are wearing something very plain and simple, then the earrings will undoubtedly enhance your look; on the contrary, if you are wearing something gorgeous and rich, then a simple pair of soft cut stone earrings will not only complement the look, it will balance it and will not make you appear over the top as well. You can have studs or danglers according to your choice. But owning at least two pairs of dainty earrings in your wardrobe is a must.


If you are in doubt regarding choosing the appropriate accessory for your outfit, then rings are the best option for such circumstances.

A single piece of jewelry can make a huge difference in your look. From the information above, you must have realized that owning a few simple pieces is a must at this point. If you are someone who is into sustainable fashion, then having minimal jewelry pieces is a must for you.

Owning a few statement pieces is obviously a great thing but owning a few pieces of minimal jewelry is a must, especially if you are looking forward to experimenting with your looks.

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