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Videos Vs. Images. Which Format Has A Higher Success Rate With Consumers?

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Assume for a moment that you are caught between two different brands of eyeliners. While Brand A promotes its product as an image, Brand B endorses videos in its promotional campaign. Now, whose marketing campaign would entice you and convince a purchase? if you are looking for the most effective ones you might want to learn more about showcase idx.

Brand B, of course, because it’s ten times more practical and real than an image!

Into the bargain, Databox reports that Facebook video ads get 59.3% of the clicks in contrast to Facebook image ads, which can ace only 29.6% of click-through. These numbers show the potential benefits a brand could amass if and only if they would leverage the platform ingeniously.

Are you game in, to take your video marketing campaigns up a notch? Let’s do some learning and if you want to want to keep succeeding in marketing, in the next linked article LCT talks about the reasons why GMB isn’t ranking.

Why Are Videos Performing Better Than Images?

1. Better Engagement

This might not be a surprising factor, but a recognition-worthy one. As you saw the numbers displayed by Databox, videos are more personal, more intriguing, and of course, more sales-compelling than images. To improve your marketing campaign, consider one of the options listed in the linked article.

According to this digital Marketing company while social platforms are plagued with numerous advertisements, you’d gain a cutting edge over your competitors when you post videos to the news-feed of your consumers, which is oftentimes, cluttered with tons of images.

Since still images wouldn’t thrill viewers, you’d do well to use videos to drive more engagement while sending the message across. This tiny bit of engagement would build awareness for your brand and would seamlessly coerce the viewers down your sales funnel.

2. Better Education

While walking your prospects through their buying journey, you must educate and nurture them. After all, your digital consumers aren’t ignorant. They do their research and compare and contrast various brands’ value propositions before making a purchase.

For a case in point, imagine running an image ad copy. You’d want to put in as much content as possible to convey everything you want to. But this would lose your consumers’ attention and would be just another ad copy in their news-feed.

Here’s where video marketing would give you a leg up in the industry. Pointedly, you could convey as much information as you need to help your consumers understand your offerings and thereby execute the desired call-to-action.

3. Better Eminence

Lastly according to Andrew Defrancesco, understand well that consumers want businesses who would value them, and not merely sell to. And it’s only through videos that you could brandish your business as the thought leader in the industry.

Furthermore, you’d also be able to gain the trust and loyalty of your prospects. By keeping them engaged, you’re delivering what’s of value to your target audience. This way, you’d be their go-to for all their pain-points.

Video Marketing in The Face of Marketing Goals

Sure, videos are performing better than images in terms of engagement and click-through rates. We also found a great way of getting a good free trial to SEMRush which is a brilliant SEO platform so have a look at that if you want the very best data.

But how does it impact your sales?

The narration below is for you to devour.

1. Increased Visibility

First off, search engines love videos. And what does this mean for your business?

Increased visibility among quality prospects, ones who actually convert. By promoting your videos on YouTube and other social platforms, your search visibility goes through the roof!

Another video marketing tool is the use of an SEO campaign. To get details on how it works, you will want to look to professionals like in order to get some advice.

2. Increased Conversions

According to a study by Hubspot, videos could augment your conversions by 80%. This demonstrates the power of videos to influence buyer decisions. So, look at video making as an investment and not an expenditure. With a dynamic business video maker software, you can reap triple-fold your expenditures.

Another way is to add subtitles. Adding subtitles would help increasing conversions since most of the videos on social media are watched without sound. TO learn more contact a professional like Andrew Defrancesco.

3. Increased market

What business doesn’t covet a loyal consumer base, and even more so, brand ambassadors?

Yes, you’d do anything to amass such a clientele community.

You would have to climb Mount Everest and all to accomplish this feat. All you need is video promotions running on your social channels. According to the Precision Marketing Group, 92% of the video consumers share videos with their family and friends.

That’s what video marketing would accomplish for your brand. It’s a lucrative flywheel where you bring consumers to your brand, who then spread the bright side of your brand amidst other prospective buyers. The flywheel keeps spinning until you breathe only money!

I’m A Sales Person! I Don’t Do Videos!

True, you are a salesperson and don’t know the knack of making videos. But don’t let this stop you from driving sales for your brand. There are tons of marketing video maker software out there. With these tools, you can create your first, professional, sales-compelling video in a jiffy.

Assured promise, you need no technical or video making or editing skills. It’s that easy that you could learn it in your lunch break!

So, don’t be daunted by video creation. Simply follow the steps below, and you’d do just fine.

1. Use A Video Template

If you’re creative enough, you can very well start on a blank canvas. Otherwise, you could use the available templates to kickstart your project. Besides, you can customize the offered templates as per your needs. Right from branding to the delivering message, it’s all a work of mixing and matching. Get more tips by visiting this weblink.

2. Personalize the Video Template

Besides the available animations and images, you can also drag and drop graphics, adjust music, texts, fonts, and other assets in the workspace to stroke the color of personalization. This way, it wouldn’t be any random marketing video, rather one that’s authoritative and compelling, speaking to your audience in your brand’s voice.

3. Download and Publish the Video

Once you are done making your video, you can either download it to your desktop or directly export it to your social channels.

And that’s it! You would have successfully created and published your marketing video, in just fifteen minutes.

Immediate Footsteps

Now that you know what marketing and business videos can accomplish for your brand, in contrast to still images, it’s now time to follow the right course of action. By creating marketing goal-related videos, such as promotional videos, or educational videos, or product demonstration videos, you can level up your marketing tactics and attract buyers from every walk of their buying journey. Interested in leveling up your business? You can learn about wi-fi here.

After all, what’s a knowledge sleeping in the brain?

Leverage a video making software and begin creating stunning videos before your competitor does!

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