5 Tips That Will Help Your Dishwasher Run Better

I think it’s safe to say that the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions of all time. That’s something that we can all probably agree on.

Nobody likes washing dishes, this is why I personally rather hiring a someone from cleaners dublin. Without a dishwasher you have to add a solid five minutes to every meal you eat during the day cleaning up afterwards.

These days very few houses are without one of these miracle machines and I’m willing to bet that the average happiness of the world has gone up because of it.

Well maybe I’m going over the top, but I really do think that it’s an incredible invention and that we’d be lost without them.

Sometimes though, things don’t quite go to plan with your dishwashers. Things come out not as clean as we want them to be and it’s not uncommon for a dishwasher to just not turn on.

In most cases it takes about a half an hour for the dishwasher to work it’s magic, but we’ve all experienced a time when it inexplicably takes two hours.

These things don’t happen for no reason though. If something goes wrong there’s probably a logical explanation and you can probably fix the problem.

Here’s five things you can do to make sure that you’re dishwasher runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Don’t Overstuff

For the most part, you’re going to have plenty of room for your dishes. If you get your hands on one of the leading dishwashers, they usually have plenty of space for a variety of dishes.

But there also needs to be a certain amount of free space inside to allow for the machine to actually run.

You have various mechanisms in there. Certain things like the spinning blades and the hoses will be too squished for space to do their job if you overstuff.

If you’ve got a lot of people in your home this is and especially big problem. For a family of four, that’s four sets of dishes and cutlery for each meal.

That’s quite a bit of stuff and they’ll probably be using their dishwasher pretty much every single day. The urge to fill it up is definitely there.

It’s irritating when you’ve filled up the dishwasher and you still have one or two plates left over that then have to be washed by hand.

But the fact is, the machine either won’t run at all, or it will run and will just leave half of the plates still dirty.

Avoid this problem altogether. If you’ve filled every slot just leave it at that. Don’t try and squeeze extra things in between the jam-packed slots, it’s not worth it.

2. Keep the Trap Clean

You probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. And that’s fine because this is a part of the machine that you don’t always see.

The trap is a piece of rubber on the drain that is there to make sure that it doesn’t clog up with all of the food.

The only way to get to it is to open up the dishwasher, take out the lower rack and then find the drain that’s usually below the bottom sprayer.

Removing the trap can be a little bit tricky, but once you know how to do it it shouldn’t take too long.

Chances are one you take this out, you’ll notice that the trap itself and the top of the drain have a fair bit of excess food on them.

It’s not a place that will get naturally cleaned when the dishwasher is running so it needs to tended to like this.

A blocked drain means that a lot of the food is just going to stay in the dishwasher and get moved around while stuff should be getting cleaned.

It depends on how often you use the dishwasher, but if you’re using it on the daily then you should probably do this once every couple of weeks.

3. Scrape Your Dishes

The more that you do this part, the less likely you are going to have to deal with a clogged drain and a clogged trap.

The purpose of a dishwasher is to wash your dishes, it’s not equipped to deal with larger particles of food.

Of course, you’re never going to be able to remove every single big piece of food on every plate, and some of it will go down the drain.

But not scraping is how your drain will get clogged more quickly, and unscraped dishes probably won’t end up clean at all.

It seems like an extra job, but it really isn’t. It takes a matter of seconds per dish to give it a quick scrape.

All of those seconds are nothing. Having to clean the drain more often and clean plates after they’ve come out of the dishwasher will take you way longer.

4. Don’t Overuse Powder

You know what can happen if you put too much powder in? You guessed it, it will block your drain. It might also not dissolve and then you’ll end up with powder all over your dishes.

It’s a pretty easy thing to solve. Just don’t put a ton of powder in there. It sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised.

Some people just pour the powder in absentmindedly and then there’s too much of it in there. Also, there’s those that assume they need a lot of powder to effectively clean their dishes.

And on the other side of the coin, some of us don’t actually put in enough powder and then the dishes don’t get cleaned either.

There should be a recommended dose listed on the bottle, but I think a better solution is to just avoid the powder altogether.

Go for the alternative route of using capsules or pods. By design they have the perfect amount in them to where you won’t be overdoing it.

They won’t be that much more expensive either so it’s a good decision to make.

5. Utilize Hot Water

This is also a really easy solution. Something that can be causing a less efficient cleaning, is the fact that the water is a little cool.

As you know, the water is coming from the same source as the water in your faucet, and if the last time you used your faucet was with cold water, that will run over.

So just let your faucet run until it gets hot. It sounds like nothing at all, but it will make a significant change.

The first cycle of cleaning will have warm water which will of course be more effective in cleaning your dishes.

Small tip for sure, but a valuable one.


Dishwashers can make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you’ve got a big family and have a lot of cleaning up to do.

And you might not be getting the best out of yours. Sometimes these really simple solutions are the best ones.

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5 Things Every Gardener Should be Doing to Help Their Garden

Gardening is an awful lot more work than some people realize. It’s not necessarily the most relaxing hobby out there despite its reputation.

It can be stressful, it can be time-consuming and depending on how much and often you want to do it, I’d go as far as to say that it can be exhausting. However you can avoid the headache with some gardener gadgets such as this electric grass trimmer.

Like I said though, it can get out of hand a little bit if you’re not careful, read this article that says How to Create a Plant Loving Home.

So here’s five things that every gardener out there should do to help their garden.

1. Compost

If you are not already composting for fertilization, then you should start. You might as well start right now actually.

It’s good for the environment, it means that you won’t have to pay for fertilizer and you can make use of a lot of your waste which would otherwise just be piling up in a landfill.

According to composting is an extra skill that you will need to learn but it’s definitely a worthwhile one. You will need to gather up all of the material first.

This can be things like fallen leaves, yard waste and also some household waste too. Things like eggshells, coffee grounds and certain other food waste should be good.

You can even use dead plants if you’ve got any of those cluttering up your garden. Mix all of this stuff up and leave it in a pile in your garden.

Leave it somewhere where it will get plenty of sun and also make sure that it’s all well mixed together.

You’ll know it’s decomposed and ready for you to use on your soil when you can see very little of the materials that you used to build the pile.

It should look dark brown and crumbly. Work this in as the top layer of soil before you start planting.

2. Water Properly

The fact that you need to water your garden is probably the single most basic thing about gardening that there is, if you need someone to help you with it, consider hiring local gardening services to lend you a hand.

Plants need water to grow, and you can’t always rely on the rain for that. Depending on the climate you might never be able to rely on the rain for that.

So you have to find another way to water your garden. No big deal, there are lots of ways that you can do this. You can also try using greenhouse heaters to regulate the temperature of the room in which you grow the plants.

The problem is that if you are feeding your plants, you could also potentially be feeding things that will become a problem for your plants.

Diseases tend to grow on the plants leaves and on their stems, and so if you’re just spraying the plants then chances are you are going to feed these diseases.

What you need to do is just focus your watering attention on the roots. You can do this by either holding the leaves out of the way while you water, or you can set up an irrigation system.

This way you can ensure that it’s just the soil and the roots that get the water and you can avoid the spread of harmful diseases.

3. Pay Attention to Pests

No matter where you are this is going to be a huge problem. Pests are everywhere and there’s different ones around at different times of the year.

Your plants are pretty much never safe from pests that will slowly chip away at all of your growing efforts and it will drive you crazy. If you  find it necessary that an action should be taken, then you may seek help from some local professional pest control and coyote removal services.

Caterpillars, snails, slugs, various different kinds of beetles, there are so many that could potentially cause an issue for you.

And it’s not just how the plants look that pests will affect, a lot of them carry diseases too which will kill your plants without you even realizing what’s going on.

There’s a bunch of different ways that you can keep these pests at bay and some are more effective than others.

You could try to build barriers but that won’t necessarily protect your plants from ground-dwelling bugs and it will also be time-consuming to prepare.

You could try and strategically place plants that will repel these insects or you could just go the route of spraying your plants with repellent.

The decision will come down to what kind of plants you have growing.

4. Don’t Overcrowd Your Plants

Not everyone who gardens is spoiled for space. And a lot of us just want to plant as much stuff as possible.

Letting your garden get overcrowded won’t work out well for you. If your plants are all on top of each other then they are competing for all of the nutrients that they need.

They’ll be competing for sunlight, the roots will be squished for space and will struggle to retain the necessary amount of water that they need.

And also, plants that are spaced too close to each other will cause a build up of heat and humidity.

This is an issue because harmful bacteria and viruses will be able to thrive in an environment like that.

So you pretty much just have to resist the urge to plant things too close together. Give every individual plant as much space as you possibly can.

5. Keep a Notebook

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical notebook, you just need a way to keep track of everything that you’re doing in your garden.

You can use your phone for this, you could just have some kind of record sheet on your computer, any way that you can jot things down.

You can use it to keep notes of plants that you’ve heard about which you want to add to your garden.

You can set up a schedule for when you’re going to water certain plants or when you’re going to plant something knew.

Keeping a notebook will give a sense of structure to your gardening and ensure that you don’t forget about any important actions that you need to take.


Overall, gardening should be a fun and rewarding experience, but there’s things that can get in the way of that being the case. However, if there are tree branches in your garden that need to be trimmed or cut, just make sure that you choose an axe like a tomahawk for throwing axe which is easy and safe for you to use. Also, if you feel this task are too much to handle on your own, hire some help at Elite Landscaping Dublin – Best Gardeners and Landscapers In Dublin

Follow these guidelines though and your garden should be thriving in no time.

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20 Brilliant Inventions Definitely Change Your Life

We are living in the era of technology. Earlier, what we can hardly imagine, now that can also be possible with newer technologies. Every day new gadgets, designs solutions, devices and so on are developing to make our life really easy. From the kitchen to bathroom, everywhere technology has gifted us lots of things which have been changed our life. But, there are some technologies too, which are really innovative and surprising too as well as brilliant, which have the capacity to transform our thinking and life. Here is a list of 21 brilliant those inventions which are really amazing and unique. So, let’s grab them one by one.


#20 The Alarm Clock Mat


Seriously, everyday getting up early is a difficult task. Most of the time, we just stop our alarm and resume our sleep. But, this new invention is really a life-changing one. In order to turn it off, we have to get up first and thus the really tough work of getting out of bed will be successful. Really a wonderful product. Isn’t it?

#19 A Spray-Cleaner For Fruit


Fruits are the everyday requirement for our body. But, they should be washed well before consuming. A Spray cleaner is really a useful product to serve this purpose. It will make the work of cleaning fruits really easy.

#18 A Video-Recording Lens


Well, it is just a spell-bound product. We can’t even imagine of this. But, it’s true. It will be really helpful in many situations.

#17 Ironing Board As Well As Mirror


Your ironing board will be turned into a mirror! Can’t believe? That’s true! This amazing product serves as an ironing board and after the completion of ironing the clothes; you can change it to a mirror. How Sweet!

#16 The Solar-Powered Chaise Longue



This is again an amazing product which will be operated by solar power which can be set up by the solar installer templestowe. It will give us the opportunity to relax.

#15 A Bed Which Lets You Snuggle


Can you imagine this product earlier? But, it’s true and it is another wonderful product.

#14 The Nail Varnish Holder


This can be thought of as a normal product, but it is too much useful as applying nail polish without any holder is seriously very tough. Thanks to this product.

#13 The Cucumber Spiral Slicer


Many people like a lot to make decorations with cucumber for garnishing purpose and this product really helps them to slice the cucumber as a spiral shape.

#12 The Bedside Table With A Food Tray


It is an essential product for bedridden patients. They will really cherish their foods with this amazing product.

#11 A Net For Drying Your Shoes


Drying shoes are one of the most tedious jobs and now it will be easier with this product.

#10 The Exercise Chair


Well, what it could be more useful than exercising and working simultaneously. This product is really a blessing for those, who hardly have time to exercise for the workload. Now they can continue both the works together.

#9 A Very Comfortable Paint Roller


Bye bye to the old brush technique to paint. Now with this wonderful product, painting has been made easier.

#8 A Jelly Cloth For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Places


Really, this is amazing! Most of the time, we face this hurdle to clean those places which are very hard to reach. Now, this amazing Jelly Cloth is available to make that hard task really easy with the blink of an eye.

#7 Batteries Which Can Be Charged In A USB Ports


This is one of the most useful products in the whole list. They can be charged in USB ports and that is amazing.

#6 The Heatable Knife Which Can Cut Through Cold Butter


This cutting of cold butter is a regular challenge in the morning. But, now a blessing has come, with which cutting of the cold butter will be done in a twisting of fingers.

#5 The Scooter Which Turns Into A Suitcase





How is this possible? I mean a really wonderful invention.

#4 The Cyclist’s Backpack Which Has A Built-In Safety Display



In order to avoid accidents, it is really a blessing product.

#3 A Portable, Solar-Powered Plug Socket



It is really an adorable product and as well as useful too.

#2 A Brilliant Idea For Small Apartments


If you have a small apartment, then this product will be very beneficial for you. It is really an amazing product.

#1 The Exercise Cycle Of The Future


This is really a high-tech cycle in which cycling and working can be done simultaneously.

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9 Weird Inventions That Are The Perfect Answer To Life’s Most Inconvenient Moments

Life is full of surprises and if the surprise will be a weird or peculiar one, but at the same time is the solution to life’s most inconvenient moments, then what could be better than this? We face lots of such situations in our everyday life, but the solutions are not readily available in that particular moment. So, if the solution can be available even in a pocket-friendly Price, then a standing ovation is necessary for those creators, who are actually managing to sell these and the customers are really loving these products. So, here is a list of such products which are really awesome in some inconvenient moments. What are you waiting for? Let’s catch them one by one.

#9 Shreddies

Buy fart-absorbing undies. Breaking wind is embarrassing, especially in front of your significant half, but trust Shreddies to do the trick. The undies come with a Zorflex-activated carbon back panel that absorbs fart odours. It is the perfect solution.

#8 Ostrich pillow

A funny looking pillow to solve all your napping problems is finally here. You can now nap at work or while travelling by simply slipping on this mask over your head. It helps you create a personal space in a busy setting. Seriously, isn’t it a really helpful and as well as a funny stuff?

#7 Boyfriend pillow

Who needs a man when you can snuggle up with a creepy looking half-bodied boyfriend pillow? The product has nearly 5 stars on Amazon. Clearly, girls are digging this invention for it throws no tantrums while being adjusted in different positions. Really it can be a useful thing. Boyfriends now have got competition!

#6 Baby mop

Having trouble keeping your floors clean? No worries, all you need is this onesie that doubles up as a mop. Basically, it’s a romper with mop heads attached to its arms and legs. As the baby crawls, it picks up dirt, dust, hair, anything, and everything.

#5 Knitted beard hat

It may work wonders to keep your face warm in winters but more than that, it reminds us of how when puberty doesn’t hit, the alternative is always more disastrous. This knitted beard hat is definitely not a chick magnet. but it will do the job while a reliable team of ac repair specialist get your hvac fixed.

#4 Quack: the duck bill dog muzzles

the duck bill dog muzzles: This Japanese product keeps the people around your dog safe as the duck bill muzzle puts an end to all kinds of barking and biting. Even the animals around your pet feel safe and can go on living their life. This is the perfect accessory to embarrass your dog

#3 Full body umbrella

: Another gem from Japan, this full body umbrella will keep you covered from all ends and won’t let even a single droplet touch you. It’s not your regular umbrella that drenches your soul. This one will uplift it. Best of luck with finding your way around

#2 The dogbrella

These Italian-made brollies, that also come with a leash, are a big hit among dog owners. They can finally take their dogs out for a stroll even in the rains. And these are perfect for dogs the size of a poodle. Could you imagine this earlier?

#1 Twinkle Tush

Looking at a kitty’s behind can be an unpleasant experience but sprucing it up with a coruscant gem is a whole new level of genius. See how you take the attention away from a gaping hole to a jewel that’s covering that hole? Pure genius. Please to be washing your hands after.

That was really amazing. So, what about your plan? Want to buy one or more products from the above list?

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12 Smart Alternative Uses For Ordinary Things

Every day we face some common problems that can make us irritated and devastated to solve them at regular intervals. But where there is any problem, there might be some solution too. But can you ever imagine that simple elements can solve those problems smartly? Yes, that’s true! Sometimes we don’t give such attention to simple things, but they can be our problem solver if we use them smartly. So, here is the list of such smart use of some simple elements in some complicated regular task what you can’t imagine could be possible ever. So, why is waiting? Let’s catch them!

#12 Have you ever spent entirely too long tracking a cord to find where it comes from? Label wires with bread tags.


#11 Everyone’s keyboard gets dirty at some point. One way to clean up some of the unwanted dust and crumbs is to use a sticky note.


#10 Empty Pringles cans are a perfect place to store dry pasta to keep it fresh and act as an easy way to empty it into a pot.


#9 Use a vegetable peeler to easily slice blocks of cheese.


#8 Use a piece of bread to pick up broken glass from the floor.


Tiny pieces will cling to the soft bread — and it provides better grip. You still need to be very careful, as the glass could come through the bread and hit your hand.

#7 Fold a coffee filter into a pouch with some tape or glue to make a flash diffuser.


#6 Another snazzy way to use a coffee filter is to strain wine when the cork is broken.


#5 You know that table salt you have kicking around the kitchen? Add a bit to your water when you make a hard boiled egg to avoid cracking the shell.


#4 Pour salt mixed with hot water down your drains to clear clogs and help it smell better.


This is great for breaking up grease.

#3 Really need some deodorant? A dusting of baking soda can actually double as an arm pit freshener…


#2 Now this one is truly genius. You know that horrible plastic packaging that seems to cut us open before we then fail to get the thing open?


Turns out you can use a can opener to open it with ease.

#1 If you are short on speakers but want to boost the volume of your music? Put that phone in a bowl and the sound will be amplified.


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Amazing Hanging Decorations That Will Make Your Outdoor Beautiful

Many of us will be having a space which we may not be able to use for any specific purposes.

There may be areas outdoors or around the house which looks dull pulling down the looks of the house. These places can be converted in to areas that relax the mind. The only thing required for this is creativity. When you have creativity and some junk material which can bring out your creativity, your outdoors can be one of the best spaces in your house.

We give here 16 incredible hanging decorations for your outdoor which according to the information from Perth Property Valuers can increase your homes value.

16. Decorate with hanging flowers

Decorate with hanging flowersHanging colorful natural flowers around the open space brightens up the environment. Design such floral hangings according to your preference. Colorful flowers de-stress you bringing you out of tensions of many sorts. It also makes the whole environment look absolutely different. When looking for different ways to decorate your house, consider checking this list of rug stores near me.

15. Recycle tyres

Recycle tyresHanging tyres from the tree branches is one of the oldest ways to enjoy playing in the garden. If you are looking to sell a land for ranch you need ranch marketing experts to help you sell the land.  These tyres can also be used as the base for floral hangings. Paint the tyre in a colorful manner. Filling mud inside grow plant which will sprout out small colorful flowers in a dense manner. Hanging floral plants in trees on a tyre make the surroundings look attractive.

14. Rain Gutters can hold flower plants too

Rain Gutters can hold flower plants tooDo you have unused rain gutters in your junk yard? Here it goes. Use them to plant flower plants. According to an expert painter and decorator who assisted us, you can hang them one above the other or in different places as individual Units. They can also be placed on the floors of the garden. Ensure the rain gutters are painted with attractive colors so your garden gets a fresh look.

13. Old Bird cage can be used to grow succulents

Old Bird cage can be used to grow succulentsDon’t throw away the old bird cages. They can be used to display succulents. To give the whole arrangement a modern look, ask a painter to work on it. The subtle colors of such succulents will add to the rustic look of the cage. You garden will get that classic looks attracting visitors right at the first sight.

12. Conked off light bulbs decorations

Conked off light bulbs decorationsUsing conked off bulbs for decorating your garden can be one of the creative ideas. This permits you to use all the glitters and decorative items available. Just hang the bulbs one over the other or in the sequence you wish to arrange them. This is a compact decorative arrangement that occupies very little space. It can be used in small gardens also.

11. Yarn ball decorations

Yarn ball decorationsThis is one decoration that has been in vogue for many years now. It is easily available readymade and can be made in different sizes all by ourselves. Making yarn balls is an easy process and you have tons and tons of step by step guidelines available in the internet for the same

10. Old Wine bottles

Old Wine bottlesIf you have your basement filled with empty wine bottles, use the same to hang your succulents elegantly. They way they hold these plants will give a unique look making the garden space highly attractive

9. Stylish floating interior garden

Stylish floating interior gardenMany home owners today prefer to maintain their environment in a modern style. They require novel ideas that would add value to their interiors aspects of their houses and commercial projects. Stylish floaters can be designed in appropriate areas to hold decorative plants that grow in an internal environment. This will add to the aesthetics of the house in an immense manner

8. Long wine bottles

 Long wine bottlesDon’t worry if you many long sized old wine bottles in your junk yard. This requires a lot of attention and carefulness to pierce holes in the bottom part of the bottles. They can be hung with the help of the strong twine and can make the space look dreamy particularly during night times

7. Hanging Clay Pots

Hanging Clay PotsHave the necks of the clay Pots tied together with the help of strong strings or wires. Paint the pots in attractive colors and hang them as per your choice of arrangement. You can either fill these clay pots with suitable plants or just leave them as it is as decorative hanging. They can be hung from the ceiling or near the walls depending on the interior or exterior areas they are hung

6. Leather holders

Leather holdersMake your old shoes and handbags hold plants that do not need water to sustain. The elegant looks of these worn out leather products adds to the classic looks of the environment. These leather holders are not only elegant for looks but also add spice to the environment through their purpose indoors and outdoors

5. Vegetable baskets

Vegetable basketsConvert your old vegetable baskets into flower hangings. You can either join them together and hang from above or keep them with flowering plants on the window frames you can get replaced by experts in the area, to get this done, check out your URL at the link. This will not only provide fresh air to the adjoining rooms but also add to the aesthetics of the environment in a holistic manner.

4. Mason Glass jars

Mason Glass jarsHave you collected too many mason jars for your use in kitchen and seldom use the same? Use them as hangings from above to grow the little herbs you may require for your daily cooking. Creating holes in them may be a tricky job. When this is done carefully, this can be one of the best wall hanging which is of high utility value

3. Candle Holders

Candle HoldersCandle holders can be the best way to brighten up your garden. Make possible arrangements to hang the candle holders in the garden, if you would like you can make the candles but first find the best wax for candle making at home. These small little things will add to the scenic beauty of the environment particularly during party times in the night

2. Mason jar Candle Holders

Mason jar Candle HoldersAnother high utility for unused Mason jars is to make them hold candles. Tie the neck of the Mason jars with a strong cord that can hold the weight. Hang them from the height that is appropriate to the area they are hung from. These jars will make the garden look like heaven when lit in a mild manner. The glittering looks the moving flames create in the garden makes it wonderful to experience the environment.

1. Metallic Cans

Metallic CansDo you have old metallic cans unused and waiting to be thrown away? Attach string to then on both edges. Plant some small plants. Hang them in the garden space or patio. When surrounding lights fall on their surface, the glitter caused will be highly attractive and mesmerizing.

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9 Cooking Skills That Will Make You an Expert Chef

No doubt cooking is an art. While many of us cook on a regular basis, we still feel we lack somewhere when tasting food items prepared by great chefs. We tend to feel that they have some magic in their hands. In reality, it is not that a cook wakes up in the morning to become the best cook in the world all of a sudden. Cooking, like all another art form, is a constant learning process. Any of us can become a star cook practicing cooking regularly

We do accept that cooking is quite a tricky job for the beginners. Irrespective of whether one cooks by himself or looking at books and TV Shows, it is important that you need to learn the tricks of the trade to make the food items delicious.

We present here super skills which would save your time and energy whenever you cook the next time.  For all you know, you may be aware of some of these tricks already. But applying these as a single compilation will help your prune your activities further while cooking. Let us look at some these magic tricks in cooking

1. Removing the shell of hard boiled egg quickly

Take the boiled egg in a glass jar. Pour cold water on the same and shake thoroughly. The shell will start coming out of the egg automatically. Quiet comfortable right

2. Magic trick on Garlic Cloves

Again, for removing the Garlic cluster, a glass jar is sufficient. Put the clustered Garlic into the glass jar. Shake in all directions in a crazy manner. After some time, you will see the clusters giving away and getting separated without any effort of yours.

3. Removing Kiwi skin

Cut the Kiwi fruit into two. Take a glass tumbler and press the inside part of the fruit in the edges of the same. You will feel elated to see the skin of the Kiwi give away in just one hard push. The same trick can be followed for peeling of Mango skin also

4. Sewing Needle on Banana trick

All that is needed to have Banana sliced in equal attractive proportions is a Banana and needle. Avoid peeling off the banana skin at this stage. Just insert the needle to create cuts in the banana surface at equal distances. When you finally peel off the Banana skin, you will feel happy to have not spoilt your hands for slicing Banana in equal lengths.

5. Trick on Red Bell Pepper

This trick can ? on any colored Paprika or Bell Pepper. Take a bell pepper of any color. Excluding the middle portion of the Bell Pepper, cut both the ends of the same. You will be able to cut it easily into small pieces the moment you remove the core part left in the same. This is one of the easiest ways to cut a Paprika or Bell Pepper

6. Magic trick on Potato

Every time we boil a potato, it becomes hard to peel off the skin making it a struggle for us. Before cooking the potato, wash the same. Using a knife, make a circular cut like motion on any part of the Potato. Boil it now. You will be able to identify the starting point to peel off the skin easily. This will avoid wastage of Potato while peeling off the skin.

7. Ice Cream Cookie

Take a pack of ice cream in a plastic tub. Just peel center the side portion of the tub carefully. Keep this sandwiched between two of your favorite cookies. Remove the rest of the ice cream cover and press the cookie on the top. Your ice cream cookie is ready to be tasted. Enjoy the same as much as you will do in an Ice cream shop

8. Separating Egg Yolks

Take a fresh bowl. Using a water bottle try cracking the egg into the bowl. Squeeze the egg and suck the inside part in a gentle manner. Plop the outer part in a different container after the yolk gets collected in the bottle. Use this easy method to separate yolk from eggs

9. Centre of the egg

All that is required for taking off the centre of the egg is a cardboard and boiled egg. Have the egg placed in the middle of the cardboard that is V-shaped. Place a chopstick above the egg. Put elastic bands on both the sides of this arrangement and tighten the same. This arrangement must be allowed to freeze for half an hour time. After 30 minutes time, remove all the arrangements and cut the egg in the middle. You heart shaped egg will twinkle its eyes on you.

We are sure these tricks were useful to you

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Amazing Uses Of Salt Other Than Cooking

On a day to day life, we come across many kinds of stains. Some stains are so adamant that we feel totally lost as to what needs to be done to get rid of the same. If we say that we have an ingredient right in our hands to kick away tough stains easily, you will surely not be able to believe us. This magic ingredient is called Salt. Salt is one thing that is present all over around us next only to air. While it may really surprise you how salt may solve the tough stains problem, the following paragraphs will clear all your ambiguities.

These salt hacks we have given here is basically dependent on salt’s cleansing nature which is due to the sodium and chloride combination. All of us now that NaCl are the scientific name of Sodium Chloride. Salt plays a crucial role in our day to day diet as well as in our health. Salt, in fact, keeps our health safe out of the clutches of diseases and deficiencies. Salt does not only add value to our health but also adds excitement to our lives.

#1 Iron Gunk Remover

Take a sheet of wax paper. Sprinkle generous amount of salt over the same. Heat the iron box. Keep it over the salt on the wax paper and move it back and forth for one full minute. The salt on the wax paper surface will take all the stains, making your iron a cleaned one.

#2 Egg Stain Remover

Are you worried about the yellow stains caused by eggs? Here is the solution. Sprinkle salt on the yellow stain generously. Allow the salt to remain on the stain for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Working as a coagulant, it will clean the mess created by egg’s yellow portion. You will feel elated to see no stains on the surface

#3 Grease Fire Extinguisher

Salt works as an excellent fire extinguisher by cutting off the oxygen flow due to which the fire is on. So, whenever you want to extinguish fire, sprinkle salt on the fire on large quantities directly.

#4 Sponge Cleanser

Salt not only cleans hard surfaces and brings down fire but also cleans softer things in an easy manner. Are you worried about changing your kitchen sponge often since you are unable to get rid of the dirt accumulated in the same? Don’t worry. Just prepare a salt solution in a cup and immerse the dirt accumulated sponge inside the liquid. Leave it overnight. Wake up the next morning to witness a new sponge in the solution

#5 Bath Tub Stains Cleanser

Take salt in a generous manner to apply all over your bath tub. Before applying salt on the surface of the bath tub, mix the same amount of turpentine to the same. Mix well and apply on the surface of the tub where the stains are found. You will see the magic happening right in front of your eyes. You will see the stains getting removed right in front of you only to witness a sparkling bath tub

#6 Natural Drainer

Add quarter cup of salt to quarter cup of baking soda thoroughly. Mix well and pour it on the drain tube in your wash basins. After this gets over, pour ½ cup of Vinegar in to the drain. This will result in formation of foam. After 15 minutes, pour boiling water into the drain. You will be able to see the water flow freely since all the treatments given earlier would have cleared the clogs in the drain tube completely

#7 Burnt Food Remover

It is very difficult to clean a pan that has burnt food. Spread salt generously on the burnt surface of the vessel. Add a little bit of water to the same. The salt that gets dissolved will clean the grease as well as the food stuck to the vessel quickly. Wait for approximately 10 minutes and wipe using a scrub. Washing the vessel in running water, the grease will disappear like magic

Catch the complete video by Household Hacker here. ( PLEASE ATTACH VIDEO )



So, do you now believe that salt can do wonders? Use salt to save your important things breaking their adamancy effortlessly

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15 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations (Videos)

Festivals are of many types. While some festivals are heavy in terms of food, some offer enjoyment in its purest form. There are some other festivals that look neat. Some festivals look rich filled with grandeur all around. Christmas is one festival that falls in the last category. It stimulates energy through decorations that are highly ornamental and gorgeous. Christmas Decorations differ from all other types of decorations. The material used in Christmas decorations are unique. The astonishing fact about Christmas Decorations is, many a times these decorations are done using things at home. Many things that we consider as non-usable or to be thrown away get such elegance and beauty when they are considered for the purpose of decoration, particularly during Christmas times. Let us have a look at such decoration ideas which are explained through videos to help creative minds try the same at their place.

1. Christmas tree using CD’s

This video is all about building a Christmas tree using unused CDs at home. Users can build CD Christmas tree easily by viewing this video end to end

2. Personalized Christmas Greeting Cards

This video explains how to create personalized Christmas greeting cards. It teaches the users the variety they can show in the creation of Christmas cards. It tells the users about the various methods through which images related to Christmas like stars, snowflakes and snow man can be made

3. Galactic Christmas Table

This stunning video tells the users how to create a beautiful galactic table using simple wooden material and paint colors. The video explains every step of making this table in an elaborate manner that users will find it absolutely easy to follow the same

4. Sushi Chopsticks Christmas Star

Learn how to create Christmas Star in an attractive manner using simple material like chop sticks and golden colored twine viewing this video. This is one of the simplest and easiest method of making attractive stars for your Christmas decorations

5. Christmas Star with Glamorous paper

Viewing this video, you will learn the method of creating beautiful Christmas Stars that can be hung from a height. It teaches in simple steps, how to create stunning Christmas stars within seconds

6. Christmas tree made of cardboard

This video explains the method of making a Christmas tree using colorful card boards. It explains clearly the cutting styles and fixing methods to create an attractive Christmas tree

7. Christmas tree in a Mason jar

This video teaches us the simple manner the method to display a small Christmas tree inside a mason jar. Anyone can follow the video easily and create this wonderful table top decoration in an elegant manner

8. Cheese Plate Food Styling

Learn how to arrange cheese in a plate in an amazing manner looking at this video. We are sure you will feel stunned at the thought that food styling can be so easy

9. Create your own Christmas Ball

This video shows how to convert a very ordinary plastic ball in to a Christmas ornament. The simple things required for creating this and the method is explained in an easy manner with words scrolling on the screen for added assistance

10. Tiny little Christmas Trees

This is an interesting video that displays how small little Christmas trees can be made using very ordinary things available at home. The video displays innumerable varieties of Christmas trees made of different kinds of material in an elegant manner. This will help the creative minds choose their own things that they have access to

11. Cone shaped Christmas tree using strings

Looking at this video learn to create your own Christmas tree just using a cone made of paper, strings of different colors and glue to stick the same. It takes just a few minutes to create each Christmas tree.

12. Make your own Christmas hair pins

This minimum duration video displays the method to create attractive hair pins using DIY material available at home. This DIY activity is explained in a crisp manner through this video

13. DIY Christmas tree

Go through this video to understand the method to create personalized Christmas tree during this festive season. This video explains the process of creating Christmas trees in multiple numbers within a few minutes

14. Attractive DIY Ornaments for Christmas tree

Go through this amazing video that will help you to create your own ornaments made of colorful strings for your Christmas tree. This DIY project is sure to stun your guests with the creativity

15. Gift Wrap ideas for this Christmas

This video will let you understand the many ways you can gift wrap your Christmas gifts to the family members and friends. The video displays many ideas for you to choose from

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15 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations To Give Your Home A Makeover

This is the time of the year when we hear not only the rhyme “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way” but also really see the bells jingle in reality. It’s Christmas time and people are gearing up to celebrate the same in all its grandeur and fun.

Christmas is one of those magical occasions where heartwarming carols are sung in every household around. Mouthwatering delicacies are prepared in homes celebrating Christmas and people enjoy getting together at their near and dear homes. The whole environment becomes electric, filled with fun and frolic spreading happiness and excitement all around. One main thing that attracts not only our eyes but also our hearts is the perfect set of decorations found in every home and churches in our vicinity. Shiny, bright signs are something that naturally attracts people. To have this alluring effect for longer, you can always create a neon sign to have it around forever. This is something that can help lure just about any family member to take a look!

With Christmas in the vicinity people frantically search for new DIY Christmas home decor ideas. We provide here some novel ideas to make the nook and corner of your house glamorous. Make your home shine and glitter this Christmas, using the decoration ideas given below

We are sure these ideas will be easy for you to implement spreading the mood of festivity around at your home

1. Glittering Light Bulbs

Take some unused bulbs. Have enough quantity of glue in a broad-mouthed pan. Have different colors of glitter powder in a dish with a spoon in it. Dip a bulb in the glue and sprinkle the required color of glitter powder on the glue with the help of the spoon till spaces are tightly filled in. Repeat the process for other bulbs one by one. Allow to dry.

2. Stairway decoration

Do you have a stair way you are fond of? Then, decorate it with pine leaf adding lights and ornaments in between. Your stair way will look like a pathway to heaven all of a sudden

3. Candle Holders

Collect all those unused glass jars at home. The more different they are in shape, the more attractive this exercise will be. Apply some glue on the outer surface of the jars and sprinkle different colors of glitter powder. Tie the neck of the jar with contrasting satin ribbons. You can hang the jewel of your choice outside the jar using the satin ribbon. Your attractive candle holder is ready for amazing beeswax candles so your guests who visit your home during Christmas celebrations can be welcomed with an amazing aroma.

4. Magical Mirror on the wall

You can make the old mirror that is abandoned in the store room to astonish your guests during the Christmas time. Give it life by decorating it with garland lights and ornaments of your choice. You will be amazed to look at yourself in the glittering mirror

5. Vases of Snow

Having enough stock of empty wine bottles to get rid off? Make them astonishing pieces of decorations this Christmas. Paint the empty Wine bottles in the color you want to see them. If you want to create vases of snow, paint them in white. Allow the same to dry. Add some glue to the white surface and sprinkle some rock salt. Press gently so the rock salt gets stuck to the glue comfortably. Your snow vase is ready for decorating your desktops

6. Cinnamon Stick small trees

Cut thick waste wires to look like twigs. Take some long Cinnamon sticks. Using strings, attached the twig-like structures in a horizontal manner over the Cinnamon. Attach colorful buttons of different sizes to look like this online flowers or fruits. These miniature trees will undoubtedly amaze your guests

7. Candles in Cookie Box

Have a lot of cookie boxes to be disposed of because yu too just love the Valentines cookie delivery cookies? Don’t worry. Convert them into candle holders this Christmas. Take even size cookie boxes. Hang them from the ceiling using cello tapes and sticking material. You can use colorful strings for hanging them which will add value to space. Tie the cookie boxes at the lower end of the string. These cookie boxes can hold your small little candles in an elegant manner. You can decorate the strings hanging from above as well as the cookie boxes using your creativity to add more color to the whole environment

8. Magical Lamps

We consider this as one of the best and simplest of DIY decoration ideas for Christmas. Take different sizes of empty bottles and insert glowing bulbs into the same. The amazing environment that the bottles with lights spread will make the environment magical

9. Gala Christmas Dinner

Carrots can become the nose and black grapes, the eyes of the snowman made out of ordinary plates. Use ordinary dinner plates, napkins, spoon, fork, knife, carrot and cherries to unleash your creativity in making your Christmas dinner a gala event.

10. Christmas balls and ornaments

Do you long sized windows that are present in the key spaces of your house? Why leave the window space unused? Take different colored glittering ornament balls. Tie them to colorful strings and hang from the screen rod in the window space. Hide the rod using colorful satin ribbons. Make your window will look like a gateway to heaven and astonish your guests at home

11. Decorate your Chandeliers

You can add value to your dinner environment by hanging artificial pine leaves on the chandelier. You can also hang Christmas tree ornaments using colorful strings and threads from the chandeliers. Have your Christmas dinner with family and friends in a romantic environment that is highly mesmerizing.

12. Stars made of Straws

Take a plastic zip that is used to lock the mouth of carry bags. Insert a huge bunch of straws inside it. Zap it tightly so that the straws bend in all directions forming a star shape. Hang these stars indoors from ceilings and outdoors from trees

13. Make your fridge a snowman

Use different colored oil papers to convert your refrigerator into a snowman. Cut eyes using black paper and nose using any bright color paper. Create the snowman unleashing your creativity. This snowman will fit in the Christmas season in an apt manner

14. Snowflakes on your window

You can enjoy looking at snowflakes on your window creating the same yourself. Cut bright white paper into different snowflake designs. Stick them randomly on your window glass and make your windows freeze with cool winters

15. Make your guests smile

Buy new sets of socks in white and red color mix. Use them like fork and spoon holders on the dining table. It will bring broad smiles to the face of your guests without any ambiguity

Hope the above DIY Christmas decorations brought warmth to your heart. Bring the same warmth to your guests trying out some of the above during your Christmas celebrations this year

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8 Ways To Amaze Everyone By Plating Your Dish Like A Pro

We have many good cooks among us in housewives, men and even children. Most of us are good cooks undoubtedly. However, our ability to display food is an attractive manner decides our capability many times.

Like our dresses make us look attractive, food arrangements in plates help us to make them look alluring. Even a normal food, when arranged in a fascinating manner, attracts guests to eating them immediately.

Many of us feel awestruck to see food items arranged in a colorful manner. We feel it requires a lot of learning and effort. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Anyone can try these tricks all by themselves and stun their guests, family members, and friends

We have given many tricks and tips to make your plate a magical one. It is up to you to follow one or a combination of the below-given tricks.


1. Odd number arrangements

Creating a highly appealing visual effect on the plates is the first hack for making your plate attractive. Combine foods of opposite shades to draw your guests to the food

2. Changing the plate

While plate decoration is the basic game, changing the real plates with novel dishes will add spice to the game. When gourmet dishes are being cooked, latest novel dishes add to the attractiveness of the same

3. Increasing the plate effect adding lesser quantity

Using plates smaller in size is the first method to add cuteness to your serving area. The next thumb rule is to serve contrasting color dishes in smaller quantities all around the plate. When you do it with a logical mind, the symmetry it creates is astounding

4. Height and contours matter

Displaying the food items using suitable stands and holders for the same adds to the curiosity levels of the guests. Choose holders and stands appropriate for the shape of the food being cooked. Heights in which the food items are displayed creates high visual impact

5. Tune it up with nature

Adding some emotions to the food items displayed is the key to making it look alluring. Draw inspiration from nature. You can use the shades reflected by nature during the different seasons. Create shadows of the same by arranging the food items in the opposite direction of the light rays falling on them. Food arrangement is an art that can be mastered easily with the help of creative mind and passion for the same


6. Color contrasts

We reiterate plating is very much like dressing. We decide to dress using contrasting colors just to attract the eyes of the others. In the same manner, food items arranged in a contrasting manner attracts eyes through the visual effect created. Create that visual impact unleashing your creativity on the plates

7. Garnish generously

No doubt garnishing adds to the taste. You can use the same garnishing to make your food look colorful too. A colorful thorough garnishing makes the food look awesome, drawing the guests towards the same with inquisitiveness

8. Cleaning it up

Keep the surface of the plate clean. Ensure that the rest of area in the plate look perfect. This will highlight the dish on the plate giving it a pristine look

We are sure you are planning to try one or more of the above plating tricks now

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Mom always keeps hydrogen peroxide in the house. Here are 20 benefits you didn’t know of

If you have ever seen a first aid kit, you have probably seen hydrogen peroxide being used especially for injuries, stings, etc. Many people apply HP on cuts and then apply a bandage. Its chemical formula is H2O2, which is similar to that of water, H2O, but its chemical properties are completely different from that of water.

The extra oxygen atom present in hydrogen peroxide makes it extremely reactive, thus making it an ideal substance for sanitization as it can easily get rid of harmful microbes and bacteria.

This article lists the top 20 benefits of keeping hydrogen peroxide in your house. Make sure that you use 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and not the 5% one which is normally found in stores.

1. Killing viruses
Just add three drops of hydrogen peroxide to your ears, and slowly let it drain. In the process, it will get rid of earwax along with any harmful viruses such as “swimmers ear.”

2. Getting rid of pesticides from vegetables
Killing pesticides from vegetables are extremely important, but fortunately, hydrogen peroxide makes the job quite easy. Just add 3 cups of water along with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl, and soak the vegetables in the bowl for around half an hour. Then rinse them properly and store them in the fridge. Make sure that the vegetables are whole and are not cut in any place. Otherwise, the solution will get into the vegetables, making them inedible.

3. Eliminating airborne germs
Add 1 pint of hydrogen peroxide to approximately a gallon of water, and then pour the solution to a humidifier. Your air will get cleansed while all airborne germs will be eliminated.

4. Cleaning Toothbrush
Often we forget to dry our toothbrushes after brushing our teeth, thus keeping them moist the whole night. It attracts germs, so just soak it in hydrogen peroxide solution to kill any germs.

5. Foot fungus
Add equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide and keep it in a bottle. Apply the solution daily on to the fungus to solve the problem of foot fungus. Ensure that the bottle is kept away from sunlight.

6. Getting rid of organic stains
Normally, organic stains such as that of blood, sweat or wine stains can be tough to remove with ordinary detergent. Just add a little bit hydrogen peroxide to the laundry detergent solution, and they will vanish instantly.

7. Protection from swimmers ear
This viral infection is extremely common especially if you are a regular swimmer. In that case, add hyper peroxide solution to your ears regularly to protect your ears.

8. Calluses in feet
Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal amounts and then soak your feet in the solution to soften your calluses.

9. Bathing
Fill your tub with water and then add 1 cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide before bathing for best benefits.

10. Skin cleanser
Hydrogen peroxide as said earlier, is excellent at killing bacteria, so you can use to cleanse your face.

11. Mouthwash
Hydrogen peroxide is good as mouthwash because not only will it kill all bacteria in your mouth; it will also get rid of bad breath and whiten your teeth.

12. Disinfectant and cleaning wounds
If injuries are not treated, however, small they are, they attract bacteria and dirt which can delay their healing. Hence, apply a bit of hydrogen peroxide solution which is excellent as a disinfectant.

13. Getting rid of a toothache
If you are experiencing extreme toothache and cannot visit the doctor immediately, then a temporary solution is to gargle with coconut oil mixed with hydrogen peroxide, which has worked wonders for countless people all over the world.

14.Clean sinuses
Apply a bit of hydrogen peroxide to your nostrils. It is entirely safe and will quickly clean your sinuses.

15. Detoxification
Add 1 cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide to your bath water and let it stay for around half an hour. Then shower with the water as normal.

16. Cleaning household items
Since hydrogen peroxide is an excellent sanitizing agent, it can quickly clean any household items and also can be used to clean the floor.

17. Cleaning contact lenses
If your contact lenses have become dirty, then keep them overnight in a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. You will find them crystal clear the next morning.

18. Shopping bags
If you want to reuse your shopping bags, especially if you carry food items such as meat and vegetables, then it’s advised to sanitize them regularly with hydrogen peroxide solution

19. Cleaning glass
If your mirror has become dirty, then spray hydrogen peroxide over it, and then wipe it once it has bubbled.

20. Disinfectant for lunchboxes
You don’t want any bacteria to grow in your lunchbox that ruins the food, so clean them regularly with hydrogen peroxide solution.

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10 Easy Techniques For Keeping Your Home Clean Naturally.

Keeping your house clean all the time is a daunting task, Professional hardwood flooring refinishing services are more common than you might think. If you will like your home to have the same similar flooring, check the prices at the Colorado lumber yard website using the link.

Finding a reliable company for your local area is the best way to ensure that damage or scratches to your engineered hardwood flooring are remedied quickly and effectively, so that you can enjoy this beautiful material in your home for many years to come.

Fortunately, these top 10 tips should make your task of keeping the house clean naturally much easier. So let’s get started.

10. Bathrooms

There is no doubt that the hardest place to clean is always the bathroom. However, if you know the right ingredients, cleaning the bathroom will be a breeze. You need to mix a ¼ glass of hydrogen peroxide along with one tablespoon of liquid soap in around half glass of water. Then use a sponge to soak in the solution and clean the tiles with it. If you are not comfortable doing this job, consider hiring a local home and office cleaning contractor.

If you are unable to remove the stains even then, then a better solution is to mix water and vinegar in the same ratio and pour it all around the bathroom. Keep it like that the whole night and then wash with normal water the next morning. In addition, make sure as well to have regular septic tank pumping and cleaning.

9. Kitchen

Cooking is a great hobby, but unfortunately, when you have to clean the kitchen after cooking, it can be a huge problem. You can dip Q-tip into ammonia-anisic drops and then soak an old toothbrush in the solution use it to remove the greasy stains from the stove.

8. Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are notorious for catching dirt and stains. But cleaning them can be easy if you know the proper solution, or rope in one of those highly recommended home cleaning services for the job. If you want to go about the job yourself,  follow these instructions. Pour water in a pan and then add baking soda to it, and boil it. Take out the filters of the exhaust fan and then dip those into the boiling water. Let the water boil for some more time. You will find that the grease has gradually begun to dissolve.
If the greasy stains are too stubborn, then add ½ glass of ammonia in around 3.5l of water and boil the solution. Now put the filters in. But remember to wear the glove and a mask during this time.

7. Mattress

Mix 8 fl oz 3% hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons baking soda with water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Wait for the soda to dissolve and then put only a drop of liquid soap. It’s better if you create this solution just before cleaning. Spray this solution on the dirt stains, wait for around 15-20 mins before washing it.

6. Bakery

Baking is a great hobby, but it starts getting irritating when you have to start cleaning the oven. The best solution to get rid of the dirt is ammonia. Keep some ammonia in a bowl in the oven the whole night. Don’t forget to use gloves and possibly a mask since the smell can cause problems.


5. Kettle

Mix water and vinegar in the same ratio and fill up the kettle to its half capacity with this solution. Now close the kettle’s mouth with a cork, and start heating it till the liquid starts boiling. The kettle should be thoroughly clean once you wash it after that.

4. The Toilet Cleaner.

There is nothing as effective as vinegar when it comes to cleaning your toilet. It is also an excellent disinfectant as well.

3. Dishwasher!

Mix dry mustard and baking soda in 3:1 ratio. Sprinkle this powder on the dishes before cleaning them for best results.

2. Sofas

Sofas are tough to clean since their microfibers are extremely delicate. That’s why some seek professional help from a well-known company that offers a sofa cleaning service that looks too good to be true. But this tip will make your job easier. Dip your sponge in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and use it to rub the dirt. Remember to be gentle. You can also use a brush instead of the sponge.

1. Refrigerator

Take two tablespoons of baking soda and add in 1 liter of water. Clean the refrigerator with this solution and then wipe it after some time with a clean cloth. If there is a foul odor coming from the inside, you can use either a bread slice, lemon wedge or for best results, absorbent coal to get rid of the smell.

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25 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

Not only you, even I, being a very normal person, didn’t know about this. I am right now in a state of shock and disbelief. It turns out that I’ve been approaching life all wrong, and thus really need to improve upon it. I bet you have to too.

No, I’m not talking about our relationships, jobs, or eating habits. I’m talking about the very common everyday things that most of us just fail to realise, hacks so very simple that you won’t be able to accept the fact that you didn’t give them a thought. These are 25 such hacks. Prepare to rethink your stark beliefs.

1. If you put a wooden spoon you used to cook a dish over the top of the boiling pot used, it prevents the water from bubbling over the pot’s side and spoils the taste of the dish.

2. Placing Your Straw into Your Soda Can through the Can’s Tab Prevents it from floating up, up and away.

3. You’re ethically supposed to use a cup plunger for your sink and flange plunger for your toilet. But sadly most of us use the same plunger for both sink and toilet- hopefully after washing thoroughly after one use.

4. If you aren’t able to get this, yogurt containers like the one in the picture are actually meant to be flipped. Most people don’t know this.

5. If you make just a few small cuts in an orange, it actually rolls out in an orderly, nice, non- sticky fashion.

6. You as a parent are supposed to pull out the sides of the juice pack so that your kids can hold them while sipping the juice and prevent it from spilling.

7. Use a paperclip to press the reset button on the printer’s ink cartridge when it says you’re out of ink. This provides you a bit of extra ink for emergency printing.

8. Prevent your extension cords from getting separated with this easy and handy trick.

9. Peeling from bottom up is the best way to peel bananas, it doesn’t damage the fruit.

10. The hole on the handle of a pot is meant to hold the spoon used for cooking.

11. There’s a tab on your aluminum foil’s side which keeps the foil intact while you unroll it. You probably never noticed this!

12. Flag of toilet seat cover is supposed to be placed in the front, not in the back.

13. If you happen to have a little bottle similar to this one, you can hack pitting a cherry with ease.

14. You’re supposed to use not more than a dab of toothpaste, and not rinse your mouth afterward with water.

15. You’re supposed to convert you Chinese food takeout container into a plate- but if and only if you’re sure that you won’t have any leftovers.

16. Your perception of a cupcake was so very wrong.

17. The beer bottles’ long necks are meant to be put to use to hold them. That way you avoid heating up your beer with your hands and also get a good grip.

18. Spread your kitchen cups’ edges for easier access. Do try it, it’s useful.

19. Don’t scrub your blender to clean it. Instead, blend dish soap and water and rinse.

20. To dispense a Tic- Tac with ease, just flip the container on the side and gently open the tab. The box is actually designed to present you with just one mint at a time.

21. It order to ensure even distribution, store peanut butter upside down.

22. This one’s a semi rude but useful like hack- while using the elevator, long press and hold the close door button to prevent the elevator from stopping.

23. Instead of using and destroying your nails, use a staple pin remover to remove keys from key rings.

24. While using Bobby pins, the curvy side should be put against the hair.

25. That’s why they constantly kept falling!

Do share this with your friends and family and give them useful life hacks! And yes, did you like it? Let us know by posting your comments in the comments section below. Click the next post button to read another interesting post!

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See The Ridiculous Interior Of This Cabin

People often think about their future, how they would like to live 20 years from now, and especially where. Everyone has a dream home, which will be unique in every way possible, and will be similar to a palace. But unfortunately, for most people, the ridiculous amounts of money required to construct such a dream house is just too much. However, you would be surprised to know that you could build your dream house at a fraction of the cost of building a mansion. Don’t believe me? It is completely true and read on to know more.

1. Arched Cabins is a company based out of Houston, TX, and Timberon, NMwhich has been expanding rapidly.

2. They build inexpensive and durable cabins, and moreover, the inside of these cabins are just breathtakingly beautiful.

3. They not only build cabins for people to live in; they also build cabins for vacation homes, lodges, retirement homes and even animal shelters.

4. As said earlier, these cabins are really inexpensive, but what’s impressive is the fact that they can design these cabins really quick.

5. If you are thinking how much these cabins cost, the most expensive one they have built cost $5000. So as you can imagine, they are really affordable, compared to the luxurious cabins they build.

6. Even more impressive is the fact that the insulators used in these cabins are made from latest technology which keep the room warm when its cold outside, and keep the air cool during summers.

7. Only 4 men are needed to construct these luxurious cabins, hence they are so cheap. But they don’t compromise on quality, it’s extremely hard to find acabin of such quality at this price.

8. They are available in all 48 continental states in the U.S. If the quantity of orders is high, their service will be available in Alaska and Canada too.

I am sure that you are interested in building one such cabin for yourself now, so visit the website of Arched Cabins to contact them. This is a golden opportunity to have your dream home without burning a hole in your pocket.

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16 Features On Everyday Things You Never Knew Had A Purpose.

Except for those who are extremely inquisitive, others do not notice some features on things of daily use which actually have practical purposes. These include small holes, bumps, indentations etc. These hold important purposes, but we are not aware of them. So, it’s time we become a bit inquisitive and get to know what purposes these features hold. So, here we enlist 16 features on common items of everyday use you never knew had a purpose:


1. Unless you are one of those who always has a cap of the pen in their mouths, considering it their birthright to suck it, you have probably seen a whole above the pen’s cap. It is a common misconception that it is there to prevent the ink from drying. It has actually been made to prevent the children or nervous adults, who choke it, from suffocating.

2. Did you ever wonder why all the cooking pots have wide holes at the end of their Handles’, not only are they useful for hanging the pot in the kitchen while not in use, it can also be used to hang the cooking spoon while cooking some delicacy.

3. Do you know why the cap of every plastic bottle has those little kids? It is actually to keep everything inside the bottle. Since it keeps the bottle airtight, it helps to retain the carbonation of the soda, which thus prevents it from getting flat and retains the taste.

4. Did you ever notice the tubes of medicines, creams or the tetra packs having little pricks on their caps? Do you know what these are for? Actually, these are to cut open the foil on the pack. When you turn the cap, the bottle gets unscrewed. Useful, isn’t it?

5. Did you ever wonder why the F and J keys on the keyboard, and not other keys, have little bumps on them? Well, this is actually to assist the typist using the 10 finger typing technique to the home screen, without taking the fingers off the keyboard and eyes away from the screen.This saves the typist’s time, his flow, and is thus a very useful feature.

6. Curious why the Apple power charger has those little wings on it? Ever wondered what it’s purpose is? It actual flips which help in wrapping the thinner wire around the flap and prevents it from unraveling. Well thought, Apple.

7. For those who do not like to eat loads of tic-tacs, as if they were chips, the lid has been made. It act as a dispenser, releasing one tic-tac at a time. You should not have many tic-tacs at once.


8. The hole padlocks have at the bottom play a very integral role. It drains the water which may get trapped inside the padlock during outdoor use. It is thus very important. It can also be used to oil the lock and ensure its longevity and better performance. Bet you didn’t know this one.

9. Do you know the use of the tiny arrow beside the gas gauge on your car’s dashboard? It is actually there to indicate on which side of the car is the gas cap on.


10. What do you think the hole on the spaghetti pasta spoons is there for? You would most probably say that it is to strain the noodles. You are correct in saying this, but there is also another use for this. It indicates the portion size of every person eating it. Clever, isn’t it?

11. While most of you know this, for some of you who don’t, the serrated edge on the measurement tapes is there to mark your measurement. Seems obvious, isn’t it?

12. If you have some extra fabric from a new dress, this will prevent you from completely ruining it. The makers include an extra piece of fabric with the dress on which you can test various detergents and use one which suits your dress and does not ruin it. Thus, the piece of fabric you used to throw away, actually has a very important practical purpose.

13. What purpose do you think the hole on the tab which opens a soda can is? Well, it actually holds a straw. Yes, the tab, other than opening the soda can, also holds the straw in place so that it does not swing around. Kudos to the person who designed it.


14. Did you ever observe a tiny hole on the windows of an airplane? What do you think is its purpose? Well, it is actually there to allow air into the plane and regulate the plane’s pressure. Useful.

15. Why do you think there is a punt under every wine bottle? It is actually marked historical importance, as in the bygone era, the wine bottles were used to free blow with the use of a pontil and a blowpipe.


16. Contrary to popular belief, the holes on the side of converse shoes are not just for decoration but serve a useful purpose of providing the much-needed ventilation to the foot. Some people also say that since the shoes were earlier worn while playing basketball, laces passed through the hole to provide a snugger fit.

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He buys cement blocks but uses them in ways I never expected. His ideas are genius!

This genius buys cement blocks and uses them in such an unconventional way that it will stun you.
Though cement blocks may seem to be useless to us, but can actually be used to make beautiful creations, if accompanied by some thinking out of the box. Here are some of his creations:

1. Backyard bench:

Instead of spending some of your precious money on a bench for your backyard, and still not being able to garner your guests’ attention to it, try giving it a personal touch. All you’ll need to build one are some big pieces of wood and some cement blocks. To make this, take nine cement blocks and fix them together as to form a square. Build two squares like this. Then, fix three pieces of woods from the first three blocks from both the ends, and there you go. Your spring backyard retreat is ready.

2. Garden Fence:

Rather than using the same age old white fence for your
Garden, try something different. Spice it up with an innovative fence made up of cement blocks!

3. Gorgeous Table:

Believe it or not, you can create a stunning piece of art, a unique table made up of wood and cement blocks. Perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings in the winters to leave your guests stunned.

4. Television Stand:

This is a rather elegant and modern solution to the perennial living room dilemma- where to place the TV? Make a customised stand for your television. You will just need six cement blocks and two long and smooth wooden planks. Take a wooden plank and place three pieces, two on the sides and one in the centre, below and above it. Then, fix the other plank too above it. Your classy, self-made, television Stand is ready.

5. Cinder block grill:

Rather than buying a new modular grill, try this tried and tested solution. Use cement blocks as a grill and relish sumptuous grilled meat with your family.

6. Stairway:

Cement blocks can be stacked and arranged to form a unique yet stable modern and elegant stairway.

7. Work Desk:

This space and cost-effective table will dazzle you. Stack cinder blocks one top of each other and fixes a slab on it and there your table is ready. A perfect desk to work on.

8. Compost Pile:

Make a dustbin on your own using cement block and stack your own compost pile. The perfect environment-friendly innovation.

9. Block Table:

This block Table, L-shaped, is the perfect pace to host dinners and show off your culinary skills in the wart weather. Enjoy the barbeque with your friends and family.

10. Shoe Rack:

Instead of buying a flimsy shoe rack, make a rock solid or rather a cement solid rack yourself by stacking cement blocks together and show off your creativity.

11. Raised Garden:

An easy and inexpensive way to organise your garden! Put cement blocks to use to build a raised garden in your backyard. Just put cement blocks around soil and then put plants in the soil as well as individual blocks. It also provides fortification to your plants.

12. Stack firewood:

Use a cement block to stack firewood and put it to use to make s’mores for your children at home.

13. Elegant Sofa:

Use cement blocks to make a cheap yet classy sofa and garner your guests’ attention. Just arrange cement blocks in the form of a Sofa, paint it with a colour of your choice, say wooden brown, and put cushions on it. Your sofa is ready!

These are just a few ideas. You can do a lot more with cement blocks. So, put on your thinking cap and unleash your creativity!

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22 Genius Life Hacks Only A Bachelor Could Think Of

In today’s world, all of us are busy with our lives. That is why we need a few hacks that can make our lives easy on a daily basis. There are several hacks and tips that only a bachelor can think of. Here we have 22 such hacks that can make a bachelor’s life easy. Let us have a look into them one by one.

1. When you are trying to make cheese and macaroni it is better to just eat it directly from the pot instead of the plate. This is because you are going to eat it fully anyway.

2. Well, none actually needs a cup when there is a plastic bag and a straw. No clean is needed.

3. A stovetop can also be used as a steamer just to get all those wrinkles out of your clothing.

4. Just line your plates along with the plastic wrap and trust me, you will never have to do dishes again. Brilliant, is it not?!

5. You can as well use a tortilla as an edible plate in order to reduce waste. And it is delicious also.

6. Putting dryer sheets on the back of an electric fan makes your apartment smell incredible in an instant.

7. Dental floss can be utilized to cut a cake perfectly without the need to dirty a knife.

8. For those who are very lazy chef, they can only just use the Keurig to make the Cup Noodles.

9. When you are eating Chinese food, you can do so straight from the carton and unfold it into a plate. It’s as simple as that!

10. If you possess plants, then you can definitely use an old milk jug for watering them.

11. Bathing and Gaming is the Ultimate Bachelor Experience

12. Deodorant can be placed over a vent and there will be no smellier apartment.

13. Put the toaster on its side if you want easy grilled cheese.

14. If you have got smelly jeans, just go on to freeze them in order to kill the odor-causing bacteria!

15. You just need to rip apart a too-tall box of soda into one half for saving a lot of space on storage.

16. In case you need to amplify the speakers of your laptop you can do so using Solo cups.

17. If you have got a broken shower head just use a soda can.

18. You can use a hoodie to store popcorns and eat while working. It is not merely a hoodie anymore.

19. Velcro the remotes in your house and you will never ever lose them again.

20. You can use a can opener in order to tear into pesky plastic packaging.

21. The fastest way to make ramen can only be understood by bachelors

22. If you want to prevent the pizza crust from drying out as you reheat it, just put a glass of water in the microwave with it.

23. Don’t Forget to watch this Video

3 life hacks you should know

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Convenient Uses For Coca Cola, But You May Never Want To Drink The Stuff Again . . .

1. Coke Should Be Used To Clean Stuff

Here is a fun fact – coke’s acidity is almost the same as that of battery acid. While neutral pH is 7, battery acid has a ph of 1 and coke has a pH of 2! Needless to say, its not good for your health, but that acidity means it is effective as a household cleaner. You can use it on pretty much anything and it will almost remove all stains and marks.


2. Getting Rid Of Stains Using Coke

Some stains such as from oil and markers can be extremely tough to remove. Coke comes in handy in such situation, simply soak them in coke for a while before washing them with soap and water.

3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Use coke to soak the bowl for a few minutes, before flushing it. You will find that the bowl has become clean even though you didn’t scrub it at all.


4. Remove Gum From Your Hair

Removing gum from your hair can be a tedious task, but coke makes it really easy. Just soak it in coke for two minutes, and the gum should come off smoothly.

5. Tile Grout Cleaner

Pour coke on the dirty grout about 30 minutes before you scrub it, and watch how easy the entire task becomes.

6. Getting Rid Of Paint Splatters Or Rust From Metal

Use coke to rub those, preferably with a towel soaked in coke and watch how they vanish soon.

7. Cleaning Pots And Pans

Formation of burnt crusts on dishes is a common occurrence, and getting rid of them can prove to be a nuisance. But coke can help a lot in this regards, just soak those dishes in coke about an hour before washing them, and you will find that those burnt crusts will get removed easily.

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What To Do When You Drop Your Phone In Water?

The mobile phone is perhaps the most valuable asset for many people out there. Some people love their beautiful sleek mobile phones too much and are often inseparable from their mobiles. A mobile in today’s world is actually a man’s best partner and most of us are addicted to it. Now, if anything happens to the beloved phone, you get really upset. By mistake if the phone falls from our hands into the water then it is really a serious issue to be worried about. But wait, we have a simple way that will help a lot to revive your beloved phone from the wet state. For that you need to have a quick glance below.

1. Grab the phone and take it out of water as early as you can

At first switch off your phone just immediately after you take it out because leaving it on can cause high risks of cause short circuit.
phone dropped in water what to do

2. Take some tissue papers or you can even use a towel and then soak your phone. Never forget to remove the battery of the phone at first.

Also do not forget to take out the sim card from your phone. This will, of course, save your valuable contacts.
 phone dropped in water wont turn on

3. Also take out the sim card from the phone. This can save your valuable contacts.


phone dropped in water camera not working

4. Make sure to unplug any type of external devices.

The next thing you must do is to remove all the plugs and all other peripheral devices that include earphones, protective covers, memory card, as well as the screen guard so that they are allowed to dry fast.
phone dropped in water no display

5. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, then suck the liquid out of your phone with the help of it

This is perhaps the fastest method you can apply and it will completely dry out your phone in merely thirty to thirty five minutes. However, do not keep the vacuum extremely close to your phone as it can create some static electricity that is also bad for your phone.
 phone dropped in water rice trick

6. Always remember not to use a hair dryer in order to dry your phone.

You may feel that it is contrary to the most common advice that we often get when the phone gets wet at any instant. However, by using a hair dryer it could push all the moisture inside towards the crevices of the device and this will ultimately let it reach to the electrical components that are present deep inside the phone.
phone dropped in water not charging

7. Try to place the phone in a bag that is full of uncooked rice or any other type of desiccants.

It is always advisable to use good desiccants because they can absorb the moisture a lot better than only rice.
phone dropped in water screen not working

8. Take an absorbent towel and then on it, let your phone rest in the sun. You can even use a tissue or also a napkin.

Now you need to remove your phone from desiccants. If you still find that there is some moisture in your phone then repeat the vacuuming and also desiccant step.
phone dropped in water screen flickering

9. Fingers crossed and now do check whether your phone is working properly or not.

Do not forget to check whether every part of your phone is perfectly clean and dry. Now you can insert the battery into the phone and finally switch it on.
phone dropped in water wont charge

10. Well, if you see that your phone is working properly, then you are indeed a lucky person. However, if it doesn’t happen, take the phone to a service center.

Hope they will surely help you out of this issue.
phone water damage repairSource

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