14 Tips That Will Help You Get Dressed In A Jiffy

When the alarm clock starts ringing in the morning, the day begins. With every beginning, a huge lot of responsibilities start for the day. When you are supposed to go somewhere or say for your office or college or for a party outdoors then it is the prime time when the basic question arises in your mind. …What should I wear? How to get dressed and that too in a jiffy? Well, here we have listed all the solutions to such small problems and queries.

Let us have a quick glance at the top 14 tips and tricks that can very well assist you in getting dressed in the blink of an eye:

1. Plan well in advance:


When the body awakes it is the mind that still is in deep slumber. The mind takes a bit of time to get alerted! So, when you are basically planning well in advance much of your time is saved and you get the best results. Similarly, when you plan ahead what you need to wear when you will go out then it becomes so easy to choose the dress as well as accessories.




2. Just moisturize in the shower as well:

After having a good and refreshing shower, just dry yourself with the bath towel and then moisturize. On the contrary, it takes a huge lot of steps to moisturize yourself when you are actually in bed. Try to resort to an in-shower moisturizer which will definitely help to eliminate the extra moisturizing step. You just need to apply that just to wash the shower gel off your body. What is more, warm as well as the humid ambiance of the bathroom also helps to open the pores on your skin thus allowing better penetration of the moisturizer. This is good when you’re in the bath, but when the air is damp even in other rooms of the house, it doesn’t bode well. You’d need a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture. Read more on

3. Opt for the 2-in-1 process:

Well, a two in one process actually means that you get to perform two factions within a single process. To speak of the shampoo industry it really needs to be mentioned that they are trying their best to make our lives easier and easier with the advent of time. So, you also need to take the benefits of these. Try to choose such a shampoo which has shampoo plus conditioner in it. This will make your job super easy. You need to just apply it rather than using a shampoo first followed by a conditioner. This is a very good trick to gain some more minutes in the morning. And guess what it will save more time to get ready.

4. Towel dry the tresses:

First of all, pull your hair and hold it together. After that try wrapping it up entirely with the help of a towel. Then go on to get dressed. In the meantime when you are in the process of dressing up your hair will become as dry as possible and it will even help to reduce the time of blow drying your hair. Interesting is it not?

5. Instead of many choose only one:

At the time of makeup, there are a huge lot of steps by using a number of products to do the makeup. However, try to be wise in the choice of such makeups. Try choosing such a makeup that it will help to give the same effect as many different kinds of makeups.
At the time of makeup, there are a huge lot of steps by using a number of products to do the makeup. However, try to be wise in the choice of such make ups. Try choosing such a makeup that it will help to give same effect as many different number of make ups.

6. Try using an eye palette that consists of all the shades:

Makeup is always a necessity. The lovely and colorful eye shadows are just awesome and irresistible. However, when it comes to the case of the mornings when you have to do all the things in a hurry then it is really a hard time to actually do all those makeup. Just try to do a favor to yourself. Just get a palette that consists of all the shades in it that you really need. This will really help a lot to save your time on the whole on a rushed morning.

7. Instead of palettes and powders just use sticks:

Just forget all those powders and palette stuff. Instead just opt for cosmetics that are actually stick based. This will actually help you a lot to save your time on the whole.

8. 3-in-1:

When everything else actually fails the lipstick is the one that always stays by your side for your help. It never lets you down. Not only can you use it on your cheeks but also on the eyelids. And obviously your lips. A time will arrive when you will toss all other cosmetics of yours out of the window.

9. The superwoman lipstick:

Well, if you are such that you really do not wish for all those makeup just add the lipstick in your single list. Just apply it and go.

10. A cool blue to calm your hot and fiery eyes:

On some days you may as well look a bit pink-eyed. On such days do not forget to use the liner. Use the eyeliner for your upper eyelashes as well a s the lower eyelashes. Well, it will make you look damn fresh.

11. Highlighter out and concealer in:

You just do not need a hell lot of products to make yourself beautiful. Just use the concealer as the highlighter itself. Come on give it a try!

12. Use cream-based cosmetics always:

Always try to resort to the cream-based cosmetics that help a lot to eliminate the disgusting brushes. And nothing can be as fast as your own fingers.

13. Style with the hair:

Well, this one is important as well as a great contributor to your beauty. Try with the simple yet wonderful hairstyle techniques that will help you to save your time a lot.




14. Just create your own favorite playlist:

Well, this one is just great fun. All of us get bored due to the monotonous lives that most of us lead a lot of times. What is more, it is often seen that we get bored to death when working and working and working all the day long. This makes us stressed up. There is the chaos of the morning that actually adds to our mental as well as physical discomfort. Perhaps the best way that you can actually resort to is just giving a minute to listen to a wonderful song that will definitely help you a lot to refresh yourself and your mind too. What is more, you can just do all the multitasking stuff. That means you can do your work and listen to the music as well that will help you a lot to cut down on your stress.

Finally, it really needs to be said that life is a wonderful journey indeed but it always comes with a lot of stress and problems. Starting a day from the morning itself in a beautiful way will always help you to have a smooth day ahead. After all, morning shows the day. Follow the above tips and get your life running smoothly.

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10 Brilliant Uses Of Toothpaste You Will Never Know

What you use toothpaste for? Why asking? We all use it for cleaning our teeth. I agree on that. Most of us do not know or are blissfully unaware that toothpaste, other than cleaning our teeth can be put to a wide range of uses. Let us have a quick glance at the applications of toothpaste.

1. Blackened silver:

use toothpaste to clean silverIf you don’t know, you can use toothpaste to clean silver. Suppose the silver of your bracelet has got tarnished then the best way that you can opt for is to use toothpaste. So, whenever you see that the silver of your ornament is getting tarnished, just put the toothpaste to use. Not only silver, but you can use toothpaste to clean another type of jewelry also.

2. Spots of water:

Remove spots of water using toothpaste, uses of toothpaste in daily lifeSpots of water on the table does not look good. In fact, it damages the aesthetic beauty of the table. So, the best way to remove it is by using toothpaste.

3. Hair dye stains:

remove Hair dye stains using toothpasteWell, the next time you want to dye your hair and instead of dying the hair properly the stain has stained your skin as well as objects, then do not worry. Toothpaste is the solution to this headache.

4. Wiping the screen of the phone:

use toothpaste to remove scratches from iphoneThe best way that you can choose to wipe the screen of your phone is by using toothpaste.

5. Stains from ink:

Stains from ink can be cleaned with toothpasteInk stains can be easily removed if you opt for toothpaste. This is a guarantee.

6. Cleaning the shoes:

Cleaning the shoes with toothpasteThe next time you want to clean those dirty shoes of yours, do not worry. Just use toothpaste and all that dirt will go off.

7. Get rid of pimples with toothpaste:

use of toothpaste for pimplesThe best way to get rid of pimples is by using toothpaste. It will remove the pimples very easily.

8. Lights of the cars:

car lights can be cleaned with toothpasteJust apply toothpaste on a wets sponge and start applying to the lights of your car. All those dirt will surely go off.

9. Swimming goggles:

clean swimming goggles with toothpasteWhen you wash the swimming goggles with the use of toothpaste it helps to create a very thin film to prevent the fogging effect.

10. Keys of Piano:

clean piano keys with toothpasteThis is very good news for all pianists. You can clean those piano keys just by applying toothpaste. It is a guarantee that all the dirt will go off and that too with the ultimate ease.

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11 Hilariously Misguided ‘Life Hacks’ You Most Definitely Should Ignore!

#1 Curash In The Mouth?

What does this person have inside his or her mouth?

#2 Ummm? Maybe not…

#3 When nail art goes too far.

#4 Good luck with that.

#5 Uhm what the snack hell is this?

#6 Toothpaste as an “after dinner mint” means you are too poor to be hosting an evening.

#7 Gun in a Nike slipper. Welcome to America.

#8 It’s a shame that his last post was of an electrical socket.

#9 Let’s hope that it got a thorough cleaning beforehand.

#10 When sleep is more important than breathing to you.

#11 For those that really can’t be without their phone, ever!


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Ever Wondered Why These Small Buttons On Your Jeans Pocket Exist?

Denim and blue jeans are one of the most popular dresses and everyone all around the world wears them. Their simplicity in wearing is what makes them so valuable – you just slip into the pants and you are good to go.

But do you know why those 3 small buttons are included in the jeans pocket. Read on to find out.

They clearly don’t hold anything neither do they help close our pocket.

1. We mostly wear jeans because they are comfortable, and they can make you look stylish and fashionable especially if you wear an appropriate shirt with it.

2. Their origin dates back to 1872, more than 140 years back.

3.The main reason was that workmen were in dire need of a dress that can sustain the rough working environment and wouldn’t tear under pressure as they are working.

4. Jacob Davis used a solution called “copper rivets” to repair the torn clothes.

5. He didn’t have enough money, so he asked a fabric supplier, named Levi, for help.

6. That is how the riveted pockets came, and they were highly successful.

7. We definitely love those copper buttons on our jeans pocket since they are an integral part of the attire.

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15 Interesting Kitchen Hacks That Can Make Your Job Super-Easy

It may seem that cooking and doing all kinds of work in the kitchen is an easy task. But actually it is not. From organizing and placing your food in 5 gallon food safe buckets to actual cooking, here’s a quick glance at the top 15 hacks that will surely make your job in the kitchen extremely smooth and easy. These are as follows:

1. Try to avoid oxidation of potato:

Almost all of us have the tendency to cut the potatoes but do not cook them immediately. These potatoes when kept in the open for sometime have the tendency to turn grey when they are left exposed. The potatoes contain a huge lot of starch that results in oxidization of the starch resulting in the color. Now what can be the possible solution? Well, just add the sliced or shredded potatoes to a bowl of water and it needs to be cold. This will help to prevent the oxidation, and you will be having fresh potatoes that will be ready to cook anyway you want.

2. Keep bananas for long in storage:

Bananas have a general tendency to ripen very easily and that too really fast. What is more, the riper the banana, the healthier it becomes for you as cancer specialists say. However, bananas do not have a good shelf life. So, if you really want bananas to last longer than they actually do, wrap the end of the bunch of bananas with a cling film. This will help to block ethylene gases that assist in a very quick ripening.

3. Preserving cut fruits for longer periods of time:

A small bowl of fruits that have been already cut is the best and perhaps the quickest idea for a simple desert for any unexpected guest who happens to visit your house. But the problem is that they have the general tendency to turn brown and get oxidized very easily. This makes it look really unappetizing. However, there is one good solution to this problem. Add some lemon juice and mixture of honey and water in the ratio 1:2. This will not only just prevent the cut fruits from turning brown in color, but also add to the fruits’ flavor. Well there lies a very simple logic. The citric acid [resent in the lemons and the peptides present in the honey helps a lot in slowing down the process of oxidation.

4. Cracked shell:

Well, almost everyone must have experienced this situation when you are chewing on the egg scramble that you love dearly but happen to get annoyed when you bite the cracked shell piece of the egg. It is annoying and also disgusting and almost spoils the mood of the entire day. But wait, you need not worry at all. What you actually need to do is use a bigger piece of the shell, and try to scoop out the smaller bits from the mix of the egg. And this one really works.

5. Get rid of the oil:

Gravies are undoubtedly tasty and yummy! But if you take a closer look and observe carefully you can very well see that a top layer of oil always floats in the gravy. Ever wondered how much fat you are going to ingest in eating one gravy? Well, the fat could definitely send you on a guilt trip and you can never deny that! Now let us have a look at the simple a solution to this problem. When you want to remove that extra grease from gravies or sauces, just wrap an ice cube in a clean paper or napkin or even cheesecloth, and try to skim through the surface. The ice helps in the solidification of the fat, and it makes it extremely easy to remove the oil layer.

6. It is time to avoid the onion tears:

Well, the phenomenon of onion tears is extremely common and known to us as experienced in our daily lives. Cutting onions and that too without tears is impossible and the entire process often seems to be a nightmare top most of us. As soon as we start cutting onions our tears glands get under a huge lot of stress. But there are solutions to this problem too. Just before you are going to cut the onions just toss the onions in your freezer. But you really need to make sure you use this trick only and only if you are chopping them in advance. Else the onions will become a bit soggy after they are cooked. There is another solution. Just try to hold a bread slice between your teeth, in such a way that a small portion of it sticks out. The bread quickly absorbs all the irritant gases even before they reach your sensitive eyes. Interesting, isn’t it?!

7. Softening of butter:

Morning is the time to become active. And at that time if you have to spend a lot of time in softening butter it is damn painful. It kills a lot of time. But your time of worrying is almost over. Just cut some butter and wrap that piece in a cloth and also use a rolling pin to cover it properly. It will become soft in no time.

8. Easiest way to brew fresh coffee:

If you genuinely love freshly brewed coffee but do not possess the equipment there is a wonderful solution to this problem of yours! Just add the ground coffee to some water, and start boiling it. Then remove it from the flame, and then let it rest for a couple of minutes. Wait until the ground coffee starts settling down at the bottom. Now use a ladle and gently pour the freshly brewed into coffee mugs! Your coffee is ready to be enjoyed with some snacks.

9. Prevent a birthday cake from drying up easily:

Well, every individual is fond of birthday cakes. And almost all of us want our birthday cake to last long at least for some days. However, you may also want to consider buying delicious personalized cakes online from  some cake  leading  stores  like the Anges de Sucre  store. Once you cut the cake, it will never taste the same again. When you refrigerate the cake, it tends to become dry. Well, you can attach slices of bread to the areas that are exposed in the cake using only toothpicks. The bread will definitely help in retaining the moisture content of the cake, allowing it to remain soft, and very fresh!

10. Keeping herbs fresh:

It is very much painful to maintain and keep the herbs fresh for a very long time. But the next time, when you chop the herbs and do not forget to add them to a mixture of water along with a few drops of olive oil. Then pour it into an ice tray and just let it freeze. Then allow it to melt. You will now have your freshly chopped herbs that are just ready to use.

11. All about Nuts:

Most of us love nuts. But the crispy and delicious nuts often have the tendency to get rancid at normal room temperature and they lose their freshness as well as taste. Now just freeze shelled nuts if you really want to keep the oils intact. And yes, this really works and helps in maintain the crispiness of the nuts.

12. Try to get rid of smelly hands:

Well, hands that smell a lot is really irritating as well a disgusting. What is more, it feels awkward as well as embarrassing too, when you cook a wonderful and tasty meal for your boyfriend. He reaches out to just to kiss those beautiful hands of his lady love who had made it, and eww! That really stinks a lot! Well, here we have a perfect remedy. Just rub some lemon juice or baking soda the next time you want to get rid of that disgusting smell in no time. You can also rub your hands against stainless steel as stainless steel would help a lot because the molecules in the metal bind with the smelly molecules and suck out the molecules from them.

13. Clean fruits and vegetables:

Clean fruits and vegetables are a must to keep you healthy and fit always. Most of the fruits and vegetable that we buy from the market nowadays have a huge lot of pesticides in them are extremely harmful for our bodies. Just scrub the dirt from the fruits and vegetables and place them in a mixture of baking soda and water.

14. Organizing recipes:

The next time you are going to cook anything makes sure that you know the recipe well. And also make sure that your hands are free.

15. All you have to know about Knives:

Always keep in mind that a sharp knife is always a safe one. Always make sure that you keep the blades of the knife facing upward when you store the knives on a wooden block. It will ensure they remain shiny. Try to the blunt edge of the knife to slide the cut food off your chopping board. This will definitely help to keep the sharp edges intact.

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We all want these luxury ‘aeropods’ made from recycled planes

Have you ever thought what is done to the old passenger planes when they are no longer used?

Their parts are recycled mostly to form parts of new planes, but one company is using them for something really exciting –making luxury garden pods from them.

1. These pods can be used as luxury sheds, garden rooms or even relaxation areas by the pool.

Obviously, these aren’t cheap at all, their average price is around £22,000 to £25,000.

2. David Palmer, 52 years old and Emily, his 23 year old daughtercame with this brilliant idea and created the company, DappR Aviation, when they were thinking what could be done with planes which are no longer in use.

Old Airbus 320 airliners are used to construct these aeropods.

3. David said, “Buying a plane was a risky decision initially, but what we achieved at the end really made it worthwhile.”

“The original aircraft windows, aluminium fuselage and insulation are kept, and a bespoke full aspect double glazed frontage is constructed.”

4. One pod is constructed in approximately eight weeks.


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Mom Glues Pennies To Her Daughter’s Shoes – When I Learned Why, I Was Excited To Do It Too!

There are a huge number of ways that you can actually put a penny to use. Some of them are as follows:

1. Penny for some practical issues:

Although in the US, the penny has lost its value to some extent, still it can be said that you can do a lot of things using pennies.

2. Stick pennies on the bottom of shoes:

If you happen to have little tikes and they want to actually try out tap dancing, there is indeed a great way to avoid this high cost of tap shoes for a short-term interest.

3. Children are fond of this sound:

When you use a bit of glue and stick a few pennies to the bottom of the shoes children will definitely like the sound it makes while walking.

4. Even gaps:

Pennies can even be very useful in case you are unable to decide how to put the gaps between tiles.

5. Tire check:

Just try to put the penny inside the grip and ridges of the tire. If the penny is almost outside and does not go inside at least half, then you should think twice before using that same tire again and better change it with a new one.

6. Very steady:

Pennies can sometimes be a good support for an unstable table or chair. You can make the furniture piece stable by adding one or more pennies below the short leg for better stability.

7. Best snail repellant:

It can safely be said that snails hate copper. And in case if you really want to drive off snails without harming them then the best way is perhaps using pennies.

8. Curtain weights:

Pennies can also find a great application in case of curtain weights. You can use pennies as a means of curtain weight and prevent them from flying in extreme winds.

9. Homemade curtain weights:

Pennies are perhaps the best home grown curtain weights that you can possibly think of.

10. 100 Penny hunt:

Well, at certain times you can also play game with children and it is a penny hunt game.

11. Pinching pennies:

This one is yet another wonderful game that kids can play. This is used to increase the motor skills of children.

12. Finders keepers:

Are you one such person who always keeps an eye open for pennies that are laying on the roads? Although, many people no longer understand the worth of one cent, Walter Michka of Money for Nothing figured out that if you happen to pick up a penny every second of every minute for each hour, the wages can add up to almost $75K per year.

13. Common cents:

Collecting pennies is one type of hobby and is no big deal. It is a hobby common to many.

14. DIY Table made of penny:

You can make a DIY table out of simple pennies.


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Man Stitches A Rose Stalk Into A Potato, What Happens Next Is Truly Mesmerizing!

#1 Step 1

He first removes the leaves and thorns on the rose stalk with a knife, making it smooth!

#2 Cut It

Make a hole in the root of your potato…

#3 Stick It In

Be careful to not break the stalk when you place it in the hole

#4 Plant Them

You then place your potatoes in the soil

#5 Bottle It Up

Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle and place it over your stalk

#6 Progress

After a week or so, you’ll begin to see the rose stalks grow!

#7 Watch the video


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If You’ve Seen Long Eggs And Always Wondered How They Are Produced, This Is Your Answer…

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most common food items in the world. They are delicious, and can be cooked easily, and also provides lots of protein.

Most of us have only seen eggs in their conventional oval shape – imagining them in a different shape is almost impossible for us. If you want to be amazed, continue reading

2. Long eggs

Have you ever seen long eggs, which appear much longer than ordinary eggs? They are kind of rare so you probably haven’t seen them. The main question, however, iswhat is the origin of these long eggs. Also, you definitely want to know how these are produced. Keep on reading to get the answer to these questions.

3. The Video

There is a myth that chickens with abnormally long legs produce long eggs. However, that isn’t true – all chickens and eggs are normal.

These eggs originate from Denmark. Check out the video to know how these are produced.

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Clothing Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Before

1. Red Wine Stain

Red wine stains can be extremely hard to clean, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them again. Just rub them with club soda and they will be gone!

2. Bleach Stains

Bleach stains are quite common on black shirts, but they can be hidden easily using a black sharpie.

3. Neck Measurement

Want to check if the pants you are planning on buying will fit your waist? Just wrap them around your neck and if they fit, they will be perfect for your waist since both are the same size.

4. Old Jeans

You can wear tights under your ripped jeans to provide you with a unique look that no one else has!

5. Pit Stains

Sweat stains can be tricky to remove, but lemon and water sprayed on those stains does the job nicely.

6. Deodorant Stains

Water and towel aren’t effective in removing those irritating deodorant stains, but you can use baby wipes to get rid of them easily.

7. Fix loose buttons

You will often find loose buttons on your shirts, and they are really frustrating. Don’t have a glue nearby to fix that? No problem, just apply nail polish over it and it will stick just like glue.

8. Boot Cuff

Check this image below to know the perfect way of wearing your newly purchased boots, with a cuff!

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18 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

The world is a strange place; and in this modern era, more and more gadgets are being invented which are making us go crazy. Some of these new inventions are so bizarre that we literally have no words to describe our feelings when we first see them. Take a look at the top 18 things that you probably didn’t have any idea existed on this planet.

#1 The Drone Waiter

#2 A swagged-out acne treatment

#3 A lazy pet owners dream

#4 Freezie grips

#5 Bicycle pizza cutter


#6 Not an invention – but still odd (and adorable!)

#7 Bed leg outlets

#8 It’s like a tooth pick, but for an Oreo

#9 Cat macaroon bed

#10 His and hers bathtub

#11 The coolest ensemble, ever

#12 Cyber Tea

#13 The catch-all bib

#14 USB hand warmers

#15 Parental guidance advised

#16 Fold-able wall mounted BBQ

#17 Macaroni and cheese….flavoured lip balm

#18 Miss your dog ? Set up a video chat

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13 Foods You Are Eating The Wrong Way.

Eating food in the proper way can be considered an art. We usually forks, knives, spoons or even our hands for eating our food items, but we never really think if there are other ways as well.

You could have never imagined that there could be other ways of eating strawberries or Oreos.

The following list consists of 13 food items which you have been eating the wrong way.

1. Tacos

For most people, whenever we try to eat our tacos, the fillings start to fall from the opposite side. There is an excellent solution to this, just ask for a lettuce leaf and wrap the taco around it. Now, your fillings will stay in place.

2. Oreo

Things might get dirty when you dip the Oreos with your fingers, instead use this method and you will never get messy!

3. Strawberries

Who knew a straw can be used to eat a strawberry!

4. Hotdogs

Your hotdogs will cook much faster if they are cut in this fashion. Besides, you will find them easier to eat as well.

5. Eggs

A brilliant way to keep the eggs in shape.

6. Lemons

This is the best way to squeeze out the maximum juice out of lemons.

7. Popsicle

This is actually a pretty good idea.

8. Toblerone

Hard to imagine that we have been eating this the wrong way too!

9. French Toast

Cereals give the toast a better crunchiness.

10. Noodles in a box

Transform the box into a plate for the noodles.

11. Cupcakes

Hacked indeed!

12. Banana

I had no idea about this.

13. Soda

Soda is supposed to be drunk in this way.

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10 Essential Life Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

Human beings never stop learning – there is so much knowledge in this world that we learn something new almost every day.

This article consists of a list of 10lifehacks which are guaranteed to make your daily life easier and smoother. Read on to know more.


1. No more mouth ulcer.

2. Perfect advice for ladies

3. Listerine has other benefits as well.

4. Good advice for smokers.

5. Best medicine ever!

6. Live longer by consuming home cooked meals!

7. All genius wannabes join the gym now!

8. Seems like laughter is better than sit ups!

9. Relief from sore throat

10. Toothpaste saves the day!

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21 Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Make Your 2017 The Best Year

Human beings never stop learning – there is so much knowledge in this world that we learn something new almost every day.

This article consists of a list of 21 lifehacks which are guaranteed to make your daily life easier and smoother. Read on to know more.

1. Tie all of your glasses using a rubber band before putting them in the dishwasher

Glasses often break when they are put in the dishwasher. To prevent any such possibility, you can tie up the glasses with a rubber band to stop their movement. Thus, they will never break when put in the dishwasher.

2. Condoms can assist band aids.

Many a times, our band aids get wet and fall off when we shower. To prevent this from happening, condoms can be used. Cut a portion of the condom and apply it tightly over the band aid. Now, the band aid will no longer get drenched.

3. Soak up humidity using cat litter

This might sound surprising but cat litter can actually be used to remove humidity you’re your car. Just take an old sock drenched in cat litter and it will absorb all the humidity from the car’s windows.

4. Who knew that keys could assist in getting shopping carts?

5. Easy way to cool your laptop

Just buy an empty egg tray from a shop and place it under your laptop. Cooling your laptop doesn’t get any easier than this.

6. Use shoe as a cup holder

Don’t have a cup holder in your car? You don’t need to waste your money in buying one. Just use an old shoe as an alternative!

7. Stay-tab which can come in handy if you want to hang clothes or pictures somewhere

8. Heat two bowls at once

Usually, heating two bowls at once in a microwave oven reduces its effectiveness. But there is an easy way out. Just use a glass to increase the height of own bowl, and both will get heated uniformly. Make sure that the glass is microwave proof.

9. Best way to heat multiple eggs together

Just keep all the eggs in the oven as shown in the picture and set the timer.

10. Fitting two pizzas in one tray

Normally, fitting two pizza in one microwave tray isn’t possible so you have to heat them separately. But someone thought of this brilliant technique to heat both at once. Excellent!

11. Bras can also come in handy

If you are trapped in smoke or fire, and you have a bra nearby, you can use it cover your nose so that you don’t get effected.

12. Old socks can be used to keep your phones as well as keep your skin sweat free.

13. Cook book holder

You can use a hanger to hold a cook book infront of you while cooking.

14. This is an excellent way to imitate a strapless bra.

15. Use a bottle to fill a bucket

This is brilliant. Use an empty old bottle in the above manner to fill the bucket from the tap.

16. A push up bra will give the perfect fit.

17. Block air from passing even after opening a packet

Often after opening a packet, we try to finish it as soon as possible, since the air comes out. However, you can easily use hanger clips to block the air flow.

18. Another use for tennis balls

Who said that tennis balls are only used for tennis? They can also be used for holding stuff like pens, keyrings etc. as shown in the picture.

19. Easy way to build a seed starter pot.

20. Prevent water boiling over the top

Often, boiling water can overflow over the top. To prevent such incidents, just place a wooden spoon over the pot.

21. Cool your drinks faster

Normally, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for a bottle of beer to get ice cold. But using a simple technique you can reduce that time to below 15 minutes. Just wrap a wet paper around the bottle before placing it in the fridge. You will be astonished how fast it will cool the bottle.

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15 Brilliant Life Hacks For When You Don’t Have Time For Hygiene

Some of us live such busy lives, especially iif you live alone. You have to make time for your job and time to clean and time for your family and friends. And sometimes you get home and then don’t even have time to shower before seeing people or doing more work. So here is a whole list of life hacks that will save you so much time with your hygiene.

1. Floss

Your body actually is full of some great resources, like using your hair as floss.

2. The Mouth

To some people, this may seem a little bit of a gross thing to do. But it can be a useful trick.

3. Mint

Ice cream is super delicious and everyone would love to eat it for breakfast every day. And it still has some minty freshness to it!

4. Period time

Sometimes when you are at work, and desperate for something you don’t have, you make a back-up plan!

5. Dandruff

This may bring you a little bit closer with your cat, but it does get the job done!

6. Tissues

It is a good way to kill two birds with one stone – using a tissue!

7. Sharing a Shower

Some people really do love their dogs, so sharing a shower with them really seems like great bonding time.

8. Laziness

Most people actually hate doing washing, but you do need to clean somehow, so this is a much quicker way to clean your bed.

9. Receipts

These useless pieces of paper don’t seem so useless now!

10. Baby wipes

This little trick is actually very helpful if you go camping or go to all weekend type festivals.

11. Baby Powder

This is a substance that smells great, and might feel a little bit weird?

12. Other People

This may be a bit of a disgusting habit though, but if you really care more about what people think than your hygiene…

13. Your Back

Cleaning your back can be a hassle, but it is better than having stains on your shirt.

14. Nose Blowing

People seem to use all sorts of things other than tissues for their noses anyways…

15. Ears

This might feel a bit weird, it might even damage your ears so be careful with this one!

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They Had No Space For Their Child In Their Home, So They Came With This Amazing Idea

Sometimes having a family requires way more space than you actually can provide with the home you currently have. Most people would just sell the house and move. So either some families can’t afford to move or some just don’t want to. But with this story, these parents realised there wasn’t enough space for their child, so they got creative and decided to create something awesome to create more space!

1. Solutions

If a person is smart and logical, you will know that there are many ways to actually save on space. Besides that, we have Pinterest now if you are looking for new ideas. But this person decided that sliding drawers was a great way to store cleaning products. Besides saving space, it makes finding what you are looking for way more practical.

2. Need more Space?

Again, just being smart you will realise there are many ways to save space and there are many great places that essentially waste space if you don’t make the most of them. Like this behind the cupboard door shelf for herbs and spices. It saves a lot of space and makes for practicality to easily find the exact herb you are looking for.

3. Glasses

Here is an extremely clever way to store your glasses! And everyone thinks that glasses waste space… But not everyone thinks of putting a tray on top of glasses.

4. Closet

These parent’s little girl didn’t have much space at all for all of her things, so her clever parents tried to optimize the space usage with this really cute closet with a lot of packing space.

5. Building

A different family also had space issues but felt bad for their child. So they decided to build a play room from scratch by themselves. It actually looks super cool part of the house for the kids to play in.

6. New Space

How awesome does this play room look now? This turned into some luck for this kid! See how using your brain to save space actually has an awesome pay out?

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Uses of Salt That No One Told You About

Salt is an essential item in every food and is important to keep our body hydrated at all times. However, salt has several other benefits as well which very people know about. Check out some of the most useful functionalities you can achieve from salt. We can guarantee that you will be shocked after seeing the amazing results.

1. Prevents as well as removes any form of gunk building on iron.

list of uses for salt

Gunk formation on iron is a common problem many people have to face. It can be irritating because the clothes become dirty while ironing due to gunk. Fortunately, you can remove this easily be ironing on salt first.


2. Cleans yolk

all the uses of salt

If you have seen cracked eggs, you will notice that their surfaces become quite dirty. You can easily clean the yolk inside by applying salt over the egg.


3. Fire extinguisher

ancient uses for salt

Many people don’t know this, but salt is actually an excellent fire extinguisher. If you have a small fire nearby and don’t have water, then pour salt on it.


4. Clean your utensils

salt and its uses

Removing grease from utensils is an extremely tough job. If none of your solutions work, you can try to wash them with salt and water. That will surely remove all grease stains and return the initial shine to your utensils.


5. Clean sponges

101 uses for salt

Want to clean sponges? Just soak them in salt water, and see how your sponge becomes brand new. Moreover, this will also kill any bacterial growth on the sponge.


6. Deodorize the sink

uses for table salt

Over time, you might find your sinks have started spreading foul odor. Clean them with salt water to get guaranteed results.


7. Cleans Brass or Copper.

household uses for salt

A coating of dust and oxide usually appears over brass and copper if kept in the open for a long period of time. Removing this normally is a very tough job. However, salt water can easily remove this. Mix it with vinegar and flour for better results. Try to soak them in the mixture for at least an hour and then thoroughly rub the coating using a cloth to remove it. You will be surprised by the results.


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This Tiny House Seems Weird From The Outside, But When You Step Inside? WHOA!

Architecture and designing buildings is a form of art, especially if we are building tiny homes. Some people believe that just because a house is small doesn’t necessarily mean it will lack in features. In fact, it actually leads to more creative design strategies and some tiny houses look much better than bigger ones. Moreover, these homes come in all forms of shapes such as crosses, Hobbit holes etc.

A tiny house has been built recently in the shape of a triangle and it looks quite peculiar yet brilliant with the new addition of outdoor rolling patio shades.

The house occupies a moderate 594 square foot and was designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier. The house is supposed to be perfect for three members.

Recently studies suggest that such tiny peculiarly shaped homes are much more common in Japan since stylish homes are more popular. Most people have to change homes frequently due to earthquakes hence the longevity of homes isn’t a very important factor. Moreover, rebuilding homes is actually cheaper in Japan. You would be surprised to know that Japanese people intentionally break down their homes after a few years and invest in new homes since the earlier ones start losing value. As a result, architecture is an extremely important subject in Japan. They have around 2.5 architects for every 1000 residents, which compared to the USA is only .33.

Architects from Mizuishi Architects Atelier have done a spectacular job in creating this unique home. This is ideal for people who prefer a simplistic style of living.

1. A triangular plot of land forms the base of this building. The unorthodox shape of the plot made it difficult to build this building.


2. This house receives a lot of sunlight due to three levels of windows

An ample amount of sunlight not only makes your home look healthier also, but sun rays are also a rare commodity nowadays. Sunlight is known to be a natural disinfectant and offer benefits: Vitamin D helps in maintaining the health of bones and teeth. Supports the health of our brain, and nervous system. To get windows that allow this installed at home, Check Out Your URL and get a quote.


3. The house is really narrow, so how can anyone stay here?


4. As it turns out, living here is really a pleasant experience.


5. There is a lofted area which can be either used as an office or a playroom for children


6. The unique design of the ceiling makes the house look much more spacious



7. You will find a kitchen, bedroom and living area in the ground floor



8. The beds are laid out in the open so that there is no feeling of isolation even with increased number of walls



9. If you are looking for privacy, you can always use curtains

Curtains are used for some privacy.

10. The kitchen is huge too, compared to the size of the house



11. The house doesn’t feel crowded at all due to modern equipment and the unique design



12. You can also view the river from the house. It is definitely one of the most lucrative properties in Japan.


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18 Uses For Baby Oil You Didn’t Know About (And That Have Nothing To Do With Babies)

We all know that baby oil is essential for childcare. It acts as a moisturiser, keeps the baby’s skin soft. But many people have no idea that it is useful for adults too.

Baby oil can prove to be useful in several areas of life. Check out its top 18 uses below.

1. No more frostbites in winter

Frostbites occur frequently in winter. You can prevent them by applying baby oil to the exposed skin while going outside.

2. Remove makeup easily

It is often quite difficult to remove makeup, especially it has stayed on for a few hours. Easiest way is to apply baby oil and remove the makeup.

3. Remove paint from hands easily

If you want to remove paint from your hands, just rub baby oil and then wash it vigorously and watch it disappear in no time.

4. East way to remove temporary tattoos

If you don’t want to keep your temporary tattoo, you can easily remove them by rubbing with a cloth drenched in few drops of baby oil

5. Add oil to bubble bath

Next time you plan on doing a bubble bath, add a few drops of baby oil. Your skin will not feel prune-y but instead super smooth after the bath.

6. Remove gum from your hair without cutting it

Most people just cut their hair if they ever get gum stuck in their hair. However, an alternative solution is to apply oil, then remove the gum slowly after an hour. Do wash your hair properly afterwards.

7. Make your cracked heels smooth again

Baby oil works great in healing cracked heels. Just rub oil on the affected parts daily and you should see positive results within a few days.

8. Untangle your precious necklace

Often, necklaces can get untangled, especially if they haven’t been worn for a long time. Just add one drop of baby oil and then use a toothpick to untangle it.

9. Shaving

Use baby oil while shaving. It acts as a wonderful moisturizer and also prevents any cuts or bleeds.

10. Solve your stuck zipper problem

If you zipper seems to be stuck, just apply a few drops of baby oil and watch the zipper move smoothly again.

11. Get rid of annoying squeaky door hinges

Squeaky door hinges can be really frustrating, but just apply a coat of baby oil, and the sound will vanish in an instant.

12. Home Manicure

Next time you plan on home manicure, massage oil around toes and nails. That will help you to remove any polish mistakes later.

13. Conventional use for massages

Baby oil is not only brilliant as a massage oil for babies, but for adults as well.

14. Remove wax from ears using baby oil

Often, wax build-up in ears is difficult to remove and is quite painful. Baby oil can prove to be immensely helpful in that regard. You need to use a few drops of baby oil which will make the wax build-up soft, making it easier to remove. Don’t forget it to wash it out with warm after a week.

15. Polish for wooden furniture

Baby oil can also be used as an effective polish for wooden furniture, to keep their shine and make them look new.

16. Baby oil as a primary ingredient in lip scrub

Want to create your own homemade lip scrub? Take a teaspoon of baby oil, along with half teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix them properly and then apply the mixture as a lip scrub nightly.

17. No more soap scum in shower walls

Soap scum in the shower walls is a negative side effect of showing we all have to handle. Fortunately, you can bid goodbye to soap scum if you apply a thin coat of baby oil on the walls.

18. Use Baby Oil To Remove Band-Aids Easily

We all have experienced the pain of removing Band-Aids at some point of time. But you don’t need to worry about that any more, since baby oil can help you remove those easily. Just massage body oil on that area, keep it for an hour, and then slowly peel off the Band-Aid and watch it magically come off.


This shows how useful baby oil can be, even for adults. Which one do you think is the most useful?

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Top 5 Homemade Decorations During Christmas

Christmas is not too far away, hence, one should start decorating their houses before their family and relatives arrive.Finding out cheap ways to decorate the house is always an added bonus. Check out below for a few ideas about homemade decorations which look lovely yet are cheap and take little effort to create.

  1. String Christmas Tree

A string Christmas tree is extremely cheap and easy to build, but looks beautiful as a homemade decoration during Christmas. Follow the procedure given below to make one for your home

Cover a foam cone entirely with cling film. Make sure that the cone is completely covered with the film, which will make it easier later to remove the cone.


Take a few pins and stick them to the cone at random places, so that the entire cone is more or less covered with pins.


Next, take white wool and dip it into a mixture of glue and water. Finally, wrap that wool around the film by placing them around the pins. Note that the entire cone should be covered with the wool.


After the glue has set, take out the pins and remove the wool tree from the cone.


Voila! You have made a stunning string Christmas tree! If you want to decorate it even further, you can add a few beads here and there around the wool tree.

  1. Glitter Pinecones

To make a glitter pinecone, follow the steps below-

You will need a pinecone, paint (any colour you want), glitter and gloves.

Paint the entire pinecone with the paint. Remember to wear gloves the entire time.





Finally when the entire pine cone is painted, and the paint hasn’t yet dried up, apply the glitter all over it. The glitter will stick to the wet paint and won’t fall off.




Wait for a few minutes for the paint to set.

There you go, your homemade glitter pine cones are ready!

  1. Doily Basket


Take a mixture of glue and water in a bowl, and dip a doily in it. Squeeze it to leave out the excess.


Take a bowl, cover it with film and then wrap the soaked doily around the bowl.


Once the glue has dried, remove the bowl and your doily basket is ready.


You can add a few candles in it for better decoration.

  1. Santa Hats


Take a cone and wrap masking tape around bottom of that cone or see Cap Wholesalers here for cheaper buying options.

Paint the cone in red (Santa’s hats should be red, right?) and while the paint is still wet, apply glitter all over.

Remove the tape from the bottom portion and then sprinkle glitter on that portion as well.



You can also make a sort of belt using black ribbon, and glitter. Then wrap it around the cone to produce a beautiful Santa’s hat.


You can watch full video tutorial in next page.


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