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8 Ways To Amaze Everyone By Plating Your Dish Like A Pro

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We have many good cooks among us in housewives, men and even children. Most of us are good cooks undoubtedly. However, our ability to display food is an attractive manner decides our capability many times.

Like our dresses make us look attractive, food arrangements in plates help us to make them look alluring. Even a normal food, when arranged in a fascinating manner, attracts guests to eating them immediately.

Many of us feel awestruck to see food items arranged in a colorful manner. We feel it requires a lot of learning and effort. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Anyone can try these tricks all by themselves and stun their guests, family members, and friends

We have given many tricks and tips to make your plate a magical one. It is up to you to follow one or a combination of the below-given tricks.


1. Odd number arrangements

Creating a highly appealing visual effect on the plates is the first hack for making your plate attractive. Combine foods of opposite shades to draw your guests to the food

2. Changing the plate

While plate decoration is the basic game, changing the real plates with novel dishes will add spice to the game. When gourmet dishes are being cooked, latest novel dishes add to the attractiveness of the same

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3. Increasing the plate effect adding lesser quantity

Using plates smaller in size is the first method to add cuteness to your serving area. The next thumb rule is to serve contrasting color dishes in smaller quantities all around the plate. When you do it with a logical mind, the symmetry it creates is astounding

4. Height and contours matter

Displaying the food items using suitable stands and holders for the same adds to the curiosity levels of the guests. Choose holders and stands appropriate for the shape of the food being cooked. Heights in which the food items are displayed creates high visual impact

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5. Tune it up with nature

Adding some emotions to the food items displayed is the key to making it look alluring. Draw inspiration from nature. You can use the shades reflected by nature during the different seasons. Create shadows of the same by arranging the food items in the opposite direction of the light rays falling on them. Food arrangement is an art that can be mastered easily with the help of creative mind and passion for the same


6. Color contrasts

We reiterate plating is very much like dressing. We decide to dress using contrasting colors just to attract the eyes of the others. In the same manner, food items arranged in a contrasting manner attracts eyes through the visual effect created. Create that visual impact unleashing your creativity on the plates

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7. Garnish generously

No doubt garnishing adds to the taste. You can use the same garnishing to make your food look colorful too. A colorful thorough garnishing makes the food look awesome, drawing the guests towards the same with inquisitiveness

8. Cleaning it up

Keep the surface of the plate clean. Ensure that the rest of area in the plate look perfect. This will highlight the dish on the plate giving it a pristine look

We are sure you are planning to try one or more of the above plating tricks now
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