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9 Cooking Skills That Will Make You an Expert Chef

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No doubt cooking is an art. While many of us cook on a regular basis, we still feel we lack somewhere when tasting food items prepared by great chefs. We tend to feel that they have some magic in their hands. In reality, it is not that a cook wakes up in the morning to become the best cook in the world all of a sudden. Cooking, like all another art form, is a constant learning process. Any of us can become a star cook practicing cooking regularly

We do accept that cooking is quite a tricky job for the beginners. Irrespective of whether one cooks by himself or looking at books and TV Shows, it is important that you need to learn the tricks of the trade to make the food items delicious.

We present here super skills which would save your time and energy whenever you cook the next time.  For all you know, you may be aware of some of these tricks already. But applying these as a single compilation will help your prune your activities further while cooking. Let us look at some these magic tricks in cooking

1. Removing the shell of hard boiled egg quickly

Take the boiled egg in a glass jar. Pour cold water on the same and shake thoroughly. The shell will start coming out of the egg automatically. Quiet comfortable right

2. Magic trick on Garlic Cloves

Again, for removing the Garlic cluster, a glass jar is sufficient. Put the clustered Garlic into the glass jar. Shake in all directions in a crazy manner. After some time, you will see the clusters giving away and getting separated without any effort of yours.

3. Removing Kiwi skin

Cut the Kiwi fruit into two. Take a glass tumbler and press the inside part of the fruit in the edges of the same. You will feel elated to see the skin of the Kiwi give away in just one hard push. The same trick can be followed for peeling of Mango skin also

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4. Sewing Needle on Banana trick

All that is needed to have Banana sliced in equal attractive proportions is a Banana and needle. Avoid peeling off the banana skin at this stage. Just insert the needle to create cuts in the banana surface at equal distances. When you finally peel off the Banana skin, you will feel happy to have not spoilt your hands for slicing Banana in equal lengths.

5. Trick on Red Bell Pepper

This trick can ? on any colored Paprika or Bell Pepper. Take a bell pepper of any color. Excluding the middle portion of the Bell Pepper, cut both the ends of the same. You will be able to cut it easily into small pieces the moment you remove the core part left in the same. This is one of the easiest ways to cut a Paprika or Bell Pepper

6. Magic trick on Potato

Every time we boil a potato, it becomes hard to peel off the skin making it a struggle for us. Before cooking the potato, wash the same. Using a knife, make a circular cut like motion on any part of the Potato. Boil it now. You will be able to identify the starting point to peel off the skin easily. This will avoid wastage of Potato while peeling off the skin.
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7. Ice Cream Cookie

Take a pack of ice cream in a plastic tub. Just peel center the side portion of the tub carefully. Keep this sandwiched between two of your favorite cookies. Remove the rest of the ice cream cover and press the cookie on the top. Your ice cream cookie is ready to be tasted. Enjoy the same as much as you will do in an Ice cream shop

8. Separating Egg Yolks

Take a fresh bowl. Using a water bottle try cracking the egg into the bowl. Squeeze the egg and suck the inside part in a gentle manner. Plop the outer part in a different container after the yolk gets collected in the bottle. Use this easy method to separate yolk from eggs

9. Centre of the egg

All that is required for taking off the centre of the egg is a cardboard and boiled egg. Have the egg placed in the middle of the cardboard that is V-shaped. Place a chopstick above the egg. Put elastic bands on both the sides of this arrangement and tighten the same. This arrangement must be allowed to freeze for half an hour time. After 30 minutes time, remove all the arrangements and cut the egg in the middle. You heart shaped egg will twinkle its eyes on you.

We are sure these tricks were useful to you
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