We often come across some questions, which are really easy to answer. But, we fail maximum times as they have some twist on them. They are really interesting and amazing to solve and also they help to improve our brain sharpness and concentration. The solutions of these questions need some tricks. So, here is the list of 13 questions, which can be answered in less than 10 seconds. But, they will be very interesting to solve. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s catch and solve them one by one. If you can’t solve anyone, then please continue with the next. Best of luck!

Correct answers are given at the end of the article



























Answers are on next page

Answers are here

13: She’s Called Anna

12: Everest

11: They Were On Different Banks

10: Fingerprints

9: A Plate

8: He Was Billionaire

7: He Did It In The Winter When The Water Froze

6: He’s Reading A Book Written In Braille

5: Two. Only I Was Going There. The Others Were Leaving

4: The Egg. Dinosaurs Laid Eggs Long Before Chickens Appeared

3: They’re Standing Back To Back

2: Yes. It’s Difficult To Break A Concrete Floor With An Egg

1 He’s 16

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Can you spot the hidden kitty in this photo?

Puzzles have been used since time immemorial to entertain oneself, keep their brains active and also to test one’s ingenuity.

Puzzles have become popular in recent times especially due to the advent of the Internet, and it has become a trend nowadays. Sometimes, people spend hours trying to solve just one puzzle. Here we have three excellent puzzles just for you! So let’s get started.

1. Vintage Puzzles

This puzzle shows two women enjoying themselves in a room with a table. Now, there is a cat hidden somewhere, apart from the cat under her chair.

Can you find out where the other cat is?

Continue to next page then,

2. The Hidden Kitty

So have you been able to identify that?

If you have, then congratulations! Your vision is excellent. For those who still haven’t been able to see it, the kitten is hiding in the left woman’s bonnet.

3. Now try this one

Here’s another puzzle for you, and this one is harder than the previous one.

There are four hidden soldiers in this image, can you identify them? You would be surprised to know that only 1% has been able to solve this puzzle entirely. Are you in that group?

4. Could you identify it?

In case you haven’t been able to identify them, just flip your head, and you should be able to spot the four soldiers easily.

Finding it a bit difficult even now? Then check the right image for some useful hints.

5. Illusion challenge

There is a soldier hidden somewhere among this group of friends in this last vintage puzzle.

This is a really tough one, and only 5% who have tried this have been able to identify the soldier. Do you think you belong to that group? Check the last picture for a useful hint, and this should be easy now.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. How many were you able to solve? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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Take A Quiz To Find Out How Good Is Your Eyesight !

How Good Is Your Eyesight

Often, I stare at some text, and even after a few seconds I am unable to understand what is written, or at least some of the letters. I am sure some of you have also experienced this problem. This is a warning from your body since your eyesight might need checking. Maybe it is not as strong as it used to be. Have you checked up recently?
In case you want to find out what situation your eyesight currently is in, check out this quiz below. There are various questions sorted by their difficulties in ascending order. You have to guess the last letter or character in every question. If you are not able to pass the test, don’t be shocked since many people nowadays have bad eyesight thanks to the extensive use of computers and mobile phones.
If your eyesight is not in proper condition, visit an optician immediately. The numbers and letters appear in a faded style in each image. See if you can figure out the last digit in every picture.
So let’s get started without further ado, and we hope that you can answer every question perfectly.

1. Let’s begin with a simple one.

The Ultimate Eyesight TestCan you see the letter beneath the red arrow? That’s E.

2. What is the number below the red arrow?

What Is Your Eyesight ScoreThat is 5

3. Can you recognize the shape the arrow is pointing towards?

how good is your eyesight playbuzzThe shape is a crescent one.

4. Let’s increase the level up a notch.

how good is your eyesight color testCan you recognize that letter? The answer is T.

5. What is the last number?

vision problems quizOnce again, it is a 5.

6. Let’s make it more difficult.

how good is my eyesight testWhat is the last shape? It is a square.

7. Can you see the number placed last?

do you have good eyes quizThat last number is 6.

8. Could you solve all the previous questions? Great! Let’s move to the last one.

test your eyesight quizThat answer is K.

9. Congratulations! This quiz is over. Continue Next page to check what score you get for your eyesight.

If you were able to pass all the previous questions, then congratulations! You have passed the test with flying colors!
Your eyesight is excellent and hopefully stays the same in the future too! 

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so that they also can check their eyesight.

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People Are Having A Really Hard Time Solving This Puzzle

Do you remember your days in school when you complained the math problems being taught aren’t useful in real life. You were wrong. And unfortunately, you were not the only one having this mentality, there are a lot of people who think like you. Probably that’s why when this mathematical problem went viral on social media, only one in a thousand people could successfully finished the solution to it.

So now, if you want to prove yourself to be a genius and be among the very few who were able to solve it, you need to brush up your mathematical skills. Ready? Strap your calculator, think hard and solve it!

We’re not leaving you alone though. Here’s a useful hint: you have to actually think out of the box to solve this problem. You’ll soon realize that this is not as simple as it looks and there’s much more to the equation than what is in front of your eyes.

Oh, and one more important thing. You probably know that usually there is one and only one correct solution to a math problem. But not in this case. A debate has been caused with the emergence of two correct solutions for this problem.

To continue reading, click on the ‘next page’ icon below. What do you think about this so far? Did you crack it?

If you’re adamant, don’t read any further and do not watch this video. But if you’re all ready to give up, please do continue.

So here’s the answer. You would most probably agree that 1+4=5, but in the next line, where 2+5=12, things get tricky. But what you really have to do is afd 2+ 5+ the last result, which is 5 in this case. Keep on progressing like this to the next lines and you’ll get your answer.

The second solution expresses the equation as a+b = a(b). 1+4 is obviously but the same solution can also be found by add 1 to 4 times 1. In the second line, we get 2+ 2(5) = 12. Keep on repeating the same procedure until you reach the last line and you will get your answer. If you still didn’t get the method, watch the video to get clarity. If you solved this problem without seeing the solution, congratulations, you are a genius and have a high IQ.


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9 Cool Optical Illusions Explained!

Throughout the history of humans, people have been entertained and amazed by looking at optical illusions and have always pondered over how their brains got tricked. Though some are very tricky and very hard to crack, some can be logically explained without much thought. So, here we uncover the reasons behind some popular ones. Read along to find the logical explanations to nine cool optical illusions.

1. Silhouette Illusion:

This illusion is very popular among people who want to know which side of their brain they use more depending on which direction they see the girl spinning. But psychologists have declared that this test is dependent on vision and has nothing to do with brain sides or personality. When looked from above, the girl seems to go anti-clockwise. When looked from below, the girl appears to go clockwise. Most people eventually realize this and see the girl spinning in both the directions.

2. The Checkered Shadow:

In Spite of the fact that it has been debunked several times, this optical illusion is one of the most famous optical illusions. Though one seems darker, tiles ‘A’ and ‘B’ are of the same color. The explanation to it is rather simple. It involves the way in which our eyes process soft lines and shadows. Our eyes naturally go to the sharper lines, which is the reason why the tile ‘B’ appears lighter.

3. The Oregon Vortex:

For years, the Oregon Vortex situated in Gold Hill was performed to be the center point, the vortex of paranormal phenomenon that includes balls rolling uphill, people changing sizes and brooms standing up. But later on Syfy’s ‘fact or faked: the paranormal files’ visited the vortex only to reveal that it was nothing more that a series of optical illusions based on uneven construction and slanted angles that trick the eyes of the visitors and makes them feel disoriented. So, the next time you go there, check out the angles and lines that tricked your eyes and brain.

4. Floating Man:

This image and many other similar images, have gone viral in the past and will in the future. People initially thought that it was either a magic trick or Photoshop which made the subject appear to float. In reality, if you place a dark shadow similar the person next to him or her, anyone can appear to be floating in mid-air.

5. Rotating Snakes:

This is one of the most famous optical illusions that looks like a very still image moving before your eyes. This figure uses concentric shapes, and since our eyes have been trained to see such shapes as always moving, we think that the image is moving. To put it is simpler words, this illusion is tricking our minds on purpose. The wheel seems to move quicker when you blink and stop moving when you concentrate on a spot.

6. The Dress:

The Dress controversy almost broke the internet as well as marriages and friendships. Was the dress black or blue or gold or white? How is it that people saw two different color sets? The argument got settled when psychologists and photographers stepped in to reveal that the dress looked different to different people because of the difference in how their eyes registered light. The eyes are trained to rule out light automatically, and then the brain interprets color. Hence, the dress is not cursed.

7. Child Mummy:

Rosalia Lombardo’s corpse has given rise to an optical illusion debate over the years. The two-year-old girl of Italian descent died in 1920 of pneumonia. Depending on the angle you view it from, the eyes appear to open and close, but it’s all optical illusion related to light glass and angles.

8. Hering Illusion:

A German psychologist named Ewald Hering created this optical illusion. This optical illusion is used by scientists to study human perception and the human brain. It initially seems that the two red lines are somewhat curved, but they are very straight. No, it is not a magic trick, but just a trick of the eye where the black lines in the background distort the look of the red lines.

9. Zollner Illusion:

Though hard to believe, but all these long lines are parallel to each other. They look crooked because this illusion is tricking you in your perception of angles. Since the shorter lines keep changing their direction, our brain believes that the long lines too are uneven.

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Can You Answer This Quiz Correctly On Your First Try?

#1 What? How?

Online puzzles can be tricky, in that you have to think differently than you usually would. If not, it wouldn’t be a puzzle, right?

#2 What Goes In The Empty Square?

So try to figure this one out. You know the answer is not 6.

#3 Come On!

Did you expect to find the answer here? So soon?? Think a bit more..

#4 And The Answer Is…

R! If you happened to think of a 5 speed gear shift, you got it! But don’t worry, most people don’t, because they stick to numbers.
BTW, I didn’t get it. Shame on me.

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It Takes A Genius To Spot The Difference In These 8 Puzzles

So do you think you are a genius? Maybe you consider yourself as intelligent as Sherlock? You can detect any differences between two pictures, no matter how well they are hidden? Then this is the place to test your skills. You will be provided with various puzzles, and you have to discover differences between them.

Before proceeding, we should warn you that this isn’t going to be easy, so only proceed if you think you are up for it.

1. This one is really easy. We are just starting up your engine with this one!


2. Hopefully, this one has completed the process of warming up your brain!


Are you already sweating? Well, we have lots more coming, so be prepared!

3. Why is Mona Lisa smiling? Cause she already knows the answer! Now its your turn to find out the differences.

4. This one is harder but shouldn’t take long to solve.

5. This one is much harder than the others.

6. Don’t fall for the pretty picture; this one is the toughest puzzle till now!

7. Well, the place is magical, but can you spot the differences?


8. The ultimate puzzle is the most difficult one. You have to observe them carefully if you want to find out all the differences.

1. Have you figured out the answer to the first puzzle? This one’s quite simple, it’s that tiny mouse hole!


2. This one is a tad bit more difficult. The answer is the missing shadow!

3. Here, the road is missing!

4. In this one, nothing is missing, just the size of the circle has been modified.


5. I am sure you found the airplane in a second, but there are other differences too, including the Big Ben dials, along with the man’s shirt, the bus numbers and the top of the lamppost.

There’s an airplane, of course, but also a change on the dials of Big Ben, the numbers of the bus, the top of the lamppost and a man’s shirt!

6. The tree is quite easy to spot, but there are two more differences which are difficult. Look at the picture carefully; you will find a couple towards the left and also a building far away.


7. This is quite difficult since there are differences in both pictures. Here are the differences – look at the top, and you will find a missing flag. Also one of the holes in Mickey’s ear isn’t there. Also, in the left image, Goofy has a patch on the knee. In the castle, there are two windows, and a spire is also missing on the left.


8. I think we should give one paragraph for this one cause this one is really difficult.

In the left picture, you will find that there is an extra lamp in the shadow. Also, there is a marking on the street, a light near the building, an additional window on the building and pavement from the street on the sidewalk.
On the other hand, in the right picture, the car bumper has no lights, and the white mark on the car has vanished. There is a shadow of the building, and also there is smoke coming out of a smokestack

It’s over! You have done it!

If you were able to solve all these puzzles, congrats for being a genius. Well, if you only scrolled towards the end to see the answers, there’s no harm in pretending you are a genius, right?

Let us know in the comments below how many you were able to solve and which one was the hardest according to you. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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Everyone Failed To Solve This Riddle, Can You?

n childhood, our parents and teachers brought us many puzzle games and riddles which we certainly enjoyed playing with. These games needed too much of brainstorming and logical analysis. As kids, we tried to solve many riddles by applying ideas and clues; since we are grown up now and involved in various serious things, these all mind games and other childhood activities are left behind.

You might be landed here to bring back those childhood memories by doing some brain jobs, just forget the present and wake up the kid inside you who applies all the possible way to solve the riddles.

So here we go, your time starts NOW!

Go through the riddle.

Wait! Take some time for the answer.

Think bit more to find it out.

Use your Maths knowledge.

Did you get the answer?

Time up!

How many of you got it right?


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Can You Solve This Equation That is Dividing the Internet ?

Hardest Equation Ever!


Are you interested in maths? Then take a look at this mind-boggling equation which has made the internet go crazy.

2. Give it a try

Look at the equation below. It probably seems quite easy initially.

3. But its not that simple

However, as you start solving it, you might get stuck at some point. Lets check which part is the tricky one.

4. The first part is very simple

You will be able to solve the first part in no time, its really simple. Just add all the numbers and the result is 17.

5. The second part is more difficult.

The second part might seem a bit harder, since you are probably confused whether to multiply first or add first.

6. B.E.D.M.A.S

You have probably heard the term BEDMAS before which stands for Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Adding, Subtraction. You need to solve equations following this order always.

7. The final answer is 30

If you multiply first and do the other calculations correctly, you will get the correct answer i.e. 30. Doesn’t seem so difficult now, is it?

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Thousands Of Internet Users Could Not Find A Cat. Can You Spot It?

Everyone loves optical illusions. If you are active on social media, you will find a countless number of users sharing pictures which completely blow away our minds and require quite a bit of “brain exercise” to decipher what they are.

You probably remember that picture which went viral a few weeks ago, where you had to find a phone in a carpet. Now is the time to see a cat from a pile of logs, and this has left everyone perplexed.

1.  Reddit user jmakruse posted this for the first time with the title, “When you see it.”

He shared this image in another post, where he said that the cat was a male and its name was Lloyd. “Who knew orange cats can blend so well.”, he said.

2.  This was first submitted to Reddit, and the comments prove how complicated this puzzle is. One of the users said that it took him more than 5 minutes to solve it.

You will think that there is nothing but logs in this picture, but there is an orange colored cat hidden in this picture.

Look at the picture; I am sure you will be able to find it.

When you see it! from pics

Were you able to find it? Here is the solution, in case you couldn’t. Go to Next page


Look at the picture carefully, and you will see at the center of the image on the top log in a sleeping state. I am pretty sure you saw it but probably thought your mind was playing tricks on you. Well, that’s why this is an optical illusion!

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91% Of Internet Fails To Find A Tiny Fish Hidden In The Crowd Of Octopus

#1 Where’s The Fishy!?

Can you spot the one fish in this sea of octopus? Take your time.

#2 Rough Draft

This is what it looked like before the artist completed it.

#3 The Struggle

90 percent of the internet has failed at spotting it…can you?

#4 There It Is

Apparently, the fish is hiding UNDER the sea of octopus…

#5 Got It?

Do you see it now? Or are you still blind?

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15 Eye-Popping Trivia You Never Though It Was Real.

1. A Honey Dipper on A Special Honey Bottle

2. Jellyfish on its Early Development Cycle

3. Daytime View of The Great Pyramids Of Giza

4. White Hunchback-type Sedan Car

5. Nintendo Gaming Portal

6. A NASA Photo of the Earth’s Atmosphere Overlooking the Moon

7. An Aerial Google-Map View of Lake Superior

8. A Sample Frontal Photo of a Man

9. A Classic Image of a Wall Clock

10. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Close-up Shoot of the Red Planet Mars

11. Aerial Night View of Fireworks

12. White-Haired Old Man

13. Dark and Icy Planet Pluto

14. Perspective View of a Walmart Outlet

15. An Electron-Microscopic Imagery of A Cell


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Can YOU spot what’s wrong with this photo? Woman’s sexy selfie goes viral – but it’s not for the reason you think

#1 What’s Wrong?

The internet is going crazy over this selfie. but it appears to be entirely normal right?

#2 A Closer Look

There’s nothing on the wall or floor that seems off…so what it could be?

#3 Behind Her?

Nothing creepy behind her like a ghost or spirit.

#4 Square One

Ok, let’s focus and try to see what is wrong with the image.

#5 Do You See It?

HOLY CRAP…this chick has six fingers!Source

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How Many Horses Do You See In This Beautiful Painting? The Answer Will Completely Surprise You…

#1 Count The Horses

When looking at this beautiful painting of Chestnut Horses, how many do you see?

#2 The Answer

Despite the camouflage of the mountains and snow, there are five!

#3 Lucky 7

Can you spot the seven horses in Jim Warren’s famous photo?

#4 The Horses

Well while there’s one REAL horse in the photo, here are the other five…

#5 The Seventh

Oh, and the last one is upside down of course!

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Take a look at this picture which actually is an optical illusion. Who did you see first in the picture? An young lady or an elderly man? This answer will reveal a lot about your personality and character.


In case you saw the elderly man, that means that you are honest, calm and loyal. People trust you and know that you are a reliable person. You have leadership qualities, and you can make the correct decision after analysing all possible scenarios. You aren’t afraid of taking initiative and you can advise people to move in the right direction.


You take calculative steps before reaching any goal, and you have a definite plan to achieve it. This means that you are always in control of the situation.

However, you are a perfectionist, which also makes you suspicious, leading to stress. You need to take a break at times and relax.


In case the young lady came into your sight first, it means that you are full of positive energy and you are an optimist. You have no fear in innovating or trying out something new. You are an adventurous person, and you often go out on trips without proper planning.


You enjoy helping others, and you are normally a generous person. But you are also determined and powerful and always want to reach your goal. No matter what the circumstances, you don’t stray away from your ideals and follow them even under intense situations.

You always find out the solution to all of your problems with proper communication skills. You always tend to move forward in life and forget the past.



In case you saw an elephant, it means probably it’s time for you to consult an ophthalmologist. :D

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Experts Claim If You Can Find YOUR NAME In This Puzzle You Have An Above Average Functioning Brain..

1. Doing the same boring tasks daily can often become tiresome, hence its always good to take a break from the monotonous daily life and use your brain to solve more entertaining and challenging puzzles.

A brilliant way is to try and solve those web puzzles which are interesting but no too tough. They definitely are a much better way to spend your time on the Internet rather than just shopping and browsing.

The puzzle given below is actually quite simple, but might get frustrating after a while. Look at the block of text. Can you find your name there?

2. In case, you aren’t able to find your name there, don’t worry. You have been tricked because while you were searching for your own name, the question was to search for “your name” within that text.

Sounds tricky, isn’t it?

Now, look at it again. Can you find it now? There are three instances of that text within that block.

If you still can’t solve it, here is the solution. The top one is the trickiest because it is backwards.

3. Doctors often recommend these type of puzzles, because they are moderately tough and also help in maintaining proper mental health.

The reason is that when you are solving these types of puzzles, your brain is focused on a single task and is not constantly multitasking. Multitasking is extremely intensive for the brain, and wears and tears down the frontal lobe. This leads to stress which can give rise to various diseases.

This is because, when we are suffering from stress, cortisol, a toxic hormone is released in our bodies which cause damage to our brain. Hence, multitasking basically decreases your memory.

Hence, it is extremely important to take a break from the daily hectic schedule, and solve these types of puzzles while relaxing, instead of just mindlessly browsing websites. You will find that you are feeling much better and you are stress free is you continue solving these puzzles regularly.

They not only prevent cortisol, the dangerous hormone from getting released but also helps you relax and feel alive.

In case you are interested in solving even more puzzles, take a look at the puzzle below. This puzzle was probably built for children, but it still offers the same benefits since you are still focusing on a single entity instead of letting your concentration getting diverted.

You have to find six meaningful words here. The first one is really easy, which is on the side of the boy who is sitting on the couch and reading, but the others are definitely difficult.

4. Could you find all six?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below, and let us know whether you often solve puzzles. They are quite good for your health as well.

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How good is your eyesight? Can you spot what’s hidden in these pictures?

These optical puzzles will test you, frustrate you and blow your mind away. They have rightfully flummoxed the Internet. Some of them are photographs that are perfectly timed, the others cleverly designed to trick you. So, how observant are you, really? (Psst…solutions are at the end)


The latest Internet sensation is to be able to find out what is hidden in between the bricks. See anything? (Source: Arron Bevin/Facebook)


Can you spot the panda hidden among the snowmen? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


If you found the panda, congratulations! Now, try spotting the dog. (Source: Lego/Instagram)


There are two cats perched on the rock, in front of your eyes in broad daylight. Can you spot them? (Source:


Can you spot the cat in the tree? (Source:


There’s an egg dumped in between the rabbits. Can you spot it? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


How many girls are there in this photo captured by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari? (Source: Tizzia/Instagram)


Can you spot the animal in this picture? (Source: Caters News Agency via


There’s a cat in the crowd, waiting to pounce on the owls. Can you spot it? (Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


Can you spot the Oscar statuette among the Star Wars droids? (Source: Mike Rogalski/


Inspired by the original hunt for the panda, can you find the panda hidden among these metal music fans? (Source: Espen Westum/Facebook)


There’s an animal hidden in this picture, and no it’s not an insect. (Source: Caters News Agency via


Hamsters don’t really look like potatoes, but you’ll have a hard time finding a potato among them. (Source: Watercooler/Instagram)


Can you see what the red circle contains? (Source: Jack O’ Neil/Playbuzz)


It’s commendable for such a large animal to be hidden in this picture without camouflage. (Source: Caters News Agency via



Once you see it, you can’t un-see it! (Source: Arron Bevin/Facebook)


(Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


(Source: Lego/Instagram)






(Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


If you haven’t guessed it already, there are two girls; one looking into a mirror that’s not been captured in the photograph and the other one is looking to her left in the mirror that’s in the shot. (Source: Tizzia/Instagram)


(Source: Caters News Agency via


(Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


(Source: Dudolf/Facebook)


(Source: Espen Westum/Facebook)


(Source: Caters News Agency via


(Source: Watercooler/Instagram)


(Source: Jack O’ Neil/Playbuzz)


(Source: Caters News Agency via

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The Internet Loses Its Mind Again As People Try To Guess The Number Of Girls In This Photo

Try and not lose yourself in this puzzle while you puzzle this puzzle out.

Puzzled? Wait till you see this, well, puzzle.

A few days ago, Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari uploaded this mind-boggling photo on her Instagram account, as a participating entry under the hashtag #WHPidentity for a project.


How many did you guess? :)
Now check next page..

Instagram/Tiziana Vergari

The project is encouraging users to submit photos that focus on individuality. But while people commended the aesthetics of the image, many were left wondering about the number of girls actually photographed. So much so that the photo has gone viral. People can’t stop guessing and the answers are extremely varied.


According to Daily Mail, amidst the thousand comments that the photo received, Tiziana did finally confirm that there were only two girls in the photo, who were in all probablity her own daughters.

How many did you guess? :)

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Can You Pass The Idiot Test? 90% Fail

This test has been specifically designed for geniuses and extremely intelligent and smart people. Statistics have shown that almost 90% people who take the test fail to pass. That means that out of every 10 persons who took this idiot test, 9 people failed and hence turned out to be morons. So don’t feel bad at all if you fail in this. On the other hand, if you succeed you can be sure that you are a genius.

#1 Are You Ready To Find Out If You’re An Idiot Or Not?

#2 Okay, Let’s Take This Easy, Quick, Little Test To Find Out The Truth.

#3 We’ll Start Out Really Easy So That You Can Keep Up..

#4 Quickly! Pick A Color That Starts With The Letter ‘W’.

You Must Answer Quickly !

#5 Wow. If You Guessed ‘White’ You’re Pretty Smart.

#6 Let’s Go On.. Quickly! What Is The Color Of ‘Salt’?

You Must Answer Quickly!

#7 OMG! If You Guessed ‘White’ Then You’re Doing Well.

#8 Awww… Remember This Puppy. Look At Him For A Moment Or Two.

#9 Quick Thinking.. No Cheating. What Color Was The Cute Puppy?

You Must Answer Quickly!

#10 Impressive! If You Guessed ‘White’ You’re On A Roll, And Probably Pretty Much Not An Idiot.

#11 Answer Quickly! What Do Cows Normally Drink?

You Must Answer Quickly !

#12 WTF? If You Guessed MILK, You Proved My Point. Cows Don’t Drink Milk, They Drink Water.

#13 About 90% Of The People Who Take This Test Fail.

#14 Here’s How It Works..

#15 I Doubt You Guessed MILK In Place Of Water, Which Means… Are You Ready For It? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!


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18 Amazing Optical Illusions Which Will Leave You Confused

Optical illusions are simply fascinating; they fool our brains and eyes into thinking something which is not even there. Check out these top 18 optical illusions which will leave you completely speechless and confused.

1. Handling talent

Girls are always flirting with me and this is how I manage them. You can clearly see my handling skills from the picture.

2. Dinosaurs have come back

Have the dinosaurs come back? It sure looks like it from this pic. Actually, once again, the photographer has cleverly taken a close-up picture of a bird with a distant background making it seem huge.

3. Huge hands

This kid will definitely make his father proud one day. His hands have already become so huge at such a young age!

4. Time to shave

It looks as if the girl needs to shave pretty soon. Actually, it is the leg of the boy sitting next to her.

5. Only the head

We can see that a camel is trying to drink water from a person’s can and we can clearly see its head. But the rest of the body is nowhere to be seen.

6. So muscular

It looks as if the girl has suddenly developed huge muscles. In reality, it is actually the thigh of the person who is holding the baby.

7. Goat with two heads

Doesn’t it look that this is a single goat with two heads? Don’t worry, it’s not. There are two separate goats but the way they are sitting and the photography trick has made look conjoined.

8. Floating Island

It seems from this picture that the island is floating in mid-air. Is it really floating? Of course not, but photography can often make such tricks.

9. Invisible Car

This is a mind-blowing picture, which shows an almost invisible car. Or maybe it is just exceptionally clean?

10. Car with two fronts

This car looks as if it was broken into two halves, then an exact replica of the front portion was made, and then those two parts have been joined together.

11. Hanger filled with smoke

The aeroplane should be moved somewhere else as soon as possible otherwise the smoke is going to vanish it.

12. Human Dog Hybrid?

You are probably thinking this is some form a human dog hybrid. But no, actually the picture of a dog and a human has been merged together to create this awesome picture.

13. 3D carpets

Yes, I know it sounds strange but this is actually a carpet. And that too a 3D one! I am pretty sure you would like to buy one too.

14. Look! I am floating!

Yes, I can float now after several years of meditation practice. Just kidding. The photographer has taken the picture in such a way that it seems as if the woman is floating in mind-air.

15. Turn the world upside down

Yes, this man has the power to either change your perception or turn the whole world upside down. Believe what you want to.

16. Is the father real or is he in a painting?

Once again, the photographer has taken a perfect picture. Can you understand whether the father is standing behind the family or is he in that painting on the wall?

17. Huge bird

This picture reminds me of the Gulliver’s travels. It seems as if the man has been transported to a different world where everything is much huger. Some people might think this is photoshopped but look closely and you will realize it’s a completely legitimate picture.

18. Tricky wear

I would say this is one of the best pictures ever taken. It looks as if the guy at the back has just risen from that fountain, and he doesn’t even need a dress.

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