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Can you spot the hidden kitty in this photo?

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Puzzles have been used since time immemorial to entertain oneself, keep their brains active and also to test one’s ingenuity.

Puzzles have become popular in recent times especially due to the advent of the Internet, and it has become a trend nowadays. Sometimes, people spend hours trying to solve just one puzzle. Here we have three excellent puzzles just for you! So let’s get started.

1. Vintage Puzzles

This puzzle shows two women enjoying themselves in a room with a table. Now, there is a cat hidden somewhere, apart from the cat under her chair.

Can you find out where the other cat is?

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2. The Hidden Kitty

So have you been able to identify that?

If you have, then congratulations! Your vision is excellent. For those who still haven’t been able to see it, the kitten is hiding in the left woman’s bonnet.

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3. Now try this one

Here’s another puzzle for you, and this one is harder than the previous one.

There are four hidden soldiers in this image, can you identify them? You would be surprised to know that only 1% has been able to solve this puzzle entirely. Are you in that group?

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4. Could you identify it?

In case you haven’t been able to identify them, just flip your head, and you should be able to spot the four soldiers easily.

Finding it a bit difficult even now? Then check the right image for some useful hints.

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5. Illusion challenge

There is a soldier hidden somewhere among this group of friends in this last vintage puzzle.

This is a really tough one, and only 5% who have tried this have been able to identify the soldier. Do you think you belong to that group? Check the last picture for a useful hint, and this should be easy now.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. How many were you able to solve? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.
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