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Can You Pass The Idiot Test? 90% Fail

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This test has been specifically designed for geniuses and extremely intelligent and smart people. Statistics have shown that almost 90% people who take the test fail to pass. That means that out of every 10 persons who took this idiot test, 9 people failed and hence turned out to be morons. So don’t feel bad at all if you fail in this. On the other hand, if you succeed you can be sure that you are a genius.

#1 Are You Ready To Find Out If You’re An Idiot Or Not?

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#2 Okay, Let’s Take This Easy, Quick, Little Test To Find Out The Truth.

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#3 We’ll Start Out Really Easy So That You Can Keep Up..

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#4 Quickly! Pick A Color That Starts With The Letter ‘W’.

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#5 Wow. If You Guessed ‘White’ You’re Pretty Smart.

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#6 Let’s Go On.. Quickly! What Is The Color Of ‘Salt’?

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#7 OMG! If You Guessed ‘White’ Then You’re Doing Well.

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#8 Awww… Remember This Puppy. Look At Him For A Moment Or Two.

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#9 Quick Thinking.. No Cheating. What Color Was The Cute Puppy?

You Must Answer Quickly![adinserter block=”16″]

#10 Impressive! If You Guessed ‘White’ You’re On A Roll, And Probably Pretty Much Not An Idiot.

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#11 Answer Quickly! What Do Cows Normally Drink?

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#12 WTF? If You Guessed MILK, You Proved My Point. Cows Don’t Drink Milk, They Drink Water.

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#13 About 90% Of The People Who Take This Test Fail.

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#14 Here’s How It Works..

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#15 I Doubt You Guessed MILK In Place Of Water, Which Means… Are You Ready For It? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

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