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The Internet Loses Its Mind Again As People Try To Guess The Number Of Girls In This Photo

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Try and not lose yourself in this puzzle while you puzzle this puzzle out.

Puzzled? Wait till you see this, well, puzzle.

A few days ago, Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari uploaded this mind-boggling photo on her Instagram account, as a participating entry under the hashtag #WHPidentity for a project.


How many did you guess? :)
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Instagram/Tiziana Vergari

The project is encouraging users to submit photos that focus on individuality. But while people commended the aesthetics of the image, many were left wondering about the number of girls actually photographed. So much so that the photo has gone viral. People can’t stop guessing and the answers are extremely varied.


According to Daily Mail, amidst the thousand comments that the photo received, Tiziana did finally confirm that there were only two girls in the photo, who were in all probablity her own daughters.

How many did you guess? :)

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