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Thousands Of Internet Users Could Not Find A Cat. Can You Spot It?

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Everyone loves optical illusions. If you are active on social media, you will find a countless number of users sharing pictures which completely blow away our minds and require quite a bit of “brain exercise” to decipher what they are.

You probably remember that picture which went viral a few weeks ago, where you had to find a phone in a carpet. Now is the time to see a cat from a pile of logs, and this has left everyone perplexed.

1.  Reddit user jmakruse posted this for the first time with the title, “When you see it.”

He shared this image in another post, where he said that the cat was a male and its name was Lloyd. “Who knew orange cats can blend so well.”, he said.

2.  This was first submitted to Reddit, and the comments prove how complicated this puzzle is. One of the users said that it took him more than 5 minutes to solve it.

You will think that there is nothing but logs in this picture, but there is an orange colored cat hidden in this picture.

Look at the picture; I am sure you will be able to find it.

When you see it! from pics

Were you able to find it? Here is the solution, in case you couldn’t. Go to Next page


Look at the picture carefully, and you will see at the center of the image on the top log in a sleeping state. I am pretty sure you saw it but probably thought your mind was playing tricks on you. Well, that’s why this is an optical illusion!

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