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Everyone Failed To Solve This Riddle, Can You?

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n childhood, our parents and teachers brought us many puzzle games and riddles which we certainly enjoyed playing with. These games needed too much of brainstorming and logical analysis. As kids, we tried to solve many riddles by applying ideas and clues; since we are grown up now and involved in various serious things, these all mind games and other childhood activities are left behind.

You might be landed here to bring back those childhood memories by doing some brain jobs, just forget the present and wake up the kid inside you who applies all the possible way to solve the riddles.

So here we go, your time starts NOW!

Go through the riddle.

Wait! Take some time for the answer.

Think bit more to find it out.

Use your Maths knowledge.

Did you get the answer?

Time up!

How many of you got it right?


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