Celebrities With Secret Missing Body Parts

You may obviously think bat certain times that every celebrity is damn flawless. Don’t you? Well, you should think twice. These celebrity people are missing toes, fingers, and other body parts as well that you may never have known about. Take a very close look and also keep your fingers away from really sharp objects. Source

2. Ronnie Lott – He already had part of his pinky amputated long back after the 1985 season.


3. Rashad Johnson – This Cardinals player has already lost part of his finger in the middle of a freaking NFL game. Can you believe that?


4.Jose Canseco – He accidentally shot off one of his own fingers. Doesn’t it sound so disgusting?


5. Gerald Green – He is actually an NBA player who has been dunking with only nine fingers.


6. Daryl Hannah – She is actually missing a part of her left index finger


7. Rahm Emmanuel – He has lost almost half of his middle finger.


8. Christian Bale – He said he is actually missing a part of an index finger. All thanks to a freaking bike accident he had faced once.


9. Matthew Perry – He has been missing a part of his middle finger and this has been for a while.


10. Jerry Garcia – This famous rocker too has lost an entire finger.


11. Buster Keaton – He lost the tip of his index finger only at the very early age two.


12. Arnold Schwarzenegger – He was alleged to have lost a testis and that too because of excessive usage of steroid. Is is so damn unbelievable!


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Find Out What Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids Are Doing Now. They Look Just Like Their Father!

We have learned a lot of things from Hollywood, and are especially amused by the lives of the actors and actresses. I am sure that everyone is jealous of the fame and wealth that these actors possess. In fact, I even wanted to act in Hollywood. The children of these actors also spend lavish lives.

Arnold is one such Hollywood actor, and his kids must be lucky. They have all grown up now. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Arnold’s life and what his children are doing now.

1. Arnold was only 21 years old when he came to America.

You will be surprised to know that he had little knowledge of English and could barely speak that language when he came to America. But he wanted to become a famous Hollywood actor, so he worked hard on improving that.

2. Arnold was able to reach the zenith of bodybuilding.

Arnold became Mr. Olympia in 1970. In case you have never heard of this competition ever, it means that you are the best bodybuilder in the world for that year.

3. He went on to win this title 7 more times.

Apart from becoming the best bodybuilder in the world during those years, he also earned a lot of fame in Hollywood as an action superstar. Later, he became a politician and even became the Governor of California in 2003.

4. He also married.

And that’s not all; he even became a father!

5. He met Maria Shriver in 1977.

Maria was not only the niece of John F. Kennedy, former President of the USA who was assassinated but was also a well-known journalist.

6. The two got married after dating for two years.

7. They have four children together.

However, they divorced in 2011.

8. Their kids have all grown up.

I am sure you want to know how they look like and what they are doing currently.

9. Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger

Katherine was the first child of Arnold and Maria. She is now 26 and is an author. Her first book, “ Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back” was released in the year 2010. As you can guess from the book’s title, it is about self-confidence and how one can get rid of one’s body image issues.

10. Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger

Their second child is Christina, who was born in the year 1991. She is now 25 years old. In 2013, she graduated from Georgetown University.

11. Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger

Patrick is Maria and Arnold’s third child. Judging by the looks of this 23-year-old, it is no surprise that he is an actor and a model. And you would be shocked to know that he was only 15 years old when he started his own company.

12. Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger

Their fourth child is Christopher. He is now 19 years old and just graduated from high school in 2015.

13. Joseph Baena

Arnold also has a son with his former housekeeper. He is now 19 years old, and you probably haven’t heard of him before. But can you see how similar they look? They have come a bit closer now especially after Arnold’s divorce.

Arnold has an exciting life, isn’t it? Let us know in the comments what you think about him and his kids. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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14 Celebrities Who Are Best Friends From Childhood

Friendship is the biggest gift of life. But, there are some celebrities too who never knew what the future reserve for them. They were friends since childhood when they were somewhat ordinary people. Year after year, their friendship kept growing stronger. They are friends forever and best friends ever. It may be true that people around you may bring good luck to you and the two persons come together because their stars match. These celebrities became friends, when they were living an ordinary life, but attained stardom together. But there is no space for jealousy between them since they ended up becoming famous somewhat at the same time. Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise and many other amazing celebrities adorn the list. They teach us about a perfect friendship since their bond can be traced back to their childhood. These vintage photographs of them will surely make you cry by remembering your best friend and your good old days.

#14 Tobey Maguire And Leonardo DiCaprio met in an audition and were best friends since then.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have been friends for over 30 years. Both raised by single mothers in LA, the stars that have raised to fame together.  Recalling their first meeting, Leo said,  “I literally jumped out of the car. I was like, ‘Tobey! Tobey! Hey! Hey!’ And he was like, ‘Oh, yeah – I know you. You’re . . . that guy.’ But I just made him my pal. When I want someone to be my friend, I just make them my friend.”

#13  Elijah Wood And Macaulay Culkin still hang out together. They met on the sets when they were young.


#12  From the sets of Mickey Mouse Club House Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling have been inseparable.


#11  Kim Kardashian And Nicole Richie grew up in the same neighborhood and occasionally got a chance to hang out.


#10 They went to high school together, Cameron Diaz And Snoop Dogg.


#9 Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and Tom Cruise went to Santa Monica HS.


#8 They played the Little League together John Krasinski and B.J. Novak.


#7  Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez were good friends since the time they worked together at Barney & Friends.


#6 Tupac And Jada Pinkett Smith went together to school in Baltimore.


#5 Matt Damon And Ben Affleck were neighbors when they were young. They have been best friends since that time.


#4 Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie grew up in Bel-Air together.


#3 Maya Rudolph And Gwyneth Paltrow were high school BFF’s.


#2 Maya Rudolph And Gwyneth Paltrow were in the same school when they were very young.


#1 Zach Braff And Lauryn Hill grew up together in the same neighborhood in Maplewood, New Jersy.


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20 Hot Celebrities With Unattractive Partners

Look is not important many times. A person with good character and quality are preferred many times. May be they are unattractive to others, but they are the prince or princess to their respective partners. So, look may be just a relative thing, what gossips saying that doesn’t matter. Here is a list of 20 Celebrities with unattractive Partners. But it seems that they are all happy couple. Best Wishes to them all!


#20 Jenna Fischer & Lee Kirk


Known for her portrayal of Pam Beesly on the NBC comedy ”The Office”, Fischer is just drop-dead gorgeous, unlike her husband, Lee Kirk, who is kinda goofy type. Fischer married screenwriter Kirk in May 2011, and they have two children. She also starred in the film ”Sad Happy Sucker” that her husband wrote, so their working relationship is a great one as well.

#19 Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman


She made her debut in the film ”Surrender Dorothy” (1998) and is known for her roles in such films such as ’’Spider-Man’’ trilogy (2002- 2007), ’’Pitch Perfect’’ (2012), while her directorial debut was ’’Pitch Perfect 2’’ in 2014.The winsome and beautiful Banks met her not so charming prince, Max Handelman, on her first day at college. She and Handelman were married 11 years later, in 2003, while their two children were born through a surrogate.

#18 Tina Fey & Jeff Richmond


More than just a pretty woman, Fey is best known for delectable, situational and ironic comedy, becoming the youngest-ever recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. On the other hand, her husband, composer and actor Jeff Wayne, always looks like having personal boundaries being violated, including the height difference as well.

#17 Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arrend


A natural blonde, Hendricks was bullied as a teenager, before she began to gain confidence in her appearance and started modelling. Voted America’s best looking by an Esquire survey of women, Hendricks admitted to pursuing, somewhat awkward looking, Geoffrey Arend. The sexy star of Mad Men, Hendricks, is paired up with Arrend apparently not because money and power, but for his ability to make her laugh, and as well as happy.

#16 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard


Try not to be jealous of one of the cutest women in Hollywood, Kristen Bell, because her husband Dax Shepard is somewhat goofy person more than Prince Charming. Nonetheless, after ’’the stigma duo’’ decided to delay marriage until California passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage, Bell asked Sheppard to marry her through Twitter, after section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act fell in 2013. The couple currently have two daughters.

#15 Clive Owen & Sarah-Jane Fenton


In person Owen is courteous, charming and pretty boy, who enjoyed romantic trysts on the big screen with some of the cutest women, such as Natalie Portman or Julia Roberts.However, he only has eyes for his not so attractive kinda plane wife, Sarah-Jane Fenton, and they have been together since 1995.Obviously blissfully domestic about their lifestyle, the couple lives in Highgate, London, with their two daughters.

#14 Malin Akerman & Roberto Zincone


Akerman’s sex appeal is one of her best assets. In 2008, she made her appearance on’s ’’99 Most Desirable Women’’, while men’s magazine Maxim included her in their annual ’’Hot 100’’ rankings. She had a brief music career as the lead vocalist for the band ’’The Petalstones’’ and was married to the band’s drummer Roberto Zincone. He was much less successful than the ’’Trophy Wife’’, and they have split after six years of marriage.

#13 Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy


Successful marriages are rare in the entertainment industry, while Huffman and her husband Macy are an exception to rule.Macy may look like he is a homeless person, but Huffman totally adore him.After dating for 15 years, they have been married since 1997 and became the second married couple to receive Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on the same day.

#12 Beth Ostrosky Stern & Howard Stern


Howard is famous radio and TV personality, and has won numerous industry awards.His wife Ostrosky has appeared in her own line of calendars, as well as the stunning blonde has been on the cover of FHM three times, and was listed four times as one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of the Year.Howard may be the ’’King of All Media’’, yet Beth is the more attractive one.

#11 Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen


The couple had a long engagement prior marriage in 2010, and are similar in hiding their feelings behind humor.Fishers’ husband, the ’’Borat’’ creator Cohen, usually gives interview in character, while she once made a joke how the hight difference between them made her look like ’’a circus freak’’.However, this beautiful woman and her not so attractive pick are now the proud parents of three children.

#10 Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett


Following her brother success, the gorgeous star Julia decided to try acting, and became best known for roles in romantic comedies. During the mid-2000s, the Pretty Woman star was one of the highest paid stars and cemented her status as Hollywood royalty. More than awkward for everyone else was her surprise marriage with Lyle Lovet, for which they became the subject of many gossip segments and tabloid stories. The odd couple lasted for two years before getting divorced.

#9 Evan Rachel Wood & Marilyn Manson


This odd relationship has attracted press attention while it lasted. The two met at a party and a pair hit it off. Wood has stated that she was attracted to Manson’s frequent use of eyeliner, though he was 36 when she was just 19 years old. She became the inspiration behind Manson’s song ’’Heart-Shapped Glasses’’ and also appeared in the song’s video. Eventually, the couple split, while Wood once admitted it was a mistake.

#8 Paulina Porizkova & Ric Ocasek


A gorgeous model, Porizkova became the first woman from Central Europe to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.She married the dude from ’’The Cars’’, lead singer Ric Ocasek, and he isn’t exactly George Clooney in the looks department.Recognized as one of the most beautiful and successful models in business, Porizkova stated that she was attracted to Ocasek not for his looks, but for he’s smart and funny.Unlike most pretty boys, Ocasek has aged surprisingly well.

#7 Aaron Johnson & Sam Taylor-Wood


An action star Aaron Johnson chose Sam Taylor-Wood to be his pick, though they look more like mother and son than husband and wife.Aaron has credited his wife with saving him from himself as a teenage star, and helped him stay on the right path through his rise to stardom.The superhero and his saviour, who is 24 years his senior, have defied their critics and appear to be blissfully in love despite their age gap.

#6 Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton


Viols of blood, dungeons, and razorblades… that’s what Jolie and Thornton marriage was all about, before he chickened out. Before Brangelina issue, an Oscar-winning actress Jolie and Thornton became a favorite topic of entertainment media for their public gestures of love, such as wearing one another’s blood in vials around their necks. They were notorious for their public displays of affection, and it seams that the sex was great despite a 20-year gap.

#5 Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith


James Bond superstar Pierce Brosnan publicly proffesed his love for his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, over 15 years. Pierce and Keely tied knot in 2001, and he stated that he wouldn’t be able to live without her strength. Keely was already quite chubby on her wedding day, but she gained more than some 60 pounds from the day she met Brosnan. It is actually hard to believe that is the same woman that Brosnan married in 2001.

#4 Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy


An actress and co-founder of several fashion brands, Mary-Kate Olsen married her longtime boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, French banker and the half brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. A 17-year age gap is largely responsible for Olsen looks so much more attractive, but she’s clearly very happy about Sarkozy being a successful and well-educated man.

#3 Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness


Many would consider themselves very lucky to be married to very hunky Hugh Jackman, but his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, gets annoyed and feels disrespected over word in terms of her marriage. She scored a foxy husband 13 year her junior, an actor recognized as one of the sexiest man alive. Furness is herself a prominent producer and director, yet he is ’’so cute it hurts’’.

#2 Beyonce & Jay-Z


This couple has faced numerous divorce rumors over the years, and even with a massive cheating scandal fans were shocked by how revealing lyrics are on her new album, in songs like ’’Pray You Catch Me’’. The two of them could be considered as the poster children for mismatched couples, as she is one of the most attractive women on the world while he is far from what is to be considered as attractive at all.

#1 Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault


A hot-as-ever Salma Hayek is a beautiful woman, while Francois-Henri is a balding old chubby. Her marriage to billionaire Pinault, the CEO of luxury conglomerate Kering, was initially surprise to many. One of Hollywood’s most dazzling actresses Hayek was thrilled that her marriage is her biggest accomplishment.In 2006, at the same time a balding old chubby, Pinault, was making love to another siren, Linda Evangelista, and got both sirens pregnant that same year, except that Evangelista had kept secret for years. Yeap, having all that cash helps listening to the siren song.

I think you have understood that look may be important but if emotion is there, the bond will be lasting forever.

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Why Does Kate Middleton Always Have Bandage On Her Fingers And Hands?

Kate Middleton is popular for her excellent fashion sense and beautiful outfits, but it seems that she often gets injuries and cuts. I am sure you are wondering how we know this. If you notice carefully, you will find that Kate always wears a tiny bandage on her fingers or hands whenever she attends various events.

Of course, people started talking about these bandages and started wondering what could be the cause of her constant cuts and bruises.


1. She always wears a skin colored tape around her fingers.

We have no idea why she gets cuts and bruises so often.

2. She visited the Natural History Museum recently, and even then she wore a bandage.

We are sure that this wasn’t caused by the feline star since Kate wears these bandages often.

3. She keeps on getting injuries in her fingers.

This picture was captured when she was at the Keech Hospice Care with her husband.

4. This picture was captured when she visited Nelson Trust Women’s Center.

Even when she visited the Nelson Trust Women’s Center, she covered a cut on her left hand with a bandage.

5. She wears these bandages frequently.

Maybe she is too careless or clumsy, and that’s why she gets these cuts and bruises often.

6. Trouble in the taxi.

She was returning alone in a taxi, but even then you can see that she has a bandage on her thumb. Why?

7. Check out the video below to know more.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Do you know why Kate wears these bandages? Do you think that she is superstitious or just careless? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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Lucy From The Chronicles of Narnia Has Grown Up And This Is How She Looks Now

Georgie Henley was extremely young when she acted in The Chronicles of Narnia film series. The series never really took off compared to the hype it generated, but Lucy’s performance in the movies captured a lot of attention. Now that she has grown up let’s take a look how she appears now and how her life has changed.

1. She was so young at that time!

You can see Lucy with Mr. Tumnus, her friend, in the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia. This was almost 12 years ago.

2. Georgie was excellent as Lucy.

She received a lot of plaudits due to her performance in the movie series.

3. She played the same role of Lucy in the subsequent movies in the series as well.

She also played Lucy in the movies he Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian & The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

4. Her character completely changed in her next movie, “Perfect Sisters”.

Even though the role was completely different from she was accustomed to, she performed brilliantly.

5. Sisterhood of the Night

She began working on her next film in 2015 and is trying to cement her position in Hollywood at the moment.

6. She recently graduated as well.

She has a bachelor’s degree in English.

7. She is only 21 years old.

Considering she is so beautiful and so talented in acting, there is no doubt that she has a long career waiting for her in the future.

8. What is her current goal?

As you probably know, several child actors are not able to live up to the expectations once they grow up. But Georgie seems to be an exception to that.

9. She’s so pretty.

No one can argue about that. We are not sure how she will fare as an actress in the coming years, but we wish her all the best for her career.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments below what you think about Georgie’s transformation. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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She Was Known As “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”. See How She Looks Now After Several Years

We are talking about Thylane Blondeau, a young model from France. Child models have been subject to lots of controversies over the past years, and she too had to face such an issue. She was awarded the title of “the most beautiful girl in the world” in 2011. However, when she took part in an editorial for Vogue, her shoot led to a lot of discussions and controversies regarding child models.

Read on to know how she looks now.

1. Her parents

Football star, Patrick Blondeau and actress Veronika Loubry, are her parents, who took her to modeling when she was only 4!

2. She was one of the participants of the popular Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show.

This happened in the year 2005.

3. Her eyes look so beautiful.

Those sharp blue eyes and photogenic face ensured from her early days that she was going to be a huge success in the modeling industry.
With her piercing blue eyes and photogenic face, it was evident from the beginning she was a beauty!

4. Her early years

She never faced any controversies during her initial modeling career.

5. Up until this one

In one of her shoots for Vogue, her image was considered to be extremely sexualised which created a huge controversy.

6. According to psychologist Emma Grey,

“This is not what a normal child should go through – this incident shows how some children’s lives are ruined when they are shown the real world they are still not able to deal with unless there are adults around that child for proper guidance.”

7. The Christian Charity

“We are anxious about Blondeau’s agency since it seems that they have no idea that she is not yet an adult, but only a child.”

8. According to her mother

She admitted that she was quite shocked during the initial photo shoot. But she wasn’t shocked because of her daughter; she was shocked because her daughter was wearing a necklace whose price was €3 million! She also said that she only accepts a quarter of the offers her daughter receives, because she wants her childhood to be normal like any other child.

9. Since she was so young at that time

She wasn’t allowed to say whatever she wanted!
Blondeau didn’t get the opportunity to say much!

10. She became quite popular on Instagram

And why wouldn’t she be popular? She looks so gorgeous!

11. When she was only 14

She was seen on the books of IMG Models!

12. She is also an actor, apart from being a model.

She acted in the French film Belle & Sebastian.

13. She was asked in an interview whether she felt weird after becoming a model at such a young age.

She replied that she didn’t feel that she was too young for modeling since Kate Moss began modeling when she was fifteen. She added that there are no issues at all if your agency is a good one.

14. When she attended Paris Fashion Week, W Magazine asked her what her plans were after the end of this event.

Her reply was a practical one – she said she would go home, rest for a bit and then get prepared to go to school. Even though she is quite young, she knows what her primary duties are!
What do you think about this controversy? Was it justified? Do you think she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully you enjoyed this article, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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8 Celebrities You Had No Idea With Herps.

Getting herpes sucks. And you never forget the person who gave you the disease. Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases(STD) which is caused by a herpes simplex virus which is composed of two kinds of viruses – HSV-1 & HSV-2. While this virus can come in various forms, the most common one, at least among human beings, is genital herpes.

This disease affects celebrities the maximum since they are always in the spotlight and the public is always keen to know what is going in their lives.

Here is a list of celebrities who have herpes. People can try to hide it as much as possible, but ultimately the truth will always come out!

1. Sarah Michelle Gear

Yeah, she has herpes.

2. Katie Holmes

Even Katie Holmes wasn’t spared.

3. Selena Gomez

Was it Justin Bieber? We don’t think so.

4. Salma Hayek

You must be shocked to hear this, right?

5. Britney Spears

Even the famous pop singer has this disease.

6. Paris Hilton

Even the real life Barbie has herpes.

7. Scarlett Johansson

Yup, the famous actress too has this disease.

8. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba too joins the list.


This was the list of top 8 celebrities who suffer from Herpes. Are you shocked by some of the entries in this list? Let us know about your reactions in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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12 Celebrities Who Have A Twin And You Don’t Know

This is a surprise.

#1 Rami Malek

You have probably seen Rami Malek in the famous television series, Mr. Robot. He was also awarded the critics’ choice award for his role in that series. But you would be surprised to know that he has a twin named Sami, and when they were young, they often used to swap classes just to confuse the teachers. Source

#2 Aaron Carter

Aaron is a famous musician, who became quite popular in the 1990s mainly due to his pop songs. His twin sister is named Angel Carter. Source

#3 Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer is a famous Candian actor. He is also talented as a director, producer, singer, and songwriter. He is the son of famous actor Donald Sutherland and has a twin sister Rachel who is a television producer. Source

#4 Ashton Kutcher

You probably didn’t know that the famous actor Ashton Kutcher too had a twin brother. Unfortunately, he has a chronic disease called cerebral palsy, and the actor is trying his best to create awareness regarding this disease. Source

#5 ScarlettJ ohansson

The famous actress Scarlett has a twin brother as well, Hunter, who is also an actor. Source

#6 Mo Farah

You probably know Mo Farah, the talented Olympic runner from Britain. He is usually seen in the 15,000 meter and 10,000-meter races. He has a twin named Hassan. Source

#7 Jon Heder

He is most popular for his role in Napoleon Dynamite. His identical twin brother, Dan, also is in the movie industry, he works on visual effects. Source

#8 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele has an identical twin sister. We came to know about that when she wished a happy birthday to her sister on Instagram. She also uploaded some pictures which were taken during their childhood, saying how much she loves her. Source

#9 Shawn Ashmore

His twin, Aaron Ashmore, is also an actor, who is well known for acting in movies like Smallville as Jimmy Olsen, and in Warehouse 13.Source

#10 Giovanni And Marissa Ribisi

Giovanni is a famous actor who is known for acting in movies like Avatar and Ted. His twin sister is named Marissa. She too is an actress and is well known for her roles in Dazed and Confused. Her husband is the famous singer Beck. Source

#11 Alanis Morisette

Alanis, the talented musician, and actress has a twin brother, who has written a book on yoga. Source

#12 Vin Diesel

You are probably wondering how they can be twins since they look so different, but look closely, and you will start noticing the similarities. They look quite different now mainly due to the hair and body structure.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.Source

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Prince Harry Was Hiding THIS About Princess Diana And It Is Revealed Here

Diana, Princess of Wales, is one of the most famous people in history. She was beautiful, generous, and deserved to be the wife of Prince Charles. She had a divorce with the Prince of Wales in August 1996, but it was even more depressing when she was killed because of a car crash in Paris, France, on August 31, 1997.

However, it seems that Prince Harry from the Royal Family still has something that the world does not know about Princess Diana.

Check out the story below!


1. Prince Harry and the Royal Family are very kind to charities.

Many charities around the world receive financial support from Prince Harry. Likewise, Prince Harry also helps spread awareness about various causes.

2. He loves to assist veterans and people in third world countries.

Some of his advocacies include helping injured veterans, providing education to people in developing nations, and beating AIDS

3. Because of his good deeds, many people can’t help but think of his mother, Princess Diana.

After all, people could not forget how kind Princess Diana was.

4. Diana was “The People’s Princess” because she was so selfless.

Even if she became part of the Royal Family, she was still very down to earth.

5. Still, there is one thing Prince Harry wished he did sooner.

When Princess Diana died, Prince Harry was only 12 years old.

6. Prince Harry was feeling alone and sad when she died.

He could not comprehend what was happening anymore and he felt the darkness creeping in.

7. He revealed his secret during an event for Heads Together.

Heads Together is a charity interested in mental health. During this event, Prince Harry said that Princess Diana’s death affected him a lot much.

8. Prince Harry regrets not talking about his mother’s death for 28 years.

He wanted people to know that anyone can feel pain, even if they are rich or are part of the Royal Family.

9. He said that it is perfectly okay to feel suffering.

However, he clarified that people who suffer should solve it and that they should communicate with others.

10. By bringing up his own problem, he was able to help people with mental health problems.

We’re sure that if Princess Diana was still alive, she’d be proud of her son.

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15 Scarlett Johansson Facts That Will Make You Love Her Even More

1. “Manny And Lo”

Her big break came in the movie “North” but then she soon was in “Manny And Lo” in 1996. Yeah, this is not her first time at the rodeo.

2. Two Albums

Shehas released two albums, “Anywhere I Lay My Head” and “Break Up.” “Break Up” is a collab with Pete Yorn, which makes sense since that’s her music manager’s brother.

3. Sexiest Twice

She has been actually voted as the world’s sexiest woman alive twice by Esquire. She is the only woman to have won twice, both in the year 2006 and again in the year 2013.

4. Growing Up Artistic

Her family is actually very artistic in nature; father Karsten Johansson, is an architect and her mother, Melanie Sloan, is a producer and self-titled “film buff.” Mom Melanie took her to all her auditions when she was first starting out.

5. Ghost Hate

People had petitioned to get her removed from the project “Ghost In The Shell,” claiming it whitewashed the source material.

6. 8 Was Great

She has made her off-Broadway debut opposite Ethan Hawke in “Sophistry.” By 2010, she had won a Tony for Best Performance of a Featured Actress In A Play.

7. Don’t Call Her ScarJo

She hates the nickname, and even calls it “flippant.”

8. Too Much For Woody

Woody Allen had actually called Johansson “sexually overwhelming” while shooting “Match Point.”

9. Big Heart

In the year 2005, she had helped to raise money for charity Oxfam, with a bidder coughing up 20,000 pounds on an eBay auction to get a hair and makeup treatment, tickets, and a 20 minute “date” with Scarlett on the way to the “He’s Just Not That Into You” premiere.

10. A Little Of Both

What does she celebrate on the holidays? Well, while she identifies as Jewish, she says that she actually celebrates a little of both of Christmas and Hanukkah.

11. 10 Years In Jail

Hacking and even publishing nude phone pics of Scarlett got Christopher Chaney 10 years in jail in 2011. The FBI had helped catch the criminal.

12. A View From The Bridge

While this is a screen capture from film “An American Rhapsody” by Eva Gardos, the phrase “A View From The Bridge” means a lot to Scarlett. It’s how she won her Tony award in 2010.

13. Bank On “Lucy”

She had made serious bank for the movie “Lucy.” The Luc Besson hit even grossed $458 million, ten times its budget of $40 million. #ReasonsWhyShesAList

14. Many Faced Girl

Johansson has always been the face for many brands: Calvin Klein, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Mango, Dolce & Gabbana, Moët & Chandon, even Sodastream.

15. She’s Gaga For Nolan

She said of working with Christopher Nolan on “The Prestige,” “I loved working with [him]. He’s incredibly focused and driven and involved, and really involved in the performance in every aspect. He is incredible to watch.” Well, we are pretty much sure he thinks the same of this entrancing lady! Kudos, ScarJo– oops!–Scarlett.

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10 GIFs To Remind You Why Scarlett Johansson Is Still The Best

#1 Dreams Really Do Come True!

YES . . . Nothing is dreamier than Scarlett Johansson swimming!

#2 Good Morning!

This really is someone’s lucky dream come true. Who? Romain Dauriac.

#3 New Dance Moves

We have to say, this move has one-up on twerking. Sorry Miley…

#4 Scarlett Fights With Her Bedding

“Bedding” LOVES Scarlett. . . she just doesn’t know it.

#5 Oh No. . . Sorry Scarlett!

Sorry. . . Don’t know how that cam got there. . . and then here? We’re confused..

#6 Scarlett Crawling

Why is Scarlett on her hands and knees? Not saying that, “that’s” bad. . . Must be a good reason?

#7 Fashion Savvy

We love a gal who coordinates their lingerie color with their outfit. Thanks Scarlett for sharing!

#8 Wrestling With Scarlett

Girl fights are usually not this exciting. . . Go Scarlett!

#9 Only In The Dark

Things happen in the dark when we can’t see well, BUT with Scarlett. . . we can imagine!

#10 Yes. . What?

Oh no! Too bad we really can’t HEAR what she’s saying!

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20 Of The Most Shocking Celebrity Suicides

These celebrities were taken from us at very young of an age. May they rest in peace! While few celebrity suicide stories are pretty well known and even publicized, you will be very much amazed how many other celebrity suicide shockers have been swept just under the carpet by the media and that too intentionally. Here is our heartbreaking list. The final 3 will come as jaw dropping surprises.


There have not been that many famous comedians in times past as beloved as Robin Williams actually was. He was perhaps the most well known person for his remarkably accurate impressions and even roles in films like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Dead Poets Society”. Sadly, he just hung himself in the year 2014 after years of suffering from dementia as well as depression and also recently being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.


After dealing with the tragic after-effects of her boyfriend and also father of her child killing himself on their porch, Mindy McCready just shot and killed herself sometime later on the same porch in her Heber Springs, Arkansas home. She was actually a very popular country singer and she died in the year 2013, leaving her children behind.


Kurt Cobain was beyond all doubt clearly a troubled man, but it was still a shock when he just shot himself in the year 1994. He was most famous for being the frontman of the rock band Nirvana, but it was also widely known that he suffered from bouts of depression and even severe drug addiction. He left a detox center just before he committed suicide.


Perhaps you can eaily recognize Jonathan Brandis from his days on Neverending Story II or seaQuest DSV. Although still a very young man at the age of 27 and his whole life ahead of him, Brandis hung himself in the year 2003. His friends had found him, and while still alive at the time, he died of his injuries the very next day at the hospital.


Alexander McQueen was pretty well known all over the world as a superb British fashion designer, but apparently, losing his mother to the dangerous disease named cancer was more than he could handle. Nine days after his mother’s death, he took a cocktail of drugs including cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers before hanging himself with one of his favorite belts.


Remember the quite adorable Barone twins from “Everybody Loves Raymond”? Sadly, one of the brothers, named Sawyer Sweeten, had shot himself right in the head in the year 2015 when he was just 19 years old. It has been reported that the main motivations were likely lingering money problems, bullying due to gay rumours, and also career struggles.


Lucy Gordon was a famous British model and actress with several acting credits to her name in many films like “Spiderman 3” and “Serendipity”. Sadly, she was actually found hanging in her apartment in Paris by her own flat mate by the name of Jerome Almeras. She died in the 2009 at the meager age of 28 years, and she left behind a pair of suicide notes which had details that her wishes were regarding the affairs of her estate.


America’s sweetheart and even world famous actress, Marilyn Monroe seemed to have a perfect life on the surface. Her films were very muich popular and they had grossed more than over $200 million dollars by the time she died in the year 1962. At only 36 years old, she was found dead by apparent overdose of barbiturates.


Jovan Belcher was actually a Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, but his suicide in the yaer 2012 was perhaps one of the most devastating incidents in recent memory. Before shooting and subsequwently killing himself in front of his coach and general manager at the Chiefs practice facility, he even killed his girlfriend Kassandra Perkins in front of his mother. These tragic events left Belcher’s three-month old daughter without parents.


Most famous for his role as Kip “Half-Sack” Epps on popular television show “Sons of Anarchy,” Johnny Lewis apparently suffered from the after effects of repeated head trauma. His family even claims this led to his murder of his 81 years old landlord and her cat before he climbed to the top of the home he was actually renting and finally fell to his death in the year 2012. He was just 26 years old at that time when he died.


Gia Allemand is possibly most recognized from her stint on the famous dating show “The Bachelor,” but she even acted and modeled for Maxim. She had attempted to hang herself in the year 2013 but had failed to kill herself completely. She was then rushed to the hospital where she was later declared brain dead. The plug was pulled two days later and she then died at only 29 years old.


Ken Griffey Jr. is perhaps one of the greatest baseball players of all time. However, he nearly took his own life in the year of 1988. He was actually facing a growing number of criticisms from a huge number of fans and constantly arguing with his father during the time of his suicide attempt. Griffey Jr. took more than over 200 Aspirin pills but finally managed to survive the suicide attempt.


Remember Kimberly Drummond on “Diff’rent Strokes”? That popular character was played by Dana Plato, but apparently, life after the show was not as easy for Plato as it was for Drummond on the particular show. She intentionally overdosed on painkillers such as Lortrab and muscle relaxant Soma in the year 1999 and subsequently died at the early age of 34 years.


Ernest Hemingway is arguably one of the greatest American novelists of all times. In spite of success as a novelist, journalist, and also a short story writer, he used his favorite shotgun to shoot himself right in the head. Mary, his wife, initially claimed he shot himself accidentally during a regular gun cleaning session. Five years after his death, his wife finally admitted that he took his own life on purpose. He had been suffering from severe depression and even alcoholism for a very long time and had previously spent almost three months at a hospital following a miserably failed suicide attempt.


Misty Upham’s death was a mystery at the beginning. She initially went completely missing in October of 2014, and a few weeks later she was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. While the cause of death is still uncertain, her family suspect that her past mental health problems possibly led to her committing suicide. She was most well known for her acting in the famous film “Frozen River” in the year 2008. She had died when she was only 32 years old.


English writer Virginia Woolf chose a peculiar way to take her own life in the year 1941. Woolf had drowned herself with large stones which she placed in her overcoat pockets to weigh down her body. It took three weeks for investigators to find her body. She left behind a suicide note that claimed she was hearing voices in her head, a condition she had battled with for much of her life.


Fans of WWE wrestling likely recognize Chris Benoit from his days as a wonderful wrestler, and it is thought that repetitive brain damage from his wrestling led him to the horrible atrocities that he had he committed. Before hanging himself in the year 2007, he first strangled his wife Nancy and their 7 year old son Daniel. Chris was just 40 years old when he died.


Professional wrestler Michael “Mike Awesome” Alfonso had chosen suicide by just hanging in February 2007. The WWE wrestler’s nearly lifeless body was discovered by a group of his own friends. His death came just a short time after he was released from prison after being engaging in a heated fight with his wife. During that altercation, he had grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against a wall. It has been speculated that his criminal charges and the likely loss of his family were very much responsible for his decision to take his own life.


widely considered being one of the NFL’s greatest linebackers of all time, Junior Seau also was a ten time All Pro and twelve-time Pro Bowl Selection. Sadly, his success did not save him from shooting himself right in the chest while at his home in Oceanside, California. He was just 43 years old when he died.


The longtime girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger and relatively successful fashion designer L’Wren Scott found a very sad yet unique way to kill herself. She just hung herself with a scarf in the year 2014 and died at the age of just 49 years. It was later revealed that she had struggled with bouts depression for years leading up to her suicide.

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The 10 Hottest Miss Universe Ever

Whole of the world eagerly awaits for the annual miss universe beauty pageant every year. Though many closely follow it, what is unknown to many is the fact that in started in California’s Long Beach way back in 1952. The most prestigious beauty pageant miss universe was initially held as a local ‘bathing beauty’ competition for only swimwear but years later evolved into a top class beauty pageant with contestants from countries all over the world. We all have our favourite miss universe winners, but all are really hot and it’s thus very difficult to make a list of the hottest. But still, we’ve taken the effort and created a list of the hottest Miss universe winners of all times. So, read on and envy them for their beauty!

10. Angela Visser – Miss Universe 1989:

Angela Visser is the first beauty from the Netherlands to win the Miss Universe beauty pageant. After winning the prestigious title, she turned to television series and films, in hopes of becoming an established actress.

9. Natalie Glebova – Miss Universe 2005:

Though Natalie Glebova is not the first Canadian beauty to win the Miss universe pageant, she is considered to be the finest one by many. After winning the title in 2005, she became the face of not one but many beauty products and marked her presence at various fashion shows. She also later on became a dancer, a TV host and an author. Isn’t she an overachiever?

8. Wendy Fitzwilliam – Miss Universe 1998:

Wendy Fitzwilliam is famous as one of the tallest beauties to win the title. The 6 feet tall model won in 1998 and made her country Trinidad & Tobago proud. She is now considered to be an author and she also created Caribbean’s Next Top Model.

7. Jennifer Hawkins – Miss Universe 2004:

The 2004 Aussie winner is one of the most famous winners of all times. She hosts Australia’s Next Top Model and she is also the CEO of various clothing lines and beauty products.

6. Shawn Weatherly – Miss Universe 1980:

Most of the people in their late twenties would recognize Shawn Weather as Jill in the popular series Baywatch but her acting career actually started because of her win in 1980. Do keep your guard up, Jilly!

5. Amelia Vega – Miss Universe 2003:

We’ve seen the enormously beautiful miss universe winner Amelia Vega in many CoverGirl ads. This Dominican beauty, having a great height of 6 feet 1 inch, defeated Wendy to become the tallest woman to win the prestigious beauty pageant. Amelia Vega has established herself as a successful model after her win.

4. Armi Kuusela – Miss Universe 1952:

Armi is the first winner ever of the revered beauty pageant. She made her country Finland proud by being the first woman to win miss universe. Although many would think that she must have been a successful model or a famous actress, she wanted something else from her life and got married and chose to be a good mother.

3. Lara Dutta – Miss Universe 2000:

Lara Dutta made India proud by winning the prestigious title back in 2000 and became a successful A- list Bollywood actress and received critical acclimating for her performances. She also won the Filmfare best female debut award for her mind blowing performance in the film Andaaz.

2. Olivia Culpo – Miss Universe 2012:

This timeless beauty from Rhode Island, USA won the title in 2012. She dated a Jonas brother.

1 Mona Grudt – Miss Universe 1990:

Extremely beautiful Mona Grudt won the title in 1990. She became one of the prettiest women ever to appear in a beauty pageant. Owing to her killer looks, she was named ‘the beauty queen from hell’. She is the one and only beauty from Norway who was crowned miss universe.

Though miss universe is recognized for its beauty queens all over the world, it also promotes social causes with one of its rounds called ‘beauty with a purpose’ where each contestant fights for a social cause in her own country and it has been able to uplift the position of women in society with its 60 year long run.

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Secret Celebrity Members of the Illuminati

The Illuminati is actually a secret society that was founded way back in the year 1776 that is bent on world domination. The Illuminati has cast a very wide net and actually infiltrated the world’s banking, entertainment, political, and academic sectors. Their members actually consist of the world’s most powerful and also influential people. Upon joining, the members are sworn to secrecy and rarely acknowledge the organization’s existence.
Our crack team of investigators has actually risked their lives and limbs to bring you these shocking revelations in reality. In the following pages, we will actually reveal some the Illuminati’s most powerful members. Here there are as follows:

10. Barack Obama

Former president Obama is also a very high-ranking member of the Illuminati and his subversive plans for America actually fall into a larger scheme to augment the secret society’s power.

9. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres actually hates gay people, more specifically, gay men. While a prominent lesbian herself, she just considers male homosexuality to be an abomination and hence she uses her wealth and entertainment industry influence to undermine the male gay marriage movement. Ellen actively set out to join the Illuminati to actually gain a very powerful ally for her ambitions.
In exchange for her services, mostly in the form of subliminal propaganda campaigns, the Illuminati is actively working to fulfill Ellen’s ultimate goal which is: a take-over of Australia, followed by a banishment of all male homosexuals therein, turning the country into the world’s first lesbian colony, and establishing her as Queen of the Lesbians in reality.

8. Jay-Z

Jay Z was actually a member of the Illuminati’s “Department of Urban Sabotage,” his duties actually included selling drugs (mostly crack) to the inner city youths in an attempt to undermine urban development. His talents for rapping and business were very quickly noticed by the leadership and they went on to finance his entertainment career properly.
He has now risen to become the head of the Illuminati’s entertainment arm, where it is his duty to influence a hell lot of young people in whatever matter he is ordered to by the elusive society’s leadership.

7. Adam Levine

How as can you explain the success of such a talentless hack? The Illuminati has actually backed his “band,” Maroon 5, with their money as well as influence and forced his whiny, crappy music down our collective throats. Much like the Gods they think they are the reality the Illuminati works in mysterious ways. The investigative team actually managed to uncover documents that prove their backing of Adam Levine, but we have not been actually able to find out what evil purpose is behind the operation.
Know this, Adam Levine is an Illuminati agent and he has actually managed to infiltrate pop-culture. We must be watchful of his douchebaggery.

6. June Shannon

The Illuminati actually recruits the world best and brightest minds. So it is no surprise that we found irrefutable evidence that June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo’s mother, is actually a high ranking member and part of the so-called Council of Strategic Planning that weaves the complicated webs behind the clandestine organization’s plans.
Honey Boo Boo’s mom actually deals in high-level cloak-and-dagger operations that reach the highest levels of the American, Jamaican, and Swedish governments. Her cunning mind and also the lack of scruples make her the perfect agent for this type of grand scheming.

5. Snooki

5. Snooki
The Illuminati also deals in large-scale honeypot operations. It recruits some of the world’s most beautiful as well sophisticated women to actually seduce the world’s most influential men in order influence or later blackmail their decision making.
Look no further than Snooki, of Jersey Shore fame. we uncovered documents stating that she was recruited to lure and seduce several men like the secretary-general of the United Nations; Ban Ki-moon, as well as Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs and Tyler Perry. All of these powerful men have actually succumbed to her classy allure and subsequently become pawns for the secret society.

4. Paula Deen

In keeping with their tradition of actually deploying the world’s greatest mind to further realize their ambitions, master chef, Paula Deen, was just brought into the fold in an ingenious plan to poison the poor.
She meticulously promotes and even sells unhealthy food to lower income Americans in an operation meant to “thin the heard.” Paula Deen’s food products, sold in the supermarkets across the United States, are secretly laced with crack as well.

3. Iggy Azalea

We are actually not sure who this is. Her name has appeared numerous times in many of the secret documents we managed to acquire. Using an internet tool that is commonly known as “Google,” we managed to find this photograph of her. She should be considered EXTREMELY dangerous to all.

2. Tom, From MySpace

MySpace was an Illuminati tool that was meant to keep tabs on the entire world. It was the brain-child of a shadowy figure known only as, Tom.
An inside informant, with great risk to his own life, recounted that Tom from MySpace, and June Shannon (the mother of Honey Boo Boo) concocted the brilliant plan to gain access to everyone’s personal and financial information via a massive social networking site.
Our informant later dropped this actual bombshell: Tom is Honey Boo Boo’s real father. When Mama June became pregnant, Tom wanted out of the Illuminati because he did not want his child involved in their dangerous, high-stakes game of world domination. This, in turn, led to his rebelling against the organization and sabotaging MySpace from within, leading to the websites sudden downfall.
Tom was never actually heard from again, and to this day, he remains a hero to those who struggle against the Illuminati.

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has always been trying to join the Illuminati for years, but they have consistently rebuffed him. The pop-singer has actually gone so far as to get an Illuminati tattoo in hopes of impressing the leadership. So far, we have gathered that the Illuminati at least in this instance, agree with the rest of the world; they just hate Mr. Bieber.
We have saved the most dangerous piece of evidence for last; the only known picture of the Illuminati’s leader. The brave reporter who had obtained the picture was killed in the process. His name was Barry McCociner. His heroism will forever be remembered, his memory will always live on, and we will expose the Illuminati in your honor. We always miss you, Barry.

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Scandalous Photos of Tiffany Trump Going WILD

Well, here are some of the shocking photos that have actually spread like wildfire all over the internet. These are none other than Tiffany Trump’s. Just go ahead and have a close look.

#1 The Forgotten Trump

Tiffany Trump appears to be the forgotten daughter of Donald Trump. We are really not sure about the actual reason, but she has the looks to be someone he would ACTUALLY be interested in. Here are some pictures of her looking hot on Instagram.

#2 Hamptom Living

She was just drinking Dom P in the Hamptons, so it is clear to say that her life is a way lot better than ours can ever be!

#3 July 4th

For America’s Birthday, Tiffany just showed off a lot of skin poolside.

#4 Shinin’

Here she is actually celebrating the new year looking like she just popped out of a real music video for Madonna.

#5 Dress Up

Here is Tiffany at a Great Gatsby-theme party.

#6 Sun Tan

Dressed in pure white, she had to get some color for her beach and even pool trips.

#7 Living Comfortable

Nothing is actually like just hanging out on your father’s dime in the middle of a pool with such floaty-animals.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter Makes A SHOCKING Announcement About His Wife…

#1 Remember Dog The Bounty Hunter?

You may remember Dog The Bounty Hunter’s television show was cancelled in 2012 after being on for 8 years. Many thought the hit television show was axed after Dog was caught using the N-word repeatedly to describe his son Tucker’s girlfriend. But that’s not the reason the show was cancelled…

#2 Under Attack!

His wife Beth has revealed the show was cancelled because the cash bail bonds industry is under attack. Because of the turmoil the industry is going through, Beth has announced that she’s running to be the next president of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS)

#3 Reform Movements

“Our industry is under attack,” Beth explained. “There are bail reform movements springing up across the country that would end the cash bail systems. This would be a disaster.” She and her family earn their living through bounties and bail bonds, so they would be in major financial trouble if the industry were to go under.

#4 Fighting For Their Careers

Beth says she’s going to fight and prevent the bail reform movement from implementing new laws where the cash bail bonds system is tossed out. California’s bail bonds system was recently declared unconstitutional, yet the PBUS has not challenged the legal system in the courts. We hope Beth and her family win the presidency so they can save thousands of bail bonds businesses from being shut down!



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Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister Looks Totally Different Now

#7 So Young

Miley Cyrus was only 14 when she began the show Hannah Montana. Her sister was just 6.

#6 Big Sis, Little Sis

The two were inseparable and the media found it adorable.

#5 Versatile

Her little sister’s name is Noah and she has had a few appearances on other shows.

#4 Sibling Love DiscoverNoah

Little siblings have to stick together, which is why she’s good friends with the Jonas Brothers’ little brother, Frankie.

#3 Big Girl

And now, this is what she looks like! She’s growing to look just like her big sister.

#2 Twinsies

Here is her right next to Miley. It’s like the two are twins!

#1 All Grown Up

It seems as though she bypassed all the awkward teenage years and has already jumped into a young adult. We’re not mad at her!

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80-Year-Old Grandpa Is Taking The Internet By Storm For All Right Reasons

Someone rightfully said that life is simply too short to do all the things you desire to. There is no decided age to start something new like a new career and do something extraordinary, apart from the same run of the mill stuff. You don’t believe in this? Read about this man, he is a shining example the fact that age is no bar to fulfill your aspirations.

The handsome grandpa, 80 years in age, has a novel game plan. He is the kind of person who’s a fitness enthusiast and loves to stay fit and always keeps challenging himself by trying very new things. With his killer runway swagger, he is breaking all the stereotypes. Have a look at the cool pictures of one of the hottest grandpa alive.

1. Meet Wang Deshun, an actor and a model who is China’s hottest grandpa.

2. This actor and artist is 80 years old and first appeared on the podium as a model and killed it and absolutely nailed it.

He made his smashing debut from the China Fashion Week.

3. Wang has, in his life, tried all the new as well as adventurous things. He walked the runway as a model last year for the very first time.

Since then, his fit physique at an elderly age has become a national sensation.

4. His charisma and fit body have helped him get in the limelight in no time. He became a sensation overnight.

He literally made the way to the audiences’ hearts with his perfect catwalk.

5. His unbeatable style, body and energy was actually slaying the ramp.

He even went on to model for different brands on print.

6. He can be rightfully called the oldest model with a perfect physique. He spends a lot of his time on workout and exercise.

Wang says and believes that nature defines our ages but it is we who decide our state of mind.

7. He is a shining example of the fact that age has really nothing to do with fierceness. Unlike other retired 60 year olds, this 80 year old man his embraced his old age and is trying out new things.

He doesn’t seem to slow down. He just wants to keep on going.

8. He not only enjoyed but also played the DJ at his 80th birthday celebrations. Isn’t he damn cool? Who wouldn’t want a grandpa like that!

9. His beloved daughter QQ is a respected fashionista too. This father- daughter duo is totally rocking the fashion industry.

She is a well- known and award- winning DJ in China.

10. You think you’ve seen him somewhere? You’re actually right

He played The Jade Emperor in The Forbidden Kingdom, a well known Chinese movie.
This grandpa is really giving tough competition to young models, snatching away all their fans and all their big ticked brand endorsement deals. Stay tuned for more such news and do share this with your friends and post your comments below.


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11 Scary Things That Might Happen Because Donald Trump Is The President Now

Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States Of America yesterday and took the pledge to serve the nation. And if you have been watching the news, you know how negatively people have reacted to his victory. We actually feel sorry for the citizens of the nation!

This is probably one of the worst things to happen in the history of the USA. The only way you can be happy if if you are a Trumpite.

Lets take a look at the top 11 scary things that might come true, after Donald Trump has replaced Obama as the President of the USA.


1. He might just opt for an all lady stuff

We all know how Trump actually is, and I am sure that plenty of ladies will be appointed in the White House under his presidency.

2. FLOTUS will be posting pictures in lots of sultry dresses.

FLOTUS, Melanie Trump is gorgeous no doubt, but she isn’t like Michelle Obama. Hence, I am sure you will find her posting pictures often in sexy dresses from the White House.

3. White House will undergo a lot of changes.

Do you remember Donald tweeted and tagged Luke Brinker stating how the White House’s appearance will change after his victory? So now that he is the president, I am sure he will put that plan to action.

4. His dream house

The White House might be filled with casinos, bars and of course lots of girls.

5. Donald Trump might become the cover boy for maybe GQ, DNA, and Attitude.

I mean anyone who knows Donald a little bit would have thought of this. This time, it won’t be Melanie trump under the covers flaunting her skin, it will be the President himself!

6. There will be plenty of bikini wall selfies.

Walls won’t be painted with regular paint, instead, there will be images of girls in bikinis in machine guns in their hands all around. Yes, you will be allowed to take selfies too.

7. I can assure you that there will be exclusive parties for Trump often.

And as you can expect, these parties will have a lot of stripping and you will find lots of ladies in seductive dresses all around.

8. You will find girls dying for Trump from all over the country.

These babes will probably be called Trumpites. And once you have become one, there is no escaping from it.

9. How education under his rule will be like

If you are a girl studying under Trump’s rule, I am sure that you will be provided excellent classes on how you can grow up to become a successful popular Trumpite.

10. Iran bombed?

Trump has already said that he wants to ends the problems arising from Iran and primarily ISIS, the terrorist organisation. I am sure that he is going to do something serious about Iran, and might even bomb the country.

11. Is this finally the end of the world?

Really, I would like an answer to that. Hopefully, you have got a good laugh out of this article, but please remember some of these might actually come true.

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