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Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister Looks Totally Different Now

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#7 So Young

Miley Cyrus was only 14 when she began the show Hannah Montana. Her sister was just 6.

#6 Big Sis, Little Sis

The two were inseparable and the media found it adorable.

#5 Versatile

Her little sister’s name is Noah and she has had a few appearances on other shows.

#4 Sibling Love DiscoverNoah

Little siblings have to stick together, which is why she’s good friends with the Jonas Brothers’ little brother, Frankie.

#3 Big Girl

And now, this is what she looks like! She’s growing to look just like her big sister.

#2 Twinsies

Here is her right next to Miley. It’s like the two are twins!

#1 All Grown Up

It seems as though she bypassed all the awkward teenage years and has already jumped into a young adult. We’re not mad at her!

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