Celebs Who Married Men They Thought Were Straight

1. Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel, popular as Topanga, was a popular name in 1990s due to the sitcom “Boy Meets World” where she played the main role along with Ben Savage. The two went on to continue their roles in “Girl Meets World”. Danielle dated Lance Bass from N’Sync for over a year, and there were even rumours that they married. However, she was completely shocked when Bass declared that he wasn’t straight. This happened 6 years after they were together. They are still friends though.

2. Liza Minnelli

Liza married gay men not just once, but twice. In fact, her mother, Judy Garland, a famous actress of her times, also married a gay man. She married musician Peter Allen in 1967 and got divorced in 1974. Later, Allen declared that he was gay. She married David Gest later, a producer of US television shows. They got divorced soon. According to Gest, Liza’s abusive nature caused the divorce, but there have been rumours that Gest is actually not straight.

3. Berry Berenson

A famous actress, Berry married famous actor, Anthony Perkins. They were married for several years, although there were quite a few rumours that her husband was gay and even had relationships with other men. While her husband died due to AIDS, Berry died in the 9/11 accident when she was in the plane which was crashed.

4. Carol Channing

The famous actress, Carol Channing was married to her manager, Charles Lowe for over 4 decades, even though there were quite a few rumours that Lowe wasn’t straight. However, they got divorced in 1998, probably due to numerous relationships Lowe had. She married Harry Kullijian in 2003.

5. Star Jones

She had an awesome wedding with Al Reynolds. They stayed together for 4 years, however things took a wrong turn when rumours surfaced about Reynolds being gay. Reynolds didn’t accept any such claims, however the fact that he didn’t even deny them made a lot of people suspicious. Finally, they got divorced. Little is known about Jones’ love life nowadays.

6. Rebecca de Alba

She never married Ricky Martin but were together for almost 14 years. A famous model from Mexico, she and Martin seemed to be the perfect couple. However, Martin announced in 2010 that he wasn’t straight which stunned Rebecca since she had no idea about this. Needless to say, she never contacted him ever again and even refused to work on any TV shows together with him.

7. Margaret Whiting

Famous Margaret Whiting was married to Jack Wrangler, who was an adult film star. In this case, people actually knew that he was gay yet he stayed together with Margaret till 2009 when he passed away. Whiting passed away 2 years later, in 2011. Some of her classic songs are “Its Cold Outside”, “Silver Bells”, “Baby” etc.

8. Fran Drescher

A brilliant actress, Fran married Peter Marc Jacobson, who created “The Nanny”, which was crucial in making Fran famous. They remained married from 1978 till 1999. After that, Jacobson officially announced that he was gay and their marriage ended. However, even after their divorce, they created a sitcom named “Happily Divorced”. They are still good friends.

9. Terry McMillan

The author of several best-sellers, she was married to Jonathan Plummer. Plummer was actually much younger than Terry. Plummer soon announced he was gay and Terry sued him for a massive $40 million, saying that he left her emotionally distressed. Their event on Oprah together turned out to be completely rubbish. They usually don’t reveal much about their lives nowadays.

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Celebrities’ Postmortem Photos With All Details

Hollywood has been always buzz with celebrity gossips and controversies. Who got divorced, who got married, who is dating whom – these seem to be the highlight of all celebrity gossip websites and newspapers.

But have you ever wondered what happens to them after they have passed away? Know disturbing and mysterious details regarding their death below.

1. Marilyn Monroe, died on 5th August, 1962.

A glamorous actress of the 20th century, Monroe died in 1962. One of the most beautiful women to have ever walked on Earth, her death was rather tragic. Post-mortem revealed that she died due to acute barbiturate poisoningfamous post mortem photos post mortem photography actual pictures

2. Paul Walker, died on 30th November, 2013

Paul Walker was famous for his role in the “Fast and Furious” movie series. He died in 2013, owing to a car accident. Investigations revealed that he was driving insanely fast and lost control of his car, crashing it into a pole in mortem pictures of stars

3. River Phoenix, died on 31st October, 1993.

A famous American Actor, River was also an activist, and musician. He was addicted to drugs and died due to excessive usage of heroin and of dead celebrities corpses

4. Anna Nicole Smith, died on 8th February, 2007.

Anna died in 2007; her dead body was found in a room in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Investigations took almost 7 weeks, which later revealed that she died due to drug stars autopsy photos

5. Princess Diana, died on 31st August, 1997.

The princess of Whales and a glamourous person, she died due to a severe car crash in 1997. She died even before reaching the hospital due to cardiac attacks.corpse photos famous people

6. Selena, died on 31st March, 1995.

She was an American singer who died a tragic death in 1995. Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her own fan club shot her.celebrity post mortem photos real celebrity post mortem photos

7. Whitney Houston, died on 11th February, 2012.

The woman who sang the famous song “Greatest Love of All”, Whitney Houston died in 2012 in a bathtub of her hotel room. Post-mortem later revealed that there were lots of drugs such as cocaine,marijuana, Benadryl her system, which probably caused her death. famous people post mortem photos

8. Kurt Cobain, died on 5th April, 1994.

Kurt Cobain, a famous singer who founded the Nirvana, died in 1994 by shooting himself with a gun. Post-mortem later revealed that he was addicted to heroin. famous dead bodies on display


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Celebrities Who Hate Each Other

fights are terrible, however when they open up to the world, the scene gets awful. What’s more, fights are not an uncommon in the excitement world. Talks, battles and sentiment ought to stay away from public scrutiny, however shockingly VIPs have a public label even on their own lives. There is nothing they can stow away. Along these lines, let us check the most infamous celebrity fights

These battles have gone really insane!

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Amanda Bynes versus Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay tweeted about Amanda and she hates her after that

LeAnn Rimes versus Brandi Glanville

Reason-The Guy. LeAnn stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi.

Christina Aguilera versus Kelly Osbourne

The pop artists hate one another since when one began to get in shape other started to gain weight. Previous being Kelly and later being Christina. Kelly remarked,” perhaps she was destined to be fat!” And that was the begin of fight of the lifetime.

Justin Bieber versus Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s closest companion Orlando and Bieber had clear issues because of Miranda Kerr. Leo just upheld his companion.

Chelsea Handler versus Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is caring; she never said anything against Chelsea. Be that as it may, Chelsea went similarly as calling her a devil. Chelsea is likewise companions with Jennifer Anniston, possibly that is the reason she abhors Jolie to such an extent.

Brooke Shields versus Tom Cruise

Oh! they battle like constantly. Tom and Brooke had a truly harsh relationship.

Kim Kardashian versus Paris Hilton

They were closest companions once. Paris helped her climb the stepping stool of achievement when nobody knew Kim. However, now things are distinctive.

Nicki Minaj versus Mariah Carey

While they were being judges on American Idol, they battled on the demonstrate numerous times.

Orlando Bloom versus Justin Bieber

Reason-Miranda Kerr. The two additionally wound up trading blows in LA after a gathering.

Katy Perry versus Taylor Swift

They were likewise BFFs at one purpose of time. Be that as it may, when Taylor made a tune for Katy called “Ill will”. When she became more acquainted with about it, she said bunches of brutal words for Taylor.

Human Kenn Doll versus Human Barbie Doll.

Clearly, the Kenn Doll called Barbie a “dead mannequin”.

Bette Midler versus Ariana Grande

Started with Bette calling Ariana “senseless high voice” and derided over the way she performed. Ariana and her a great many fans were found napping with a remark like that. It finished when Bette apologized, calling herself an “old wh0re”.

Iggy Azalea versus Snoop Dogg

Started with when he called her “c-t” in an Instagram post, and has become from that point forward.

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#1 Britney Spears

The shocking collapse of Britt and her hair laid the makings for one of the greatest celeb comebacks of all time.

#2 Macaulay Culkin

We will always remember him as Kevin McCallister. Sweet, DARE enrollee Kevin McCallister.

#3 Amy Winehouse

Amy had a nearly life-long struggle with drugs and booze, and it eventually took her life tragically early.

#4 MJ

The King of Pop, though never confirmed to be on drugs, had his array of unique addictions that led to a complete overhaul of the look he was born with.

#5 Steven Tyler

He has admitted to spending unfathomable loads of money on the white lady, and his look has suffered dearly from the years of partying.

#6 Lindsay Lohan

The Parent Trap, and even Mean Girls for that matter, seem so, so long ago.

#7 Amanda Bynes

From the up and coming female comedy star to pariah in a matter of (presumably) drug riddled years.

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20 Shocking Celeb Body Transformations, There’s No Way #11 Did That..?

Rob Kardashian

Jennifer Lawrence

Renee Zellweger

Lana Del Rey

Zac Efron

Miley Cyrus

Justin Bieber

Chris Pratt

Nicole Donovan

Khloe Kardashian


Jared Leto

Jessica Simpson

Bradley Cooper

Taylor Swift


Ariana Grande

Kelly Osbourne

Pete Wentz

Liam Pane

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Awkward And Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets That Had To Be Deleted

Sometimes celebrities post dumb things on social media. These big names posted these humiliating tweets and after that immediately realized they committed a mistake. Shockingly for them, the harm had already been done.Check them out and share with your friends as well :)

Charlie posted a blistering tweet about Denise but deleted it later.

Rob Kardashian calls out Rita for cheating.

Jason received a big backlash when he made fun of the Malaysian flight disaster. And sooner deleted the tweets.

Hayley Williams accidentally posted this naked selfie on her Twitter account and deleted it instantly.

Rita Ora once posted this. Unfortunately, she gained less than 2,000 retweets and deleted the tweet next day. Later she posted “When it’s ready we will drop music!”

Mary had to delete her misspelled tweet right after posting.

Hulk posted his daughter’s tempting photo with the caption *Brooke’s legs*

Kim Kardashian’s tweets during the Israel-Hamas created huge anger among her fans.

Susan created a hashtag #susanalbumparty to promote her new album. But it fell in controversy as people marked it “Su’s Anal Bum Party”. Her team had to remove it later.

Russell Brand tweeted Katy Perry’s photo wishing her good luck for her performance. The post with her photo without makeup made Katy quite upset. Later Russell deleted the post.

Bow Wow posted his DUI and deleted it next day as he felt embarrassed about it.

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These celebs are our favorites, sad but they all had a terrible end. Here is the list of 15 celebs who were MURDERED!

Sharon Tate

Sharon Marie Tate was an American actress and model in 1960s. She was stabbed 16 times murdered by Charles Manson’s followers on Aug 09, 1969

Rebecca Schaeffer

Popular American model and television and film actress, Schaeffer began her career as a teen model before moving on to acting. She started her modeling career at the age of 16, going off to New York on her own to begin her career. She was shot in the chest by obsessed fan on July 18, 1989

Dorothy Stratten – Paul Snider raped and murdered her

Canadian Playboy Playmate, model, and actress was raped and murdered by Paul Snider

Marvin Gaye- shot twice by father

American singer, songwriter, and musician Marvin Gaye was shot by his father on April 1, 1984

Phil Hartman

Canadian-American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic artist was murdered by wife Brynn Omdahl in 1987

Lana Clarkson

American actress and fashion model was murdered by well-known music producer Phil Spector

John Lennon

English singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a co-founder of the band the Beatles was shot four times in the back by Mark David Chapman


Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was murdered by the former president of her fan club on March 31, 1995

Dominique Dunne

American actress Dominique Dunne was killed by ex-boyfriend John Sweeney.

sam Cooke

He was attacked the hotel’s manager, Bertha Franklin, who shot Cooke in the torso in self-defense.

Tupac Shakur shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting.

American rapper, songwriter, and actor was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting.

John A. Brown and Marvin Douglas Brown.

David Akeman shot them on Nov. 11, 1973

Natalie wood drowning and other undetermined factors.

American television and film actress knew for her roles in Miracle on 34th Street, Splendor in the Grass, and West Side Story, Rebel Without a Cause. Her death has been mysterious since the moment her body was found floating in the Pacific.

Carl Switzer – shot in groin

American actor, professional dog breeder and hunting guide. He began his career as a child actor in the mid-1930s. He was murdered on January 21, 1959

Gianni Versace

Italian fashion designer and founder of Versace, an international fashion house, Gianni Versace, was murdered on the steps of his South Beach home in July 1997 by Andrew Cunanan.

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Celebrities As Average Americans

Brad and Angelina

New York artist Danny Evans utilizes photoshop to make celebs look like ordinary people and Bradgelina don’t look so hot here . . . well really its simply Brad, he looks a touch like a destitute junky. Angelina Jolie really shakes that huge hair and puffy dress, she could have effortlessly made a hot ’80s midwestern angelface.

Kim and Kanye

Here we see what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may look like if their builds were a smaller closer to that of normal Americans. It would appear that the ordinary form of Yeezus was looking for garments at Sears and chose to get a spontaneous representation done in their photograph studio.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z doesn’t look excessively not quite the same as typical here, beside the geeky bookkeeper suit. Bey took all the more a hit in this picture, with that wide body and repulsive hair style.


This looks sort of like a blend in the middle of Rihanna and ’80s Oprah. In spite of the unflattering dish cut and gold matching suit, Rihanna’s face is still verifiably lovely.

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