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Celebrities With Secret Missing Body Parts

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You may obviously think bat certain times that every celebrity is damn flawless. Don’t you? Well, you should think twice. These celebrity people are missing toes, fingers, and other body parts as well that you may never have known about. Take a very close look and also keep your fingers away from really sharp objects. Source[adinserter block=”16″]

2. Ronnie Lott – He already had part of his pinky amputated long back after the 1985 season.

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3. Rashad Johnson – This Cardinals player has already lost part of his finger in the middle of a freaking NFL game. Can you believe that?

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4.Jose Canseco – He accidentally shot off one of his own fingers. Doesn’t it sound so disgusting?

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5. Gerald Green – He is actually an NBA player who has been dunking with only nine fingers.

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6. Daryl Hannah – She is actually missing a part of her left index finger

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7. Rahm Emmanuel – He has lost almost half of his middle finger.

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8. Christian Bale – He said he is actually missing a part of an index finger. All thanks to a freaking bike accident he had faced once.

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9. Matthew Perry – He has been missing a part of his middle finger and this has been for a while.

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10. Jerry Garcia – This famous rocker too has lost an entire finger.

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11. Buster Keaton – He lost the tip of his index finger only at the very early age two.

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12. Arnold Schwarzenegger – He was alleged to have lost a testis and that too because of excessive usage of steroid. Is is so damn unbelievable!

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