This Man From Alaska Feeds A Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles Every Day. This Is Fascinating When You Move Camera To The Left!

Bald eagles are a rare species, but spotting in the wild is definitely rare. Read on to know what this man from Alaska is doing everyday, I am sure its going to blow your mind! 1. Bald Eagles I am sure you have seen bald eagles before. But how many have you seen together in […]

Woman Charged After Leaving Her Dog With A 46 Pound Tumour Alone

  In May, Sherri Haughton, a person living in California, took a Golden Retriever to a local animal shelter, saying that the dog was found alone on a beach in Newport California. Valerie Schomburg, the animal control officer and the staff at the Newport Beach Animal Shelter quickly understood that there was a 46-pound tumor […]

This Horse Is Arguably Most Beautiful Horse In The World!

Everyone is aware of the fact that the planet Earth is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, and the biodiversity is mindblowing. You are bound to notice new features as if you keep on looking more closely at these awesome creatures. One such example is horses. When we think about a horse, […]

24 Animals That Are Deadliest To Have Around

Who do you think is the deadliest creature in the world? You are probably thinking of lions, tigers, crocodiles, maybe even snakes. There is no doubt that these are ferocious animals and can easily kill you if they want to. But sometimes size isn’t all that matters. Some creatures can cause diseases which can prove […]

An Orca Dolphin Got Stuck On Sharp Rocks And Was Crying Until A Group Of Men Did This

Humans are perhaps the most intuitive thinking species on this planet earth. Whenever they just face a problem, they often try to tackle it in the best way they seem possible. And not only that, they often help others in the time of need because that is what people are about. They do care. As […]

Meet Titus, a Pitbull so rare that he’s the only one of his breed in the world…

Today is the lucky day for all the dog lovers, as they get the opportunity to meet a dog which happens to be one of the rarest dogs in the whole world. When you first look at him, you might think that he’s a cheetah, but he actually is not… He is, as a matter […]

Rescuers Were Trying To Save This Horse… But Watch Who Comes Up From Behind Her!

#1 A Trapped Horse The city police of Dagua, Colombia received a call that a horse had fallen into a sand grinder… #2 Sand grinder They arrived on the scene immediately, as a sand grinder is the tool used to crush rocks – so imagine what it would do to a horse. [adinserter block=”16″] #3 […]

Trashman Fired After Throwing Injured Dog Into Back of Garbage Truck

#1 Garbage collector, Jadson James Franca accidentally drove onto the curb and hit a dog. He was working in Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil at the time, and he was accompanied by several other coworkers. #2 The dog suffered two broken legs when the garbage truck slammed into him. Rather than taking the dog to an animal […]

Cat Owner Shows The Aftermath Of An Accidental Attack On His Arm And It’s Brutal

We believe that cats are really timid and milquetoast, and dogs are the ones bullying them. This is because of the images of cats portrayed in cartoons. Especially the term “scaredy  cat” indicated how cowardly and frightened cats are. But all the cat owners know that this is not at all true. This fictional image […]

Vegan Give His Dog A MeatLess Diet, Gets Absolutely Thrashed On Tumblr

Before starting with the article, I should tell you guys that I am not against vegans. People do make fun of them often, but not because of their diet, but due to the reason they think others are evil for eating meat, and that they are the best people. If you are a vegan and […]

Veterinarian’s License Suspended After Bragging About Killing Neighbor’s Cat With Bow And Arrow

Usually, by veterinarians, we think someone who can treat animals and love them as if they are his or her own pets. That is after all their job. Can you even imagine someone thinking of killing a feral cat with a bow and arrow? 1. Here is a vet who did exactly. Her name is […]

Pregnant Dog Totally Slays Maternity Photo Shoot

These days, it is a very common practice for pregnant ladies to get a photo shoot done of themselves. But this dog has given this trend a canine twist. Kennedy Sorensen’s beloved dog, Chanel, a golden retriever, is due and will give birth to cute puppies anytime before October 12. To commemorate this joyous occasion, […]

Circus Lion Lived in a Rusty Pickup Truck for 20 Years. Now Watch When He’s FINALLY Freed!

#1. Circus stint over This, a mountain lion who worked in a Peruvian circus for 20 long years, is Mufasa. His life was limited to the back of a rusty, old pickup truck, always tied in chains and the circus performances. Nothing else. #2. Freed after a long wait Animal Defenders International, an animal rights […]

Some Rare Dog Breeds that You Didn’t Know Existed

1, Bedlington Terrier This lamb-like pup is a highly active dog that needs lots of exercises to be kept happy but who wouldn’t want to play with this adorable piece of fluff? Source 2. Bergamasco if you take one look at the Bergamasco, it should be pretty obvious what the distinguishing feature of this breed […]

Mom Leaves Newborn On Couch And Turns Away, Then Hears A Scream And Blood Everywhere

#1 Pitbull Pitbulls aren’t like the rest of the dogs. They can be very loving, but they can be murderers too. There’s even a National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Organization, so that gives us an idea. We’re not dealing with an ordinary dog. And in the case we are mentioning here, the most horrible thing […]