23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea You’d Be Home So Soon…

If you have a pet in your house, I am sure that you thought at some point of time when you are not at home, what your pet is doing.

Is your pet sleeping, or maybe its trying to open the fridge and eat whatever it can get? Or maybe it is feeling lonely? However, one thing that we often don’t think is that maybe they are just busy tearing up the house. Unless you have CCTV cameras installed, its literally impossible to know. However, maybe you can get home early and catch them red handed while they are busy performing their mischievous act!

And if you find that your pet now is showing guilt, that face is literally the cutest face ever! Take a look at these 23 guilty pets who were stunned when their owners came home early.

1. “Dinner’s on me, Mom.”

2. “I wasn’t grabbing your wallet. I swear.”

3. He’s not even sorry!

4. Looks like someone’s hungry!

5. Are these guys not getting fed?

6. “Come on in…the water’s perfect!”

8. “Ummmmm, it’s not what it looks like.”

9. She’s trying to tell you she needs to use the bathroom.

11. “It’s more comfortable this way!”

12. That looks cozy.

13. *Just act natural.*

14. He looks guilty…but the cat? Yeah, he looks dead.

15. You suuuuure you didn’t get into the lipstick?

16. No, see, it’s supposed to go on your lips…not your paws, silly!

17. “There’s definitely nothing dead buried here.”

18. “What? Stacey said she needs cupcakes for her bake sale!”

19. If you’re innocent, why are you hiding?

20. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

21. “You know how much I love sashimi, Mom!”

22. “I thought we could use a little green indoors!”

23. “Dad…DAD! Look what I did!”

24. In the end, though, it’s just so hard to stay mad at them!


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What These Lions Did When They Found A Scared Little Girl Is INSANE!

1. Girl Abducted

There are horrible things happening in this world at this very incident. Murders, rapes and forced marriages just touch the surface of the various crimes that are committed every day in this world. A similar thing happened to a little girl from Ethiopia, she was abducted and beaten ruthlessly. However, what is shocking is that a pack of lions, carnivores, actually saved that girl.

2. Lions

According to a police officer, the lions surrounded that girl to protect her, and once the police found her they left the scene and returned back into the forest without making any trouble whatsoever. In fact, there were 3 lions who possibly saved her life, when they attacked the people who were beating that girl. Once those men ran away, they stayed there to protect her from further injury and help her recover.

3. Crying

Later, it was found out that the cries of the girl were the primary reasons behind the lions helping her. Whenever lions hear cries, they think that it is coming from their own cubs and understand that someone is in danger and needs help. According to Mr. Williams, the lions probably thought that the mewing sound of the girl was similar to that of a lion cub. That is why they helped her, instead of eating her.

4. Arrested

Seven men were responsible for kidnapping the girl, and already four have been arrested. The police believe that they will be able to catch the other 3 men pretty soon. It is amazing to think that lions have done such an amazing job, and how different our mentalities are from these wild animals.


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Left To Die And Mummify In The World’s Worst Zoo: Once Majestic Animals Consisting Of Lions And Crocodiles Are Currently Just Disturbing ‘Figures’ After Caretakers Had To Cease Nurturing Them! (R18)

Many weird and bizarre things happen in this world. One of them being animals left to die and starve in a zoo to the extent that they are mummified where they died. In the onslaught of warfare, you would think people would try to save the animals, or people just don’t think about that. What do you do with zoo animals in that situation? This is something that happened in the Khan Younis Zoo on the Gaza Strip when it was attacked during the Israeli Strikes.

1. Starvation

During the time of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with many rocket attacks, many people actually died and the zoo keepers had to flee leaving the animals to die being locked up in their cages. Neglect and starvation were their fate.

2. Mohammed Awaida

Back in 2007, the South forest park was launched by Mohammed Awaida and he spent a lot of money on the zoo to keep it running and take care of the animals. But because of the constant conflict, he lost many animals during the strikes on Hamas.

3. The Zoo

On the coastal area of the Gaza Strip with about 1.7 million people reigned by Islamic Hamas Militants in which the region doesn’t have much in authority and supervision, Khan Younis Zoo is one of 5 zoos in that region.

4. Corpses

It has been quite a few years since the start of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, but if you visited the zoo you can still see the carcasses of monkeys, lions and tigers (among other animals) still lying around, skeletons and all.

5. Zoo Custom

The strange thing about this zoo is it is accustomed by the zoo to preserve the dead animals and they move them back to their original enclosures. Seems quite creepy, doesn’t it? With about 65 animals lost, all kinds of animals, soon the dead will outnumber the live animals.

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You Won’t Believe What This Girl Did To Save Dogs…Heartwarming!

This is one amazing story of the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. One of the owners of the dog sanctuary is Danielle Eden, a girl with the biggest heart and kindest soul you will ever meet. Any stray she finds, she rescues and takes back to the sanctuary. She even travels around the world to visit other animal shelters to bring the worst cases back home to her Sanctuary back in Ontario. This is her amazing story.

1. A visit to Israel

She had no idea what her trip to Israel would give her such a surprise. Every dog was in a seriously bad state which shocked her because she was not prepared for what she saw.

2. Lack of space

All the dogs there, about 250 of them were squeezed into tiny cages that were only meant to have enough room for 70 dogs. The place was terribly dirty, so badly that there were rats everywhere, running freely like they almost owned the place. The management was so bad that many of the dogs there have been dogs stuck in a tiny cage for a few years already.

3. Savagery

The dogs were so starving for food that anything thrown into their cages, such as bread (not that it’s much food) turns into a huge fight between the dogs on who gets to eat it.

4. Rats

Rats are rampant everywhere; there are more rats by quite a drastic number than there are dogs. Even dead rat corpses lie around everywhere.

5. Devastation

Once Eden took a look around at how horrible these places conditions were, and every dog is in complete misery. She was meant to decide which dogs she would take back to Canada.

6. A big decision

After what she saw, the only solution she could find to save each of the dogs in dire need of her help was to buy the entire shelter! After taking responsibility for each of the 250 dogs residing in the shelter, it has taken her two months to relocate 90 of the dogs around Israel, and she eventually managed to pick 25 of them to take home with her.

7. Her Goal

This fabulous persons’ dream is to relocate all the dogs to Ontario eventually, and so far it is looking good with more than half the dogs being adopted so far.

8. A lot of love

The dogs are now shown a lot of love and learning how to trust people again so that they can live happy lives with another family. If you want to contribute just visit the website to adopt a pet at Dog Tales’.

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This Cat And Baby Become Friends Even Before He Was Born

The internet is full of stories of animals of all shapes and sizes. But no matter the variety, cat stories or kitty YouTube videos always end up being the most popular. And then there is a story like this, no story will compare to Panda the Guardian Kitty. Read on if you feel like saying “Awwwww…”.

1. Meet Panda

Panda, the two-and-a-half-year-old cat who loves this new moms belly. Why? As you can see, it is Panda hugging a baby bump. When Panda came home with her owner, she instantly became very attached and ended up being the loving and protective kitty that she is.

2. Bonding

Panda instantly became attached to her new human, always cuddling and purring and just generally being happy. “She bonded with me instantly! She sleeps with me, cuddles with me… Once I got pregnant she started following me around the house, tucking her head on my belly, purring,”

3. Guarding


4. After the Baby Came

Panda seemed a little bit confused at first when the baby was born and brought home for the first time. But she smelled him, and her animals’ instincts made it possible for her to now straight away that this was the baby that she snuggled for nine months long. It is quite amazing how animals can surprise us humans once in a while. And of course, Panda still cuddles her new little brother. Her owner Liel sad that, “Now, 3 months later, she jumps on the bed near him, smells him, sits next to him. You can clearly see she loves him from the beginning!”

5. Love

These photos of Panda cuddling her new little brother Sean are quite something to warm your heart. That an animal can show us and teach us about what pure unconditional love really is. Those cuddles look super cosy!

6. Panda and her cuddles

Panda really loves this baby boy just the same as she did when he was still in the womb. She tucks her head in on his back. Pure love, pure comfort and that protective stance that no stranger would be able to mess with, without gaining a couple of scratches of course.

7. Signs of guarding the Baby

The house hold has a few cats that seem to love and guard the new baby. One of the big pieces of evidence for this is the fact that the cats aren’t actually allowed on the babies bed, but there always seems to be left over fur all over the bed. They sneak onto the bed at night sleep there and protect the baby, so much so that they even go call the new mom to handle him when he cries. It is quite something to behold, that not just one cat, but all the other cats as well follow in Panda’s footsteps.


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This Animal Shelter allows Kids To Interact With Scared Dogs By Reading Stories To Them

An animal shelter in St. Louis has found out a unique way to help scared dogs. They have allowed kids to read to these scared dogs and help them get rid of their fear.

This program is not only beneficial to the dogs, but also to the kids.

This program is also increasing the chances of these dogs getting a new home, and the kids are also improving their reading skills.

1. Shelter Buddies Reading Program

This program, known as the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, is being carried out at the Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis. Here, kids are allowed to read stories to dogs in the shelter. The kids can only read to the dogs and they have to sit outside the kennel, so they can’t physically interact with each other, which is actually a good thing, since these dogs are actually scared. Still, the human interaction will help the dogs get rid of their fear.

2. Aim of the project.

Jo Klepacki, the director, commented that this program’s main aim is to make these dogs more comfortable around humans, which also increases their chances of adoption.

She said that this program is a proof that even without physical interaction, we can help the shy and scared dogs become more positive and comfortable around humans. This was started last Christmas, and now this program is carried out once a month.


3. How it works

Children, aged 6 to 15, can join this program. They have to go through a training course before they can read to the dogs. This course will help them learn how to understand whether a dog is scared or not from its body language. They are also taught to give the dogs treats when the dogs are showing interest.

This program helps the shy dogs and puppies to feel more relaxed and comfortable around humans, which makes them much more adoptable.

4. Result

However, energetic dogs can also benefit from this program – the kids’ reading makes them calm.Besides, the kids also learn important social values such as respecting animals.

Jo commented that she was quite surprised how effective their program has proved to be so far. She added that the kids will understand how to look at the world from a dog’s perspective and how friendly they are.


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Heartbreaking video shows dog so traumatised by years of abuse she is too scared to look anywhere but the corner of the room

Recently, a video has been released which shows a dog named Cara who has been physically tortured so badly that it is now scared to do anything except sitting in a corner of the room.


Fortunately, the Irish charity PAWS Animal Rescue has managed to rescue that dog in July,2015. However, the workers have tried their best to cheer the dog but all attempts have been in vain.


This kind of behavior can also be attributed to certain diseases, and that’s why the charity decided to consult a vet. The vet confirmed their suspicions, the dog isn’t suffering from any disease instead too much abuse has resulted in this condition.



Cara is actually a sight hound, which makes her behavior even more shocking, since these dogs rely on their sight more often than their noses unlike other dog breeds. They are also full of energy and enjoy the company of other dogs.


PAWS has taken good care of the dog since its rescue, and recently they stated that Cara has recovered quite well. Her health has improved significantly, and she is now full of energy and interacting with other dogs too. They posted a posted a picture of her where she is looking towards the camera.


There is even more good news for Cara, since Michael and Theresa McGrath have decided to take her home and take good care of her.

PAWS has uploaded another video showing Cara communicating and barking with another dog rescued by PAWS.



This charity was founded by Deirdre & Gina Hetherington in 1997 in Sallins Co Kildare with the aim of providing shelter to unwanted dogs along with dogs from Kildare Dog pound to save them from abuse. Needless to say, they have done a fascinating job till now. They have already rescued and re-homed several dogs. They are also involved in neutering programs which have prevented birth of several unwanted puppies who later are dumped in dog pounds and ditches.


Watch Videos

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Know Which Dog Breed Suits You Best According To Your Zodiac Sign

Do you know your which dog breed suits best for you as per your zodiac sign? Here is what you need. Read on

1. Aries

People who belong to this zodiac sign are usually extremely optimistic. They are well known for their positive nature and can motivate others quickly. However, they do have one negative trait –impatience. They are really poor at taking the proper decisions.
That’s why schnauzers are the perfect dog breed for Aries. Just like Aries, these dogs are full of energy and extremely playful. However, they are quite moody and don’t prefer if things aren’t done the way they want.

2. Taurus

People belonging to Taurus are quite intelligent and smart, but they are also lazy. Unless they are rewarded significantly, they won’t feel motivated enough to start the work.
St. Bernard’s perfectly suited their style of living. These are extremely patient and lazy as well. They prefer sitting on the couch all day long. However, they are extremely loyal as well and will do anything to help its owner if required.

3. Cancer

Cancerians are extremely sensitive, so any dog breed which shares similar traits is perfect for them.
Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are two breeds which satisfy these characteristics. However, the latter is preferred since they are cuter. These dogs crave for love and attention. Also, most people raise them as lapdogs which are perfect for Cancerians since they prefer keeping their loved ones closer.

4. Gemini

These people easily get bored and constantly look for different things in their lives. Also, they always crave for attention. Hence, they should choose Labrador or golden retrievers.

These dogs are extremely entertaining and hate boredom. They are always active hence they should be perfect for Geminis.


5. Leo

People belonging to this zodiac sign are extremely proud of their achievements. They usually grow up to become political leaders or CEOs. Rottweilers are the perfect companion for Leos.

These dogs prefer to stay in packs and can control any situation instantly, just like the Leos.


6. Virgo

People belonging to this zodiac sign love spending time alone, maybe solving puzzles. Beagles or bloodhound would be the ideal choice.

These cute little dogs seek adventures all the time, and can also assist you in your adventures or while you are solving puzzles.

7. Libra

Libras love to bond with people. They are extremely social and extroverts. Hence, they should choose Irish setters.

These dogs are always cheerful and love to play. However, they rarely listen to any orders. However, these dogs, like Libras are quite social and will quickly become friends with its owner.


8. Scorpio

Scorpios are extremely mindful people. They possess a lot of concentration and can focus on a particular task for a long time. They won’t back down until they have completed a particular task and might even spend days on it. Hence, Jack Russel Terriers are the perfect dog breed for them.

These dogs are extremely possessive over their belongings. Equally smart and energetic, their playful nature will force the Scorpios to take breaks from their jobs at regular intervals to spend time with them.

9. Pisces

People belonging to this zodiac sign usually are quite sensitive. They love their close ones a lot and also demand care and love in return. Hence, they should choose pugs.

These cute dogs are extremely sensitive just like Pisces. However, once you gain their trust, they will become the most lovable dogs ever.


10. Aquarius

People belonging to this zodiac sign usually are a bit shy and take some time to become friends with others. However, they are extremely caring and kind which is reflected from the way they interact with their buddies.

Whippets is a rare dog breed perfect for them. Structure wise, they are similar to Greyhounds, but just like Aquarians, they too are extremely caring and loving.


11. Capricorn

Capricorns are firm in their decisions. They are extremely ambitious people and always love their close ones a lot. However, they often object to stuff they don’t prefer.

Boxers are similar; they are loyal and patient but can be fierce in certain situations as well.


12. Sagittarius

These people are avid travelers. They often pack their bags and go out to explore the world and see new places.

Greyhounds are the perfect breed for them. They are extremely good hunters and can easily survive in rough situations. They are quite patient, but love traveling and will not object to going out with their owners.



Please remember that this is just a guide. You can choose any pet or dog, and with enough care and attention, they too will start loving you and listening to you. Dogs are known as a man’s best friend for this particular reason.

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Out Of Desperation, This Dog Jumped Into Someone’s Car…And Her Life Was Never…

There are millions of stray dogs wandering in the streets worldwide. While some of them have been stray since birth, there are several unlucky ones who were left behind by their owners. This category of homeless dogs are in a critical situation, since they are not accustomed to fighting with other dogs to gather food. Often, they are unable to eat enough food, so they start losing weight and ultimately pass away.

This article is about a similar dog, who was abandoned by her owner. She wasn’t able to survive in the wild, but thanks to a kind family, she was saved and now leads a happy life.
Via : Source

This dog spent her entire life, roaming about the streets, in an attempt to find just enough food to survive.
Via : Source

It’s pretty evident that she was in a terrible condition, her weight was much below the normal weight and she had lost most of her fur. There were parasites and wounds all over her body.
Via : Source

Fortunately, a kind family found her. They took her into their car and christened her Kelsey. Her life completely reversed since that time onwards.
Via : Source

She was extremely quiet and never created any trouble, despite being in a different environment. The family gave her something to eat and then took her to a vet to cure her.
Via : Source

The dog once again remained completely calm when the doctors wrapped her in a blanket after giving her a bath.
Via : Source

She had to undergo a time-consuming surgery, but finally she was starting to feel well.
Via : Source

The family used to take her out on long walks, so that she could enjoy the surrounding environment peacefully.
Via : Source

The family had another dog, and both of them became close friends.
Via : Source

Her size and weight also increased significantly, getting close to the normal range.
Via : Source

She was recovering quite well, even her fur started coming back.
Via : Source

She probably never imagined that she would be able to enjoy full meals and such peaceful long naps.
Via : Source

There is no similarity whatsoever between her present appearance and her appearance when she used to wander in the streets.
Via : Source

She is really grateful to the new family for giving her a new life.
Via : Source

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Pics of 20 Strange Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

1. Ankole-Watusi


2. Aye-aye


3. Bearded Vulture


4. Bergamasco Shepherd


5. Blobfish


6. Chinese Water Deer


7. Frilled shark


8. Gerenuk


9. Glaucus Atlanticus


10. Goblin Shark


11. Japanese Spider Crab


12. Long-Necked Turtle


13. Lowland Streaked Tenrec


14. Naked Mole Rat


15. Pink Fairy Armadillo


16. Pyura Chilensis – Living Rock


17. Saiga Antelope


18. Star-Nosed Mole


19. Snub Nosed Monkey


20. Star-Nosed Mole


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Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In The World !

There is no doubt about the fact that horses are one of the most magnificent creatures on Earth. However, most people have no idea about the different breeds of horses. Over 350 breeds of horses have been found till date. You are guaranteed to be mesmerised by the beauty and elegance of some of these breeds of horses. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 13 most beautiful breeds of horses.

1. Appaloosa



2. Friesian stallion


3. Akhal-Teke


4. Falabella


5. Pinto



6. Norwegian fjord horse


7. Irish cob



8. Lipizzan


9. Andalusian horse



10. Clydesdale


11. Icelandic horse



12. Hanoverian


13. Haflinger


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Cat-Packs Are The Purrfect Way To Take Your Pet On Sightseeing Adventures

Bringing cats with you when you are travelling is a nuisance. We have all tried different solutions to this massive problem. Some have even tried the “brilliant idea” of putting the cat in a backpack (don’t worry the cat won’t get suffocated). But no perfect solution has yet been discovered. However, that isn’t the situation any more since a new method of brining cats to adventures has been found. And it seems to be perfect. We are talking about U-Pet’s backpacks for cats, or as it is popularly known – cat-packs.


This is quite different from normal backpacks. It has a large porthole through which the cat can take a look at its surroundings and stay protected, without feeling claustrophobic.

Buy it Now 


People who bought these cat-packs from Amazon are all giving great reviews on the product. One of the users even compared it to a spaceship because of the bubble window!

Via : Buy it Now


Besides, there are breathing holes too, so you don’t need to worry about your cat suffocating to death. Also, a variety of sizes and shapes are available, so that your cat will fit into one, no matter how big or small it is.
Via : Buy it Now


U-Pet’s website states that it acts as a barrier between the cat and the outside world, so that the cat can enjoy everything outside without getting harmed in any way.
Via : Buy it Now

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Top 6 Largest Dogs in The World Who Will Bring Panic Among You

# 6 St. Bernard

The St. Bernard or St Bernard is a type of huge working dog breed from Swiss Alps and north Italy, initially reproduced for rescue operations. The breed has got famous by stories of rescues in alpine, and its huge size

# 5 Great Dane

Do you remember Scooby-Doo? Ah, we all do! You guessed it right, Scooby is a Great Dane. But not all are as talkative as Scooby; most of the Danes prefer not to speak.They are large German breed of domestic dog known for its huge sized body and great height. The German name of the breed is Deutsche Dogge, which means German mastiff.

# 4 Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a huge working dog. Newfoundlands can be brown, black, white and gray or black. But, in Canada, where their oringin, they are in black and white and black only.

# 3 English Mastiff

I need not say anything about the dog, the picture says all. Everything about this dog is just huge! The massive head, stout legs and the thick bull neck are just insanely huge.

# 2 Leonberger

A dog with beautiful golden fur indeed. So is it a lion breed? No. It was bred to symbolically mimic a lion. Interesting!

# 1 Tibetan Mastiff

As the name suggests, they are a breed originating from Tibetan region, which includes parts of Nepal, China and India. These scary looking dogs are actually used for various jobs by the locals.

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Tortoise Gets LEGO Wheelchair And Loves Every Second Of It

Well, this is the best thing ever.

Simple, Yet Effective

Dr. Plischke attached a LEGO wheelchair to Blade to help him become mobile again.

Going To Take Some Time To Get Used To

Blade clearly isn’t happy with his new wheels just yet.

…And He’s Off!

Back in action and loving it!

Watch This Video To See The Progression Of Blade’s Recovery


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