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Know Which Dog Breed Suits You Best According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Do you know your which dog breed suits best for you as per your zodiac sign? Here is what you need. Read on

1. Aries

People who belong to this zodiac sign are usually extremely optimistic. They are well known for their positive nature and can motivate others quickly. However, they do have one negative trait –impatience. They are really poor at taking the proper decisions.
That’s why schnauzers are the perfect dog breed for Aries. Just like Aries, these dogs are full of energy and extremely playful. However, they are quite moody and don’t prefer if things aren’t done the way they want.

2. Taurus

People belonging to Taurus are quite intelligent and smart, but they are also lazy. Unless they are rewarded significantly, they won’t feel motivated enough to start the work.
St. Bernard’s perfectly suited their style of living. These are extremely patient and lazy as well. They prefer sitting on the couch all day long. However, they are extremely loyal as well and will do anything to help its owner if required.
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3. Cancer

Cancerians are extremely sensitive, so any dog breed which shares similar traits is perfect for them.
Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are two breeds which satisfy these characteristics. However, the latter is preferred since they are cuter. These dogs crave for love and attention. Also, most people raise them as lapdogs which are perfect for Cancerians since they prefer keeping their loved ones closer.

4. Gemini

These people easily get bored and constantly look for different things in their lives. Also, they always crave for attention. Hence, they should choose Labrador or golden retrievers.

These dogs are extremely entertaining and hate boredom. They are always active hence they should be perfect for Geminis.


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5. Leo

People belonging to this zodiac sign are extremely proud of their achievements. They usually grow up to become political leaders or CEOs. Rottweilers are the perfect companion for Leos.

These dogs prefer to stay in packs and can control any situation instantly, just like the Leos.


6. Virgo

People belonging to this zodiac sign love spending time alone, maybe solving puzzles. Beagles or bloodhound would be the ideal choice.

These cute little dogs seek adventures all the time, and can also assist you in your adventures or while you are solving puzzles.

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7. Libra

Libras love to bond with people. They are extremely social and extroverts. Hence, they should choose Irish setters.

These dogs are always cheerful and love to play. However, they rarely listen to any orders. However, these dogs, like Libras are quite social and will quickly become friends with its owner.


8. Scorpio

Scorpios are extremely mindful people. They possess a lot of concentration and can focus on a particular task for a long time. They won’t back down until they have completed a particular task and might even spend days on it. Hence, Jack Russel Terriers are the perfect dog breed for them.

These dogs are extremely possessive over their belongings. Equally smart and energetic, their playful nature will force the Scorpios to take breaks from their jobs at regular intervals to spend time with them.

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9. Pisces

People belonging to this zodiac sign usually are quite sensitive. They love their close ones a lot and also demand care and love in return. Hence, they should choose pugs.

These cute dogs are extremely sensitive just like Pisces. However, once you gain their trust, they will become the most lovable dogs ever.


10. Aquarius

People belonging to this zodiac sign usually are a bit shy and take some time to become friends with others. However, they are extremely caring and kind which is reflected from the way they interact with their buddies.

Whippets is a rare dog breed perfect for them. Structure wise, they are similar to Greyhounds, but just like Aquarians, they too are extremely caring and loving.


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11. Capricorn

Capricorns are firm in their decisions. They are extremely ambitious people and always love their close ones a lot. However, they often object to stuff they don’t prefer.

Boxers are similar; they are loyal and patient but can be fierce in certain situations as well.


12. Sagittarius

These people are avid travelers. They often pack their bags and go out to explore the world and see new places.

Greyhounds are the perfect breed for them. They are extremely good hunters and can easily survive in rough situations. They are quite patient, but love traveling and will not object to going out with their owners.



Please remember that this is just a guide. You can choose any pet or dog, and with enough care and attention, they too will start loving you and listening to you. Dogs are known as a man’s best friend for this particular reason.

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