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Mom Has A Repairman Fix Her Furnace. What He Wrote On The Bill? It’s Going Viral.

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Bridget is a mother of two. She usually asks for her husband’s help if anything needs to be fixed in the house. Unfortunately, she can’t ask for his help nowadays since he’s currently on deployment.


A few days ago, her furnace broke down and may need a furnace repair. Her house was completely freezing. She lives in Pennsylvania, where it is extremely difficult to spend the night without a furnace. She realized that her kids would feel extremely cold and might even get sick in this cold, so she decided to contact an expert at and ask for their help. The owner of the company, replied that he would arrive at her house as soon as possible to fix the furnace.

The two started chatting as Paul was repairing the furnace. Bridget told him that usually her husband does all the repairing himself but he is now on deployment, so she had to ask for his help so late at night. Bridget didn’t think that this would affect Paul later on.

A surprise awaited Bridget when she was handed the bill. Paul also gave her a note. Bridget was speechless after reading it.


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She shared this story on Facebook and it went viral.

“I would like to acknowledge Betlyn Heating and Cooling through this post. A few days ago, I returned home with my two kids to a freezing home with the temperature around 50 degrees. I tried to turn on the furnace but realized it has malfunctioned. So I contacted Betlyn Heating and Cooling, though I wasn’t sure if anyone would respond so late at night. Fortunately, the owner, Paul answered and guided me to see if the furnace would start working with a few tweaks.



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Well, those didn’t work, so he said that he would come by and have a look.

He arrived soon and started working on the furnace. We began to chat about my husband, Bobby, and why he wasn’t there to help since he was in deployment. I told him that Bobby would have usually fixed this, but he wasn’t here currently.


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He finished repairing soon. To be honest, I was afraid that he would charge a lot. He gave me a small piece of paper.

The bill was only $1. However, when I went to give him that, he replied that it was only a joke and I should thank my husband on his behalf for his service to the country.

Thanks a lot Paul for fixing my house and making it warm again.”


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This post clearly shows that there are still kind and caring people in this world. Do share this post on Facebook if you believe kindness is still present in this world.

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