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Meet Titus, a Pitbull so rare that he’s the only one of his breed in the world…

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Today is the lucky day for all the dog lovers, as they get the opportunity to meet a dog which happens to be one of the rarest dogs in the whole world. When you first look at him, you might think that he’s a cheetah, but he actually is not… He is, as a matter of fact, so rare that he’s the only living member of his breed. So here I present to you Titus.


As is very evident, Titus is very unique, a dog like no other. He belongs to the breed Albanian Pit Bull, which is actually a very rare breed. Titus is the only living Albanian Pit Bull. Titus has been called the canine with cheetah markings due to the fact that he resembles a cheetah to a great extent. Titus became popular a few week ago for the first time when the pictures of him posted on the internet immediately went viral.


Though dogs like Titus with cheetah- like appearance aren’t common, they do exist. The beauty behind this mutation lies in the fact that many dogs, these days, have a cheetah- like appearance. But this kind of mutation isn’t always natural. There are n number of ways to create dogs resembling a cheetah. Magic tricks of various types can be used by dog owners to make their dogs look like Titus, or they can make spots on their dogs using non- toxic, temporary ink. Since this picture shows Titus sitting on something like a Groomer’s table this hints that the latter method has been put to use. On that note, I would like to present to you another rare and mystical dog having an unusual appearance, a Sahara Dachshund.

A tiger?

Dogs like this, having a feline appearance, are seen from time to time but are rare. Amazing dogs like this are surely not everyday occurrences.

His Majesty

They are rare, but they exist. Sometimes it’s just thanks to computer tools, but every now and then, a true feline coated dog appears.

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