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24 Animals That Are Deadliest To Have Around

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Who do you think is the deadliest creature in the world? You are probably thinking of lions, tigers, crocodiles, maybe even snakes. There is no doubt that these are ferocious animals and can easily kill you if they want to.

But sometimes size isn’t all that matters. Some creatures can cause diseases which can prove to be life-threatening, and these are even more dangerous.

So let’s find out which creature is responsible for the maximum number of deaths per year.


24. Alligators

Their kill rate is one human being per year.
It is probably a bit surprising to see that the alligator is at the last rank, considering how deadly the animal is. Hopefully, you can understand what is in store for you on the following pages.

23. Sharks.

Their kill rate is five human beings in a year.
We all have an idea of the deadly nature of whales, thanks to the countless movies based on this ocean predator.
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22. Wolves

Their kill rate is ten human beings every year.
Wolves are extremely ferocious and will show you no mercy if you somehow wind up in front of one of these deadly creatures.

21. Horses

Their kill rate is 20 human beings per year.
A bit shocking, isn’t it? We all thought that horses are not capable of any violent acts, but in that case, you have probably never seen a raged horse.
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20. Leopards

They kill around 29 human beings every year.
This wild cat can kill you in an instant, so stay out of its way at all costs.

19. Ants

They kill around 30 people in a year.
This is also a shocker, isn’t it? Just imagine that this tiny creature is even deadlier than an alligator. Main reason is that they are always in groups and a human being is no match for a massive colony of poisonous ants.
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18. Jellyfish

This particular species kills around 40 people per year.
This particular species of Jellyfish was a popular wallpaper back in the days when Windows XP was popular, but don’t be fooled, it can kill you in an instant.

17. Bees

Their kill rate is around 53 per year.
Not only are they experts at sucking nectar from flowers, but they can also quickly suck your life out if you bother them.
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16. Deer

They are responsible for around 130 deaths per year.
The main reason behind the deaths is car crashes which are caused by the deer running in front of the car as it tries crossing the roads.

15. African Cape Buffalo

They ramp on 200 people approximately per year.
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14. Lion

They kill around 250 human beings every year.
Its not at all surprising that the king of the jungle has found a place on this list. It doesn’t prefer others disturbing, so don’t wander too close trying to take its pictures, or you might just lose your dear life.

13-12. Elephants and Hippos

They kill around 500 people each year, hence combining their figures, it amounts to a total of 1000 deaths per year.
You might think that hippos and elephants are too slow due to their massive size, but don’t let that fool you. A mere push might kill you, so stay away from them at all costs.
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11. Crocodile

Crocodiles kill around 1000 human beings per year, which is the combined figures of hippos and elephants.
Did you know that crocodiles are the biggest lizards in the world? Considering that fact, the crocodiles should have been a bit higher on the list!

10. Tapeworms

Around 2000 people are killed by tapeworms every year.
The tapeworm is a microscopic creature, but it is deadliest due to its tiny size. It gets into your digestive system and gradually prevents its proper functioning, resulting ultimately in the death of the host.
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9. Ascaris Roundworms

Their kill rate is 2500 per year.
They too work in a similar way to the tapeworms. Can you imagine how deadly these creatures can prove to be if they somehow get into your body?

8. Scorpion

Around 3250 people get killed by the venomous sting of the scorpion.
Scorpions are extremely poisonous and are mostly found in the deserts, so if you are planning a vacation to any desert shortly, you might want to reconsider it
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7-6-5. 3 Insects – ‘Freshwater Snails,’ ‘Tsetse Flies’ and ‘Assassin Bugs.’

These three insects each kill around 10,000 people each year. This results in a whopping 30,000 deaths per year if we combine their figures.
These insects can come near you at any time, so stay alert and safe!

4. Dogs

Around 25,000 human beings are killed by dogs every year.
You are probably shocked right now! How can man’s best friend betray him this way? As surprising as this sounds, it is true. So you might want to train your dog properly from now on!
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3. Snakes

They kill around 50,000 people each year.
Snakes are the most venomous reptiles, so it’s no surprise that they rank 3rd on this list.

2. Humans

People kill around 475,000 persons per year!
I am sure you were not expecting this. But it’s no surprise that people can kill others for their benefits. With so many murders and bombings every year, this figure is certainly not surprising.
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1. Mosquitos

They are responsible for deaths of approximately a million people each year.
So the winner of this list is the mosquitos. I am sure you thought some other creature would have taken the first place but don’t be fooled by the sizes of these blood suckers. They are the deadliest creatures in the world.
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