Sunday, June 16, 2024

Rescuers Were Trying To Save This Horse… But Watch Who Comes Up From Behind Her!

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#1 A Trapped Horse

The city police of Dagua, Colombia received a call that a horse had fallen into a sand grinder…

#2 Sand grinder

They arrived on the scene immediately, as a sand grinder is the tool used to crush rocks – so imagine what it would do to a horse.

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#3 Help!

With the horse terrified, the police attempted to come up with a plan to rescue her…

#4 Brave Man

But suddenly, a man jumps in the water and swims towards the back of the horse, to give a boost for her to climb out of the water. He could easily have been kicked and injured by the frightened animal.

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#5 Thank You

Thankfully, the horse was pushed out of the water and free to go about her day!
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