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They Simply Tore Her Baby Out Of Her Body. It’s Almost Impossible To Look At These Photos.

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1. Whale Massacre

The fjords of the Faroe Islands holds an annual tradition which is absolutely disgusting, and has occurred since the 16th century.

2. Throwback

In 1709, whalers would get in their boats and hunt whales that swam towards their home…but it wasn’t a threat to their population at the time.


3. Now

Now days, the whalers use speed boats and jet skis to ensure the whales cant escape the gruesome killing…


4. Forced In

The whales are forced into the fjords, and sit there while they wait to be murdered. Look at all that blood!


5.40 Dead

Dozens of whale carcasses are drug to shore and stacked side by side…


6. Dead Family

A cut open mother’s unborn baby falls out of her and onto the pavement…given no chance at life.


7.Screw Tradition

The whale baby is thrown into the trash. These killings are all for tradition!


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