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This Man From Alaska Feeds A Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles Every Day. This Is Fascinating When You Move Camera To The Left!

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Bald eagles are a rare species, but spotting in the wild is definitely rare. Read on to know what this man from Alaska is doing everyday, I am sure its going to blow your mind!

1. Bald Eagles

I am sure you have seen bald eagles before. But how many have you seen together in a single location? If you haven’t, then this is the perfect article for you.

Spotting these rare birds is really uncommon, but its a wonderful sight for sure. Read on to know what this fisherman from Alaska does everyday, I am sure you will find it fascinating!

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2. Alaskan Fisherman

Witnessing these awesome birds is an extremely rare feat, but this fisherman from Alaska enjoys feeding a group of them!

And when I am talking about a group of bald eagles, I am not referring to 3 or 4, I am talking about three dozen bald eagles, at a single location!

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3. Check the video below to know more.


For Jessie Peek, the Alaskan Fisherman, feeding the rare bald eagles is nothing uncommon. According to Jessie, this happend quite frequently in Alaska, but I am sure that watching these rare birds together at the same location must be a wonderful sight.

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