Truly Weird Facts About Trump’s Kids

#1 Ivanka Trump Has Has A Crazy Career

She’s done it all – from being a model to a best-selling writer, and even creating her own brand. This all happened before she turned 35.

#2 Ivanka Trump Converted To Judaism

Ivanka Trump is actually a Jew. She converted when she married her husband, Jared Kushner. She says being an orthodox Jew has instilled strong family values in her everyday life.

#3 Tiffany Trump Is Instagram Famous

Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of Donald, has a huge following on Instagram. Her instagram is “tiffanytrump.

#4 Tiffany Even Released Her Own Pop Song

Tiffany wants to be a pop singer one day. Her first single “Like A Bird,” is out now.

#5 Tiffany Got An Internship At Vogue

Tiffany also has her eyes on a career in the fashion world. She has landed an internship through Vogue magazine, a position that is extremely sought after.

#6 Barron Trump Has His Own Floor At The Trump Mansion

Barron Trump, who at ten years of age is Donald’s youngest child, has his very own floor at the Trump mansion. He isn’t that spoiled though, as both his parents insist on raising him themselves, without relying on a nanny.

#7 Eric Trump Seems Like A Decent Guy

Eric Trump is only 31 but he’s accomplished a lot in his life. He made Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” list in real estate. He has also donated over 28 million dollars to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.Source

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20 Shocking Celebrity Cheating Scandals

Maintaining a perfect relationship is close to impossible. However, some Hollywood couples are great at keeping the troubles in their relationship under the cover away from the media’s eyes making it look as if they are happy in the relationship, while that is far from the truth.

Cheating in a relationship means an end to it in most cases, and even celebrities had to face this. Check out the top celebrity cheating scandals which left all fans shocked.


1. Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Mario Lopez cheated on Ali Landry, TV personality, just days before their wedding in Mexico. The former Saved by the Bell star said that he is going to play golf, but instead spent the weekend partying with booze and cheating with random chicks.

2. Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Ali came to know about this incident from a photograph and the wedding was cancelled after two weeks. Both of them are remarried, and Mario says that he made a big mistake and has become much more mature now.

3. Scott Disick and Chloe Bartoli

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian were in a relationship for almost 10 years, and were parents to three children. But they never got married.
Their relationship had issues all the time, but in 2015, the media speculated that maybe they are going to break up.

4. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

Scott was seen with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli in Monte Carlo, and Kourtney confirmed that their relationship is over after a few days.
But then again just after three weeks, the two were seen at a fancy Beverly Hills hotel having lunch. Now, we are not sure whether they are back together, or they met each other just for the sake of the kids.

5. Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

Kristen was dating Robert Pattinson, one of the hottest actors of all times, while director Rubert Sanders had a beautiful family with his wife and children.
However, the two still had an affair in 2012.

6. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kristen thought no one would be able to know about the affair, but nothing can be hidden from the paparazzi. Robert Pattinson immediately broke up with her after hearing about the incident, and Liberty Ross too left her husband in 2014 due to the affair.

7. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Blake and Miranda came to know each other when Blake was married, but even then the two were strongly attracted to each other.
They dated for several years and then the two country singers decided to tie the knot, however, in 2015, there were rumours that their marriage was not going well.

8. Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams

Both Blake and Miranda have broken up, and accused each other of cheating. We are not yet sure of the exact details, we can assure you that their divorce is going to be a bitter one, and it won’t take long for the proceedings to start.

9. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has recently won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side and was leading a wonderful life. But little did she know, but behind her back, Jesse James, her husband, was getting involved in numerous affairs.

10. Jesse James and Michelle McGee

While Jesse was involved in several affairs, the most famous one was with tabloid chaser Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who had no regrets in outing Jesse in public.
Soon after Sandra came to know about the affairs, she divorced him and then adopted a beautiful baby boy without Jesse on her own.

11. Josh Duhamel and Fergie

This incident took place in 2009. Josh Duhamel was in a relationship with Fergie, the talented singer for almost 9 months but suddenly he decided to end everything with a stripper
Josh denied anything ever happening with the Atlanta dancer, while Fergie hasn’t responded any way about this incident in public.

12. Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Almost 10 years have passed since they first started dating, and their relationship is still going strong.
They have a son Axl, and they still attend church and communicate to solve any issues that rise in their relationship.

13. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

After the news regarding Governor Arnold’s affair with Mildred Baena, the live-in housekeeper was leaked in public, the entire nation was shocked. No one could imagine how he would risk his marriage to Maria Shriver, his beautiful wife, but the end result is even more surprising.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena

Arnold had a child named Joseph from his affair with Mildred, and he finally admitted about his existence in 2011.
Maria broke up with Arnold, but he still hopes they will get back together.

15. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley were in a 13 year old relationship which ended in an absolute disaster. Grant was arrested in 1995 in Los Angeles, after he had oral sex with a prostitute named Divine Brown. Oral sex was illegal at that time.

16. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley

What’s surprising though is that their relationship continued even after Hurley heard about this news, and they stayed together for another 5 years before separating in 2000.
They are still good friends, and Grant is the godfather to Hurley’s son.


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10 Celebrities Who Died Right In Front Of Their Fans

It is indeed very difficult to write about death, the inevitable end. We’re sure that it’s hard for even you readers to read about it. But still, this topic somehow manages to fascinate us. It is interesting to note that millions of commoners all over the world die every day about whom we don’t care. But when a celebrity dies, he or she immediately garners the attention of the whole world. It doesn’t matter whether the celebrity is local, national or international. We may come across articles about genocide, but until we see the images and stories of those affected, we simply don’t care. People sympathize with the celebrities because they feel connected to and attached to them, especially the loyal fans of the celebrities who feel them be their idols and have a strong bond with them.

It becomes, even more, harder to cope up with when death comes unexpectedly. Many people believe that when a person dies doing something he or she loved the most, he or she dies peacefully and in the best possible way. Though this does not have much logic to it, it is comforting for those in grief. In the case of the celebrity deaths mentioned here, it may also be reassuring to the fans present at the very spot of the death of their favorite celebrity. All of these deaths were highly unexpected, accidental and unbelievable. Each one of these deaths occurred right in front of the fans. Do note that all of these are not internationally famous celebrities, but had loyal fans who loved them and mourned their death.

1. Yoshiyuki Takada:

Japan’s Sankai Juku dance company managed to build an international reputation for its astonishing images conveying life and death. At the previous year’s Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, the talented troupe had a memorable outdoor presentation that that released four dancers into the air like spiders very high from the ground. With this outrageous act, they instantly became sensations, touring and displaying their skills in every part of North America. But how often can one cheat death? It has to come one day, and that day was September 30, 1985. 31-year-old dancer Yoshiyuki Takada was hanging 80 feet above the ground from atop Seattle’s Mutual Life Building with the help of his ankles when the rope gave way. Thousands of people watched, hoping for a miraculous restraint that would stop the fall. The brilliant dances did not leave his posture until the impact. People initially believed it was a mannequin, but sadly the death was very real.

2. Ken Steadman:

After 6 to 7 years of immense struggle and hard work, Ken Steadman finally managed to establish himself as a good and successful actor and was on cloud nine as his efforts finally paid off. He had managed to do several movies, had bagged good roles in various television shows like Baywatch, Malone’s, Babylon 5 and NYPD Blue. His latest achievement was to get a guest star role on the famous TV series “Sliders.” But then in a fraction of seconds, he lost all his fame when he tragically died in an accident while filming an episode of sliders titled “Desert Storm.” Ken’s character was to drive a dune buggy in the desert in the vicinity of Victorville. It was the third day of the shoot, and all the cast and crew were busy setting up for yet another action shot. That morning, Jen was rather busy transporting the dune buggy in between scenes, when the vehicle suddenly overturned crushing him, killing him on the spot.

3. Les Harvey:

Les Harvey was a guitarist for Stone the Crown, a ‘70s blues rock band. On May 3, 1972, while tuning his guitar for a show in Swansea, Wales on stage, he got electrocuted and died on the spot, in front of 1000 loyal fans. This group, famous for its ‘Teenage Kicks’ album, were in the process of climbing the ladder to success, when their guitarist, 27-year-old Harvey suddenly died reportedly because of a poorly grounded microphone. Shortly after the incident, the band broke up.

4. Brandon Lee:

Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee died on 31 March 1993 while filming a movie titled ‘The Crow.’ A squib loaded prop gun propelled a bullet from the black cartridge into Lee, killing him. Unlike recent trends, his death footage wasn’t kept in the movie. They instead reshoot the scene with a different actor, who died in the movie by a thrown knife.

5. Owen Hart:

On May 23rd, 1999, Owen Hart, right before his match at Over The Edge, fell from Kemper Arena’s rafters and died on the spot. Hart was asked to record down from a rope making a smashing entry but then things went terribly wrong, and Owen fell from a rope which was supposed to be secure, from a height of 70 feet. TV viewers weren’t able to see this as a commercial was being aired at that time. 33-year-old Owen Hart is survived by his two adorable small children and his wife. He also happened to leave behind sisters and brothers, his parents and many if close friends, who consisted of his family while with the Federation on the road.

6. Ty Longley:

Ty Longley was the vocalist and guitarist for great white. He was killed on February 20, 2003, at a nightclub fire which was considered to be the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in America at this time, The Station Nightclub fire. The massive fire managed to kill 100 people. Great White’s tour manager set off pyrotechnics, which caused the massive fire by igniting the flammable sound insulation foam in the ceilings and the walls surrounding the stage.

7. Mitsuhara Misawa:

This one again proves that wrestling is a very dangerous sport, and every athlete requires a lot of practice before making any move, as it might prove to be lethal. Though Mitsuhara Misawa was not well known in the West, he was thought to be the greatest wrestler of the 90’s by many. Hence it came as a massive shock to his millions of his fans when he died at the age of 46 in the ring itself. His opponent Saito inflicted a suplex on his, causing a cervical spine injury to him. Unlike Owen Hart, this wasn’t a fancy move going wrong. The move is successfully performed every day all around the world. It happened when Misawa was in the process of teaming with Go Shiozaki against Bison Smith and Saito, on a pro wrestling NOAH match which was live in Hiroshima, Japan. Unlike the treatment Owen Hart got from the WWE, they immediately stopped the show at 8:45 pm when the wrestler was getting CPR. Though the great wrestler had been experiencing back problems for some time, he never cared to visit a doctor and sort it out.

8. ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott:

Born on August 29, 1966, Darrell Lance Abbott, also called Diamond Darrell and Dimebag Darrell, was a songwriter and guitarist most popular for founding two bands, Damageplan and Pantera along with his brother Vinnie Paul. He was known for his contribution to groove metal. Abbott was shot and killed right on the stage by a gunman during a Damageplan performance on December 8, 2004, in Columbus, Ohio at the Alrosa Villa. He ranked no. 1 guitarist in Metal Hammer, a UK-based magazine and 92 in Rolling Stone magazine in the list of 100 greatest guitarists.

9. Sarah Guyard Guillot:

Sarah Guyard Guillot was a veteran acrobat and a mother of two. At the age of 31, died by falling from a height of 94 feet during the conclusion of the show at Cirque Du Soleil. This also marked their first onstage fatality in 29 years. A spokesperson for Nevada Department of Business and Industry she that Sarah ascended too swiftly, and as a result, the rope came out of the pulley.

10. Christina Grimmie:

Christina Grimmie who came third in NBC competition series’ sixth season, got shot by a male suspect on June 11th, 2016 post her Orlando concert. She was very young, just 22 years old. Though Josh Kaufman won the season, Christina was a standout, with many of her fans predicting that she would win for Adam Levine, her coach. The murderer, instead of escape, killed himself in turn. A friend of the killer confessed to the police that Kevin was an extremely obsessed fan of the singer and thought that they were meant to be together, and made a play for this. No one, obviously, knows what the plan was.


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Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Whenever we think of celebrities, we imagine people who are extremely fit and beautiful. But, some celebrities too used to be overweight. However, they didn’t let that define their career, and made a shocking transformation to become fit. Lets take a look at the top 15 celebrity weight loss transformations.

1. Kim Kardashian

While Kim’s butt was always huge, which has been a huge factor why people loved her, she gained a ton of weight after she got pregnant. However, after her children were born, she was able to get into shape rather quickly.

2. Janet Jackson

Janet used to be bulky but now she has lost a lot of weight and is looking really good. But her weight swings has earned her a place in the group of Ricki Lake and Oprah Winfrey. Hopefully, this time she will stay this way.

3. Alec Baldwin

He was quite good looking and slim when he was young. But he started gaining weight as he grew older, until one could no longer recognize him. But now he is once again fit.

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is considered to one of the most popular singers at the moment, but after she gained a lot of weight, her fans got upset. However, she lost her weight soon, and is now as fit and beautiful as she used to be.

5. Rosie O’Donnell

Everyone loves Rosie O’Donnell, but she has been overweight almost throughout her career. But she has now decided to change and has started eating healthy resulting in a much fitter and slimmer body.

6. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is great as a comedian, but he used to be quite overweight earlier. However, he has decided to change that and has lost a lot of pounds.

7. Chaz Bono

When Cher’s daughter, Chastity, was not yet Chaz, she was quite overweight. But after the transition, he has lost several pounds and looks quite fit.

8. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie used to really slim and beautiful when she acted in the show, Cheers. But after that show ended, she gained a lot of weight, however, she is back to her former self now.

9. Kelly Osbourne

Before the weight loss, Kelly Osbourne was seriously overweight, so much so we had no idea how she got any roles. But after the weight loss, she looks really beautiful, almost as if she’s a completely different person.

10. Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard won the 2nd season of American idol after defeating Clay Aiken. But his weight afterwards was a whopping 462 lbs! He has now reduced his weight significantly, and currently weighs 343 lbs.

11. Raven Symone

Raven Symone used to be in the Cosby Show, and as she got older, her weight kept on increasing. But she has decided to change it and has reduced over 70 lbs. Doesn’t she look great now?

12. Angie Stone

Angie was a member of a group called the Sequence. She was overweight at that time, but in her 50s she got diabetes, so she decided to get slim and has reduced her weight by 75 lbs.

13. Christian Bale

Christian Bale tries to act in the best possible way in every film. He tries to completely get into his roles, and that’s why he doesn’t hesitate to change his weight drastically for the movies. He lost over 70 lbs for the movie Machinist, and he literally resembled a skeleton!

14. Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina too won American Idol, and she too was overweight. But now she has slimmed down, and looks great, completely different from when she participated in that show.

15. Ronnie Ortiz

Ronnie used to really fit when he was in the Jersey Shore. But after a year, he gained a lot of weight. However, he didn’t stay unfit for long, he soon joined the gym, and has returned to his former fit self.

16. Oprah Winfrey

17. Tyra Banks

18. Seth Rogen

19. Shonda Rhimes

20. Carrie Fisher

21. Adam Richman

22. 50 Cent

23. Kevin Liles

24. Dr. Dre

25. Zach Galifianakis

26. Christina Aguilera

27. Austin “Chumlee” Russell

28. Ricki Lake

29. Jennifer Hudson

30. Drew Carey

31. Al Roker

32. Jonah Hill

33. Jordin Sparks

34. Randy Jackson

35. Paul Wall

36. Queen Latifah

37. Graham Elliot

38. Star Jones

39. Abby Lee Miller

40. Aretha Franklin

41. John Goodman

42. Jerry Ferrara

43. Wendy Williams

44. Chris Pratt

45. Perez Hilton

46. Tom Arnold

47. Jill Scott

48. Mama June

49. Rebel Wilson


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25 Celebrities Who Slayed Their Halloween Costume… But Rihanna Went Too Far.

#1. Katy Perry as a literal dropped mic as she dresses up and lays idly on the floor.

#2. Heidi Klum covered in blue body paint from head to toe as a full out Hindu god, Kali.

#3. Rihanna decked out in grey body paint while still looking badass as a zombie gangster.

#4. Emily Ratajkowski committing to her costume as Marge from The Simpsons with full on yellow body paint and a tall blue wig to match it.

#5. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool this time and probably many times in the future as he admitted to swiping the Deadpool costume from set.

#6. Anne Hathaway strutting herself in front of the camera in her gorgeous white gown as Cleopatra.

#7. Chris Brown bringing back some nostalgia as the werewolf from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video.

#8. Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue inspired by the “Coming To America” chatter dressed as Queen Aoleon, King Jaffe Joffer, and Imani Izzi.

#9. Jamie Hince and Kate Moss dressed in all black with sugar skull makeup pertaining to a Day of the Dead theme.

#10. Zooey Deschanel looking more adorable than ever in her mute green dress as Tinkerbell.

#11. Gwen Stefani taking a break from her usual pop-punk self to doll up as Cinderella.

#12. Michael Kors and Lance LePere committing to their mariachi band member costumes not only with the suits but also with the makeup.

#13. Chloe Grace Moretz in a goth styled dress bewitching others with her charm as a vampire/witch.

#14. Ginnifer Goodwin spotted holding a very scary looking baby as Rosemary Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby.

#15. Kim Kardashian in a full on body suit that turns her into the most curvaceous skeleton we’ve ever seen.

#16. Rachel Zoe and Roger Berman getting groovy and dressing up as one of the world’s most known couples, Sonny and Cher.

#17. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne being silly and clowning it out as Mario and Luigi.

#18. Josh Peck and John Stamos with red face paint and the horns to match them as handsome devils.

#19. Rita Ora dressed up in all pink carrying around what looks like a fake dog as Barbie.

#20. Alessandra Ambrosio looking more sexy than ever as the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland.

#21. Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward looking like they just stepped outside of a tv as Jane Lane and Daria from Daria.

#22. Tinashe slumming it down in men’s clothes with some sharpie facial hair as Snoop Dogg.

#23. Miley Cyrus exposing a lot of skin in her body suit as Li’l Kim.

#24. Heidi Klum pulling off the most extravagant butterfly costume ever.

#25. Iggy Azalea glamed up in high fashion with a dalmation as Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations.


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25 Shocking Costume Mistakes In Movies

 Many movies in Hollywood are based on actual Historical events. Thus error and mistakes are bound to take place. Though Minor factual mistakes go unnoticed, major mistakes definitely don’t. Especially the ones with costume mistakes.

‘Gladiator’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and ‘Brave heart’ are just a few of the movies whose inaccuracies have caused an uproar and major controversies. There is a huge list of such mistakes in movies.

So, here we bring to you 25 of the biggest and the most shocking mistakes of some of the greatest movies of all times:

1. Captain America:

The First Avenger: In Captain America: The First Avenger, Jim Mortia wears a headset, the kind which was produced only after 2000, underneath his hat. But actually, the movie was set in the era of world war II.

2. American Hustle:

In American Hustle, Stoddard Thorsten is seen wearing a Rolex manufactured in 2010, but actually the movie is set in the 1970s.

3. Braveheart:

In Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s character William Wallace wears a kilt, though he lived around 1300. Kilts were not worn in Scotland before the advent of the 16th century.

4. Django Unchained:

In Django Unchained, Django is seen wearing sunglasses, which were not very widespread in the US before 1929. Before this, they were put to use as medical devices and were quite rare.

5. Dirty Dancing:

Baby is seen wearing Jean shorts in dirty dancing, despite if the fact that the movie is set in the 1960s, and shorts weren’t worn before 1980s.

6. The Wedding Singer:

Despite the fact that the movie is set in the 1980s, Drew Barrymore dons a beautiful ‘90s haircut in the movie.

7. My Girl:

In My Girl, set in 1972, Casa wears a mood ring, which was invented in 1975.

8. Captain America:

The First Avenger: In Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy Carter’s has shoulder length hair, while there was a rule in World War II that all military women should have their hair off their collars while on duty.

9. The Informant!:

Though The Informant is set in the early 1990s, men are seen wearing Nike golf shoes, which were made first in 1996.

10. Gladiator:

Russell Crowe’s Lycra shorts are clearly visible through his tunic drive the tiger fight sequence. It is very obvious that early Romans did not wear Lycra bike shorts.

11. Indiana Jones And The last Crusade:

In the movie, set in 1938, many Nazis are seen wearing WWII medals, even before the war commenced.

12. Pirates of the Caribbean:

In the movie, George I is the King of England, who ruled from 1714 to 1727, which implies that the movie is set in this time, but the Royal Navy us seen wearing uniforms introduced in 1747.

13. Public Enemies:

Judge Murray is seen wearing a modern judges’ role in the movie. The weight and sheen if the robe indicates that it’s not from the correct period of time. In earlier times, judges’ robe was made of wool and was much heavier.

14. Saving Private Ryan:

Some paratroopers have black boots in the movie, but the army started issuing black boot only after 1950.

15. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves:

In this Robin Hood movie set in 1194, Seem shows Robin Hood a telescope, but telescopes were actually invented in the early 17th century.

16. Troy:

In the movie, Paris has a pretty umbrella on his chariots, but I doubt whether umbrellas were even introduced during that time. 800 years after the era in which Troy is set, in the 5th century BCE, Ancient Greeks started using Parasols.

17. Schindler’s List:

In the movie, most of the women in concentration camps have shaven armpits and legs, which is quite absurd as European women, especially those in the concentration camps, did not shave their bodies.

18. Raiders of the Lost Ark:

In the movie set in the 1930s, a person in the background can be seen wearing modern clothes in one of the public shots.

19. Almost Famous:

In the movie set in the 1970s, someone backstage is seen wearing a 1997 Black Sabbath t-shirt.

20. Legends of the Fall:

Brad Pitt’s stubble and hair are extremely modern in this movie set in the 1910s.

21. Singin’ In The Rain: C

athy wears a puffy, tulle-skirted, pink gown, a popular style in the 50s, at the time the movie was made. But, the movie takes place in the 1920s.

22. Catch Me If You Can:

Brenda is wearing braces in the movie set in the 60s, but braces of this type became available only in the 70s.

23. Seabiscuit:

All the jockeys have chin straps in this movie set in the 1930s. But chin straps were introduced in 1956.

24. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

during a scene when he says it’s 1945, Benjamin wears Ray-Bans if a style which was introduced in 1952.

25. The Aviator:

Robert Gross wears frameless thin eyeglasses in the Aviator, which were way too modern for the 1920s.

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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Jennifer Love Hewitt Anymore

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a quite well known actress of Hollywood. But it now seems that she might not get anymore movies after all. Let us have a close glance at the possible reasons.

#1 Women hate her

It is a universal truth acknowledged that most women seem to hate Jennifer Love Hewitt. It is really not about HER after all. At least, not her as a person that they seem to dislike. It is not because she’s really super hot. It is not women at large who seem to have a problem with her. To all those ladies who are in their late 20s/early 30s, J. Love represents a darker time indeed.

The late 20s to early 30s is really an important demographic for Hollywood producers, and taking a risk on an actress who is decidedly a bit unpopular with this age group is not worth the gamble when the actress in question seems to rile the ladies on a really daily basis. Hewitt is regularly slammed in the celebrity gossip columns, even if she has also been accused of being a hypocrite.

In the year, 2008 Hewitt actually responded to some unflattering paparazzi photos that showed she had gained some weight by making a statement on body image: “To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini. Put it on and stay strong.” It was a real sentiment echoed by her female followers…although those same fans were shocked when Hewitt then lost a huge 18 pounds in just ten weeks and later showed off her new body in a pretty controversial magazine shoot.

#2 The critics hate her, as well

Jennifer Love Hewitt, is perhaps the worst-reviewed actress since 1985, according to a analysis of scores.

So what did she do to deserve this type of dishonor? This sex symbol starred in the critically panned “Garfield” movies, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.”

While some of these movies were hits commercially speaking, she has never starred in a movie that was deemed “fresh” (scoring above 60 percent) on Rotten Tomatoes, and she has an average of almost 18.9 percent for all her movies. Sixteen of her feature films have Tomatometer scores, and each and every single one has been deemed Rotten.

Her latest effort to swap the small screen for the big one came courtesy of 2013’s Jewtopia, which is a romantic comedy that scored a measly 10 percent and was also described as a film that “manages to be offensive to almost everyone, including people who like to laugh at something because it’s funny.” This isn’t her lowest-scoring film, either, with slasher sequel I Still know What You Did Last Summer is also holding a terrible seven percent approval rating and The Suburbans and Truth About Love both sitting on embarrassing critical goose eggs.

#3 She isn’t in any way profitable

Hewitt’s most successful film in terms of box office return remains the one that shot her to stardom to back in the year 1997. I Know What You Did Last Summer was put together for an estimated budget of $17 million and returned a massive $72 million from the domestic market alone, with a further $53 million banked overseas. Hoping to see the same basic margins of profit with this sequel, producers allocated a budget of $65 million, though the writing was on the wall after the first weekend’s receipts amounted to less than $17 million. The film, however, only took $40 million domestically, the first of Hewitt’s many high-profile box-office blunders.

Other bombs include action comedy The Tuxedo, which cost almost $60 million but only brought in $50 million domestically, and the animated Delgo, which, at the time of release, was officially the worst box office opener in history. The ill-fated fantasy adventure opened in about 2,160 theaters and it even grossed just $511,920, a shocking per-venue average of just $237.

#4 She has a very big reputation for being difficult

People just love to talk in Hollywood. A bad reputation will surely follow you around just like a bad smell on the streets of Tinseltown, and getting into a drawn-out spat with the producers is undoubtedly a sure fire way to earn one. Hewitt’s Lifetime drama series The Client List was actually due to be renewed for a third season in 2013, though the network put it on hold when the actress actually got pregnant. Her pregnancy was not the issue, however (her character in the show was actually having a baby too), it was just how she wanted to incorporate it into the show that put her at odds with Client List producers.

The actress had reportedly wanted her co-star Brian Hallisay (her partner in real life and also the father of her real child) to play the father of her baby on the particular show. The producers had, however, other plans for the story, which put them at an impasse with Hewitt, who apparently would not budge over her request. The show was then axed on November 1, 2013, with the former star’s first child being born later that same month.

Hewitt openly and very frankly admits that her many quirks don’t make it easy for producers, especially if their office happens to be on a high floor: “The trouble is that many of the Hollywood meetings I have to attend take place at the top of tall buildings, and I simply cannot set foot in [an elevator] if there are too many people in it.”

#5 She can hardly handle criticism

Developing a pretty thick skin has always been critical to great success for all actors and actresses. No director wants to work with someone who cannot handle some criticism at all (constructive or otherwise), and this is another reason that Hewitt is not inundated with more offers anymore. For example, she made a huge deal of quitting Twitter over the sheer “negativity” that users were sending her way, writing, “Unfortunately with all the negativity people choose to send on Twitter as well as threats to their own well-being I’m sad to say Twitter is no longer for me. Life should be filled with positivity and holding each other up, not making threats and sending bad vibes, to those of you who made it a joy thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

All Hewitt did by making a show of leaving Twitter was highlight how unpopular she was with a number of users on the particular social media service—not something she should actually be advertising if she ever wishes to return to the big time. Her pretty grand exit was all in vain anyway, as later returned to tweet as much as ever.

#6 She has been considered for a Razzie award, twice

As one might always expect, Hewitt’s stardom has been strongly accompanied with some criticism, both of her acting as well as her looks. Citing her performances in The Tuxedo and Garfield (2004), she was as well discussed as a possible Worst Actress nominee for the Razzie Awards, an annual ceremony dedicated to “saluting the worst that Hollywood has to offer.”

In the end, the awards in question went to Britney Spears and Madonna (joint Worst Actress winners in 2003 for Crossroads and Swept Away), and Halle Berry (who won in the year 2005 for the much-maligned Catwoman and became the first actress to actually collect her award in person).

#7 What’s next for JLH?

Hewitt has been absent from all the screens since her character was actually written off Criminal Minds after merely a single season (much to the delight of fans who petitioned CBS to give her the shoe), though this coincided with her giving birth to her second child after all. She does not seem to have any acting projects in the works at the moment, but that is bound to change sooner than later and in the meantime, she is likely penning the follow-up to her New York Times bestselling dating advice book The Day I Shot Cupid, which has been in the works for a good number of years.

#8 If you actually have time to waste, then just check out the biography of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Well, after all, if you really have so much time to waste, then it is a good suggestion that kindly squeeze out sometime top have a close look at her biography.

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16 Celebs Who Fell Into Poverty And Homelessness

We have heard so many stories of success and fame of famous poor people who worked hard to achieve the peak from nothing and celebrities who were once homeless are now living in million dollar mansions. These stories are great inspiration for others who are still struggling. But there are some former celebrities who made their living as actors, sports stars and musicians with varying degree of fame who were once rich but now they have went homeless and poor. Despite of so many years of success, they have lost everything along the way.

Here are some former celebrities listed below who all reached the same low and became homeless. Good news is that apart from being so unsuccessful many of the celebrities have entered recovery, they have started working again to get back what they have lost.

1. Alex Lambert

Alex Lambert is a former American Idol contestant. Lambert moved to Loss Angeles from Texas to pursue a musical career after scoring a spot on American Idol. He failed but didn’t give up on his dream to become a working musician. He worked with 19 Entertainment songwriters and producer. He sung many beautiful songs and even performed for several charities but now this musician is currently homeless, living in his car. He has been quoted as saying that he would rather live in his car than to go back home and give up. He is a real struggle and wants to make a comeback.

2. Brett Butler

Brett Butler was an American actress, writer, and stand-up comedian, best known for playing the title role in the comedy series “Grace under Fire” of ABC television. During the show, she battled a recurring drug addiction and spent time in rehab. In February 1998, due to her erratic behavior stemming from substance abuse, she was dismissed from the show and ABC canceled the series. After this Brett moved out of Los Angeles to Georgia to a farm where she lived with 15 pets and she ran out of money and turned to a homeless shelter for cover. If you know someone who also have an addiction which is ruining their lives, here you can check out more about how to help them.

3. Debbie Clark

There was a popular show called American Gladiators back in the late 80’s and 90’s. This show was a competition show that pitted contestants against athletic contenders in different games. A very famous contestant Debbie Clark performed on the show for three years until she suffered an injury that ended her career. After this in search of good job she changed her profession many times working as a personal trainer, chef, and even a country singer. Unfortunately, none of these jobs panned out for her. After years she didn’t receive any royalty checks for the shows and fleeing from domestic violence. Now she is living in the streets of San Diego with her ten-year-old son.

4. Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter was an English former glam rock singer-song writer and musician who achieved great popular success between the early 1970s and mid 1980s. He sold over 20 million records, spent 168 weeks on the UK charts and had 21 hit singles placing him in the top 100 UK most successful chart acts. Later Glitter faced criminal charge in Vietnam for child sexual abuse; he was released and made his way back to England. Glitter tried to move into different areas but found that he was unwelcomed and hated by the neighbours. He is currently moving from place to place without being able to settle down due to complaints.

5. Houston McTear

Houston Mctear was an American Sprinter who emerged from desperate poverty in the Florida and moved to Los Angeles where he tried his hand in boxing under the coaching of Muhammad Ali and Harold Smith. At one time, McTear was known as the world’s fastest human and tied the world record, running a 100-yard dash in 9.0 seconds while still in high school. However, his meteoric rise was effectively ended by the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics which prevented his participation. From here he fell into drug use and was homeless sleeping on Santa Monica Beach for years before being rescued by an old woman. He made a comeback in the early 1990 and won the 60 meters at the Swedish Indoor Championships. McTear died of lung cancer on November 1, 2015, aged 58.

6. Iran Barkley

Iran Barkley is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1982 to 1999. He is a three-weight world champion. He was known as a “Blade”. In fact of his up-down career, he didn’t give up. He retired in 1999 after losing a bout in Mississippi by sixth-round stoppage to Keith McKnight. In 2006 he made a comeback and won an unsanctioned bout by second-round stoppage in Aruba. Barkley has fallen down on some difficult times since his retirement from boxing. Penniless and unemployed, he became homeless in November 2010 after he evicted from his Bronx apartment. Through the support of the Bronx nonprofits Bronx Works and the ring 10 boxing charity, the former world champion found housing and receives assistance so he can become self-supporting.

7. John Drew Barrymore

John Drew Barrymore was the son of famous actor John Barrymore. Coming from the family of famous actors did not sit well with John. Throughout his life, he was compared with his father and grandfather. After the SAG suspension handed to him in 1967 was served, Barrymore only worked on-screen sporadically. His TV and film career ended permanently by 1976, although even before this point he became more and more reclusive. His lifestyle continued to worsen and his physical and mental health deteriorated. He was known to disappear for months at a time only to pop up in jail for drug abuse and public drunkenness. John Succumbed to cancer in 2004.

8. Margot Kidder

Margot kidder is a Canadian-American actress and activist. She rose to fame in 1978 for her role as Lois Lane in Superman, opposite to Christopher Reeve. Kidder has dated former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, director Brian De Palma, and actor Richard Pryor. After a highly publicized manic episode and the nervous breakdown in 1996, Kidder’s career began to slow. She battled schizophrenia and manic depression and even refused treatment at one time. She slept in cardboard boxes and backyards around Los Angeles with her front teeth missing and her hair hacked off. By the 2000s, however, she maintained steady work in independent films as well as guest starring roles. She is currently a political activist.

9. Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Jessica in American Pie series and in films like Slums of Beverly Hills, Blade: Trinity and others. In April 2005, an arrest warrant was issued for Lyonne for failure to appear in the court. Police were unable to locate Loyyane until her hospitalization was reported in August. She suffered from hepatitis C, a heart infection, and a collapsed lung and was going methadone treatment. After that, she was found living on streets. She has since revitalized her acting career, appearing in the Netflix hit series Orange Is The New Black.

10. Randy Quaid

Randy quid has appeared in over 90 films. Quaid received both Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Award nomination for his 2005 portrayal of talent manager. Quaid and his wife allegedly left a Santa Barbara, California hotel with a balance due of approximately $10,000. It seems that they are homeless as they were caught squatting in guest house of a property that they used to own.

11. Rocky Lockridge

Rocky Lockridge is an American former professional boxer. He is best known for handling Roger Mayweather his first defeat- a first-round knockout in just 98 seconds- earning him the WBA super featherweight title. He later won the IBF super featherweight title. For the past two decades, Lockridge has suffered drug problems; he became homeless and suffered the stroke that forced him to walk with a cane. He claims that the invention and the help of his sons saved his life. Recently he had a comeback fight against an unknown opponent in an open air venue.

12. Sly Stone

Sly Stone is an American musician, songwriter and record producer, most famous for his role as frontman for Sly and the Family Stone, a band which played a critical role in the development of soul, funk, rock and psychedelic in the 1960s and 70s. He used to own multiple houses throughout the United States but now Sly is living out of a van on the streets of Los Angeles. He made excess spending coupled with a history of drug abuse has forced him out of his homes onto the streets.
Now being homeless he still has courage to come back. Sly has gone record as saying that he doesn’t mind his lifestyle as he is still able to continue to write his music. He doesn’t think that he will ever want to have another stationary house again preferring to live out of his small camper.

13. Ray Williams

Ray Williams was an American professional Basketball player who played in the National basketball Association from 1977 to 1987. Williams was selected by the New York Knicks in the first round of the 1977 NBA draft. After his retirement, Williams struggled financially, eventually filing for bankruptcy with the help of a bankruptcy attorney in 1994 which led him to lose his home and family. He decided to apply early for NBA pension of $200,000. After receiving it he moved to Florida, where he fell into victim to a real estate scam which worsened his financial condition.
After he worked various jobs like groundskeeper, bakery worker and maintenance man, among others. During that time he also received grants from NBA Retired Players Association of $10,000, which couldn’t help his situation. In July 2010, he was unemployed and homeless, living inside a car in Pompano Beach, Florida.

14. Ted Hawkins

Ted Hawkins was an American singer-songwriter. Hawkins was an enigmatic figure through most of his career; he split his time between his adopted hometown of Venice Beach, California where he was mostly anonymous street performer, unlike Europe and Australia where he and his songs were better known as well received in clubs and small concert halls. Ted Hawkins is not in the list of people among homelessness instead he had a rise and fall throughout. He was born into a very poor family and at age of 12 he used to steal across the country and was jailed. Along the way, he picked up love for music. He struggled a lot and was able to make his first studio album by being discovered by a record producer at Third Street Promenade. Before he died in 1995, he was able to live out his dream of playing around the world.

15. Willie Aames

Willie Aames is an American actor, film and television director, television producer and screenwriter. He is best known for playing Tommy Bradford on the 1970s television series Eight is enough, Buddy Lembeckon the 1980s series Charles in Charge. For some year, Aames has been fighting his alcohol addiction. In 2008 he faced private bankruptcy and working construction jobs after investing in an altcoin Kursalarm App as well as a failed TV show and ongoing drug abuse. He went homeless and sought shelter by sleeping under bushes and in parking garages. But he successfully managed to continue working successfully as director, screenwriter and cruise ship director.

16. Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce is an American radio/television personality, comedian, Professional wrestler, and former child actor. The younger Bonaduce became famous as a child actor of the 1970s on the TV sitcom The Partridge Family. In the late 1980s, he had become an on-air radio personality. Danny late teens and twenties involved drug abuse and even a period of homelessness. On his own radio show on 4 August 1997, the actor told listeners that he had lived in his car behind Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for a time while being greeted by fans and autograph seekers.

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15 Scandalous Celebrity Secrets That Are Mouth Droppping.

These are the top 15 secrets that these celebrities had that will actually make you very much shocked and in a deep thought. Have a look at these in the following lines.

1 Steve Buscemi is actually a firefighter.

After the terror attacks on 9/11 Steve Buscemi had returned to New York where he was once a firefighter. He helped a lot with the recovery efforts.


2 Charlize Theron’s mother had killed her alcoholic father in self defense.

Charlize Theron’s father was actually an abusive alcoholic person and he came home one night and attacked her mother furiously. Her mother shot him point blank in self defense and he had died on spot. Her mother was, however, not charged over his death as it was just in self defense.

3 Leighton Meester’s parents were actually drug smugglers.

This upper east-sider was actually born in a jail. Leighton Meester’s mother, father and even aunt were arrested for smuggling drugs. Leighton’s mom was later nreleased from prison 16 months after she was born from where they then moved to LA.


4 Samuel L Jackson had once held up hostages.

So he was actually a bad mutha’. OK so it is not as bad as it really sounds. Jackson was then part of a group that held collage board members hostage only for a period of time to get them to change the school’s curriculum. There was no violence involved actually and he was not arrested on account of this.

5 Jessica Simpson…wait for it….does never brush her teeth.

“My teeth are so white and I don’t like them to feel too slippery, but I do use Listerine and I do floss every day. But I don’t brush them every day.” What the hell? Brush those teeth you foolish girl, no one actually wants to deal with that stank breath after all.


6 Prince Charles has the strange hobby of collecting commodes.

Prince Charles could collect almost anything in the entire world, but he actually once decided to collect toilet seats for a certain weird reason. He probably does have enough toilets to put them on but it is not the most desirable of hobbies is it really?

7 Daryl Hannah has half an index finger in reality.

This was honestly out of left hand field. She had lost half of her index finger after it got stuck in a pulley of a well at her grandma’s house. Yooouch, that really hurts. The finger is superimposed in her films or she at times wears a prosthetic for that.


8 The Phoenix family was in a religious cult.

The late great River Phoenix and his brother Joaquin were part of a christian cult who used to call themselves the “Children of God”. Their family had traveled around America with the entire group until they became disillusioned with the cult’s philosophy. They were not the only celebrities involved in a cult either.

9 Brandy had killed someone.

So just in case you were living on Mars, drinking that sweet delicious water, you should actually be aware of the fact that that Brandy killed someone. If you do not, then here is the actual run down. In 2007 Brandy was driving at 65mph and it was then that he slammed into a car killing a mother of two. Still to this day she actually negates responsibility except for saying “If it was my fault or if it wasn’t my fault, I was still involved in something that took someone’s life.”


10 John Travolta actually wears a wig.

We are not actually sure why but John Travolta decided to wear a wig. It is no great deal after all, but there it is. John Travolta is indeed a bbig old wig wearer.

11 Eminem and Mariah Carey were a thing.

These two famous stars met in 2001 for an album they were working on together and then things actually got weird. The two had a small and brief romance, after which Eminem just vented in a song like only Eminem, can, this in turn led Carey to deny the entire thing and the singer released a song with the lyrics “Why you so obsessed with me? Boy I want to know, lyin’ that you’re sexing me”. Eminem then released his own song called “The Warning” where he released recorded voice mails from Carey, and later went on to release overwhelming photographic evidence that a relationship did actually take place at that time.


12 Dwayne Johnson had undergone liposuction.

The Rock found it really very difficult to lose any amount of weight when he was younger due to a medical condition. In spite of tireless efforts at the gym he just could not lose the weight, so he decided to have a session of liposuction.

13 Sylvester Stallone had initially started out in porn.

Ole Sly kicked off his acting career in the year 1970, but the themes were actually way too adult as it actually seems. They were bit too adult than you might have actually given a thought. His first film was the porno Party at Kitty and Stud’s. Can you believe that Sly would actually do that? No, right?


14 Tim Allen had once landed himself in the jail.

Tim ‘the tool man’ Taylor was arrested in the year 1978 for the possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine and was jailed for almost two years.

15 James Lipton had a very brief stint as a pimp.

It is really hard out there for a pimp, and for a while that was the life of James Lipton, who is the host of Inside the Actors Studio. In the 50’s he was just living in Paris continuously in the process of trying and failing to pursue his dream of becoming a good lawyer. He met a prostitute and even became good friends with a prostitute who got him a good job at a bordello where she had actually been working at.

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Lindsay Lohan Was Caught In A Beach Fighting With Her Fiance!

Lindsay Lohan had met her love interest Egor Tarabasov almost about 10 months ago. Though the couple seemed to be really happy and going steady, two of them have been getting into violent altercations off late and that too in public. The couple had gone out for a special Mediterranean break to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday and to celebrate a new beginning to a very long term relationship

1. The Couple Was In Greek Islands

The couple was in Greek Islands of Mykonos in order to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday.
Lindsay Lohan & Fiancé Beach Brawl Caught On Camera


2. They Got Into Argument

Lindsay wanted to flee Egor’s phone out of the car, however Egor ran so as to get it.
Lindsay Lohan & Egor Tarabasov: Physical FIGHT Caught on Video

3. Disgraceful Act

Egor had just grabbed Lindsay from behind, twisting her arm, and he even tried to get his phone back . That is a ridiculous behavior of Egor.
Lindsay Lohan Caught In Fight With Fiance

4. This Is Not The Very First Time

But this is not the first time that the two got into such heated arguments. The couple was even heard fighting in their balcony a couple of weeks before this incident.
Lindsay Lohan Was Caught In A Beach Fighting With Her Fiance

5. She Said “I Am Not A Angel’

To resolve this fight, even police was called, however, no one was actually charged. Lindsay said that ““no woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry”. She said that she wants to put her family and also career first and she wants to stay really very strong.
Lindsay Lohan, Egor Tarabasov: Couple caught in nasty fight on a beach


6. Lindsay Say’s It is Over Between Egor And Her

In an interview, she said, “I realize now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love.” She even said that she had tried really hard to make things work between her and Egor, but the things are not falling in the place.
Lindsay Lohan & Fiancé's Violent Fight Caught on Camera


7. Watch This Video: Bikini-Clad Lindsay Lohan Is All Smiles While On Vacation With Rumored Fiancé, Egor Tarabasov


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Scarlett Johansson Photoshopped Or Real?

1 Real Or Fake?


2 Real Or Fake?

3 Real Or Fake?


4 Real Or Fake?

5 Real Or Fake?

6 Real Or Fake?

7 Real Or Fake?


8 Real Or Fake?

9 Real Or Fake?


10 Real Or Fake?

11 Real Or Fake?

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What Jennifer Aniston Eats In A Day Is Shocking!

Jennifer Aniston has a brilliant body; many people even consider her body to be perfect. Also, you would be surprised to know that throughout her career, she has maintained her body shape, very few celebrities have been able to do that. This begs the question – how is she able to sustain this? Also, if someone else wants to get her body, what are the steps and more importantly, the diet that she has to follow.


Fortunately, Jennifer Aniston had an interview with Elle magazine recently, and she revealed her daily diet. To be honest, her diet is taking it to the extreme. If you are interested in knowing what her diet is, move over to the next page. We should warn you, though, following this diet will be tough.


In an interview with Elle, Jen revealed what exactly it is she eats to maintain her body: “When I wake up, I have warm lemon water, and then I have a shake or avocado and eggs, which is one of my favorites.” For a woman who can afford to breakfast, lunch, and dinner where she wants, she sure does keep it simple.


Jennifer revealed her diet in an interview with Elle magazine. “I have warm lemon water after waking up, and my breakfast includes avocado and eggs, which coincidentally are also one of my favorites. I might sprinkle a bit of coconut oil on the top. Also, sometimes, I have a banana with puffed millet cereal or oatmeal with whipped egg.”

She added, “My husband, Justin, showed me how to get a bit more protein. Just before the oatmeal is finished cooking, you can add a whipped egg, which increases the protein content and also makes it even more delicious.”

For lunch, she has a salad with some necessary proteins, and dinner is also the same. And in case you are wondering whether she enjoys the rare delicacies such as burgers, that’s a strict no!

Her snack is either an apple or almond butter, or some nuts

However, she does enjoy pasta, and it’s currently her favorite food, and her husband should be credited for that. Although, Jen isn’t sure whether she should be thankful to him or if she should hate him for that!

This begs the question when did Jen last consume a burger or any of those fried chickens. Probably, when her career started since 1994 with the airing of the first episode of Friends.

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Tragic Ending For Real Life ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Couple

Katie and Dalton Prager are the real life “Fault In Our Stars” couple and their story is similar to the one in the movie; they both met each other when they were teenagers and fell in love. They got married and are still together while fighting their diseases.

However, their love story is almost over, since Katie, 26, had a failed lung transplant. Currently in hospice care at home in Kentucky, doctors are saying that she has limited time available in this world.

Katie and Dalton Prager (pictured) met when they were both teenagers fighting cystic fibrosis

After a long battle against their multiple diseases — their story similar to the John Green novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ — Katie has entered hospice care at home in Kentucky

Katie’s lung transplant didn’t work and doctors now say there is not else they can do for her

Katie wrote on her YouCaring page that her body is riddled with so many illnesses that it is impossible to fix everything. In fact, her health has been declining at a faster rate than earlier expected.

Dalton, 25, wants to stay by his wife’s side all the time, but even his health is declining at a steady rate. Unfortunately, he is admitted at a hospital in St. Louis due to pneumonia, hence he can’t stay with his wife.

Dalton’s mother, Renee Strausner, said that Dalton only wants to be with Katie and he cares about her a lot. She is trying her best to move him there so that he can be with Katie.

Dalton, 25, wants to stay by his wife’s side all the time, but even his health is declining at a steady rate.

He is admitted at a hospital in St. Louis due to pneumonia.

Katie said that her body is riddled with so many illnesses that all of them can’t be fixed ever.

The two met when they were teenagers. Just like in the story, Katie heard about Dalton’s condition and decided to show her support. Katie sent him a message on Facebook saying that he can always talk to her if he needs a friend. At that time, Katie was in Kentucky while Dalton was in Missouri.

Gradually, they began to chat, and slowly that progressed to love. Dalton was suffering from a disease caused by extremely contagious bacteria Burkiholderia cepacia, hence doctors advised Katie not to meet him in person.

However, Katie couldn’t resist for much long. She said that she would prefer meeting Dalton and leading a happy life for 5 years rather than a depressing life for 20 years.

    The two met when they were teenagers.

Gradually, they began to chat, and slowly that progressed to love.

Dalton was suffering from a disease caused by extremely contagious bacteria Burkiholderia cepacia, hence doctors advised Katie not to meet him in person.

They met on August 28, 2009,, when Dalton drove for nearly six hours to a Dairy Queen near Katie’s home in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. Katie said that she was really excited and even before saying anything, she just hugged and kissed him. She added that she isn’t that kind of a girl, but that situation seemed appropriate.

When they were 20 years old, they got married. This took place in 2011.

They were admitted to a hospital in 2014 for lung trasplants. Dalton’s transplant was successful but unfortunately, complications arose in Katie’s case.

She said that she would prefer meeting Dalton and leading a happy life for 5 years rather than a depressing life for 20 years.

They met on August 28, 2009,, when Dalton drove for nearly six hours to a Dairy Queen near Katie’s home in Flemingsburg, Kentucky.

12. Dalton’s transplant was successful, but complications arose in Katie’s case, as her insurance didn’t cover the transplant costs.

Katie began experiencing problems in breathing in Decmeber, 2014 after she returned to her home in Kentucky. Her insurance cover has been utilised, hence Medicare wouldn’t pay for the costs.

She had to stay out of the hospital for 60 days at least, before she could use her insurance.

She was admitted into University of Kentucky Hospital, but the doctors told her that they couldn’t perform the transplant as it was too risky.

Katie and Dalton are trying to spend the maximum time together now, even though they know that the end might be near. They are still very positive, despite suffering from numerous serious diseases.

They wanted to travel together, but things took a wrong turn after the failed lung transplant. Katie thanked everyone who supported her – “I will be spending the rest of my life with my loved ones and will lead a happy life. But this doesn’t mean I am giving up.”

“’God bless you all and thank you! Love, Katie.’

Katie, now 26, is now in hospice care in Kentucky after the failed lung transplant. Dalton, 25, will keep on supporting her till the end.


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11 Celebs With Unusual Body Parts

1. Jennifer Garner: This romantic queen has an overlapping pinky toe which she never tries to hide.

2. Karolina Kurkova: This Victoria’s Secret Angel is mesmerizingly beautiful. Such is her presence that you’ll never notice the missing belly button.

3. Kate Hudson: She knows “How to lose a Guy in 10 Days” but hasn’t figured out how to lose the extra nubs on her feet yet.

4. Lily Allen: The English singer needs no help on stage but still the extra nipple does its charm because she never fails to flaunt it every now and then.

5. Megan Fox: The deadly diva has a clubbed thumb. As if anything matters when it comes to her!

6. Mila Kunis: She was born with one brown eye and one green eye. But unfortunately with only one heart which belongs to some Kutcher.

7. Denzel Washington: He was a perfect coach in “Remember the Titans” but broke his finger playing basketball when he was young. His pinky is still bent at 45 degrees.

8. Ashton Kutcher: He likes “No Strings Attached” to him in movies but has webbed toes in reality.

9. Harry Styles: The More, the Merrier. But not when you have as many as four nipples.

10. Mark Wahlberg: He has a the perfect body but what’s the use when you can’t showoff because of a third nipple.

11. Hrithik Roshan: The Indian ‘Greek God’ has an extra thumb. As if he needed something extra to charm all the living and the dead.

12. watch a video Now : 14 celebrities who are missing body parts


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Kim Kardashian Devastated After Being Called A Bad Mom After She Did This To North West!

Kim Kardashian Devastated After Being Called A Bad Mom After She Did This To North West!


Kim Kardashian is known to be actually devastated after some users on the social media called her a very bad mom. This 35-year-old mother of two children was with the older sister Kourtney Kardashian, aged 36 years when they had gone for a small family trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Art. When the group was hanging out outside, Kim’s 2-year-old daughter North West experienced a bad fall. The whole scene was captured on the camera by the fans and what just happened next sent all the fans crazy!




When North actually fell down, it was just in front of Kim. However, she was so busy staring at her phone that she could even acknowledge her daughter’s fall. To top it all, the reality star even took a giant step backward to get out of the way of her daughter falling! This mom of three, Kourtney immediately picked up Nori and then helped her back onto her feet. Still, Kim did not even ask if she was okay or not! Now, we all know kids fall a lot now and then. Maybe Kim did not actually feel the need to react at that point on account of the fact that Kourtney was there with her, but the fact that she did not even look up from her phone and her taking a step back made the people vexed!

Sources claim that Kim is really very upset what people think. She would rather scroll through Instagram than have a glance at her own kid!



A source nearby to the Kardashian’s says that Kim is actually devastated with the thought that people think that she neglected North. It also went on saying that she thinks the video was edited to appear worse than it actually was. The snitch even told us: “Kim is very sensitive when it comes to her kids and her skills as a mom; the video really makes it look worse than it was. She DID look up and saw Nori was okay and being taken care of by her sister, so she carried on doing what she was doing. Her whole business is online and being on her phone provides income and stability for her children. Having people accuse her of being a bad mom is devastating for Kim.”



4. Check out this video here

‘The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ star has been actually ridiculed ever since the video has been known to her fans who have started calling her “self-absorbed” and even “narcissistic.” Kim’s parenting skills were even a topic of the question earlier in this month when the Kimoji owner had shared a naked selfie on Instagram adding two black censor boxes to hide her assets. The mother of two children, who only gave birth to the son Saint about 3 months ago, captioned the picture: “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.” Fans were quick to point out that she was a mother now and she should “act like one.”

Kim finally responded by tweeting another naked selfie with model Emily Ratajkowski.


5. Watch This Video Now : North West & Kim Kardashian Face Swap, Her Reaction is PRICELESS



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Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Just Lost A TON Of Weight. Look At Her Now…

When the popular reality TV show, “Toddlers and Tiaras”, aired on channel TLC, one family was completely different from the rest. The kid, Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo was considered not fit to be a participant in the program.


When the popular reality TV show, “Toddlers and Tiaras”, aired on channel TLC, one family was completely different from the rest. The kid, Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo was considered not fit to be a participant in the content. However, this actually worked in her favour, since she and her entire family got their own spin off, known as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”


Several critics claimed that Honey Boo Boo, her three sisters, step-father, and matriarch June Shannon aka Mama Juneare bringing shame to the people from the south by their offensive nature in the reality TV show. However, you could understand from the show that Mama June really loved her family a lot and would do anything for them.
In 2014, the show was cancelled, after Mama June was associated to have a romantic relationship with a sex offender. The family currently lives in Georgia, and recently Mama June’s actions have left her fans in shock.


This show was entirely different from “Toddlers and Tiaras,” where Honey Boo Boo was one of the main participants.


These shows have received a lot of criticism about child exploitation. Mama June herself admitted that to get Honey Boo Boo ready for the contest, she created her own juice which she named “Go Go Juice”, which was a mixture of Mountain Dew and Red Bull.




Alana went on TV in 2015 after her mother became extremely obese. Doctors even said that she needs to resort to healthy eating habits otherwise it could have a detrimental effect on her health.



Honey Boo Boo lost around 12 to 25 pounds in the spring of 2015. Her mother was extremely proud since she fed the entire family on just $80 per week, and often used coupons and road kills to assists her.


Even though the family’s reality show has been cancelled, Mama June is still going strong in TV shows. She made an appearance on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,”. Her husband Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, whom she met via online dating sites, also appeared in that show.



Most of her life, Mama June has been overweight. Due to birth of her daughters, she had in total 4 C-sections. She even said that there were slight cuts on Honey Boo Boo’s foreheat at birth due to the doctors making very deep cuts during delivery.


They used to live in McIntyre, Georgia in a small house which was located near active railroad tracks. Later, they moved to a new house in Georgia itself but in a different town.



Mama June passed out while walking down the stairs in her home in March, 2016. Fortuantely, she was immediately taken to a hospital by one of her daughters. Since that incident, she has worked really hard to lose weight.



Mama June said in May, 2015, that her weight has reduced by 45 pounds. She added that this weight loss happened without any surgeries. However, this year, she has lost even more weight, and doctors were actually worried that her rate of weight loss is much higher than normal.



Mama June has posted several pictures of her new body on Twitter. This March, a gastric sleeve surgery was performed on her, which reduced her stomach’s size by 15%.



Mama June, now 36 years old, said that she has been walking a minimum of three miles every day in the neighbourhood. Due to weight loss, she now has extra skin, but it can be easily removed via surgery. You will be seeing her in another reality show, “Botched”, where she will share with her fans her experiences during weight loss.



Mama June has said that although she has had quite a bit of success with reality TV shows, her life is still the same. She still looks for coupons to get discounts from shops whenever she purchases something, and she actually enjoys it.

13. Rob Kardashian Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss

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Beyonce’s Most Embarrassing Moments

It must be tough being Beyoncé who has become a famous household name. But shame, she worked hard to get there. Even still she has made some mistakes and even done some things that are considered immoral. And even still, she now has a backlog of things she wishes the world would forget ever happened. Consequences right?

1. Copied Outfits

Serbian Popstar Jelena Karleusa was furious at Beyoncé for taking credit for outfits that she had worn during her own shows long before Beyoncé did. She accuses her of copying her and even took these photos side by side and dated them as a show of proof. Along with that, Jennifer Lopez as also spoken up about her outfits being stolen by Beyoncé. There are so many design similarities these days regarding outfits. Some stars go a little bit all out to stand out more than the others, but if one star gets famous for a particular outfit, such as Beyoncé, of course she is just going to take all the credit.

2. Credit for Songs

Most singers actually sing a lot of songs that were not even written by them, that is nothing new. But why lie and take all the credit for writing songs you didn’t write? Beyoncé actually has a lot of talents, unfortunately one of them is to take credit for everything she does that wasn’t actually her.

3. Faking a Pregnancy

This is one claim that would sound like the greatest scandal to ever hit the earth. If you look at the picture below, you will notice her sitting down and making it look like her pregnancy belly is a pillow and folds as she bends down. This is driving conspiracy theorists mad, considering that they believe she faked the pregnancy with Blue Ivy, and that she probably had a surrogate mother for her baby. And above all, none of this has ever been denied.

4. A Nip Slip

No one will ever forget about her nipple popping out to say hi at the super bowl, no matter how much Beyoncé wants you to forget it ever happened. Hell, this actually happens to the best of us so why is she so embarrassed about it? She actually got off the hook since Janet Jackson’s nipple was exposed during a performance and that created so much hype that she pretty much helped YouTube become a thing. So everyone feels sorry for Beyoncé.

5. Solange Knowles

Everyone has some family drama to deal with, but most of us aren’t celebrities in the spot light that everyone has to be nosy about. And for this incident it was caught on camera. Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles attacked Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z in an elevator. No matter how hard Beyoncé tried to distance herself from the situation, nobody will ever forget this one.

6. Father’s Affair

Beyoncé has one delightful father (note sarcasm), he has apparently cheated on her mother Tina many a time and seems to have fathered babies out of wedlock. Blue Ivy has an uncle somewhere that she won’t ever meet because her momma wants nothing to do with her grandfather. And of course no matter how badly the press wants her to talk about it, she never will.

7. Sasha Fierce

I think it is safe to say that she has been through a lot in her life, considering her father figure and her embarrassing moments. So I guess it isn’t that much of a surprise that she decided to create another persona known as Sasha Fierce. Seems rather pointless doesn’t it? How do you create an extra persona and try pass it off as someone that takes credit for her songs and expect your fans to fall for that?

8. Instagram Photo shopped

It is quite a silly thing to do to post photo shopped pictures of yourself when you are a hot super star who works out super hard to have a hot body. She posted a whole bunch of photo shopped pictures, and for what? All it did was make her look even more bad.

9. Destiny’s Child

We all know Beyoncé use to be a part of the group known as Destiny’s Child. They were very popular in their time and they hit it quite big. But everyone seems to forget (Like Beyoncé wants everyone to forget) that the group had a few other members that got kicked out. LeTavia Roberson. LeToya Luckett and Farrah Franklin were all in the group at some point or other and they also never get any credit for the work they did for the group. Sad isn’t it?

10. Father Fired

Matthew Knowles is one shady guy, just in general it’s hard to trust parents managing their children. They end up having full control over their live and money. And let’s face it, power corrupts! Her dad cheated on her mother many times and with a famous daughter like Beyoncé, he was probably constantly surrounded by young beautiful women. Besides that, what other reason could she had fired her dad over? In an Oprah interview all she managed to say was that they fought all the time. As vague as that is, the guy is just dodgy.

11. Lip Synced

It is quite a big thing to be invited to sing at the Presidents Inauguration. But maybe it was the nerves or something but she ended up lip syncing. She said, “Due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk. It was about the president and the inauguration, and I wanted to make him and my country proud, so I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track, which is very common in the music industry. And I’m very proud of my performance.” It seems it would have been less drama if she just actually sang.

12. Step Sister

This might not be the most embarrassing thing, but her mother remarried and now she has a step sister named Bianca Lawson. The name should be familiar because she is known as the eternally youthful actress from Buffy, Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. They are all great shows but Beyoncé also avoids this topic greatly. But why? Does she feel that Bianca is trying to use her to get more famous or do they just not get along?

13. Photos Removed

This is definitely not Beyoncé’s smartest move in her career. She and her publicist tried to remove photos from the media. They mailed publications attempting to convince them to not post some of her not-so-nice photos. What they didn’t realise was that doing this made her look bad, since it is a controlling and obnoxious move that also gets people talking and it starts a hype for everyone to want to see the photos. So well done.

14. Jennifer Hudson

Everyone forgets that Beyoncé was in the Movie ‘Dream Girls’, and that is because the actress Jennifer Hudson literally stole the show and even won all the awards. It seems Beyoncé wanted to break into the movie industry and that failed, so I wander if she feels jealous or resentment towards Jennifer?

15. Slipped on Stage

It is no new thing for a Popstar to slip and fall on stage. Accidents happen. But it seems perfect Queen Bee doesn’t like making mistakes in public. Her fans record her falling (which she has done many times) and then share it on the internet.

16. Teenager

Jay Z and Beyonce have always been super vague about how their relationship started and when it started. And the story has apparently even been changed around a few times. But most people believe that they hooked up when Beyonce was actually 17 years old, which is illegal. And Jay Z was 29 at the time, so the age gap at that age also poses a problem. But by being famous, I am sure they understand that their fans want t know about their lives, which makes the secrecy double suspicious.

17. Beyonce Talks About Imperfections in Rare Interview

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How did Kim Kardashian manage to get into that swimsuit?

Kim Kardashian is always making the headlines – either with her nude selfies on Instagram, or by posting pictures to take down haters; nothing can stop Kim, even after she has become a mother of two.


Kim was enjoying herself in Mexico with her friends and children – 8 year old son Saint and 3 year old daughter North. She then posted the pictures of her vacation to Instagram, which also included a picture in this swimsuit, which left us completely confused.


You must be wondering that even though Kim is looking super hot in this swimsuit, how did she manage to get inside it?


What’s even more strange is that from the behind, it is quite revealing, and that makes this question even more tough. It almost seems as if this dress came with a manual, so that you will be able to fit into this skin tight dress simply while others will stare in awe at you.


Kim has never backed down from flaunting her body, so just like her friends, she too took picture in her another white swimsuit, which as you can see from the pictures, left very little to imagination.

5. Here, you can see Kim getting “dirty” on the beach.

However, we still haven’t been able to answer the main question – how do you get into that swimsuit?

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15 Retired Actors Who Found Regular Jobs

There are many actors who after their retirement from acting had found a good regular job for themselves. Like them, you can get jobs too, just make sure to put some effort and work when finding one. If you prefer working as a truck driver, there are CDL Truck Driving Positions available that will suit your skills and experience. Let us have a glance at 15 such actors who found regular jobs for themselves after they had retired from their acting careers.

1. Ilan Mitchell Smith:

This is the famous actor of Weird Science. In this movie two men create a woman due to the fact that they could not get girlfriends. This film alone made this actor very famous. In the year 1991, Ilan retired and is no longer working, but he may also return to acting.

2. Lark Voorhies:

This American actress was born in the year 1974. In the year 1988, she made her first appearance on TV. Although she has not officially retired from the industry, she did not appear in any movie since 2012.

3. Troy W. Slaten:

Troy Slaten attained fame in Hollywood due to his acting in several TV shows in the 1980s and 1990s. Cagney & Lacey, Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad are some of the famous shows he appeared in. Finally, he had to quit his acting career in order to focus on academics.

4. Gene Hackman:

Eugene Hackman was born in the year of 1930 in California. Hackman sought after his enthusiasm for acting wildly, in the wake of being pushed too far by schoolmates who let him know that he could never do anything. All through his profession, Hackman has won two Academy Awards, four Golden Globe awards, two BAFTA honors, and one SAG award among different awards. Presently, Hackman is a writer and has composed three fiction books to date.

5. Jason Zimbler:

Almost all of us remember this actor as the character of Ferguson W. Darling. In the series, Jason’s role was a small little brat. Although, he has not been seen in any more TV series but presently he is a software engineer at HBO.

6. David Lascher:

Born in Scarsdale, New York in the year of 1971, he was an actor between the years of 1989 and 2000. David informally resigned from acting to give way to a director and a producer, roles which give him the time he needs to end up all the more a family man.

7. Austin St. John:

This famous actor was born in the year 1974 in New Mexico. Since the year of 2002, he just vanished from the industry and it is believed that he retired. Presently he is a part of the Emergency Medical Technician.

8. Lisa Jakub:

This actress is perhaps one of those who had quit just after a few years of limelight. She was born in Canada and made her first public appearance in the year 1985. Presently she is a writer by profession.

9. Charlie Korsmo:

This famous actor had a very long career of acting from the year 1989 to the year 1998. During his wonderful acting career, he was lucky to be a part of at least seven movies. Just after his retirement he became a lawyer.

10. Leanne Creel:

This famous actress was one of the characters in Saved by the Bell. Most of us know her due to this role of hers. Presently she has shifted to the career of wedding photographer but she was a previously a film producer as well as director.

11. Brandon Call:

Brandon Call was such an actor who was perhaps one of the most popular among the movie goers. This famous actor ended his acting career in the year of 1998.

12. Karyn Parsons:

This actress is famous for the character in NBC. She was born in the year of 1996. However, just after the year 2002, she seems to have stopped appearing on any of the films.

13. Amanda Bynes:

This famous actor was born in the year of 1986. She was one of the most successful actors in the 1990s and 2000s. Ho0wever, she finally retired in the year 2012 from the film industry.

14. Erik Per Sullivan:

This actor is very famous for his role of Dewey, in the series of Malcolm in the Middle. This show became so popular that it, within a very short time, attracted a huge lot of viewers.

15. Jack Gleeson:

The very moment when we set our eyes upon Jack Gleeson, the very first thing that comes to our mind is The Game of Thrones. Gleeson confirmed that he would retire in 2012 just after his character Joffrey died in the series.

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Girls Confessed About How Famous Celebrities Treated Them In Bed

Everyone wants to know about the secrets of their favourite Hollywood celebrities, and if you are one of them, you are in luck. Redditors have stated several secrets about many famous rock stars and celebrities, and you would be shocked to know behind their personality and charisma, they can actually be quite naughty sexually with their fans.

A Reddit user asked a question on AskReddit about girls who slept with celebrities and also how they think of them now. Surprisingly, there have been a lot of responses and all of them have been kind of mixed with some of them being normal to others getting completely insane!


1. Adam Sandler

This event occurred in 1992 when Adam Sandler slept with a girl who later became a Reddit user’s girlfriend. That user then wrote this story on Reddit.


2. Justin Bieber

Reddit user, mollym00n, said that she had a sexual encounter with Justin Bieber in Toronto in 2013. To be honest, it was actually an orgy or you could also consider it to be a g a n g b a n g, since there were guys besides Bieber. She also had to sign several legal documents and her phone was also confiscated.


3. Will I Am

Reddit user, NuQ, posted that in the 2000s, one of her friends slept with Will I Am, the star of Black Eyed Peas. She kept on boasting about this with others. Later, during an entertainment correspondent ambush, he was asked what they did recently, Will I Am admitted that he bought several condoms and have used each of them, though he didn’t reveal any names. Needless to say, her friend no longer spoke about this anymore.


4. Jason Derulo

Reddit user analrapiststocking wrote that a girl living in his town slept with Jason Derulo. Even though she had a boyfriend who was a professional athlete, she chose Jason over him. Others got to know about this, and now this has become an embarrassing event for the athlete. In fact, there have been times when the audiences screamed “JasooooonDerulo” to insult the athlete during his games.


5. Lil Wayne

One of the users wrote a story where his ex-girlfriend had sex with Lil Wayne. After it was over, Wayne threw a hundred dollars on her face, and then she had to get off the tour bus.


6. Usher

Blktoofpirate, a Reddit user, wrote that his friend’s mom spent a wonderful night with Usher. Not only did he buy for the champagne and dinner, but he also got her a cab to go home.


7. Harry Styles

Redditorrashuns wrote that one of her sister’s friends slept with Harry Styles, the star of One Direction, and she had to sign a lot of legal documents before that. There was a legal agreement she signed so that she won’t talk about this to others, and all of her gadgets were also confiscated before meeting him in the hotel.


8. John Mayer

Reddit user, TheLonelyScientist, shared a story about an acquaintance from his college days. The story is rather funny since although the girl claimed that she slept with John Mayer, the only thing she actually did was lie beside him, jack him off and then she went back home.

9. Axl Rose

Reddit member, logicprevails shared a story about a girl he used to date earlier. She had sex with Axl Rose, the start of Guns N’ Roses. She was happy with the entire experience, except for the weird smell of cigarettes from Axl’s mouth while they were kissing.

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