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15 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations To Give Your Home A Makeover

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This is the time of the year when we hear not only the rhyme “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way” but also really see the bells jingle in reality. It’s Christmas time and people are gearing up to celebrate the same in all its grandeur and fun.

Christmas is one of those magical occasions where heartwarming carols are sung in every household around. Mouthwatering delicacies are prepared in homes celebrating Christmas and people enjoy getting together at their near and dear homes. The whole environment becomes electric, filled with fun and frolic spreading happiness and excitement all around. One main thing that attracts not only our eyes but also our hearts is the perfect set of decorations found in every home and churches in our vicinity. Shiny, bright signs are something that naturally attracts people. To have this alluring effect for longer, you can always create a neon sign to have it around forever. This is something that can help lure just about any family member to take a look!

With Christmas in the vicinity people frantically search for new DIY Christmas home decor ideas. We provide here some novel ideas to make the nook and corner of your house glamorous. Make your home shine and glitter this Christmas, using the decoration ideas given below

We are sure these ideas will be easy for you to implement spreading the mood of festivity around at your home

1. Glittering Light Bulbs

Take some unused bulbs. Have enough quantity of glue in a broad-mouthed pan. Have different colors of glitter powder in a dish with a spoon in it. Dip a bulb in the glue and sprinkle the required color of glitter powder on the glue with the help of the spoon till spaces are tightly filled in. Repeat the process for other bulbs one by one. Allow to dry.

2. Stairway decoration

Do you have a stair way you are fond of? Then, decorate it with pine leaf adding lights and ornaments in between. Your stair way will look like a pathway to heaven all of a sudden

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3. Candle Holders

Collect all those unused glass jars at home. The more different they are in shape, the more attractive this exercise will be. Apply some glue on the outer surface of the jars and sprinkle different colors of glitter powder. Tie the neck of the jar with contrasting satin ribbons. You can hang the jewel of your choice outside the jar using the satin ribbon. Your attractive candle holder is ready for amazing beeswax candles so your guests who visit your home during Christmas celebrations can be welcomed with an amazing aroma.

4. Magical Mirror on the wall

You can make the old mirror that is abandoned in the store room to astonish your guests during the Christmas time. Give it life by decorating it with garland lights and ornaments of your choice. You will be amazed to look at yourself in the glittering mirror

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5. Vases of Snow

Having enough stock of empty wine bottles to get rid off? Make them astonishing pieces of decorations this Christmas. Paint the empty Wine bottles in the color you want to see them. If you want to create vases of snow, paint them in white. Allow the same to dry. Add some glue to the white surface and sprinkle some rock salt. Press gently so the rock salt gets stuck to the glue comfortably. Your snow vase is ready for decorating your desktops

6. Cinnamon Stick small trees

Cut thick waste wires to look like twigs. Take some long Cinnamon sticks. Using strings, attached the twig-like structures in a horizontal manner over the Cinnamon. Attach colorful buttons of different sizes to look like this online flowers or fruits. These miniature trees will undoubtedly amaze your guests

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7. Candles in Cookie Box

Have a lot of cookie boxes to be disposed of because yu too just love the Valentines cookie delivery cookies? Don’t worry. Convert them into candle holders this Christmas. Take even size cookie boxes. Hang them from the ceiling using cello tapes and sticking material. You can use colorful strings for hanging them which will add value to space. Tie the cookie boxes at the lower end of the string. These cookie boxes can hold your small little candles in an elegant manner. You can decorate the strings hanging from above as well as the cookie boxes using your creativity to add more color to the whole environment

8. Magical Lamps

We consider this as one of the best and simplest of DIY decoration ideas for Christmas. Take different sizes of empty bottles and insert glowing bulbs into the same. The amazing environment that the bottles with lights spread will make the environment magical

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9. Gala Christmas Dinner

Carrots can become the nose and black grapes, the eyes of the snowman made out of ordinary plates. Use ordinary dinner plates, napkins, spoon, fork, knife, carrot and cherries to unleash your creativity in making your Christmas dinner a gala event.

10. Christmas balls and ornaments

Do you long sized windows that are present in the key spaces of your house? Why leave the window space unused? Take different colored glittering ornament balls. Tie them to colorful strings and hang from the screen rod in the window space. Hide the rod using colorful satin ribbons. Make your window will look like a gateway to heaven and astonish your guests at home

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11. Decorate your Chandeliers

You can add value to your dinner environment by hanging artificial pine leaves on the chandelier. You can also hang Christmas tree ornaments using colorful strings and threads from the chandeliers. Have your Christmas dinner with family and friends in a romantic environment that is highly mesmerizing.

12. Stars made of Straws

Take a plastic zip that is used to lock the mouth of carry bags. Insert a huge bunch of straws inside it. Zap it tightly so that the straws bend in all directions forming a star shape. Hang these stars indoors from ceilings and outdoors from trees

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13. Make your fridge a snowman

Use different colored oil papers to convert your refrigerator into a snowman. Cut eyes using black paper and nose using any bright color paper. Create the snowman unleashing your creativity. This snowman will fit in the Christmas season in an apt manner

14. Snowflakes on your window

You can enjoy looking at snowflakes on your window creating the same yourself. Cut bright white paper into different snowflake designs. Stick them randomly on your window glass and make your windows freeze with cool winters

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15. Make your guests smile

Buy new sets of socks in white and red color mix. Use them like fork and spoon holders on the dining table. It will bring broad smiles to the face of your guests without any ambiguity

Hope the above DIY Christmas decorations brought warmth to your heart. Bring the same warmth to your guests trying out some of the above during your Christmas celebrations this year
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