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He buys cement blocks but uses them in ways I never expected. His ideas are genius!

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This genius buys cement blocks and uses them in such an unconventional way that it will stun you.
Though cement blocks may seem to be useless to us, but can actually be used to make beautiful creations, if accompanied by some thinking out of the box. Here are some of his creations:

1. Backyard bench:

Instead of spending some of your precious money on a bench for your backyard, and still not being able to garner your guests’ attention to it, try giving it a personal touch. All you’ll need to build one are some big pieces of wood and some cement blocks. To make this, take nine cement blocks and fix them together as to form a square. Build two squares like this. Then, fix three pieces of woods from the first three blocks from both the ends, and there you go. Your spring backyard retreat is ready.

2. Garden Fence:

Rather than using the same age old white fence for your
Garden, try something different. Spice it up with an innovative fence made up of cement blocks!

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3. Gorgeous Table:

Believe it or not, you can create a stunning piece of art, a unique table made up of wood and cement blocks. Perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings in the winters to leave your guests stunned.

4. Television Stand:

This is a rather elegant and modern solution to the perennial living room dilemma- where to place the TV? Make a customised stand for your television. You will just need six cement blocks and two long and smooth wooden planks. Take a wooden plank and place three pieces, two on the sides and one in the centre, below and above it. Then, fix the other plank too above it. Your classy, self-made, television Stand is ready.

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5. Cinder block grill:

Rather than buying a new modular grill, try this tried and tested solution. Use cement blocks as a grill and relish sumptuous grilled meat with your family.

6. Stairway:

Cement blocks can be stacked and arranged to form a unique yet stable modern and elegant stairway.

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7. Work Desk:

This space and cost-effective table will dazzle you. Stack cinder blocks one top of each other and fixes a slab on it and there your table is ready. A perfect desk to work on.

8. Compost Pile:

Make a dustbin on your own using cement block and stack your own compost pile. The perfect environment-friendly innovation.

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9. Block Table:

This block Table, L-shaped, is the perfect pace to host dinners and show off your culinary skills in the wart weather. Enjoy the barbeque with your friends and family.

10. Shoe Rack:

Instead of buying a flimsy shoe rack, make a rock solid or rather a cement solid rack yourself by stacking cement blocks together and show off your creativity.

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11. Raised Garden:

An easy and inexpensive way to organise your garden! Put cement blocks to use to build a raised garden in your backyard. Just put cement blocks around soil and then put plants in the soil as well as individual blocks. It also provides fortification to your plants.

12. Stack firewood:

Use a cement block to stack firewood and put it to use to make s’mores for your children at home.

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13. Elegant Sofa:

Use cement blocks to make a cheap yet classy sofa and garner your guests’ attention. Just arrange cement blocks in the form of a Sofa, paint it with a colour of your choice, say wooden brown, and put cushions on it. Your sofa is ready!

These are just a few ideas. You can do a lot more with cement blocks. So, put on your thinking cap and unleash your creativity!

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