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15 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations (Videos)

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Festivals are of many types. While some festivals are heavy in terms of food, some offer enjoyment in its purest form. There are some other festivals that look neat. Some festivals look rich filled with grandeur all around. Christmas is one festival that falls in the last category. It stimulates energy through decorations that are highly ornamental and gorgeous. Christmas Decorations differ from all other types of decorations. The material used in Christmas decorations are unique. The astonishing fact about Christmas Decorations is, many a times these decorations are done using things at home. Many things that we consider as non-usable or to be thrown away get such elegance and beauty when they are considered for the purpose of decoration, particularly during Christmas times. Let us have a look at such decoration ideas which are explained through videos to help creative minds try the same at their place.

1. Christmas tree using CD’s

This video is all about building a Christmas tree using unused CDs at home. Users can build CD Christmas tree easily by viewing this video end to end

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2. Personalized Christmas Greeting Cards

This video explains how to create personalized Christmas greeting cards. It teaches the users the variety they can show in the creation of Christmas cards. It tells the users about the various methods through which images related to Christmas like stars, snowflakes and snow man can be made

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3. Galactic Christmas Table

This stunning video tells the users how to create a beautiful galactic table using simple wooden material and paint colors. The video explains every step of making this table in an elaborate manner that users will find it absolutely easy to follow the same

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4. Sushi Chopsticks Christmas Star

Learn how to create Christmas Star in an attractive manner using simple material like chop sticks and golden colored twine viewing this video. This is one of the simplest and easiest method of making attractive stars for your Christmas decorations

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5. Christmas Star with Glamorous paper

Viewing this video, you will learn the method of creating beautiful Christmas Stars that can be hung from a height. It teaches in simple steps, how to create stunning Christmas stars within seconds

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6. Christmas tree made of cardboard

This video explains the method of making a Christmas tree using colorful card boards. It explains clearly the cutting styles and fixing methods to create an attractive Christmas tree

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7. Christmas tree in a Mason jar

This video teaches us the simple manner the method to display a small Christmas tree inside a mason jar. Anyone can follow the video easily and create this wonderful table top decoration in an elegant manner

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8. Cheese Plate Food Styling

Learn how to arrange cheese in a plate in an amazing manner looking at this video. We are sure you will feel stunned at the thought that food styling can be so easy
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9. Create your own Christmas Ball

This video shows how to convert a very ordinary plastic ball in to a Christmas ornament. The simple things required for creating this and the method is explained in an easy manner with words scrolling on the screen for added assistance

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10. Tiny little Christmas Trees

This is an interesting video that displays how small little Christmas trees can be made using very ordinary things available at home. The video displays innumerable varieties of Christmas trees made of different kinds of material in an elegant manner. This will help the creative minds choose their own things that they have access to

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11. Cone shaped Christmas tree using strings

Looking at this video learn to create your own Christmas tree just using a cone made of paper, strings of different colors and glue to stick the same. It takes just a few minutes to create each Christmas tree.

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12. Make your own Christmas hair pins

This minimum duration video displays the method to create attractive hair pins using DIY material available at home. This DIY activity is explained in a crisp manner through this video
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13. DIY Christmas tree

Go through this video to understand the method to create personalized Christmas tree during this festive season. This video explains the process of creating Christmas trees in multiple numbers within a few minutes

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14. Attractive DIY Ornaments for Christmas tree

Go through this amazing video that will help you to create your own ornaments made of colorful strings for your Christmas tree. This DIY project is sure to stun your guests with the creativity

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15. Gift Wrap ideas for this Christmas

This video will let you understand the many ways you can gift wrap your Christmas gifts to the family members and friends. The video displays many ideas for you to choose from

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