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Was it appropriate for bride to ask one of her bridesmaids to leave wedding after she showed up in a different dress than what was agreed upon?

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Jane had always dreamed of having a beach-themed wedding with a color scheme of shades of blue and white. She envisioned her bridesmaids wearing light blue dresses while her maid of honor wore a white dress with blue accents. When she asked her friend Sarah to be one of her bridesmaids, she was thrilled that Sarah had accepted. However, Sarah immediately disliked the light blue scheme during their dress-shopping trip. She said it washed her out and suggested other colors, like pink or purple.
Jane appreciated Sarah’s input but was determined to stick with her original vision of a beach-themed wedding with a blue and white color scheme. She paid for all the dresses, and Sarah seemed okay with the decision. On the wedding day, everyone was getting ready, and Sarah was running late. When she finally arrived, she was carrying a large bag. When Jane asked what was in the bag, Sarah told her that it was a dress she wanted to change into later in the reception if she got uncomfortable.
Jane didn’t think much of it, and they continued with the pictures. As they walked down the aisle, Jane noticed that Sarah was wearing a bright pink dress instead of the light blue one they had all agreed on. She was shocked and didn’t know what to do. She pulled Sarah aside and asked her why she was wearing a different dress, and Sarah said that she didn’t like the blue one and that pink looked better on her.
Jane was upset but didn’t want to make a scene, so she told Sarah that she could wear the dress for the ceremony but that she needed to change back into the blue dress for the rest of the night. After the ceremony, Jane noticed that Sarah had yet to return to the blue dress. She approached and asked her to change, but Sarah refused and said she was comfortable in the pink dress. Jane didn’t know what to do, but she knew she couldn’t let Sarah ruin her wedding day. She asked her to leave and said she was no longer welcome at the wedding.
Sarah left in a huff, and Jane’s other bridesmaids were shocked by what had happened. After the wedding, Sarah sent Jane a text message saying that she was a terrible friend and that she had ruined her night. She demanded that Jane pay her back for the pink dress that she had bought, even though Jane had paid for the original dress. Jane didn’t respond to her messages and has not spoken to Sarah since.
Looking back, Jane still believes that she made the right decision. Her wedding was a special day, and she didn’t want anyone to ruin it for her. While she feels terrible that Sarah couldn’t enjoy the rest of the night, she doesn’t regret asking her to leave. She realizes Sarah’s behavior was selfish and disrespectful, and she’s glad she stood up for herself and her wedding day.

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