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The 2020 beauty trend for you based on your zodiac sign

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2020 is all about trying new things and pushing past your boundaries — and that should apply to your beauty routine too! Before you start reading the rest, you might want to miss this opportunity to get this beverly hills md coupon codes! Stay beautiful and take care of your skin. When it comes to your go-to makeup, skincare, and hairstyles that you are so used to, not many will be willing to experiment with new trends that they are still skeptical about. But in the spirit of the new year, maybe its time to put your old eyeshadow palettes and worn out clay masks away and try your hand at a new beauty trend this year. Besides beauty trends, fashion trends are changing this year as well and it will do you a world of good to explore them on sites like London x city to stay chic and trendy. But for now, let’s dive into a list of popular beauty trends that you can try out based on your zodiac sign!

Taurus: Sustainable Skin Care

When it comes to the responsible and dedicated Taurus, having a sustainable skincare routine and religiously sticking to it on a daily basis is no challenge at all — but we’re not talking about that pop over to these guys to find out more. Instead, we are challenging you to switch your products up a little and investing a little more in environmentally-friendly makeup! There are various brands in the market that boasts of its eco-friendly products made of sustainable and recycled items, that have been proven to also work wonders on the skin. 

Gemini: Mood-Shifting Nail Polish

We all know that Geminis aren’t afraid to express their true emotions, and will never shy away from voicing their own opinions as well. So Geminis, we’ve got you covered. With the new mood-shifting nail polish in the market, you will be able to express yourself through your nails! The nail polishes are temperature-activated and will change hues based on how you are feeling — hot, cold, and everything in between! With the myriad of color selections in the market, you will be able to find one that matches your every mood, read more at the link.

Cancer: Watercolour eyeshadow

As a water sign, Cancers will definitely love the watercolor eye shadow trend. Long gone are the days where you redo your eyeshadow countless times just because the colors don’t match and your strokes don’t blend — it is all about having fun with the colors and having those pops of hues strewn on haphazardly onto your eyelids. Not only is it fun and stress-free to apply, but it also looks absolutely amazing!

Leo: Textured Blunt Cut

Represented by a lion, Leos are dominant, fierce, and confident creatures, so why not get a haircut that symbolizes your true personality? The latest 2020 textured blunt cut is great for you as it encapsulates your feisty energy, while also providing you with the ultra-convenience of a low maintenance haircut. Get ready world, look out for the chic and edgy Leo coming your way!

Virgo: Blurred Lips

Virgos are known to be perfectionists, so why not challenge yourself to take on the blurred lip effect that takes a little finessing? Apply the glossy wand onto the center of your lip and slowly work your way in with your fingers as you blend it outwards, creating that blurred finish. You can also add on a little extra gloss to make your lips extra kissable as well! This takes a lot of perseverance and willpower to power through, as it is a look that requires the extra effort — perfect for Virgos!

Libra: Mismatched Eye Shadow

As adventurous as Libras are, this new mismatched eyeshadow trend packs a punch for your overall look. Essentially, applying different tones, hues or completely contrasting colors on each eyelid is the look that you want to achieve. This trend is suitable for the bold and the daring, perfect for Libras who are bored of their usual makeup style. This gives you a fun yet classy vibe and is definitely a head-turner for all the guys (or girls)!

Scorpio: Choppy Layers

Funky and eccentric are the two qualities that we absolutely adore in Scorpios. The choppy layered trend is a level up from last year’s shag, and it is all about pumping it up and getting the party started! This look doesn’t just suit everyone, and it is specially reserved for the quirky individuals that Scorpios are. A hairstyle that requires little to no upkeep, Scorpios are definitely going to rock this look!

Sagittarius: Colourful Eye Shadow

Adventure and imagination are what a typical Saggitarius craves on a daily basis — they need that extra oomph in life and will embrace any challenges that may come their way. So why not take this up a notch by adding pops of color to your eyelids with the colorful eye shadow trend? Sagittariuses will definitely not be afraid to use extravagant and vibrant colors to own the look — they’ll blow up this year!

Capricorn: Flushed, Glossy Lips

Another lip trend coming your way for all you practical Capricorns! They enjoy a look that is wearable on a daily basis, yet giving that little hint of wild and free in them. Flushed glossy lips are just the trend for you: think nude mixed with a dash of red tint, followed by a dash of gloss to finish the look. With extremely versatile lips, you can dress it up or down for any given occasion!

Aquarius: Bling Bling Nails

This all-over bling nail trend is perfect for the free-spirited Aquariuses who just want it their way. Fill your nails with sparkles, crystals, and gems, and get ready to show off your claws! If you prefer it to be a little less in-your-face, try covering just one nail on each hand to make them look chic and subtle. Play around with the different elements and let your nails go wild!

Pisces: Graphic Eyeliner

As Pisces individuals are incredibly creative and artistic, this graphic eyeliner trend is perfect for them who are one with art. A level up from the standard cat eye, this trend allows them to connect with their inner desires and do it up however they like. A tip is to use a liquid eyeliner that glides easily on your skin, allowing you to own the look.

Aries: Dip-Dyed Ends

This unique fire sign loves everything novel and new, so dip-dyed ends will be fuel to your fire. Rock this look with vibrant colors like electric blue or hot pink, or tone it down with mellow and pastel colors like lavender or baby blue. How ever you do it, this hairstyle will make it seem like a music festival every day, giving you the daily excitement that you crave in life.


This sums up all the latest beauty trends that we have challenged you to take on in the new year. The way you rock it and turn it up a notch depends on how you like to do it — so get creative and own the look! Be confident and strut your way through life as you embrace the new look, giving yourself a chance to try out something new!

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