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10 Face-Washing Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Now

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We will not be surprised if you give that “What” kind of look when we say face washing mistakes. We have been washing our face for many years now. However, there are many little nuances that need to be taken care of while washing our face. Washing the face in the right way will help maintain the face healthy and glowing. Washing the face in a wrong manner may only damage the existing freshness and skin health on the face causing many more dermatological issues like breakouts and dryness. It is really shocking to know that we have been washing our face the wrong way all through our life till now. We provide some key points to practice while washing the face so that our face looks young and glowing for the rest of the years

1. Choose the right cleanser

face washing routine face washing tips face washing stepsEnsure you always chose the best quality cleanser for washing your face. Choose Cleansers which clean just the dirt and grease on your skin. When you choose a cleanser for removing Make up, go in for Makeup cleansers that are mild on your skin. Cleansers must not clean your skin of its nutrition making it look dull and dry.

2. Wash the face just once a day

face washing headband face washing sponge face washing band maplestory face washing tool face washing productsUnless out facial skin gets exposed to high levels of dirt during travelling or outing, avoid cleaning the face more than once a day. When on a normal routine, our face requires just one wash which will clean it to the required levels. Washing the facial skin often will make the same look dried out

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3. Lukewarm water helps

There are many myths prevalent about skin care. One among the myths is the fact that skin pores get opened up when we use hot water and gets closed when washed with cold water. Remember, hot water or cold water cannot be the levers that open and close the facial skin pores. Use lukewarm water to clean the face with superior quality cleanser and see the magic work on your face

4. Avoid excess exfoliation

face washing soap face washing pads face washing with coconut oil face washing wipes face washing techniques face washing order face washing mistakesTo avoid the facial skin from tugging, exfoliate the same using your fingers in a gentle manner once or twice a week maximum. Avoid using clothes for exfoliating since this may cause damage to the skin cells. Excess levels of exfoliation may make the skin dry

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5. Rinse completely

face wash acne face wash and pregnancy face wash allergic reaction face wash acne prone skin face wash at walmart face wash and scrubRinsing is one of the most important aspects of face care. Rinsing completely takes away the dirt and grease that have got accumulated on the surface of the face. Not rinsing the face properly will make the pores clog leaving the skin dried out. Rinse in such a manner that no artificial elements like the lather from cleansers stay back. Rinse intricate areas like hairline, nose and jaw line thoroughly

6. Avoid ingredients that irritate your skin

face wash acne scars face wash at target face wash apple cider vinegar face wash aloe vera face wash acne sensitive skin face wash aveenoSometimes we may get tempted to smell fresh and use colorants and fragrances on the facial skin. Do not make your facial skin suffer using such products since they may irritate the skin. While some of these products causes a burning sensation others may lead to severe skin infections

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7. Pat. Don’t rub

face wash and baking soda face wash at whole foods face wash avene face wash amway face wash ayurvedic face wash anti aging face wash at cvsRubbing gives a nice feeling. However, the fact is your facial skin does feel so nice when you rub it with a towel. Every time you cleanse or exfoliate your face, ensure you pat it with a fresh towel after rinsing the face. Avoid using used towels which may spread bacteria on your cleaned skin

8. Moisturize in perfect timing

face wash alcohol free face washing brush daiso face washing brush reviews face washing brush walmart face washing brush siliconeThe key to moisturizing is the timing. Apply moisturizer on your face as soon as you make your facial skin fresh and clean. This will help the moisturizer to work faster on the skin retaining the existing moisture levels. Follow the same logic when you use special products for skin treatments and serums too

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9. Quality matters not money really

face wash brands face wash benzoyl peroxide face wash bootsTry to allocate at least a small portion of fortune every month to be spent on skin care products. When you hesitate to spend money here, it may make you spend money for curing the outcomes that low cost products cause

10. Oils help a lot

face wash brands in india face wash body shop face wash before or after shaving face wash benefitsIf you are one among those who have an oily skin, don’t worry. You can make use of the oils recommended for skin care like people with other skin types have. Recent discoveries point out that oils are one of the thickest friends of your skin

If you are convinced that you have been making many or all of the mistakes above on your facial skin, follow the above tips we have provided. Make every passer by turn around and have a second look at your blemish less radiant looking face
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