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Newest Hair Trend: Hidden Hair Tattoos

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There are always new trends hitting the world by storm. And lately, it seems like your hair is the biggest trend setter. And now there is a thing called “Hidden hair Tattoos’. Take a look!

1. The under-cut

This type is a recent one that was started by Cara Delevinge. As you can see, instead of a full on undercut, the back of the head by the nape of the neck, the hair is shaved in a bit of a pattern.Source

2. Peek – a- boo!

It is done so carefully and cleverly with different types of patterns and styles. But it is only seen when the hair is tied up. This one here is quite cute actually.Source

3. The Tattoo

I don’t know why they call it a tattoo, but no ink is used at all. T is literally only cut and shaved with scissors and a razor. But it must take some careful and precise skill to get this right.Source

4. Also a trend on Instagram

So far, many girls are actually getting this type of thing done on their own hair with different types of designs and patterns. And most of them are posting their pictures on Instagram to follow the trend and even try it out for themselves.Source

5. Styles and designs

It is actually quite amazing how many different hair styles you can use and different tattoo designs you can come up with. It is definitely a creative type of trend. It is perfectly unique to each and every girl that has her own Hair tattoo done.Source

6. Combined with real Inked tattoos

There are also a couple of girls on Instagram that have real tattoos and actually combined the hair tattoo style together to create something even more unique, and it looks super cool!Source

7. Maintenance

It may look really cool, and be a nice creative outlet. But the only problem with this trend is maintaining the upkeep of your hair growing out so fast. So if you are broke and cant visit the salon often enough or just plain lazy, then this trend definitely isn’t for you.Source

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