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16-Year-Old Gets The First haircut Of Her Life And Looks Totally Unrecognizable

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#1 Roxy’s Hair

Roxy has never had 1 haircut in her 16 years of life, leaving her hair long enough to literally TOUCHING THE FLOOR while standing. But she decided to cut the mane before she goes off to college and becomes a woman. The epic transformation was caught on camera by Seventeen Magazine.

#2 The Style

So what kind of style and cut did roxy receive? Well the hairstylists on set had an idea to give her a curly Vannessa Hudgnes style haircut.

#3 The Moment Of Truth

It must have been an emotional goodbye before she decided to chop her hair, as it’s been with her every day for 16 years! The look of shock on her face is priceless…it’s gone girl!

#4 Look At Her Now!

How amazing is the transformation – She looks like an entirely different person! Roxy decided to donate her long locks to charity Beautiful Lengths, and set the record for the longest hair ever donated.



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