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How To Do A Foot Spa At Home

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Foot spa is a very essential thing if you really want to care for your foot. All day long our foot is the soft part that is made to undergo such hardships. But it is you who can give it a soft and glowing look even at home. You can do that simply by doing foot spa and that too at your home. You do not have to visit the parlor for the same.

1. The Steps that are Involved In doing a Foot Spa include the following:

1. Preparing your nails
2. Soaking the Feet properly
3. Scrubbing out Dead Skin
4. Properly applying the Rejuvenating Pack
5. Moisturizing Your Feet
6. Painting the Nails

2. For all these you need a list of items that must be kept ready beforehand. These include the following:

• Bucket of lukewarm water
• Any essential oil you want to use
• Rose petals
• One cup of sugar
• 2 cups of milk
• One seasonal fruit
• A cup of oats
• Approximately two tablespoons of honey
• Fresh cream
• Cuticle pushers
• Clippers for your nails
• One nail file
• Pumice
• A nail cutter
• One nail scrubber
• Aromatic candles
• A nail polish remover
• A towel
• Olive oil or almond oil
• Cotton swabs

Let us have a look at the process of doing foot spa at home in greater details.
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1. Preparing your nails:

At the very beginning you need to clean your nails by using a nail polish remover. Then, cut your nails according to your desired size and then also make sure that you do not cut the corners of the nails deep enough. After that you need to file your nails in a good shape.

2. Soaking your feet properly:

Soaking your feet is perhaps the most relaxing part of the entire procedure, check out this inflatable hot tub brands and get one to boost your spa day. During this procedure, you will feel as if you are really in a spa. You just need to relax. Just fill up some warm water in a bucket or tub just to cover your ankles. Add some milk with some salt and any essential oil. Just use smooth pebbles or add two spoons of lemon juice. Let the feet soak for about 15 minutes. Just sit back and relax.

3. Scrubbing out any dead skin:

after your feet is fully dry just scrub out some dead skin which is very vital in the entire process.

4. Properly apply the rejuvenating pack:

This step is very vital. You need to make sure that the rejuvenating pack is applied very carefully and also thoroughly. This is the main thing that will make the skin of your feet very soft and smooth. [adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”6th and multiple”]

5. Moisturizing your feet:

Your feet are now very clean, the skin is supple. However, this is not the end of the pampering. Now you have to intensely moisturize the skin of your feet in order to seal the perfection. You can use either olive oil or almond oil, or even a combination of both. Gently massage the foot and the calf muscles.

6. Painting the nails:

Your feet are now relaxed. The skin is already rejuvenated. Now, to make it look a bit more elegant and beautiful the final step involves painting the nails of your feet. [adinserter block=”16″]

Finally, your much-needed foot spa now becomes complete. Instead of going to the parlor and wasting loads of money to get a foot spa, you can easily follow the above steps and get your desired beautiful looking foot in a short span of time.
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