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Bullies Used To Call Her ‘Tooth Lady’. Her Transformation After She Got New Teeth Is Shocking!

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Gemma Swift had a terrible accident when she was only six years old, which caused severe damage to her front teeth, which in turn completely changed her life.

Due to her damaged teeth, she had to face countless bullies her entire life, but ultimately, she couldn’t deal with it anymore. There was one woman who made life hell for her, so she decided to come to The Jeremy Kyle Show. In case you don’t know about this show, it is the British version of The Jerry Springer Show.

This particular woman was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who made life tough for her. Gemma wanted to confront her when she first came to the show in 2015. She was so frustrated that she pleaded at the show to stop harassing her.

What is shocking is that several social media channels such as Twitter, and basically the entire Internet, was against Gemma and even started attacking her, making fun of her damaged teeth. An accountant at HuffPost UK stated that it was actually surprising to see so many people side with the ex-girlfriend in this situation.

The show was even stunned to see the public’s reaction, so they decided to fund the entire dental makeover for her, which cost around $12,000.

Gemma came to the show again after the makeover was complete to show her transformation. The public responded quite positively to her new change, and they even praised her.

Finally, Gemma was now relieved that no one can bully her for her appearance, which in turn made her more confident and beautiful. Now, she didn’t shy from smiling and showing her teeth to the world.

Watch the video below to know the entire story behind her amazing transformation.( PLEASE ATTACH VIDEO LINK )

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