Sunday, December 10, 2023


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Taking selfies become rend of today. There are innumerable selfies are there in the internet, which are ackward. There are lots of selfie freak people too all over us. Some people have taken their selfies in a whole new level, which will left you astonished. You may think that you should never come across these selfies again. Here is a list of 10 disturbing selfies, that should be removed from the internet. So, let’s catch them one by one.


#10 Oh! Look mosquitos in my mouth selfie.

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#9 Never ending love for mollucs and its yuck!

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#8 Common you people it is a camera.

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#7 Looks like he has taken ‘work with fun’ phrase too seriously. LOL.

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#6 A selfie with a ‘selfie stick’, hahaha…

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#5 Whoa! Let’s hope that he was the only one on plane. A very strong contender for the craziest selfies taken on Earth.

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#4 There should be an option of auto-deletion in phones.

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#3 My eyes have started burning, someone please help.

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#2 The best photobomb ever!

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#1 OMG! I wonder what of kind selfie her daughter takes.


Seriously looking crazy, isn’t it?

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